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Site Features: Check Out the Play Index!

Posted by Neil Paine on March 30, 2011

With the playoffs rapidly approaching, it's time for another reminder to check out the Basketball-Reference Play Index. In case you don't already know about the PI, it's a set of research tools that allow you to create customizable queries on our database, save the results, and share them with others. With the PI, you can:

  • Use the Player Season Finder to search through all NBA, ABA, & BAA players' regular season and playoff statistics for performances that match your criteria.
  • Use the Player Game Finder to search through NBA players' regular season and playoff game logs (since 1985-86) for games matching your criteria.
  • Use the Head-to-Head Finder to search for games in which two selected players played against each other.
  • Search for player and team consecutive-game streaks that match your criteria using the Streak Finders.
  • Search for team performances that meet your criteria with the Team Season Finder and Team Game Finder.
  • Use the Draft Finder to search through every NBA/BAA draft for picks that match your criteria.
  • Use the Player Comparison Finder to compare the stats of up to four players through (or in) a given season.

And best of all, these features are 100% free to use!

So go ahead, give them a try, and you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

7 Responses to “Site Features: Check Out the Play Index!”

  1. pm Says:

    IS there a way to search for players who have the most 20+,10+ seasons or find guys who had 5 straight 25+ PPG seasons?

  2. aaa Says:

    You should be able to sort through game score. I think that'd be neat.

  3. Jay Says:

    Pm, as far as I can tell, you can get halfway there on your first request:

    That's every 20+ PPG / 10+ RPG season sorted by name. You can kinda eyeball it, or count it by hand. Otherwise, I don't think it's possible to sort by the # of seasons.

  4. Mike F Says:

    Maybe I'm late to the game, but I love the player vs player stats.

    I was really shocked at David Robinson vs Hakeem.

    I had expected Hakeem to have a clear edge, but in my opinion it really swings the other way.

  5. NBAGuru Says:

    Love the play index! My top suggested improvements:

    -Allow the player comparison finder to compare ranges of seasons, instead of years 1-x of a players career, to facilitate early and late career comparisons.

    -Have an option to include playoff games in the head-to-head finder! This would be much more revealing than reg season matchups for certain players (especially Dream vs Admiral!).

    @MikeF: Hakeem and the Rockets declined big-time after 1998; this goes to show that a date-range option would be nice for the head-to-head finder as well.

  6. Mike Goodman Says:

    I wish the Draft Finder would sort by more than Games, per game averages, and shooting %.
    How about career minutes, rebounds, points, etc?

    It would be nice if regular season and playoff 'season' could be combined in the Season Finder.

    This seems to be a bug: In Player Season Finder, selecting a range of Seasons, select a season in the From box, and the word 'to' , we get a 2-year interval rather than just that one season.

  7. Darren Says:

    What an incredible resource. My favorites are the Player Comparison Finder and the Head-To-Head Finder. Thanks again for such an incredible resource and website. I've bookmarked this page for future reference.