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Active coaches are listed in bold.
* Indicates a member of the Hall of Fame.

360 Coaches

360 Coaches Table
Coach From To Birth Date College
Rick Adelman19892014June 16, 1946Loyola Marymount University
Richie Adubato19801997November 23, 1937
Danny Ainge19972000March 17, 1959Brigham Young University
Stan Albeck19711986May 17, 1931Bradley University
LaDell Andersen19721973October 25, 1929Utah State University
Jack Ankerson19761976March 1, 1942Ripon College
Curly Armstrong19491949November 1, 1918Indiana University
Kenny Atkinson20172019June 2, 1967University of Richmond
Al Attles*19701983November 7, 1936North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Red Auerbach*19471966September 20, 1917George Washington University
Randy Ayers20042004April 16, 1956Miami University
Coach From To Birth Date College
Johnny Bach19801986July 10, 1924Fordham University
Ed Badger19771978November 5, 1932University of Iowa
Tony Barone20072007July 20, 1946
Tom Barrise20102010
Bob Bass19681992January 28, 1929Oklahoma Baptist University
Elgin Baylor*19751979September 16, 1934Seattle University
Butch Beard19951996May 4, 1947University of Louisville
Zelmo Beaty*19761976October 25, 1939Prairie View A&M University
Clair Bee*19531954March 3, 1896Waynesburg College
Joe Belmont19701971July 12, 1934Duke University
Carl Bennett19491949December 7, 1915
Bill Berry20022002Michigan State University
Bill Bertka19941999August 8, 1927Kent State University
Al Bianchi19681976March 26, 1932Bowling Green State University
Bernie Bickerstaff19862013February 11, 1944University of San Diego
J.B. Bickerstaff20162019March 10, 1979University of Minnesota
Mark Binstein19721972United States Military Academy
Paul Birch19471954January 10, 1910Duquesne University
Larry Bird*19982000December 7, 1956Indiana State University
Bill Blair19831996March 17, 1942Virginia Military Institute
Bill Blakeley19711971June 13, 1934
David Blatt20152016May 22, 1959Princeton University
Harold Blitman19701971February 12, 1930West Chester University of Pennsylvania
James Borrego20152019University of San Diego
Vince Boryla19561958March 11, 1927University of Denver
Jeff Bower20102010April 26, 1961
Jim Boylan20082013Marquette University
Jim Boylen20192019
Carl Braun*19601961September 25, 1927Colgate University
Al Brightman19681968September 22, 1923University of Charleston
Allan Bristow19921996August 23, 1951Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Scott Brooks20092019July 31, 1965University of California, Irvine
Jim Brovelli19991999April 15, 1942University of San Francisco
Brett Brown20142019February 16, 1961Boston University
Dave Brown19731973University of Wisconsin
Herb Brown19761978March 14, 1936University of Vermont
Hubie Brown*19752005September 25, 1933Niagara University
Larry Brown*19732011September 14, 1940University of North Carolina
Mike Brown20062014March 5, 1970University of San Diego
Tony Brown20162016July 29, 1960University of Arkansas
Philip Brownstein19491950May 17, 1906University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Quinn Buckner19941994August 20, 1954Indiana University
Bucky Buckwalter19731975November 22, 1933
Mike Budenholzer20142019August 6, 1969Pomona College
Walt Budko19511951July 30, 1925Columbia University
Donnie Butcher19671969February 8, 1936Pikeville College
Jeff Bzdelik20032005December 1, 1952University of Illinois at Chicago
Coach From To Birth Date College
John Calipari*19971999February 10, 1959Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Mack Calvin19761992July 27, 1947University of Southern California
Kaleb Canales20122012University of Texas at Arlington
P.J. Carlesimo19952013May 30, 1949Fordham University
Rick Carlisle20022019October 27, 1959University of Virginia
Lou Carnesecca*19711973
M.L. Carr19961997January 9, 1951Guilford College
John Carroll20042004
Butch Carter19982000June 11, 1958Indiana University
Fred Carter19931994February 14, 1945Mount St. Mary's University
