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Advanced Stats Table
Rk Team Age W L 3PAr
1Atlanta Hawks*24.94141.331
2Chicago Bulls*27.54042.333
3New Orleans Pelicans*25.94240.344
4San Antonio Spurs23.92260.348
5Los Angeles Lakers*27.94339.351
6Toronto Raptors*25.84141.351
7Houston Rockets22.12260.359
8Charlotte Hornets25.32755.360
9Orlando Magic23.13448.361
10Denver Nuggets*26.65329.361
11Phoenix Suns*28.14537.362
12Washington Wizards26.23547.365
13Oklahoma City Thunder*22.84042.369
14Cleveland Cavaliers*25.45131.371
15Detroit Pistons24.11765.372
16Memphis Grizzlies*24.45131.372
17Minnesota Timberwolves*25.84240.381
18Los Angeles Clippers*29.74438.387
19Philadelphia 76ers*28.25428.389
20Brooklyn Nets*28.04537.397
21New York Knicks*24.54735.400
22Miami Heat*27.74438.408
23Portland Trail Blazers25.13349.413
24Indiana Pacers24.53547.413
25Utah Jazz26.53745.421
26Sacramento Kings*25.44834.423
27Milwaukee Bucks*29.85824.446
28Golden State Warriors*27.34438.479
29Boston Celtics*27.45725.480
30Dallas Mavericks27.83844.487
League Average26.3.387
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