Coaching Record

  • Assistant Coach and Staff records might not be complete.
Coaching Record Table
Regular Season Playoffs
Season Age Tm Lg G W L W/L% W > .500 Finish   G W L W/L% Notes
1992-9327HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1993-9428HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1994-9529HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1995-9630HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1996-9731HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1997-9832HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1998-9933HOUNBAAssistant Coach
1999-0034HOUNBAAssistant Coach
2000-0135HOUNBAAssistant Coach
2001-0236HOUNBAAssistant Coach
2002-0337HOUNBAAssistant Coach
2004-0539MILNBAAssistant Coach
2011-1246INDNBAAssistant Coach
2013-1448SASNBAAssistant Coach
2014-1549SASNBAAssistant Coach
2015-1650CHINBAAssociate Head Coach
2016-1751CHINBAAssociate Head Coach
2017-1852CHINBAAssociate Head Coach
2018-1953CHINBAAssociate Head Coach
2023-2458INDNBAAssistant Coach
2 seasonsCHINBA1233984.317-22.5


December 3, 2018: Appointed Head Coach by the Chicago Bulls.

August 14, 2020: Fired as Head Coach by the Chicago Bulls.

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