ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Thu, Oct 11, 1973Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1339610W 1at Norfolk, VA
2Fri, Oct 12, 1973Box ScoreIndiana PacersW999820W 2at Greensboro, NC
3Sat, Oct 13, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsL10711121L 1at Charlotte, NC
4Wed, Oct 17, 1973Box Score@Memphis TamsW1089531W 1
5Fri, Oct 19, 1973Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL10912132L 1at Greensboro, NC
6Sat, Oct 20, 1973Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW10510242W 1
7Wed, Oct 24, 1973Box Score@San Antonio SpursW1249252W 2
8Thu, Oct 25, 1973Box Score@Utah StarsW11510462W 3
9Fri, Oct 26, 1973Box ScoreDenver RocketsWOT10910472W 4at Greensboro, NC
10Sat, Oct 27, 1973Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW1179582W 5at Charlotte, NC
11Tue, Oct 30, 1973Box Score@Memphis TamsL9911083L 1
12Wed, Oct 31, 1973Box Score@San Antonio SpursLOT9910184L 2
13Fri, Nov 2, 1973Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW11710694W 1at Greensboro, NC
14Sat, Nov 3, 1973Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW130119104W 2at Raleigh, NC
15Wed, Nov 7, 1973Box Score@Indiana PacersL100109105L 1
16Fri, Nov 9, 1973Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW139110115W 1at Cincinnati, OH
17Sat, Nov 10, 1973Box ScoreMemphis TamsW9590125W 2at Charlotte, NC
18Wed, Nov 14, 1973Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW107102135W 3
19Thu, Nov 15, 1973Box Score@Virginia SquiresW10893145W 4at Norfolk, VA
20Fri, Nov 16, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsW118100155W 5at Greensboro, NC
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sat, Nov 17, 1973Box ScoreUtah StarsW12597165W 6at Charlotte, NC
22Tue, Nov 20, 1973Box Score@Denver RocketsW113107175W 7
23Wed, Nov 21, 1973Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL125139176L 1
24Fri, Nov 23, 1973Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsLOT107110177L 2at Raleigh, NC
25Sat, Nov 24, 1973Box ScoreDenver RocketsLOT122127178L 3at Charlotte, NC
26Mon, Nov 26, 1973Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW9482188W 1at Bowling Green, KY
27Fri, Nov 30, 1973Box ScoreMemphis TamsW12488198W 2at Greensboro, NC
28Sat, Dec 1, 1973Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW120113208W 3at Charlotte, NC
29Sun, Dec 2, 1973Box Score@New York NetsL103121209L 1
30Fri, Dec 7, 1973Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW115110219W 1at Greensboro, NC
31Sat, Dec 8, 1973Box ScoreMemphis TamsW9994229W 2at Charlotte, NC
32Wed, Dec 12, 1973Box Score@New York NetsL971072210L 1
33Fri, Dec 14, 1973Box ScoreUtah StarsL3OT1301322211L 2at Greensboro, NC
34Sat, Dec 15, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsL95992212L 3at Charlotte, NC
35Wed, Dec 19, 1973Box Score@Memphis TamsW111902312W 1
36Fri, Dec 21, 1973Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL1301402313L 1
37Sat, Dec 22, 1973Box Score@Denver RocketsL1081132314L 2
38Wed, Dec 26, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsW105952414W 1at Raleigh, NC
39Fri, Dec 28, 1973Box Score@Virginia SquiresL89972415L 1at Hampton, VA
40Sat, Dec 29, 1973Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1331182515W 1at Greensboro, NC
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Wed, Jan 2, 1974Box Score@New York NetsL96992516L 1
42Thu, Jan 3, 1974Box ScoreMemphis TamsW1221042616W 1at Raleigh, NC
43Sat, Jan 5, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL981002617L 1
44Sun, Jan 6, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsW1201092717W 1
45Thu, Jan 10, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL981012718L 1at Charlotte, NC
46Fri, Jan 11, 1974Box ScoreDenver RocketsW122952818W 1at Greensboro, NC
47Sat, Jan 12, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersL1051242819L 1
48Sun, Jan 13, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsWOT1081062919W 1
49Wed, Jan 16, 1974Box Score@New York NetsW1311053019W 2
50Fri, Jan 18, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsL1021153020L 1at Greensboro, NC
51Sat, Jan 19, 1974Box Score@Denver RocketsL1101203021L 2
52Mon, Jan 21, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL1121133022L 3
53Wed, Jan 23, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1231013122W 1at Greensboro, NC
54Fri, Jan 25, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW1161043222W 2at Raleigh, NC
55Sat, Jan 26, 1974Box ScoreMemphis TamsW1371043322W 3at Charlotte, NC
56Sun, Jan 27, 1974Box Score@New York NetsL1141333323L 1
57Fri, Feb 1, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsW1041023423W 1
58Sat, Feb 2, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsW1251173523W 2at Greensboro, NC
59Sun, Feb 3, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursL951083524L 1
60Wed, Feb 6, 1974Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1111253525L 2
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Thu, Feb 7, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresL971203526L 3at Charlotte, NC
62Sat, Feb 9, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1111033626W 1at Richmond, VA
63Sun, Feb 10, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersW96933726W 2
64Wed, Feb 13, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsW1111043826W 3
65Thu, Feb 14, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsL1081253827L 1at Charlotte, NC
66Fri, Feb 15, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW103973927W 1at Greensboro, NC
67Sun, Feb 17, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL1231293928L 1
68Mon, Feb 18, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL1101213929L 2
69Wed, Feb 20, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1281214029W 1at Greensboro, NC
70Fri, Feb 22, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1091064129W 2at Greensboro, NC
71Sat, Feb 23, 1974Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1211174229W 3at Raleigh, NC
72Wed, Feb 27, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsL1171194230L 1at Greensboro, NC
73Sat, Mar 2, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1101084330W 1at Charlotte, NC
74Tue, Mar 5, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW112964430W 2at Raleigh, NC
75Thu, Mar 7, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursL90984431L 1
76Sun, Mar 10, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW94914531W 1at Greensboro, NC
77Fri, Mar 15, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsW1141054631W 2at Greensboro, NC
78Sat, Mar 16, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsL901014632L 1at Charlotte, NC
79Mon, Mar 18, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL931004633L 2at Greensboro, NC
80Wed, Mar 20, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersL1021044634L 3
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Sat, Mar 23, 1974Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL971014635L 4
82Sun, Mar 24, 1974Box Score@Denver RocketsL1071094636L 5
83Tue, Mar 26, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1041064637L 6at Norfolk, VA
84Wed, Mar 27, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW99914737W 1at Greensboro, NC

ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.


Playoffs Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Mon, Apr 1, 1974Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL10211801L 1
2Fri, Apr 5, 1974Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL969902L 2
3Sat, Apr 6, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL11012003L 3
4Mon, Apr 8, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL11912804L 4

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