Coaching Record

  • Assistant Coach and Staff records might not be complete.
Coaching Record Table
Regular Season Playoffs
Season Age Tm Lg G W L W/L% W > .500 Finish   G W L W/L% Notes
2000-0131SASNBAAssistant Coach/Video Coordinator
2001-0232SASNBAAssistant Coach/Video Coordinator
2002-0333SASNBAAssistant Coach/Advance Scout
2003-0434SASNBAAssistant Coach/Advance Scout
2004-0535SASNBAAssistant Coach/Advance Scout
2005-0636DALNBAAssistant Coach
2006-0737DALNBAAssistant Coach
2007-0838DALNBAAssistant Coach
2008-0939PORNBAAssistant Coach
2009-1040PORNBAAssistant Coach
2010-1141CLENBAAssistant Coach
2011-1242CLENBAAssistant Coach
2012-1343CLENBAAssistant Coach
2013-1444BRKNBAAssistant Coach
2014-1545MILNBAAssistant Coach
2015-1646MILNBAAssistant Coach
2016-1747MILNBAAssistant Coach
2017-1848MILNBAAssistant Coach
2018-1949PHONBAAssistant Coach
2021-2252ATLNBAAssistant Coach
2022-2353ATLNBAAssistant Coach
2023-2454MILNBAAssistant Coach
1 seasonsMILNBA372116.5682.5734.429
1 seasonsATLNBA2201.0001.0


January 22, 2018: Appointed Interim Head Coach by the Milwaukee Bucks.

February 21, 2023: Appointed Interim Head Coach by the Atlanta Hawks.

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