Coaching Record

  • Assistant Coach and Staff records might not be complete.
Coaching Record Table
Regular Season Playoffs
Season Age Tm Lg G W L W/L% W > .500 Finish   G W L W/L% Notes
2008-0934MILNBAAssistant Coach
2009-1035MILNBAAssistant Coach
2010-1136CHINBAAssistant Coach
2011-1237CHINBAAssistant Coach
2012-1338CHINBAAssistant Coach
2013-1439CHINBAAssistant Coach
2014-1540CHINBAAssistant Coach
2015-1641ORLNBAAssistant Coach
2016-1742OKCNBAAssistant Coach
2017-1843OKCNBAAssistant Coach
2018-1944TORNBAAssistant Coach
2019-2045TORNBAAssistant Coach
2020-2146TORNBAAssistant Coach
2021-2247TORNBAAssistant Coach
2022-2348TORNBAAssistant Coach
1 seasonsMILNBA0000.0