Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) Rankings - 2005

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RSCI Rankings

RSCI Rankings Table
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT
1Josh McRoberts (college)2007237Duke UniversityPOR2008201818.532221
2Monta Ellis2005240GSW2006201741.953333
3Martell Webster200516POR2006201524.761764
4Tyler Hansbrough (college)2009113University of North CarolinaIND2010201620.2241057
5Louis Williams2005245PHI2006201959.476575
6Julian Wright (college)2007113University of KansasNOK200820113.987888
7Richard Hendrix (college)University of Alabama15991011
8Tasmin Mitchell (college)Louisiana State University115201712
T8Mario Chalmers (college)2008234University of KansasMIN2009201832.3914121119
10Andrew Bynum2005110LAL2006201437.41032699
11Keith Brumbaugh1710141614
12C.J. Miles2005234UTA2006201930.01427191210
13Greg Paulus (college)Duke University1818112018
14Amir Johnson2005256DET2006201955.31611292313
15Danny Green (college)2009246University of North CarolinaCLE2010201939.21913311824
16Gerald Green2005118BOS2006201918.41112
17Jon Brockman (college)2009238University of WashingtonPOR201020123.72112471516
18Andray Blatche2005249WAS2006201419.24446
19Brandon Costner (college)North Carolina State University2325302220
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT
20Byron Eaton (college)Oklahoma State University2437172123
21Micah Downs (college)Gonzaga University2233282722
22Eric Devendorf (college)Syracuse University2015463326
23Brandon Rush (college)2008113University of KansasPOR2009201711.213131315
24Korvotney Barber (college)Auburn University3620422929
25Lewis Clinch (college)Georgia Institute of Technology4143322517
26Jamont Gordon (college)Mississippi State University5049161932
27Shawne Williams (college)2006117University of MemphisIND200720156.712151425
28Joe Krabbenhoft (college)University of Wisconsin5540232435
29Marcus Ginyard (college)University of North Carolina3323383852
30Marcus Williams (college)2007233University of ArizonaSAS20082009-0.13119762831
31Bobby Frasor (college)University of North Carolina3426513441
32J.P. Prince (college)University of Tennessee5957213233
33Magnum Rolle (college)Louisiana Tech University6350185121
34Luke Zeller (college)University of Notre Dame20132013-0.13528793528
35Courtney Fells (college)North Carolina State University4478243030
36Theo Davis (college)2835393770
T36Dominic James (college)Marquette University2945613143
38Mike Mercer (college)University of South Florida6054224044
39Fendi Onobun (college)University of Arizona4755274159
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT
T39Eric Boateng (college)Arizona State University2742824236
41Chris Douglas-Roberts (college)2008240University of MemphisNJN200920155.43029755051
42Uche Echefu (college)Florida State University4673454537
43Tiki Mayben (college)University of Massachusetts Amherst3917575285
44Terrence Williams (college)2009111University of LouisvilleNJN20102013-0.226532647
45Roderick Flemings (college)University of Hawaii7971263646
46Ryan Wright (college)University of Oklahoma3838805356
47Tyler Smith (college)University of Tennessee71233439
48Vernon Goodridge (college)La Salle University32524738
49Davon Jefferson (college)University of Southern California37827
50Devan Downey (college)University of South Carolina8165365540
51Marcus Johnson (college)University of Southern California5422595789
52Alonzo Gee (college)University of Alabama201020179.710061335934
53Martynas Pocius (college)Duke University45404955
T53Jeff Adrien (college)University of Connecticut201120154.448413961
55Kevin Rogers (college)Baylor University4963546960
56Wilson Chandler (college)2007123DePaul UniversityNYK2008201928.352445453
57Jerel McNeal (college)Marquette University20152015-0.15136997054
58Shawn Taggart (college)University of Memphis88354645
T58Sam Young (college)2009236University of PittsburghMEM201020135.243714357
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT
60Jamal Boykin (college)University of California25307488
61Wesley Matthews (college)Marquette University2010201947.84044855695
62Bryan Harvey (college)California State University, Fresno89313763
63Derwin Kitchen (college)Florida State University46684873
64Reginald Delk (college)University of Louisville67735849
65Wink Adams (college)University of Nevada, Las Vegas75257276
66Antonio Anderson (college)University of Memphis201020100.085566842
T66Terrel Harris (college)Oklahoma State University20122013-0.67459646194
66Leo Lyons (college)University of Missouri424464
69Dior Lowhorn (college)University of San Francisco67476771
70Brian Asbury (college)University of Miami8087656565
71Tyrell Biggs (college)University of Pittsburgh6258786799
72Tyree Evans (college)Kent State University52606096
73David Weaver (college)Wake Forest University613973
T73Ricky Sanchez66806266
75Danny Williams5816
76Andre McGee (college)University of Louisville5334
T76Kevin Swinton (college)Wake Forest University8391897948
78Rashad Woods (college)Kent State University4148
79Alade Aminu (college)Georgia Institute of Technology578950
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT
80Casaan Breeden (college)College of Charleston556478
81Alfred Aboya (college)University of California, Los Angeles78628384
T81Martellus Bennett (college)Texas A&M University8421
83A.J. Abrams (college)University of Texas at Austin864875
84Jeremy Pargo (college)Gonzaga University20122013-0.8658462
T84Cyrus McGowan (college)University of Miami9295778069
86Gary Flowers (college)University of Southern Mississippi7943
87JR Inman (college)Rutgers University85818377
T87Nate Minnoy (college)Central Michigan University6460
89K.C. Rivers (college)Clemson University7056
90Terry Martin (college)Louisiana State University98589182
91Kenneth Cooper (college)Louisiana Tech University727681
92Lawrence Hill (college)Stanford University82709782
93Adrian Thomas (college)University of Miami688281
T93Levance Fields (college)University of Pittsburgh81888875
95Denis Clemente (college)Kansas State University729666
96Austin Johnson (college)University of Oklahoma8653
97Ryan Ayers (college)University of Notre Dame757096
98Darren Collison (college)2009121University of California, Los AngelesNOH2010201949.91007867
99Kendric Price (college)University of Michigan95839871
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT
T99Jared Carter (college)University of Kentucky7768
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