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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Tue, Oct 22, 1957Box Score@St. Louis HawksW1159010W 1
2Wed, Oct 23, 1957Box Score@Detroit PistonsW1059420W 2
3Sat, Oct 26, 1957Box Score@New York KnicksW13112130W 3
4Sat, Nov 2, 1957Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW1078340W 4
5Sun, Nov 3, 1957Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsW1139550W 5at New York, NY
6Tue, Nov 5, 1957Box ScoreNDetroit PistonsW11110560W 6at St. Louis, MO
7Wed, Nov 6, 1957Box Score@Minneapolis LakersW1039470W 7
8Fri, Nov 8, 1957Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsWOT12211080W 8
9Mon, Nov 11, 1957Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW928890W 9
10Tue, Nov 12, 1957Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersW107104100W 10at Detroit, MI
11Sat, Nov 16, 1957Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW11189110W 11
12Thu, Nov 21, 1957Box Score@Detroit PistonsW11290120W 12
13Sat, Nov 23, 1957Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersW131107130W 13
14Wed, Nov 27, 1957Box ScoreNew York KnicksW120107140W 14
15Thu, Nov 28, 1957Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL8097141L 1at Philadelphia, PA
16Sat, Nov 30, 1957Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW118112151W 1
17Sun, Dec 1, 1957Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL109118152L 1
18Tue, Dec 3, 1957Box Score@Detroit PistonsW124113162W 1
19Wed, Dec 4, 1957Box Score@Minneapolis LakersW10898172W 2
20Fri, Dec 6, 1957Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW11197182W 3
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Sat, Dec 7, 1957Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsW112106192W 4
22Tue, Dec 10, 1957Box Score@New York KnicksL103106193L 1
23Wed, Dec 11, 1957Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW116104203W 1
24Thu, Dec 12, 1957Box ScoreNSt. Louis HawksL9497204L 1at Philadelphia, PA
25Sat, Dec 14, 1957Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW11294214W 1
26Sat, Dec 21, 1957Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersW140119224W 2
27Sun, Dec 22, 1957Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsW11598234W 3
28Wed, Dec 25, 1957Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsL105115235L 1
29Thu, Dec 26, 1957Box ScoreNew York KnicksW120110245W 1
30Fri, Dec 27, 1957Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL106110246L 1at New York, NY
31Sat, Dec 28, 1957Box Score@St. Louis HawksL107112247L 2
32Sat, Jan 4, 1958Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL106115248L 3
33Sun, Jan 5, 1958Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersW113100258W 1at Providence, RI
34Wed, Jan 8, 1958Box Score@Minneapolis LakersW10787268W 2at Saint Paul, MN
35Thu, Jan 9, 1958Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL123136269L 1at Syracuse, NY
36Sat, Jan 11, 1958Box Score@St. Louis HawksL981022610L 2
37Sun, Jan 12, 1958Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL971152611L 3
38Wed, Jan 15, 1958Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW1311132711W 1
39Fri, Jan 17, 1958Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW120992811W 2
40Sat, Jan 18, 1958Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsL1041162812L 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Sun, Jan 19, 1958Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW1141132912W 1
42Wed, Jan 22, 1958Box Score@Minneapolis LakersW97873012W 2
43Fri, Jan 24, 1958Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1251043112W 3
44Sat, Jan 25, 1958Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL1001123113L 1
45Sun, Jan 26, 1958Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW118953213W 1
46Wed, Jan 29, 1958Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW1111013313W 2
47Thu, Jan 30, 1958Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsL961163314L 1
48Fri, Jan 31, 1958Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsL1011103315L 2
49Sat, Feb 1, 1958Box Score@New York KnicksW1211143415W 1
50Sun, Feb 2, 1958Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW1191153515W 2
51Tue, Feb 4, 1958Box ScoreNCincinnati RoyalsW107873615W 3at New York, NY
52Wed, Feb 5, 1958Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW116893715W 4
53Fri, Feb 7, 1958Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersW114883815W 5
54Sat, Feb 8, 1958Box ScoreNCincinnati RoyalsW109913915W 6at Rochester, NY
55Sun, Feb 9, 1958Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL981233916L 1
56Tue, Feb 11, 1958Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL76843917L 2at Philadelphia, PA
57Wed, Feb 12, 1958Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsW1191014017W 1
58Fri, Feb 14, 1958Box ScoreDetroit PistonsL1091114018L 1
59Sat, Feb 15, 1958Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsW110964118W 1
60Tue, Feb 18, 1958Box Score@New York KnicksW1131114218W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Wed, Feb 19, 1958Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL1031234219L 1at Syracuse, NY
62Thu, Feb 20, 1958Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW94924319W 1
63Fri, Feb 21, 1958Box Score@St. Louis HawksL1001194320L 1
64Sun, Feb 23, 1958Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsW99974420W 1at Providence, RI
65Wed, Feb 26, 1958Box Score@Detroit PistonsW106994520W 2
66Sun, Mar 2, 1958Box Score@Syracuse NationalsW1071004620W 3
67Tue, Mar 4, 1958Box Score@New York KnicksL991044621L 1
68Wed, Mar 5, 1958Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW1091024721W 1
69Sat, Mar 8, 1958Box ScoreDetroit PistonsW1081034821W 2
70Sun, Mar 9, 1958Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsL1071214822L 1
71Tue, Mar 11, 1958Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1261194922W 1
72Wed, Mar 12, 1958Box ScoreNew York KnicksL1251274923L 1
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