Bill Cartwright20022004July 30, 1957University of San Francisco
Don Casey19892000
Dwane Casey20062019April 17, 1957University of Kentucky
John Castellani19601960
Vince Cazzetta19681968
Al Cervi*19501959February 12, 1917
Wilt Chamberlain*19741974August 21, 1936University of Kansas
Don Chaney19852004March 22, 1946University of Houston
Maurice Cheeks*20022014September 8, 1956West Texas A&M University
John Clark19701970
Jim Cleamons19971998September 13, 1949Ohio State University
Roy Clifford19471947
Steve Clifford20142019September 17, 1961University of Maine at Farmington
Neil Cohalan19471947
Jerry Colangelo*19701973November 20, 1939University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Doug Collins19872013July 28, 1951Illinois State University
Michael Cooper20052005April 15, 1956University of New Mexico
Tyrone Corbin20112015December 31, 1962DePaul University
Larry Costello19691979July 2, 1931Niagara University
Bob Cousy*19701974August 9, 1928College of the Holy Cross
Dave Cowens*19792002October 25, 1948Florida State University
Billy Cunningham*19781985June 3, 1943University of North Carolina
Michael Curry20092009August 22, 1968Georgia Southern University
Glenn Curtis19471947
Coach From To Birth Date College
Mike D'Antoni19992019May 8, 1951Marshall University
Chuck Daly*19821999July 20, 1930Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Mel Daniels*19891989July 20, 1944University of New Mexico
Jimmy Darden19501950June 19, 1922University of Denver
Johnny Davis19972009October 21, 1955University of Dayton
Dave DeBusschere*19651967October 16, 1940University of Detroit Mercy
Dutch Dehnert*19471947April 5, 1898
Vinny Del Negro20092013August 9, 1966North Carolina State University
Don Delaney19811982
Tony DiLeo20092009August 8, 1955La Salle University
Harry Dinnel19681968October 9, 1940Pepperdine University
Terry Dischinger19721972November 21, 1940Purdue University
Billy Donovan20162019May 30, 1965Providence College
Eddie Donovan19621965
Larry Drew20112019April 2, 1958University of Missouri
Ike Duffey19501950May 31, 1906
Mike Dunlap20132013May 27, 1957Loyola Marymount University
Mike Dunleavy19912010March 21, 1954University of South Carolina
Coach From To Birth Date College
Charles Eckman19551958
Johnny Egan19731976January 31, 1939Providence College
Mike Evans20022002April 19, 1955Kansas State University
Coach From To Birth Date College
Mike Farmer19671967September 26, 1936University of San Francisco
Bob Feerick19501963January 2, 1920Santa Clara University
Derek Fisher20152016August 9, 1974University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Bill Fitch*19711998May 19, 1934Coe College
Dick Fitzgerald19471947November 18, 1920Fordham University
Cotton Fitzsimmons19711997October 7, 1931Midwestern State University
David Fizdale20172019June 16, 1974University of San Diego
Tim Floyd19992004
Chris Ford19912004January 11, 1949Villanova University
Lawrence Frank20042013August 23, 1970
Mike Fratello19812007February 24, 1947Montclair State College
Burl Friddle19491949May 27, 1900
Coach From To Birth Date College
Harry Gallatin*19631966April 26, 1927Truman State University
Alvin Gentry19952019November 5, 1954Appalachian State University
John Givens19681968May 12, 1926Western Kentucky University
Edward Gottlieb*19471955September 15, 1898Temple University
Ed Gregory19881988October 28, 1931Pepperdine University
Alex Groza19711975October 7, 1926University of Kentucky
Richie Guerin*19651972May 29, 1932Iona College
Matt Guokas19861993February 25, 1944Saint Joseph's University
Coach From To Birth Date College
Cliff Hagan*19681970December 9, 1931University of Kentucky
Bruce Hale19491968August 30, 1918Santa Clara University
Frank Hamblen19922005April 16, 1947Syracuse University
Leonard Hamilton20012001
Alex Hannum*19571974July 19, 1923University of Southern California
Bill Hanzlik19981998December 6, 1957University of Notre Dame
Jim Harding19691969University of Iowa
Del Harris19801999June 18, 1937Milligan College
Les Harrison*19491955August 20, 1904
