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Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Round 4

Posted by Neil Paine on April 5, 2010

Pools A & D, Round 3
Pools B & C, Round 3

Results from the 4rd round of the tournament, courtesy of WhatIfSports (click on series links for game-by-game box scores):

#3 '85 Lakers vs. #9 '05 Spurs
Game 1: 05SAS 120, 85LAL 107
Game 2: 85LAL 113, 05SAS 108
Game 3: 05SAS 117, 85LAL 95
Game 4: 05SAS 125, 85LAL 97
Game 5: 05SAS 106, 85LAL 89
(2005 Spurs Win Series 4-1)

#3 '09 Lakers vs. #5 '92 Bulls
Game 1: 09LAL 114, 92CHI 96
Game 2: 09LAL 124, 92CHI 87
Game 3: 09LAL 131, 92CHI 105
Game 4: 09LAL 102, 92CHI 94
(2009 Lakers Win Series 4-0)

#5 1993 Bulls vs. #7 2002 Lakers
Game 1: 93CHI 118, 02LAL 89
Game 2: 93CHI 113, 02LAL 100
Game 3: 02LAL 125, 93CHI 106
Game 4: 02LAL 110, 93CHI 102
Game 5: 02LAL 123, 93CHI 106
Game 6: 93CHI 117, 02LAL 115
Game 7: 93CHI 118, 02LAL 108
(1993 Bulls Win Series 4-3)

#1 1996 Bulls vs. #11 2006 Heat
Game 1: 06MIA 108, 96CHI 84
Game 2: 96CHI 98, 06MIA 97
Game 3: 06MIA 123, 96MIA 119
Game 4: 96CHI 97, 06MIA 85
Game 5: 96CHI 128, 06MIA 112
Game 6: 06MIA 98, 96CHI 96
Game 7: 96CHI 108, 06MIA 102
(1996 Bulls Win Series 4-3)

12 Responses to “Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Round 4”

  1. Nick Says:

    '09 lakers swept the '92 bulls? hmmm

  2. Nick Says:

    Wait....I just looked at the stats of game 3. Jordan scored only 2 points??? What type of miscalculation is this.

  3. Neil Paine Says:

    Made no sense to me, either, but what can you do? Take it up with Whatifsports.

  4. Jayson Says:

    I think that series unequivocally proves that Kobe Bryant is superior to Michael Jordan.

    lol, just kidding..
    Does seem kind of weird MJ gets 2 points, even having to deal with foul trouble.

  5. Jason J Says:

    MJ's free throw attempt total in the 4 game sweep by LA = 9. He averaged 9 (8.6) free throw attempts per game in the 1992 playoffs.

    It would be funny if the 1993 Bulls team wound up beating the 2009 Lakers since it was essentially the same team as the 1992 group with worse health and team chemistry.

  6. Jason J Says:

    Also just noticed how badly 2005 San Antonio beat the 1985 Lakers. Agree to disagree on that count too.

    The long difficult '93 Bulls v. '02 Lakers sounds about right. I think the 1996 Bulls would have mauled the 2006 Heat. They did sweep the Magic who were pretty similar to those Heat.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Yeah, no way the Miami series is going 7 games. SMFH @ how bad the Spurs beat the Lakers, that's appauling. Anybody care to imagine how Tony Parker is going to hold Magic Johnson to 9.4FGA per game?

    I just can't see anything but the Lakers running the Spurs out of the building.

  8. Jason J Says:

    Well, Bowen would cover Magic. Tony would be on Scott. That would leave Manu to try to cover Worthy or Green. A no-go match-up at both ends. Actually both teams pose problems. Is AC supposed to have the size to match up with Duncan? Cooper is a good cover for Manu, and they can hide Magic on Bowen, but no way can Scott keep Parker out of the paint. I think with Magic and Kareem, LA would have a better chance to get some easy transition and low post buckets and win it that way, but it might be tougher than we'd assume from the reputations involved.

  9. manuele Says:

    no way lakers '09 defeat bulls '92...never..only lakers '00 have some possibility with bulls '98..maybe but not sure..

  10. manuele Says:

    and mj '92 ppg vs '09 lakers 15.75.......are you real???

  11. Ryan Says:

    Jason, good point. Bowen completely eluded me for some reason (9.7fga is still somewhat preposterous IMO), probably because Bowen was somewhat invisible in his last couple seasons on both ends of the floor.

  12. sp6r=underrated Says:

    Does anyone know if whatifsports uses point differential as a factor in determining who would win a series?