Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) Rankings - 2001

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RSCI Rankings

RSCI Rankings Table
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS DT SN FS AS
1Eddy Curry200114CHI2002201321.7611111
2Kelvin Torbert (college)Michigan State University245212
3Dajuan Wagner (college)200216University of MemphisCLE200320070.0123335
4Tyson Chandler200112LAC20022019101.5466444
5Ousmane Cisse558553
6Kwame Brown200111WAS2002201320.814326127
7Julius Hodge (college)2005120North Carolina State UniversityDEN200620070.03914778
8DeSagana Diop200118CLE2002201312.820748106
9Rick Rickert (college)University of Minnesota919911610
10David Lee (college)2005130University of FloridaNYK2006201776.08811101120
11Jawad Williams (college)University of North Carolina200920110.5171113131512
12Carlos Hurt (college)University of Louisville111518121313
13Jonathan Hargett (college)West Virginia University71779943
T13David Harrison (college)2004129University of ColoradoIND200520083.2191215161911
15Aaron Miles (college)University of Kansas200620060.01628201589
16Mo Williams (college)2003247University of AlabamaUTA2004201640.0212216141614
17T.J. Ford (college)200318University of Texas at AustinMIL2004201216.9151410232426
18Josh Childress (college)200416Stanford UniversityATL2005201425.7122426181816
19Cedric Bozeman (college)University of California, Los Angeles20072007-0.3132022221724
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS DT SN FS AS
20Wayne Simien (college)2005129University of KansasMIA200620070.9301619212115
21Rashaad Carruth (college)University of Southern Mississippi183224192231
22James White (college)2006231University of CincinnatiPOR200720130.81012171417
23Jamal Sampson (college)2002247University of CaliforniaUTA200320071.4333523262828
24John Allen (college)Seton Hall University101321525429
25Jackie Manuel (college)University of North Carolina473027242336
26JaQuan Hart (college)Eastern Michigan University314329372625
T26Anthony Richardson (college)Florida State University482732283818
28Dijon Thompson (college)2005254University of California, Los AngelesNYK200620070.2253336274035
29Daniel Ewing (college)2005232Duke UniversityLAC200620070.8323133293347
30Alan Anderson (college)Michigan State University200620177.4354830442922
31Dennis Latimore (college)University of Notre Dame424128323934
32Pierre Pierce (college)University of Iowa443638363439
T32Jason Maxiell (college)2005126University of CincinnatiDET2006201520.3244261513019
34Chris Thomas (college)University of Notre Dame462635404737
T34Robert Whaley2005251Walsh UniversityUTA200620060.0523448252745
36Billy Edelin (college)Syracuse University403839425323
37Melvin Scott (college)University of North Carolina612541315127
38Elton Brown (college)University of Virginia375044343546
39Andre Patterson (college)University of Tennessee282952382576
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS DT SN FS AS
40Travis Diener (college)2005238Marquette UniversityORL200620105.6417137453233
41Ben Gordon (college)200413University of ConnecticutCHI2005201533.3556134334642
42Julian Sensley (college)University of Hawaii18172020
T42Dommanic Ingerson (college)University of San Francisco2323584131
44Brandon Bender (college)University of Louisville2240313555100
45Brandon Fuss-Cheatham (college)Ohio State University365850565932
46Chuck Hayes (college)University of Kentucky2006201628.8804425504948
47Earnest Shelton (college)University of Alabama545242485850
48Charles Frederick (college)University of Washington2654454736
49Ed Nelson (college)University of Connecticut682173494559
50Quemont Greer (college)DePaul University573763534858
T50Jamaal Levy (college)Wake Forest University294776674453
52Keith Jackson (college)Xavier University5162394244
53Marco Killingsworth (college)Indiana University496971605061
T53Will Bynum (college)Georgia Institute of Technology200620157.0565559797140
55Tony Key5156406257
T55Chey Christie (college)Clemson University383965846477
55Joshua Tinch (college)University of Louisville776056436368
58Najeeb Echols (college)Illinois State University5859843037
59Dwayne Mitchell (college)University of Louisiana at Lafayette278293576054
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS DT SN FS AS
60Levi Watkins (college)North Carolina State University914664706149
61Matt Sylvester (college)Ohio State University607447749338
62Roger Powell (college)University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign20072007-0.1796383585651
63Harvey Thomas (college)Baylor University5053915541
64Levar Seals (college)DePaul University678854546684
65Josh Powell (college)North Carolina State University200620142.5957051466983
66Marcellus Sommerville (college)Bradley University5766858521
67Duane John (college)New Mexico State University6562607362
68Errick Craven (college)University of Southern California6473617562
69Salim Stoudamire (college)2005231University of ArizonaATL200620082.26265695981
70Rob Little (college)Stanford University928643637795
71Larry Turner (college)Tennessee State University997270657279
72Anthony Vasser8767777652
T72Marcus Spears5989796468
74Isma'Il Muhammad (college)Georgia Institute of Technology454968
75Marcus Campbell (college)Mississippi State University57697069
76Anthony Rice (college)University of Memphis39858756
77Winsome Frazier (college)Mississippi State University437252
78Jamaal Williams (college)University of Washington767682767494
79Craig Forth (college)Syracuse University9684538265
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS DT SN FS AS
80Ernest Turner (college)University of Maine737785867885
T80Erroll Knight (college)Gonzaga University938172719473
82Taurance Johnson (college)Florida International University647843
83Mitchell Baldwin (college)University of North Carolina at Charlotte75100959030
84Eddie Basden (college)University of North Carolina at Charlotte200620060.28768837388
85Vytas Danelius (college)Wake Forest University726660
86Jermaine Watson (college)Boston College4955
87Channing Frye (college)200518University of ArizonaNYK2006201938.967756799
T87Lawrence Roberts (college)2005255Mississippi State UniversitySEA200620072.56392818687
89Derek Stribling (college)Tennessee Technological University4667
90Mike Jensen (college)University of Washington816671
91Keith Langford (college)University of Kansas200820080.0709455
92Jason Braxton (college)Arizona State University4575
T92Jason Clark (college)University of Virginia7941
94Marcus Austin (college)Villanova University718863
T94Chris Hernandez (college)Stanford University5390879797
96Terry Licorish34100
97B.J. Elder (college)Georgia Institute of Technology7897888491
98Carl Krauser (college)University of Pittsburgh689079
99Emeka Okafor (college)200412University of ConnecticutCHA2005201845.3807787
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS PS DT SN FS AS
100Michael Fey (college)University of California, Los Angeles888080
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