Dick Harter19891990October 14, 1930University of Pennsylvania
Lew Hayman19471947Syracuse University
Gar Heard19932000May 3, 1948University of Oklahoma
Tom Heinsohn*19701978August 26, 1934College of the Holy Cross
Nat Hickey19481948January 30, 1902
Bob Hill19872007November 24, 1948Bowling Green State University
Brian Hill19942007September 19, 1947Kennedy College
Fred Hoiberg20162019October 15, 1972Iowa State University
Lionel Hollins20002016October 19, 1953Arizona State University
Red Holzman*19541982August 10, 1920City College of New York
Bob Hopkins19781978November 3, 1934Grambling State University
Jeff Hornacek20142018May 3, 1963Iowa State University
Kim Hughes20102010June 4, 1952University of Wisconsin
Rex Hughes19921993
Melvin Hunt20152015December 15, 1969Baylor University
Lindsey Hunter20132013December 3, 1970Jackson State University
Coach From To Birth Date College
Marc Iavaroni20082009September 15, 1956University of Virginia
Stu Inman19721972August 2, 1926San Jose State University
George Irvine19852001February 1, 1948University of Washington
Dan Issel*19932002October 25, 1948University of Kentucky
Coach From To Birth Date College
Mark Jackson20122014April 1, 1965St. John's University
Phil Jackson*19902011September 17, 1945University of North Dakota
Stu Jackson19901997
Buddy Jeannette*19481970September 15, 1917Washington & Jefferson College
Chris Jent20052005January 11, 1970Ohio State University
Dave Joerger20142019February 21, 1974Minnesota State University Moorhead
Avery Johnson20052013March 25, 1965Southern University and A&M College
Dennis Johnson*20032003September 18, 1954Pepperdine University
Frank Johnson20022004November 23, 1958Wake Forest University
Magic Johnson*19941994August 14, 1959Michigan State University
Phil Johnson19741987
Neil Johnston*19601961February 4, 1929Ohio State University
K.C. Jones*19731992May 25, 1932University of San Francisco
Wally Jones19511951
Eddie Jordan19972010January 29, 1955Rutgers University
Ed Jucker19681969
Alvin Julian*19491950April 5, 1901Bucknell University
Coach From To Birth Date College
George Karl19852016May 12, 1951University of North Carolina
Bob Kauffman19781978July 13, 1946Guilford College
Red Kerr19671970July 17, 1932University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Steve Kerr20152019September 27, 1965University of Arizona
Jason Kidd*20142018March 23, 1973University of California
Bob Kloppenburg19821992
Igor Kokoskov20192019
Lon Kruger20012003
Larry Krystkowiak20072008September 23, 1964University of Montana
John Kuester20102011February 6, 1955University of North Carolina
John Kundla*19491959July 3, 1916University of Minnesota
Coach From To Birth Date College
Bob Lanier*19951995September 10, 1948St. Bonaventure University
Joe Lapchick*19481956April 12, 1900
York Larese19701970July 18, 1938University of North Carolina
Frank Layden19821989January 5, 1932Niagara University
George Lee19691970November 23, 1936University of Michigan
Slick Leonard*19631980July 17, 1932Indiana University
Andrew Levane19531962April 11, 1920St. John's University
Grady Lewis19491950March 25, 1917University of Oklahoma
Gene Littles19861995June 29, 1943High Point University
Earl Lloyd*19721973April 3, 1928West Virginia State University
Tates Locke19771977
Ken Loeffler*19471949April 14, 1902
John Logan19511951January 1, 1921Indiana University
Kevin Loughery19731995March 28, 1940St. John's University
Sidney Lowe19932003January 21, 1960North Carolina State University
John Loyer20142014
John Lucas19932003October 31, 1953University of Maryland
Tyronn Lue20162019May 3, 1977University of Nebraska
Jim Lynam19841997Saint Joseph's University
Coach From To Birth Date College
Ed Macauley*19591960March 22, 1928Saint Louis University
Bob MacKinnon19751988December 5, 1927
John MacLeod19741991October 3, 1937Bellarmine University
Brendan Malone19962005
Mike Malone20142019January 1, 1971Loyola College in Maryland
Tom Marshall19591960January 6, 1931Western Kentucky University
Slater Martin*19571969October 22, 1925University of Texas at Austin
