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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Nov 1, 1952Box ScoreBoston CelticsW949110W 1
2Sun, Nov 2, 1952Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsW816920W 2
3Wed, Nov 5, 1952Box Score@Baltimore BulletsW977530W 3
4Sat, Nov 8, 1952Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsW937140W 4
5Sun, Nov 9, 1952Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL899641L 1
6Tue, Nov 11, 1952Box Score@Boston CelticsW1019251W 1
7Thu, Nov 13, 1952Box Score@New York KnicksL9110052L 1
8Sat, Nov 15, 1952Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL899753L 2
9Sun, Nov 16, 1952Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksW875163W 1
10Thu, Nov 20, 1952Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsW898173W 2
11Sat, Nov 22, 1952Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW968983W 3
12Sun, Nov 23, 1952Box Score@Milwaukee HawksW624693W 4
13Thu, Nov 27, 1952Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW9069103W 5
14Fri, Nov 28, 1952Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansW9782113W 6
15Sat, Nov 29, 1952Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL7183114L 1
16Sun, Nov 30, 1952Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW9166124W 1
17Mon, Dec 1, 1952Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW8967134W 2at Saint Paul, MN
18Wed, Dec 3, 1952Box Score@Boston CelticsWOT106102144W 3
19Thu, Dec 4, 1952Box Score@New York KnicksW8171154W 4
20Sat, Dec 6, 1952Box ScoreNew York KnicksWOT8578164W 5
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Mon, Dec 8, 1952Box ScoreNIndianapolis OlympiansL7681165L 1at Milwaukee, WI
22Thu, Dec 11, 1952Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW8279175W 1
23Sun, Dec 14, 1952Box ScoreRochester RoyalsW9577185W 2
24Fri, Dec 19, 1952Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansW8769195W 3
25Sat, Dec 20, 1952Box Score@Milwaukee HawksL7586196L 1
26Thu, Dec 25, 1952Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW9073206W 1
27Sat, Dec 27, 1952Box ScoreBoston CelticsW9471216W 2
28Sun, Dec 28, 1952Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksW8677226W 3
29Tue, Dec 30, 1952Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL6974227L 1
30Wed, Dec 31, 1952Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW8256237W 1
31Fri, Jan 2, 1953Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksW7466247W 2at Chicago, IL
32Sat, Jan 3, 1953Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksW7975257W 3at Hibbing, MN
33Sun, Jan 4, 1953Box ScoreRochester RoyalsWOT8380267W 4
34Tue, Jan 6, 1953Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsL6985268L 1at Milwaukee, WI
35Thu, Jan 8, 1953Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL6775269L 2
36Sat, Jan 10, 1953Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsW8479279W 1at Saint Paul, MN
37Sun, Jan 11, 1953Box ScoreNew York KnicksW8579289W 2
38Wed, Jan 14, 1953Box Score@Baltimore BulletsW2OT112104299W 3
39Sat, Jan 17, 1953Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL1011092910L 1
40Sun, Jan 18, 1953Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksL70832911L 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Fri, Jan 23, 1953Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksL65672912L 3at Indianapolis, IN
42Sun, Jan 25, 1953Box ScoreBoston CelticsW87823012W 1
43Tue, Jan 27, 1953Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsW96763112W 2at Grand Forks, ND
44Thu, Jan 29, 1953Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsL65833113L 1
45Sat, Jan 31, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW87803213W 1
46Sun, Feb 1, 1953Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsW92763313W 2
47Tue, Feb 3, 1953Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL3OT93963314L 1
48Thu, Feb 5, 1953Box ScoreNew York KnicksW81733414W 1
49Sat, Feb 7, 1953Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL72873415L 1
50Sun, Feb 8, 1953Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW71673515W 1
51Thu, Feb 12, 1953Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW91813615W 2
52Sat, Feb 14, 1953Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW92843715W 3
53Sun, Feb 15, 1953Box Score@Milwaukee HawksW80713815W 4
54Tue, Feb 17, 1953Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsL70743816L 1at Moorhead, MN
55Thu, Feb 19, 1953Box ScoreRochester RoyalsW107873916W 1
56Sat, Feb 21, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW85754016W 2
57Sun, Feb 22, 1953Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL78904017L 1
58Tue, Feb 24, 1953Box Score@New York KnicksL63794018L 2
59Wed, Feb 25, 1953Box Score@Baltimore BulletsW85724118W 1
60Thu, Feb 26, 1953Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsW85734218W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Fri, Feb 27, 1953Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsW98754318W 3at Cleveland, OH
62Sun, Mar 1, 1953Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsW102804418W 4at Saint Paul, MN
63Tue, Mar 3, 1953Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsW86684518W 5at Milwaukee, WI
64Thu, Mar 5, 1953Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL91944519L 1
65Fri, Mar 6, 1953Box Score@Boston CelticsL851004520L 2
66Sat, Mar 7, 1953Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL82844521L 3
67Sun, Mar 8, 1953Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksW100734621W 1
68Mon, Mar 9, 1953Box ScoreNIndianapolis OlympiansL83954622L 1at Moorhead, MN
69Thu, Mar 12, 1953Box ScoreRochester RoyalsW89774722W 1
70Tue, Mar 17, 1953Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansW73714822W 2


Playoffs Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sun, Mar 22, 1953Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW856910W 1
2Mon, Mar 23, 1953Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansW817920W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
3Thu, Mar 26, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW837330W 3
4Sat, Mar 28, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW827540W 4
5Mon, Mar 30, 1953Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL959841L 1
6Wed, Apr 1, 1953Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL828542L 2
7Thu, Apr 2, 1953Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW745852W 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
8Sat, Apr 4, 1953Box ScoreNew York KnicksL889653L 1
9Sun, Apr 5, 1953Box ScoreNew York KnicksW737163W 1
10Tue, Apr 7, 1953Box Score@New York KnicksW907573W 2at 69th Regiment Armory
11Wed, Apr 8, 1953Box Score@New York KnicksW716983W 3at 69th Regiment Armory
12Fri, Apr 10, 1953Box Score@New York KnicksW918493W 4at 69th Regiment Armory
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