Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) Rankings - 2002

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RSCI Rankings

RSCI Rankings Table
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS DT PS SS
1Amar'e Stoudemire200219PHO2003201692.52111
2Carmelo Anthony (college)200313Syracuse UniversityDEN20042019101.01222
3Raymond Felton (college)200515University of North CarolinaCHA2006201940.23333
4Rashad McCants (college)2005114University of North CarolinaMIN200620093.68746
5Jason Fraser (college)Villanova University55147
T5Chris Bosh (college)200314Georgia Institute of TechnologyTOR20042016106.046813
7Paul Davis (college)2006234Michigan State UniversityLAC200720100.5124511
8Shelden Williams (college)200615Duke UniversityATL200720129.978108
9Sean May (college)2005113University of North CarolinaCHA200620102.6610915
10DeAngelo Collins119717
11J.J. Redick (college)2006111Duke UniversityORL2007201958.99131212
12Bracey Wright (college)2005247Indiana UniversityMIN200620070.51315139
13Evan Burns (college)San Diego State University16141110
14Shavlik Randolph (college)Duke University200620152.22612155
15Daniel Horton (college)University of Michigan14172418
16Anthony Roberson (college)University of Florida200620090.517201622
17Chris Rodgers (college)University of Arizona24212719
18Antoine Wright (college)2005115Texas A&M UniversityNJN200620113.122222623
19Dee Brown (college)2006246University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUTA200720090.119233816
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS DT PS SS
20Hassan Adams (college)2006254University of ArizonaNJN200720090.839191926
21Sean Dockery (college)Duke University30292521
22Brad Buckman (college)University of Texas at Austin28242134
23Sani Ibrahim46251720
24Rashad Anderson (college)University of Connecticut20284129
25Lenny Cooke1164
T25Bryan Hopkins (college)Southern Methodist University15423431
27Andre Iguodala (college)200419University of ArizonaPHI2005201996.425263241
28Elijah Ingram (college)New Mexico State University33333128
29Travis Garrison (college)University of Maryland23303740
30Michael Thompson (college)Duke University55313025
31Kelenna Azubuike (college)University of Kentucky200720129.350342335
T31Kevin Bookout (college)University of Oklahoma10354255
33Kennedy Winston (college)University of Alabama27186930
34Denham Brown (college)University of Connecticut18324356
35Jimmy McKinney (college)University of Missouri32473932
36Eric Williams (college)Wake Forest University53272052
37Torin Francis (college)University of Notre Dame162214
38Gerry McNamara (college)Syracuse University21386036
39Allan Ray (college)Villanova University200720070.636493339
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS DT PS SS
40Matt Walsh (college)University of Florida200620060.040582933
41Alexander Johnson (college)2006245Florida State UniversityIND200720081.540505024
42Curtis Sumpter (college)Villanova University37414447
43John Gilchrist (college)University of Maryland70462827
44Antonio Lawrence (college)San Jose State University54533644
45Brandon Roy (college)200616University of WashingtonMIN2007201337.440365759
46Jarrett Jack (college)2005122Georgia Institute of TechnologyDEN2006201836.8401837
47De'Angelo Alexander (college)University of North Carolina at Charlotte34644851
48Deron Williams (college)200513University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUTA2006201777.338565450
49Lester Abram (college)University of Michigan48485945
50Greg Brunner (college)University of Iowa35654657
51Ike Diogu (college)200519Arizona State UniversityGSW200620126.540554964
52Matt Trannon (college)Michigan State University29686648
53Mario Boggan (college)Oklahoma State University393542
54Maurice Ager (college)2006128Michigan State UniversityDAL20072011-0.956597038
55Eric Hicks (college)University of Cincinnati404440
56Randy Foye (college)200617Villanova UniversityBOS2007201723.551378563
57Steve Novak (college)2006232Marquette UniversityHOU2007201714.569624562
58Derrick Byars (college)2007242Vanderbilt UniversityPOR201220120.160616458
59Jeff Horner (college)University of Iowa70705549
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS DT PS SS
60Chris McCray (college)University of Maryland20072007-0.140716571
61Justin Gray (college)Wake Forest University65605278
62Julius Lamptey68517269
T62Marshall Strickland (college)Indiana University457143
64Robert Hite (college)University of Miami20072007-0.247765386
65Taquan Dean (college)University of Louisville70786154
66Keith Butler (college)Temple University634753
67Curtis Withers (college)University of North Carolina at Charlotte31867975
68J.R. Morris (college)Seton Hall University84438760
69Rick Billings (college)Oakland University61777566
70Chadd Moore (college)University of Cincinnati100795846
71Francisco Garcia (college)2005123University of LouisvilleSAC2006201518.2576761
72Jeremy Hunt (college)University of Memphis94745174
73Matt Haryasz (college)Stanford University62728280
74Adam Haluska (college)University of Iowa67817476
75Chris Quinn (college)University of Notre Dame200720135.3496689
T75Aliou Kane (college)Texas Christian University70977365
75Yusuf Baker (college)University of South Florida63947672
78James Augustine (college)2006241University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignORL200720080.387738877
79Chuck Davis (college)University of Alabama70829183
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS DT PS SS
80Greg Brown (college)Missouri State University926873
81Marcus White (college)Purdue University828567
82Trent Strickland (college)Wake Forest University888070
83Vincent Grier (college)University of Minnesota5210087
84Cameron Bennerman (college)North Carolina State University80998379
T84Almamy Thiero (college)Duquesne University7069
86Aaron Spears (college)St. John's University707596
T86C.J. Watson (college)University of Tennessee2008201724.183908485
88Josh Rhodes708688
89Marquise Kately (college)Morgan State University5492
90Boo Wade (college)University of Wisconsin9156
91Mario Moore (college)Vanderbilt University5890
T91Matt Kiefer (college)Purdue University5710092
93Kevin Young (college)University of Missouri8368
94Gary Ervin (college)Mississippi State University52
95Nik Caner-Medley (college)University of Maryland938182
T95Dedrick Finn (college)Xavier University956794
97Bobby Jones (college)2006237University of WashingtonMIN200720081.11006296
98Wes Wilkinson (college)University of Nebraska7090
T98Tyler Smith (college)DePaul University59
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   HS DT PS SS
100John Winchester (college)Quinnipiac University8477
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