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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Nov 3, 1951Box ScoreNew York KnicksL666801L 1
2Tue, Nov 6, 1951Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsWOT656211W 1
3Sun, Nov 11, 1951Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL597412L 1
4Tue, Nov 13, 1951Box ScoreRochester RoyalsL759113L 2
5Fri, Nov 16, 1951Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansW786823W 1
6Sat, Nov 17, 1951Box ScoreNIndianapolis OlympiansL586824L 1at Moline, IL
7Mon, Nov 19, 1951Box Score@Baltimore BulletsL707125L 2
8Tue, Nov 20, 1951Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsL648026L 3
9Thu, Nov 22, 1951Box Score@Boston CelticsL7210327L 4
10Sat, Nov 24, 1951Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL597228L 5
11Sun, Nov 25, 1951Box ScoreRochester RoyalsW757338W 1
12Tue, Nov 27, 1951Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL737739L 1
13Thu, Nov 29, 1951Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsL6477310L 2at New York, NY
14Sat, Dec 1, 1951Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL6671311L 3
15Sun, Dec 2, 1951Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansL7180312L 4
16Thu, Dec 6, 1951Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsW7370412W 1at Moline, IL
17Sat, Dec 8, 1951Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW8271512W 2
18Sun, Dec 9, 1951Box ScoreBaltimore BulletsL7173513L 1
19Tue, Dec 11, 1951Box Score@New York KnicksL8388514L 2
20Wed, Dec 12, 1951Box Score@Boston CelticsL8489515L 3
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Thu, Dec 13, 1951Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL8289516L 4
22Sun, Dec 16, 1951Box Score@Minneapolis LakersL5299517L 5
23Tue, Dec 18, 1951Box ScoreRochester RoyalsL6894518L 6
24Fri, Dec 21, 1951Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL6469519L 7
25Tue, Dec 25, 1951Box ScoreNSyracuse NationalsL6570520L 8at New York, NY
26Wed, Dec 26, 1951Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW7876620W 1at Baltimore, MD
27Thu, Dec 27, 1951Box Score@Syracuse NationalsW6968720W 2
28Sat, Dec 29, 1951Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsL6168721L 1
29Sun, Dec 30, 1951Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL6077722L 2
30Tue, Jan 1, 1952Box ScoreNew York KnicksL6568723L 3
31Wed, Jan 2, 1952Box ScoreNNew York KnicksL6789724L 4at Chicago, IL
32Tue, Jan 8, 1952Box ScoreBoston CelticsL7683725L 5
33Fri, Jan 11, 1952Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL6375726L 6
34Sat, Jan 12, 1952Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersL8496727L 7at Kansas City, KS
35Tue, Jan 15, 1952Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW7663827W 1
36Wed, Jan 16, 1952Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW7771927W 2at Negaunee, MI
37Thu, Jan 17, 1952Box ScoreNBaltimore BulletsW87761027W 3at Moline, IL
38Sun, Jan 20, 1952Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsL76831028L 1
39Mon, Jan 21, 1952Box ScoreNRochester RoyalsL76781029L 2at Moline, IL
40Tue, Jan 22, 1952Box ScoreSyracuse NationalsL82931030L 3
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Sat, Jan 26, 1952Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL56571031L 4
42Sun, Jan 27, 1952Box Score@Minneapolis LakersL62911032L 5
43Thu, Jan 31, 1952Box Score@Syracuse NationalsL79881033L 6
44Fri, Feb 1, 1952Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL771001034L 7at Worcester, MA
45Sat, Feb 2, 1952Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL791001035L 8
46Sun, Feb 3, 1952Box ScorePhiladelphia WarriorsW83731135W 1
47Tue, Feb 5, 1952Box Score@Fort Wayne PistonsW75641235W 2
48Fri, Feb 8, 1952Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL76801236L 1
49Sat, Feb 9, 1952Box ScoreIndianapolis OlympiansW90831336W 1
50Sun, Feb 10, 1952Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersW2OT70691436W 2
51Thu, Feb 14, 1952Box ScoreNMinneapolis LakersL741091437L 1at Grand Forks, ND
52Sun, Feb 17, 1952Box ScoreNBoston CelticsW97951537W 1at Moline, IL
53Mon, Feb 18, 1952Box ScoreNBoston CelticsL841061538L 1at Hammond, IN
54Wed, Feb 20, 1952Box ScoreNIndianapolis OlympiansL80951539L 2at Louisville, KY
55Fri, Feb 22, 1952Box Score@Indianapolis OlympiansL73821540L 3
56Sat, Feb 23, 1952Box ScoreNIndianapolis OlympiansL59861541L 4at Wisconsin Rapids, WI
57Sun, Feb 24, 1952Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL71761542L 5at Moline, IL
58Tue, Feb 26, 1952Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL67991543L 6
59Sat, Mar 1, 1952Box ScoreNFort Wayne PistonsL58661544L 7at Moline, IL
60Sun, Mar 2, 1952Box ScoreMinneapolis LakersL85961545L 8
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Thu, Mar 6, 1952Box Score@Rochester RoyalsL74771546L 9
62Fri, Mar 7, 1952Box ScoreFort Wayne PistonsW75741646W 1
63Sat, Mar 8, 1952Box ScoreNNew York KnicksW103991746W 2at Baltimore, MD
64Mon, Mar 10, 1952Box Score@Baltimore BulletsL80911747L 1
65Fri, Mar 14, 1952Box Score@Philadelphia WarriorsL82851748L 2
66Sat, Mar 15, 1952Box ScoreNPhiladelphia WarriorsL861051749L 3at New York, NY
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