ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Oct 19, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsW949210W 1at Hampton, VA
2Tue, Oct 22, 1974Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL11211811L 1
3Wed, Oct 23, 1974Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL8213612L 2
4Thu, Oct 24, 1974Box ScoreMemphis SoundsL959913L 3at Norfolk, VA
5Sat, Oct 26, 1974Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW11610423W 1at Hampton, VA
6Wed, Oct 30, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW11411133W 2at Hampton, VA
7Fri, Nov 1, 1974Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL9312534L 1
8Sat, Nov 2, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL9210935L 2at Norfolk, VA
9Wed, Nov 6, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursL10611136L 3
10Thu, Nov 7, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL9010737L 4
11Sat, Nov 9, 1974Box Score@Denver NuggetsL10813038L 5
12Tue, Nov 12, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL9210939L 6at Norfolk, VA
13Thu, Nov 14, 1974Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisL96118310L 7at Hampton, VA
14Sun, Nov 17, 1974Box Score@Memphis SoundsW109108410W 1
15Wed, Nov 20, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL111142411L 1
16Thu, Nov 21, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL8088412L 2
17Fri, Nov 22, 1974Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL110115413L 3at Norfolk, VA
18Sat, Nov 23, 1974Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL110122414L 4at Hampton, VA
19Wed, Nov 27, 1974Box Score@New York NetsL100109415L 5
20Thu, Nov 28, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL95108416L 6at Hampton, VA
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Fri, Nov 29, 1974Box Score@Memphis SoundsL83118417L 7
22Sat, Nov 30, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW121120517W 1at Hampton, VA
23Fri, Dec 6, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursL95114518L 1
24Sat, Dec 7, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsL86103519L 2at Norfolk, VA
25Wed, Dec 11, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL91115520L 3
26Fri, Dec 13, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL7991521L 4
27Sat, Dec 14, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsWOT9892621W 1at Norfolk, VA
28Wed, Dec 18, 1974Box Score@Memphis SoundsW11286721W 2
29Thu, Dec 19, 1974Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL100105722L 1
30Fri, Dec 20, 1974Box ScoreDenver NuggetsL123143723L 2at Norfolk, VA
31Sat, Dec 21, 1974Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW9993823W 1at Hampton, VA
32Thu, Dec 26, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsL85130824L 1at Norfolk, VA
33Fri, Dec 27, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW118116924W 1at Hampton, VA
34Mon, Dec 30, 1974Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL85104925L 1at Norfolk, VA
35Thu, Jan 2, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL88112926L 2
36Fri, Jan 3, 1975Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL79113927L 3
37Sat, Jan 4, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsL92112928L 4at Hampton, VA
38Sun, Jan 5, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL95100929L 5
39Wed, Jan 8, 1975Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL96113930L 6
40Fri, Jan 10, 1975Box ScoreDenver NuggetsLOT106109931L 7at Norfolk, VA
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Mon, Jan 13, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersL88105932L 8at Hampton, VA
42Wed, Jan 15, 1975Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL102108933L 9at Norfolk, VA
43Fri, Jan 17, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsL7992934L 10
44Sat, Jan 18, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsL9192935L 11at Norfolk, VA
45Sun, Jan 19, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL91113936L 12
46Fri, Jan 24, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsL105108937L 13at Norfolk, VA
47Sat, Jan 25, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL99119938L 14
48Sun, Jan 26, 1975Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL9598939L 15
49Fri, Jan 31, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW108971039W 1at Hampton, VA
50Sun, Feb 2, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisW1091011139W 2
51Mon, Feb 3, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW107921239W 3at Hampton, VA
52Fri, Feb 7, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersL1061111240L 1
53Sat, Feb 8, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsL961001241L 2at Hampton, VA
54Sun, Feb 9, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL901171242L 3
55Mon, Feb 10, 1975Box ScoreUtah StarsL90971243L 4at Norfolk, VA
56Wed, Feb 12, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL1111231244L 5
57Thu, Feb 13, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersL1051071245L 6
58Fri, Feb 14, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsW96821345W 1
59Mon, Feb 17, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL1041201346L 1
60Tue, Feb 18, 1975Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1041211347L 2at Norfolk, VA
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Wed, Feb 19, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersL1071201348L 3
62Sat, Feb 22, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsL89941349L 4at Norfolk, VA
63Sun, Feb 23, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW105981449W 1at Hampton, VA
64Thu, Feb 27, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisL1001111450L 1at Norfolk, VA
65Sat, Mar 1, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL1061101451L 2at Hampton, VA
66Sun, Mar 2, 1975Box ScoreUtah StarsL83931452L 3at Norfolk, VA
67Fri, Mar 7, 1975Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL951071453L 4at Hampton, VA
68Sat, Mar 8, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisL1111141454L 5at Norfolk, VA
69Sun, Mar 9, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL821121455L 6
70Tue, Mar 11, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL1231371456L 7
71Wed, Mar 12, 1975Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL1031131457L 8
72Fri, Mar 14, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL95971458L 9at Norfolk, VA
73Sun, Mar 16, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersL1031211459L 10
74Wed, Mar 19, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL1081241460L 11
75Fri, Mar 21, 1975Box Score@San Antonio SpursL1151361461L 12
76Sat, Mar 22, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW100941561W 1at Norfolk, VA
77Sun, Mar 23, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsLOT1011041562L 1at Hampton, VA
78Wed, Mar 26, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisL991161563L 2at Hampton, VA
79Fri, Mar 28, 1975Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL881101564L 3at Norfolk, VA
80Sat, Mar 29, 1975Box Score@San Antonio SpursL1011081565L 4
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Mon, Mar 31, 1975Box Score@Utah StarsL971031566L 5
82Tue, Apr 1, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsL1021211567L 6
83Wed, Apr 2, 1975Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL81881568L 7
84Thu, Apr 3, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsLOT1111161569L 8at Norfolk, VA

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