Babe McCarthy19681974
Johnny McCarthy19721972April 25, 1934Canisius College
Jack McCloskey19731974September 19, 1925University of Pennsylvania
Dick McGuire*19601968January 25, 1926St. John's University
Frank McGuire*19621962
Kevin McHale*20052016December 19, 1957University of Minnesota
Morris McHone19841984June 17, 1943
Bones McKinney19511971January 1, 1919University of North Carolina
Jack McKinney19801985July 13, 1935Saint Joseph's University
John McLendon*19701970
Jack McMahon19631972December 3, 1928St. John's University
Dave McMillan19511951December 24, 1886
Nate McMillan20012019August 3, 1964North Carolina State University
Murray Mendenhall19501951March 5, 1898
Tom Meschery19721972October 26, 1938Saint Mary's College of California
George Mikan*19581958June 18, 1924DePaul University
Vern Mikkelsen*19691969October 21, 1928Hamline University
Sam Mitchell20052016September 2, 1963Mercer University
Doug Moe19771993September 21, 1938University of North Carolina
Mike Montgomery20052006February 27, 1947California State University, Long Beach
Doxie Moore19501952February 13, 1911
Robert Morris19471947
Dick Motta19691997September 3, 1931Utah State University
Joe Mullaney19701977November 17, 1924College of the Holy Cross
Bill Musselman19761991
Eric Musselman20032007
Pete Myers20042008September 15, 1963University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Coach From To Birth Date College
Kenny Natt20092009October 5, 1958University of Louisiana at Monroe
Don Nelson*19772010May 15, 1940University of Iowa
Tom Nissalke19721984July 7, 1932
Nick Nurse20192019
Coach From To Birth Date College
Jim O'Brien20012011February 11, 1952Saint Joseph's University
Kevin O'Neill20042004January 24, 1957McGill University
Harold Olsen*19471949May 12, 1895University of Wisconsin
Coach From To Birth Date College
Bob Pettit*19621962December 12, 1932Louisiana State University
Randy Pfund19931994
Andy Phillip*19591959March 7, 1922University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lloyd Pierce20192019May 11, 1976Santa Clara University
Rick Pitino*19882001September 18, 1952University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jim Pollard*19601970July 9, 1922Stanford University
Gregg Popovich19972019January 28, 1949United States Air Force Academy
Terry Porter20042009April 8, 1963University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Roger Potter19501950
Kevin Pritchard20052005July 17, 1967University of Kansas
Joe Prunty20182018February 12, 1969California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Coach From To Birth Date College
Kurt Rambis19992016February 25, 1958Santa Clara University
Jack Ramsay*19691989February 21, 1925Saint Joseph's University
Frank Ramsey*19711971July 13, 1931University of Kentucky
Willis Reed*19781989June 25, 1942Grambling State University
Chick Reiser19521953December 17, 1914New York University
Jerry Reynolds19871990
Gene Rhodes19681971September 2, 1927Western Kentucky University
Pat Riley*19822008March 20, 1945University of Kentucky
Doc Rivers20002019October 13, 1961Marquette University
Scotty Robertson19751983February 1, 1930
Red Rocha19581960September 18, 1923Oregon State University
Jimmy Rodgers19891993
Robert Rolfe19471947October 17, 1908Dartmouth College
Ron Rothstein19891993
Roy Rubin19731973December 9, 1925
Bill Russell*19671988February 12, 1934University of San Francisco
John Russell*19471948May 31, 1902
Coach From To Birth Date College
Philip Sachs19471947
Ed Sadowski19471947July 11, 1917Seton Hall University
Tom Sanders*19781979November 8, 1938New York University
Flip Saunders19962015February 23, 1955University of Minnesota
Ryan Saunders20192019
Herm Schaefer19521953December 20, 1918Indiana University
Fred Schaus19611967June 30, 1925West Virginia University
Dolph Schayes*19641972May 19, 1928New York University
Mike Schuler19871992September 22, 1940Ohio University
Howie Schultz19501950July 3, 1922Hamline University
Fred Scolari19521952March 1, 1922University of San Francisco
Byron Scott20012016March 28, 1961Arizona State University
