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Most All-Stars in a Playoff Series (1991-2011)

4th May 2011

This Heat-Celtics series is nothing if not a star-studded affair. A total of seven current All-Stars (Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, & Rajon Rondo) and 2 more former All-Stars (Jermaine O'Neal & Zydrunas Ilgauskas) have drawn minutes in the series so far. But how do those totals stack up to other playoff series since 1991?

First, let's look at the series that featured the most current All-Stars:

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Layups: Entire Slam Dunk Contest History On One Poster

15th April 2011

Typical Hoopism awesomeness (with guest artist Robb Harskamp).

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Who Are the Most Similar Players to This Year’s All-Stars?

19th February 2011

Reading yesterday about Dave Duerson's tragic passing made me think about the player similarity system he inspired at PFR, and that in turn caused me to remember a similar system I concocted for basketball players.

Using the methodology I outlined, who are the most comparable players to this year's All-Stars in terms of career quality and shape (through their current age)?

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2011 APBRmetric All-Stars

9th February 2011

Just as we did last season, let's take a look at which players would have made the All-Star teams if various advanced stats were the only criteria in the voting. To pick teams, I used the official positional designations from the 2011 ballot; each team must have 4 guards, 4 forwards, and 2 centers, with room for 2 wild cards from any position to fill out the roster. Players in bold are starters; "*" designates the player as a member of the real-life All-Star team.

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Layups: Every Slam-Dunk Contest Dunk

2nd February 2011

You gotta see this... Hoopism graphed every dunk in Slam-Dunk Contest history by year and judges' score, and put together an interface that allows you to call up video of the attempts from YouTube:

Every NBA Slam Dunk Contest Video Visualization -

Amazing work... Hat tip to Henry Abbott for the link.

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Morey and the “No-Star” Rockets

8th April 2010

This morning, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted the following:

Season ending 2 soon but some hope-we are best tm ever without an all-star player

Henry Abbott then followed up with Morey, as Abbott (and I'm sure many others, including me) was unsure what Morey's criteria were. Morey responded:

[The Rockets are the] only team since ABA/NBA merger (1976) with over a .500 record without an All-Star playing over 100 minutes.

Abbott also wrote:

[Morey] went on to explain that by "All-Star" he meant anyone who had ever been an All-Star, not just a current one [...]

My first reaction to this was "Is Morey correct?" My second reaction? "Wait a second, I can easily check this." So I did...

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Best At the Break

16th February 2010

Regular-season play resumes tonight after 5 days off for the All-Star break, so I thought it would be interesting to look at every NBA season and see how the team with the best record at the break fared the rest of the year:

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More On 3-Point Contest Shooting Rates

16th February 2010

Last week, I made a post comparing 3-point shooting rates in the All-Star Weekend 3-Point Shootout to the participants' rates during the season. I found that contest shooters have made 3,669 of 7,173 shots (51.2%) in the contest over the years, and if you weighted their in-season 3FG% by their contest attempts, their usual season % is 40.5%.

However, longtime commenter Jason J noted that in a way, the 51.2% figure is artificially inflated by the fact that the best contest shooters will have the most attempts -- guys that get 10 points in the first round aren't equally weighted as guys that get 20, simply because the 20-point guy will move on to Round 2.

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How Much Better Do You Shoot In the 3-Point Contest?

11th February 2010

The All-Star Game is coming up this weekend in Dallas, which means the usual Saturday night festivities that I often enjoy more than the actual game itself. The headline event is obviously the Slam Dunk Contest, where Nate Robinson will defend his title against Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown, and either DeMar DeRozan or Eric Gordon, but I'm also a big fan of the 3-Point Shootout, a contest that we can all relate to a little bit more than the one where guys pull off 360° windmills.

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All-Star Rosters Announced

29th January 2010

In case you missed it, the All-Star reserves were named yesterday, completing the rosters (barring injury replacements). Here are the teams (and snubs, according to this post) for each conference, along with some fun APBRmetric stats:

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