Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) Rankings - 2006

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RSCI Rankings

RSCI Rankings Table
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT RH
1Greg Oden (college)200711Ohio State UniversityPOR200920147.3111111
2Kevin Durant (college)200712University of Texas at AustinSEA20082019141.7222222
3Brandan Wright (college)200718University of North CarolinaCHA2008201826.2743436
4Spencer Hawes (college)2007110University of WashingtonSAC2008201722.6876345
5Ty Lawson (college)2009118University of North CarolinaMIN2010201742.1539657
6Thaddeus Young (college)2007112Georgia Institute of TechnologyPHI2008201959.7685764
7Chase Budinger (college)2009244University of ArizonaDET2010201613.94104983
8Wayne Ellington (college)2009128University of North CarolinaMIN2010201917.83588711
9Brook Lopez (college)2008110Stanford UniversityNJN2009201960.110111011118
10Gerald Henderson (college)2009112Duke UniversityCHA2010201718.391711121510
11Darrell Arthur (college)2008127University of KansasNOH2009201812.31691615914
12Javaris Crittenton (college)2007119Georgia Institute of TechnologyLAL200820090.12067101428
13Daequan Cook (college)2007121Ohio State UniversityPHI200820134.9172413131312
14Sherron Collins (college)University of Kansas20112011-0.2132221141213
15Damion James (college)2010124University of Texas at AustinATL201120140.0211917161927
16Vernon Macklin (college)2011252University of FloridaDET201220120.5121237181724
17Derrick Caracter (college)2010258University of Texas at El PasoLAL201120110.3141825242515
18Stanley Robinson (college)University of Connecticut252514212316
19Robin Lopez (college)2008115Stanford UniversityPHO2009201943.019272827219
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT RH
20Lance Thomas (college)Duke University201220195.4261542171819
21Mike Conley (college)200714Ohio State UniversityMEM2008201971.4272318202823
22Duke Crews (college)University of Tennessee221426252726
23Paul Harris (college)Syracuse University111251017
24Earl Clark (college)2009114University of LouisvillePHO201020152.9185422222422
25Brian Zoubek (college)Duke University232024283835
26DaJuan Summers (college)2009235Georgetown UniversityDET20102013-0.1442623262232
27Quincy Pondexter (college)2010126University of WashingtonOKC201120199.7313048321618
28Jon Scheyer (college)Duke University281371232021
29D.J. Augustin (college)200819University of Texas at AustinCHA2009201941.9241649292945
30Curtis Kelly (college)Kansas State University342827353536
31David Lighty (college)Ohio State University354636343129
32Deshawn Sims (college)University of Michigan304431383238
33Ramar Smith (college)University of Tennessee333420334751
34Raymar Morgan (college)Michigan State University364233373437
35Obi Muonelo (college)Oklahoma State University543619302674
36Jerome Dyson (college)University of Connecticut201220120.1424052534325
37Scottie Reynolds (college)Villanova University323176423343
38James Keefe (college)University of California, Los Angeles416950363033
39Alex Stepheson201620160.1296541445534
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT RH
40Davon Jefferson (college)University of Southern California15151920
41Willie Kemp (college)University of Memphis463953464052
42Jason Bennett (college)University of Detroit Mercy518630455054
43Deon Thompson (college)University of North Carolina438772403639
44Mike Jones (college)Syracuse University499340434155
45Jerry Smith (college)University of Louisville201220120.0452982394485
46Taj Gibson (college)2009126University of Southern CaliforniaCHI2010201949.84032417540
47Patrick Christopher (college)University of California20152015-0.1485344637350
T47Tom Herzog (college)University of Central Florida526754604949
49Brian Carlwell (college)San Diego State University3777583730
50Jamie Skeen (college)Virginia Commonwealth University395585545459
51Jon Kreft (college)Florida State University5029647231
52Derrick Jasper (college)University of Nevada, Las Vegas834538496073
53Mike Washington (college)University of Arkansas4735487646
54Wayne Chism (college)University of Tennessee866134515766
55Edgar Sosa (college)University of Louisville713374666456
T55Doug Wiggins (college)University of Connecticut615184656241
57Perry Stevenson (college)University of Kentucky795763524867
T57Jodie Meeks (college)2009241University of KentuckyMIL2010201924.35639474578
59Anthony Gurley (college)University of Massachusetts Amherst386379815848
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT RH
60Tyler Smith (college)University of Tennessee55433147
T60Marreese Speights (college)2008116University of FloridaPHI2009201825.8926051575662
62Jason Bohannon (college)University of Wisconsin974788504261
63Bryan Davis (college)Texas A&M University534159737486
64Hasheem Thabeet (college)200912University of ConnecticutMEM201020144.859673957
65Matt Bouldin (college)Gonzaga University8045716568
66Jamil Tucker (college)University of Virginia829560726763
67Isaiah Dahlman (college)Michigan State University6950686192
T67Keith Clark (college)University of Oklahoma788257567890
69Tweety Carter (college)Baylor University7535917763
70Nigel Munson (college)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University5843798776
71Phil Nelson (college)Portland State University63906142
72Pierre Niles (college)University of Memphis603270
73Eugene Harvey (college)Seton Hall University7367759753
74Mamadou Diarra (college)University of Southern California572187
75Antonio Pena (college)Villanova University56759544
76Patrick Beverley (college)2009242University of ArkansasLAL2013201924.894655559
77Jarvis Varnado (college)2010241Mississippi State UniversityMIA201320140.7626153100
78Marques Johnson (college)Georgia State University8037809198
79William Graves (college)University of North Carolina67499479
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT RH
80Adrian Oliver (college)San Jose State University815952
81Leon Freeman78784696
82Dexter Pittman (college)2010232University of Texas at AustinMIA201120140.58164928677
83Luke Harangody (college)2010252University of Notre DameBOS201120120.966827181
84Doneal Mack (college)University of Memphis47848389
85Josue Soto (college)Florida International University703897
86Jeff Allen (college)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University946251
87Jonathan Mitchell (college)Rutgers University589458
88Trevon Hughes (college)University of Wisconsin588369
89Taylor Harrison (college)University of California727465
90Donald Sloan (college)Texas A&M University201220164.0595599
91Gilbert Brown (college)University of Pittsburgh66879469
92Solomon Tat (college)University of Virginia767172
93Greivis Vasquez (college)2010128University of MarylandMEM2011201712.67446
94Jeremy Mayfield (college)University of Alabama at Birmingham697480
T94Dan Werner (college)University of Florida849889907095
96Cameron Tatum (college)University of Tennessee648577
97Daniel Deane (college)Oregon State University6264
T97Hamady N'Diaye (college)2010256Rutgers UniversityMIN201120140.0736886
99Da'Sean Butler (college)West Virginia University6860
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   PS HS RC HM DT RH
100Adrion Graves (college)Xavier University85769082
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