Ray Scott19731976July 12, 1938University of Portland
George Senesky19561958April 4, 1922Saint Joseph's University
Paul Seymour19571969January 30, 1928University of Toledo
Bill Sharman*19671976May 25, 1926University of Southern California
Brian Shaw20142015March 22, 1966University of California, Santa Barbara
Beryl Shipley19751975August 10, 1926
Charley Shipp19501950December 3, 1913Catholic University of America
Gene Shue19671989December 18, 1931University of Maryland
Paul Silas19812012July 12, 1943Creighton University
Scott Skiles20002016March 5, 1964Michigan State University
Jerry Sloan*19802011March 28, 1942University of Evansville
Keith Smart20032013September 21, 1964Indiana University
Jack Smiley19501950December 22, 1922University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Quin Snyder20152019October 30, 1966Duke University
Albert Soar19481948August 17, 1914Providence College
Erik Spoelstra20092019November 1, 1970University of Portland
Garry St. Jean19932000
Bob Staak19971997
Larry Staverman19681978October 11, 1936Thomas More College
Jerry Steele19711971
Brad Stevens20142019October 22, 1976DePauw University
Terry Stotts20032019November 25, 1957University of Oklahoma
Ken Suesens19501950October 23, 1916
Coach From To Birth Date College
Ed Tapscott20092009
Jerry Tarkanian*19931993August 8, 1930California State University, Fresno
Reggie Theus20082009October 13, 1957University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Tom Thibodeau20112019January 17, 1958Salem State University
Isiah Thomas*20012008April 30, 1961Indiana University
Rod Thorn*19761982May 23, 1941West Virginia University
Jim Todd20002000
Rolland Todd19711972
Mike Todorovich19511951June 11, 1923University of Wyoming
Rudy Tomjanovich19922005November 24, 1948University of Michigan
Gene Tormohlen19761976May 12, 1937University of Tennessee
Jay Triano20092018September 21, 1958
Coach From To Birth Date College
Wes Unseld*19881994March 14, 1946University of Louisville
Coach From To Birth Date College
Dick Van Arsdale19871987February 22, 1943Indiana University
Butch van Breda Kolff19681977October 28, 1922New York University
Jeff Van Gundy19962007January 19, 1962Nazareth College
Stan Van Gundy20042018September 21, 1959State University of New York at Brockport
Kiki Vandeweghe20102010August 1, 1958University of California, Los Angeles
Jacque Vaughn20132015February 11, 1975University of Kansas
Dick Versace19891991
Sam Vincent20082008May 18, 1963Michigan State University
Dick Vitale*19791980June 9, 1939Seton Hall University
Frank Vogel20112018June 21, 1973University of Kentucky
Coach From To Birth Date College
Darrell Walker19972000March 9, 1961University of Arkansas
Donnie Walsh19791981March 1, 1941University of North Carolina
Luke Walton20172019March 28, 1980University of Arizona
Bobby Wanzer*19561959June 4, 1921Seton Hall University
Earl Watson20162018June 12, 1979University of California, Los Angeles
Jim Weaver19691969
Bob Weiss19872006May 7, 1942Pennsylvania State University
Jerry West*19771979May 28, 1938West Virginia University
Paul Westhead19801992February 21, 1939Saint Joseph's University
Paul Westphal*19932012November 30, 1950University of Southern California
John Wetzel19881988October 22, 1944Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Lenny Wilkens*19702005October 28, 1937Providence College
Herb Williams20042005February 16, 1958Ohio State University
Max Williams19701971
Monty Williams20112015October 8, 1971University of Notre Dame
Tex Winter*19721973February 25, 1922
Brian Winters19962002March 1, 1952University of South Carolina
Randy Wittman20002016October 28, 1959Indiana University
Dave Wohl19861988November 2, 1949University of Pennsylvania
Charles Wolf19611965
Mike Woodson20052014March 24, 1958Indiana University
Coach From To Birth Date College
Draff Young19741974
Verl Young19691969
Coach From To Birth Date College
Max Zaslofsky19681969December 7, 1925St. John's University
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