Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) Rankings - 2004

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RSCI Rankings

RSCI Rankings Table
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC VC DT
1Dwight Howard200411ORL20052019128.911111
2Shaun Livingston200414LAC2005201929.623222
3Al Jefferson2004115BOS2005201871.036443
4Josh Smith2004117ATL2005201851.084335
5Rudy Gay (college)200618University of ConnecticutHOU2007201954.8485104
6Sebastian Telfair2004113POR200520155.075679
7Marvin Williams (college)200512University of North CarolinaATL2006201962.8571157
8Robert Swift2004112SEA200520091.79914116
9Malik Hairston (college)2008248University of OregonPHO200920100.8131171310
10Randolph Morris (college)University of Kentucky20072010-0.1121710148
11Glen Davis (college)2007235Louisiana State UniversitySEA2008201518.6171213816
12LaMarcus Aldridge (college)200612University of Texas at AustinCHI20072019105.462516912
13D.J. White (college)2008129Indiana UniversityDET200920143.81518151914
14Joe Crawford (college)2008258University of KentuckyLAL200920090.0251991713
15Darius Washington (college)University of Memphis200820080.01613232223
16Juan Palacios (college)University of Louisville1910301822
17Jawann McClellan (college)University of Arizona2320182118
18DeMarcus Nelson (college)Duke University20092009-0.31121172530
19Daniel Gibson (college)2006242University of Texas at AustinCLE2007201316.02114292417
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC VC DT
20Jordan Farmar (college)2006126University of California, Los AngelesLAL2007201713.92223221525
21Rajon Rondo (college)2006121University of KentuckyPHO2007201958.02431251615
22Mike Williams (college)University of Cincinnati2815202326
23J.R. Smith2004118NOH2005201946.4108611
24A.J. Price (college)2009252University of ConnecticutIND201020154.73216324127
25Corey Brewer (college)200717University of FloridaMIN2008201922.13329313719
26Arron Afflalo (college)2007127University of California, Los AngelesDET2008201833.54624262041
27Jason Rich (college)Florida State University3834332639
28Marquise Gray (college)Michigan State University3450213838
29Kyle Lowry (college)2006124Villanova UniversityMEM2007201986.24730284037
30Robert Vaden (college)University of Alabama at Birmingham2926384547
31Russell Robinson (college)University of Kansas5143273432
32Roy Bright (college)Delaware State University1836584333
33Gabe Pruitt (college)2007232University of Southern CaliforniaBOS200820090.45922463929
34Cedric Simmons (college)2006115North Carolina State UniversityNOK200720090.13039713524
T34Shawne Williams (college)2006117University of MemphisIND200720156.726321921
36Josh Wright (college)Syracuse University6428404452
37Greg Stiemsma (college)University of Wisconsin201220156.04241457031
38Ronald Steele (college)University of Alabama6961243048
39Bryce Taylor (college)University of Oregon3138504277
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC VC DT
40Brian Johnson (college)Mississippi State University5235416646
T40Isaiah Swann (college)Florida State University36353236
40Dorell Wright2004119MIA2005201525.9141212
43Sasha Kaun (college)University of Kansas4458348028
44Steven Hill (college)University of Arkansas200920090.06753374643
45Jason Horton (college)University of Missouri5337595351
46Sean Singletary (college)2008242University of VirginiaSAC200920090.035562735
47Marshall Brown (college)University of Missouri4844426754
T47Al Horford (college)200713University of FloridaATL2008201984.86848364756
49Dion Dowell (college)University of Houston7240485453
T49James Gist (college)University of Maryland4165534860
51Ra'Sean Dickey (college)Georgia Institute of Technology3755557749
T51Justin Cerasoli (college)Loyola University of Chicago2052765966
53JamesOn Curry (college)2007251Oklahoma State UniversityCHI201020100.02760723188
54Drew Neitzel (college)Michigan State University8142685634
55Quentin Thomas (college)University of North Carolina4094962840
56Churchill Odia (college)University of Oregon45276265
57Josh Shipp (college)University of California, Los Angeles56464358
58Charles Rhodes (college)Mississippi State University6059526475
59Charles Thomas (college)University of Arkansas8367496844
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC VC DT
60Andrew Brackman (college)North Carolina State University43933342
61Marquie Cooke (college)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University4969576574
62Shan Foster (college)Vanderbilt University5849827455
63Kalen Grimes (college)University of Missouri6157638261
64Andray Blatche2005249WAS2006201419.2220
65Dayshawn Wright (college)Syracuse University33515192
66Mohamed Tangara (college)University of Arizona6568646963
67Alex Galindo (college)Florida International University7951659045
68Darnell Jackson (college)2008252University of KansasMIA200920111.38689545262
69C.J. Giles (college)Oregon State University7077627659
70Jamar Butler (college)Ohio State University6681696369
71David McClure (college)Duke University5488867257
72Joakim Noah (college)200719University of FloridaCHI2008201961.839757568
73Lee Cummard (college)Brigham Young University742964
74Jeremis Smith (college)Georgia Institute of Technology9291395593
T74Josh Heytvelt (college)Gonzaga University90804950
76A.J. Ratliff (college)Indiana University55100778372
77Shaun Pruitt (college)University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign9374788558
78Gavin Grant (college)North Carolina State University77638770
79Albert Weber (college)University of Alabama794771
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC VC DT
81Keith Benjamin (college)University of Pittsburgh5450
82DeSean White (college)Providence College76567996
83Ron Coleman (college)University of Michigan73879557
84Walter Sharpe (college)2008232University of Alabama at BirminghamSEA20092009-0.1734495
85Zam Fredrick (college)University of South Carolina57789590
86Devon Hardin (college)University of California71648997
87Maarty Leunen (college)University of Oregon93607991
88David Pendergraft (college)Gonzaga University478994
89Lorrenzo Wade (college)San Diego State University638786
T89Nick Young (college)2007116University of Southern CaliforniaWAS2008201918.69936
91Anthony Morrow (college)Georgia Institute of Technology2009201723.295946089
T91DeAaron Williams (college)University of Wisconsin4591
93James Hardy (college)Indiana University838010078
94Rahshon Clark (college)Iowa State University6773
95Brian Laing (college)Seton Hall University8066
96Sam Perry (college)Clemson University6286
97Longar Longar (college)University of Oklahoma7871
99Alex Thompson (college)Iowa State University6288
100Channing Toney (college)University of Alabama at Birmingham858483
T100Jackie Butler200520071.450
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC VC DT
100Toney Douglas (college)2009129Florida State UniversityLAL2010201712.16685
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