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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Oct 15, 1966Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL9910301L 1
2Tue, Oct 18, 1966Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsW11411211W 1
3Thu, Oct 20, 1966Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksL10511312L 1
4Fri, Oct 21, 1966Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL11913613L 2
5Sun, Oct 23, 1966Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsW11911023W 1at Seattle, WA
6Fri, Oct 28, 1966Box ScoreNChicago BullsW12911733W 2at Fort Wayne, IN
7Sat, Oct 29, 1966Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW1039743W 3
8Sun, Oct 30, 1966Box ScoreNLos Angeles LakersW12412153W 4at Montreal, Canada
9Fri, Nov 4, 1966Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsL11512054L 1
10Sat, Nov 5, 1966Box Score@New York KnicksL10411555L 2
11Tue, Nov 8, 1966Box ScoreNPhiladelphia 76ersL10011856L 3at New York, NY
12Thu, Nov 10, 1966Box Score@Los Angeles LakersWOT13313266W 1
13Sat, Nov 12, 1966Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL8814467L 1
14Sun, Nov 13, 1966Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL9613568L 2
15Mon, Nov 14, 1966Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL10411569L 3
16Wed, Nov 16, 1966Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksL101104610L 4
17Thu, Nov 17, 1966Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW123108710W 1at Baltimore, MD
18Fri, Nov 18, 1966Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW121118810W 2
19Sat, Nov 19, 1966Box Score@St. Louis HawksL87105811L 1
20Wed, Nov 23, 1966Box ScoreNew York KnicksW118100911W 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Fri, Nov 25, 1966Box ScoreBoston CelticsW1071051011W 2
22Sat, Nov 26, 1966Box Score@Philadelphia 76ersL1231311012L 1
23Tue, Nov 29, 1966Box ScoreNBoston CelticsW1041001112W 1at Philadelphia, PA
24Wed, Nov 30, 1966Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersL1191281113L 1
25Fri, Dec 2, 1966Box Score@Boston CelticsW1191161213W 1
26Sat, Dec 3, 1966Box ScoreChicago BullsW104981313W 2
27Tue, Dec 6, 1966Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL1111301314L 1at New York, NY
28Wed, Dec 7, 1966Box ScoreNew York KnicksL1161181315L 2
29Wed, Dec 14, 1966Box ScoreNChicago BullsL87931316L 3at Evansville, IN
30Fri, Dec 16, 1966Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsL1131211317L 4
31Sat, Dec 17, 1966Box ScoreNPhiladelphia 76ersL1051201318L 5at Syracuse, NY
32Tue, Dec 20, 1966Box ScoreNBoston CelticsLOT1131161319L 6at Minneapolis, MN
33Fri, Dec 23, 1966Box Score@Chicago BullsW1031021419W 1
34Sun, Dec 25, 1966Box Score@Baltimore BulletsWOT1291271519W 2
35Mon, Dec 26, 1966Box ScoreNew York KnicksL1091141520L 1
36Tue, Dec 27, 1966Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL1231311521L 2
37Fri, Dec 30, 1966Box ScoreNPhiladelphia 76ersL1131371522L 3at Fort Wayne, IN
38Mon, Jan 2, 1967Box ScoreNSt. Louis HawksL1201221523L 4at Memphis, TN
39Tue, Jan 3, 1967Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW1171101623W 1at New York, NY
40Wed, Jan 4, 1967Box Score@Baltimore BulletsW2OT1321261723W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Fri, Jan 6, 1967Box ScoreChicago BullsL1261351724L 1
42Sun, Jan 8, 1967Box Score@St. Louis HawksL1151171725L 2
43Fri, Jan 13, 1967Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW1191181825W 1at Washington, DC
44Sat, Jan 14, 1967Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsL1211361826L 1
45Sun, Jan 15, 1967Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersL1161271827L 2
46Wed, Jan 18, 1967Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersL1051131828L 3
47Fri, Jan 20, 1967Box Score@Chicago BullsLOT1241251829L 4
48Sat, Jan 21, 1967Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL1081221830L 5
49Tue, Jan 24, 1967Box Score@Chicago BullsW108951930W 1
50Wed, Jan 25, 1967Box ScoreBoston CelticsL1051121931L 1
51Thu, Jan 26, 1967Box ScoreNCincinnati RoyalsW1181102031W 1at Cleveland, OH
52Fri, Jan 27, 1967Box Score@Boston CelticsL1061122032L 1
53Tue, Jan 31, 1967Box ScoreNSan Francisco WarriorsL1061082033L 2at New York, NY
54Wed, Feb 1, 1967Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1041012133W 1
55Fri, Feb 3, 1967Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL1111242134L 1at Boston, MA
56Sat, Feb 4, 1967Box Score@New York KnicksL1011022135L 2
57Sun, Feb 5, 1967Box ScoreSt. Louis HawksW1141042235W 1
58Tue, Feb 7, 1967Box Score@Chicago BullsW98902335W 2
59Fri, Feb 10, 1967Box Score@Cincinnati RoyalsL1041332336L 1
60Sat, Feb 11, 1967Box ScoreCincinnati RoyalsL1171322337L 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Sun, Feb 12, 1967Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsW1341272437W 1
62Wed, Feb 15, 1967Box ScorePhiladelphia 76ersL1211272438L 1
63Thu, Feb 16, 1967Box ScoreNCincinnati RoyalsL1101222439L 2at New York, NY
64Sat, Feb 18, 1967Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW1181132539W 1at New York, NY
65Sun, Feb 19, 1967Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsL1041312540L 1
66Tue, Feb 21, 1967Box Score@St. Louis HawksW1121092640W 1
67Fri, Feb 24, 1967Box ScoreLos Angeles LakersW1021012740W 2
68Mon, Feb 27, 1967Box ScoreNSt. Louis HawksL941052741L 1at Kansas City, MO
69Tue, Feb 28, 1967Box ScoreNLos Angeles LakersL1171192742L 2at New York, NY
70Wed, Mar 1, 1967Box ScoreNew York KnicksW1181012842W 1
71Fri, Mar 3, 1967Box ScoreNPhiladelphia 76ersL1031292843L 1at Boston, MA
72Sun, Mar 5, 1967Box Score@Philadelphia 76ersL1061312844L 2
73Mon, Mar 6, 1967Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL1031272845L 3at Providence, RI
74Wed, Mar 8, 1967Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsW1201132945W 1
75Fri, Mar 10, 1967Box Score@Los Angeles LakersL1031182946L 1
76Sun, Mar 12, 1967Box Score@Los Angeles LakersW1201043046W 1
77Mon, Mar 13, 1967Box Score@San Francisco WarriorsL1091353047L 1
78Wed, Mar 15, 1967Box ScoreChicago BullsL91983048L 2
79Thu, Mar 16, 1967Box ScoreBoston CelticsL1091323049L 3
80Sat, Mar 18, 1967Box Score@St. Louis HawksL991023050L 4
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Sun, Mar 19, 1967Box ScoreSan Francisco WarriorsL1271353051L 5
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