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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Nov 13, 1954Box ScoreNew York KnicksW878610W 1
2Tue, Nov 16, 1954Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL858611L 1at New York, NY
3Thu, Nov 18, 1954Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL949612L 2at Syracuse, NY
4Sat, Nov 20, 1954Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW998222W 1
5Wed, Nov 24, 1954Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsW918732W 2at Hershey, PA
6Thu, Nov 25, 1954Box ScoreBoston CelticsW1039842W 3
7Tue, Nov 30, 1954Box Score@New York KnicksLOT919543L 1
8Wed, Dec 1, 1954Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL889144L 2
9Fri, Dec 3, 1954Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksW1109154W 1at Chicago, IL
10Sat, Dec 4, 1954Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW797364W 2
11Sun, Dec 5, 1954Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL728965L 1
12Tue, Dec 7, 1954Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL818866L 2at New Haven, CT
13Wed, Dec 8, 1954Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW867776W 1at Boston, MA
14Thu, Dec 9, 1954Box ScoreNew York KnicksL969877L 1
15Sun, Dec 12, 1954Box Score@Syracuse NationalsW968787W 1
16Wed, Dec 15, 1954Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsW999097W 2at Buffalo, NY
17Sat, Dec 18, 1954Box Score@Boston CelticsL10310798L 1
18Sun, Dec 19, 1954Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsL799299L 2at New York, NY
19Thu, Dec 23, 1954Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsL8292910L 3at Huntingburg, IN
20Sat, Dec 25, 1954Box Score@Minneapolis LakersL9199911L 4
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sun, Dec 26, 1954Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL96109912L 5
22Tue, Dec 28, 1954Box Score@New York KnicksW84781012W 1
23Wed, Dec 29, 1954Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW72701112W 2
24Fri, Dec 31, 1954Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL1131191113L 1at Providence, RI
25Sat, Jan 1, 1955Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL92961114L 2
26Sun, Jan 2, 1955Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL66891115L 3
27Mon, Jan 3, 1955Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersL74761116L 4at Chicago, IL
28Wed, Jan 5, 1955Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersW106851216W 1
29Thu, Jan 6, 1955Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksW92791316W 2at Richmond, VA
30Sat, Jan 8, 1955Box Score@Boston CelticsL1051171317L 1
31Sun, Jan 9, 1955Box Score@New York KnicksL84861318L 2
32Thu, Jan 13, 1955Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersWOT102961418W 1
33Fri, Jan 14, 1955Box Score@Milwaukee HawksL84861419L 1
34Sat, Jan 15, 1955Box Score@Milwaukee HawksW93881519W 1
35Sun, Jan 16, 1955Box Score@Minneapolis LakersL981061520L 1
36Wed, Jan 19, 1955Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsLOT97981521L 2at Hershey, PA
37Fri, Jan 21, 1955Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL89901522L 3at New Haven, CT
38Sat, Jan 22, 1955Box Score@New York KnicksW102991622W 1
39Sun, Jan 23, 1955Box Score@Boston CelticsLOT91941623L 1
40Wed, Jan 26, 1955Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL991071624L 2at Boston, MA
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Thu, Jan 27, 1955Box ScoreNew York KnicksW92831724W 1
42Sat, Jan 29, 1955Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL85871725L 1
43Sun, Jan 30, 1955Box Score@Syracuse NationalsW93831825W 1
44Wed, Feb 2, 1955Box ScoreNBoston CelticsW1221071925W 2at New Haven, CT
45Fri, Feb 4, 1955Box ScoreRochester RoyalsW1091012025W 3
46Sat, Feb 5, 1955Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsL88962026L 1
47Sun, Feb 6, 1955Box Score@Boston CelticsW1131092126W 1
48Tue, Feb 8, 1955Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksL951022127L 1at Saratoga Springs, NY
49Thu, Feb 10, 1955Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL971052128L 2
50Fri, Feb 11, 1955Box ScoreBoston CelticsW1051012228W 1
51Sun, Feb 13, 1955Box Score@Minneapolis LakersL931032229L 1
52Mon, Feb 14, 1955Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsW79722329W 1at Toledo, OH
53Tue, Feb 15, 1955Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsW1141132429W 2at Buffalo, NY
54Wed, Feb 16, 1955Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsW98962529W 3at Saratoga Springs, NY
55Thu, Feb 17, 1955Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsW78732629W 4at New Haven, CT
56Fri, Feb 18, 1955Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW110862729W 5
57Sun, Feb 20, 1955Box Score@Boston CelticsL991142730L 1
58Tue, Feb 22, 1955Box Score@New York KnicksL1021032731L 2
59Wed, Feb 23, 1955Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW98962831W 1at New Haven, CT
60Fri, Feb 25, 1955Box ScoreNew York KnicksW3OT1131112931W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Sat, Feb 26, 1955Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL80882932L 1
62Sun, Feb 27, 1955Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL771052933L 2
63Mon, Feb 28, 1955Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksW101843033W 1at Trenton, NJ
64Tue, Mar 1, 1955Box ScoreMilwaukee HawksL88913034L 1
65Wed, Mar 2, 1955Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksW78753134W 1at Westfield, MA
66Sat, Mar 5, 1955Box ScoreBoston CelticsW95893234W 2
67Sun, Mar 6, 1955Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL1011073235L 1
68Tue, Mar 8, 1955Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL1031123236L 2at White Plains, NY
69Wed, Mar 9, 1955Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersW102893336W 1
70Thu, Mar 10, 1955Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsLOT91933337L 1at Columbus, IN
71Sat, Mar 12, 1955Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersL78863338L 2at Des Moines, IA
72Mon, Mar 14, 1955Box ScoreNMilwaukee HawksL84993339L 3at Albany, NY
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