Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) Rankings - 2000

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RSCI Rankings

RSCI Rankings Table
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS AS DT
1Zach Randolph (college)2001119Michigan State UniversityPOR2002201881.11312
2Eddie Griffin (college)200117Seton Hall UniversityNJN2002200710.95221
3Darius Miles200013LAC200120099.52534
4Gerald Wallace (college)2001125University of AlabamaSAC2002201559.77143
5Marcus Taylor (college)Michigan State University4758
6DeShawn Stevenson2000123UTA2001201312.19476
T6Chris Duhon (college)2004238Duke UniversityCHI2005201325.031067
8Mario Austin (college)Mississippi State University812812
9Jared Jeffries (college)2002111Indiana UniversityWAS2003201313.11491010
10Taliek Brown (college)University of Connecticut10151113
11Andre Brown (college)DePaul University200720090.31611915
T11Omar Cook (college)2001232St. John's UniversityORL20042005-0.111141511
13Jerome Harper13131314
14Alton Ford (college)2001251University of HoustonPHO200220040.817161216
15Andre Barrett (college)Seton Hall University200520080.46192018
16Darius Rice (college)University of Miami12171619
17Abdou Diame (college)Jacksonville State University22221421
18Imari Sawyer (college)DePaul University19281922
19Rolando Howell (college)University of South Carolina32182817
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS AS DT
T19Cedrick Banks (college)University of Illinois at Chicago15242927
21Travon Bryant (college)University of Missouri20213223
22Justin Reed (college)2004240University of MississippiBOS200520070.524252624
23Chris Wilcox (college)200218University of MarylandLAC2003201326.928312720
24Brian Morrison (college)University of California, Los Angeles26321831
25Orien Greene (college)2005253University of Louisiana at LafayetteBOS20062011-0.733233425
26Marcus Toney-El (college)Seton Hall University21432532
27Glen Worley (college)University of Iowa37274033
28T.J. Cummings (college)University of California, Los Angeles42413635
29Desmon Farmer (college)University of Southern California200720090.062303036
30Nick Anderson (college)Texas A&M University45364929
31Garner Meads (college)Brigham Young University29456034
32Rickey Paulding (college)University of Missouri34564239
33Adam Boone (college)University of Minnesota54552148
34Mike Sweetney (college)200319Georgetown UniversityNYK200420077.840465143
35Scott Hazelton (college)University of Rhode Island43504556
36Cliff Hawkins (college)University of Kentucky84492240
T36Ivan McFarlin (college)Oklahoma State University200720070.130772365
38Scooter Sherrill (college)North Carolina State University264426
39Herve Lamizana (college)Rutgers University69733130
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS AS DT
40Brian Boddicker (college)University of Texas at Austin371751
41Jared Reiner (college)University of Iowa20052007-0.248695046
T41Jason Parker (college)University of Kentucky65
43Arthur Johnson (college)University of Missouri274245
44Terrence Crawford (college)Oklahoma State University63614647
T44Luke Whitehead (college)University of Louisville38724364
44Michael Joiner (college)Florida State University61603363
47Caron Butler (college)2002110University of ConnecticutMIA2003201650.989
48Eddie Starks (college)Iona College345928
49Brandon Brooks (college)University of Southern California25765666
50Brandon Mouton (college)University of Texas at Austin70674155
51Brett Buscher (college)Purdue University44802486
52Mohamed Diakite (college)St. John's University64546852
53Romain Sato (college)Xavier University184875
54Neil Fingleton (college)College of the Holy Cross386242
55Kendall Dartez (college)University of Louisville802938
56A.J. Moye (college)Indiana University94633557
57Maurice Young (college)St. Bonaventure University56755367
58Jake Sullivan (college)Iowa State University314776
59Demetrius Smith (college)University of Alabama77663974
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS AS DT
60Matt Lottich (college)Stanford University47686183
61Marvin Lewis (college)Georgia Institute of Technology52995259
T61Modibo Diarra (college)University of Memphis515753
63Kyle Cuffe (college)St. John's University643762
64Avery Queen (college)University of Michigan654761
T64Omar Weaver3537
66James Thomas (college)University of Texas at Austin200520060.42054
67Bernard Robinson (college)2004245University of MichiganCHA200520072.03344
68Scooter McFadgon (college)University of Tennessee935341
T68Luke Ridnour (college)2003114University of OregonSEA2004201536.0531005778
70JueMichael Young (college)Louisiana Tech University68896468
71Dwon Clifton (college)University of North Carolina at Greensboro97656369
72Andrew Zahn (college)University of Arizona625480
T72Wesley Stokes (college)San Diego State University50818779
74Jeff McMillan (college)University of Southern California5150
75Billy Richmond (college)University of Memphis925860
76Tony Stockman (college)Ohio State University90528685
77Nick Smith (college)University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign598470
T77Liberto Tetimadingar (college)Fordham University4072
79Johnnie Gilbert (college)University of Oklahoma4965
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS AS DT
80Keith Triplett (college)University of Toledo3981
81Julian Sensley (college)University of Hawaii23
82Lou Wright (college)University of Tennessee4877
T82Derrick Snowden (college)Villanova University66908190
84Antonio Hargrove3693
85Scott Merritt (college)Marquette University96846688
86Brandon Crump (college)University of Tennessee578097
87Chris Daniels (college)University of Georgia5579
88Taurance Johnson (college)Florida International University35
89Timmy Bowers (college)Mississippi State University38
90Dave Holmes (college)Manhattan College39
T90Tory Reed (college)University of North Carolina at Charlotte4496
92Maurice Searight (college)Grambling State University7171
T92Yamar Diene (college)Rice University41
94Patrick Dennehy (college)University of New Mexico599491
95Mike Bell (college)Florida Atlantic University708889
96Barry Thompson (college)Louisiana Tech University46
97Omari Westley (college)Cleveland State University7872
98Marcus Melvin (college)North Carolina State University879175
T98Gerald Riley (college)Georgetown University7973
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS AS DT
100Jimmy Baxter (college)University of South Florida837695
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