Indiana Fever

Indiana Fever (2000 to 2020) — 1 Championship and 13 Playoff Appearances

21 Seasons

  • * Indicates a playoff appearance
21 Seasons Table
Year Team W L W/L% Finish Coaches Playoffs Result
2020Indiana Fever616.2735Marianne Stanley
2019Indiana Fever1321.3824Pokey Chatman
2018Indiana Fever628.1766Pokey Chatman
2017Indiana Fever925.2656Pokey Chatman
2016Indiana Fever*1717.5003Stephanie WhiteLost 1st Round
2015Indiana Fever*2014.5883Stephanie WhiteLost Finals
2014Indiana Fever*1618.4712Lin DunnLost E. Conf. Finals
2013Indiana Fever*1618.4714Lin DunnLost E. Conf. Finals
2012Indiana Fever*2212.6472Lin DunnWon Finals
2011Indiana Fever*2113.6181Lin DunnLost E. Conf. Finals
2010Indiana Fever*2113.6183Lin DunnLost E. Conf. Semis
2009Indiana Fever*2212.6471Lin DunnLost Finals
2008Indiana Fever*1717.5004Lin DunnLost E. Conf. Semis
2007Indiana Fever*2113.6182Brian WintersLost E. Conf. Finals
2006Indiana Fever*2113.6183Brian WintersLost E. Conf. Semis
2005Indiana Fever*2113.6182Brian WintersLost E. Conf. Finals
2004Indiana Fever1519.4416Brian Winters
2003Indiana Fever1618.4715Nell Fortner
2002Indiana Fever*1616.5004Nell FortnerLost E. Conf. Semis
2001Indiana Fever1022.3136Nell Fortner
2000Indiana Fever923.2817Anne Donovan