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All-Time Top 12 Players

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17 Seasons

  • * Indicates a playoff appearance
17 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team W L W/L% Finish SRS   Pace Rel Pace ORtg Rel ORtg DRtg Rel DRtg   Playoffs Coaches Top WS
2018-19NBANew Orleans Pelicans3142.42530.22103.33.2112.01.9112.12.0A. Gentry (31-42)A. Davis (9.7)
2017-18NBANew Orleans Pelicans*4834.58521.48100.53.2109.61.0108.3-0.3Lost W. Conf. SemisA. Gentry (48-34)A. Davis (13.7)
2016-17NBANew Orleans Pelicans3448.4154-1.6998.01.6105.2-3.6107.4-1.4A. Gentry (34-48)A. Davis (11.0)
2015-16NBANew Orleans Pelicans3052.3665-3.5696.81.0105.6-0.8109.53.1A. Gentry (30-52)A. Davis (7.2)
2014-15NBANew Orleans Pelicans*4537.54951.1391.4-2.5108.22.6107.31.7Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.M. Williams (45-37)A. Davis (14.0)
2013-14NBANew Orleans Pelicans3448.4155-1.9892.2-1.7107.20.5110.13.4M. Williams (34-48)A. Davis (10.4)
2012-13NBANew Orleans Hornets2755.3295-3.1288.5-3.5105.7-0.2110.14.2M. Williams (27-55)R. Anderson (6.5)
2011-12NBANew Orleans Hornets2145.3185-3.1188.3-3.0100.9-3.7105.10.5M. Williams (21-45)J. Jack (3.8)
2010-11NBANew Orleans Hornets*4636.56131.2888.7-3.4106.2-1.1105.2-2.1Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.M. Williams (46-36)C. Paul (13.9)
2009-10NBANew Orleans Hornets3745.4515-2.2792.6-0.1107.4-0.2110.12.5B. Scott (3-6), J. Bower (34-39)D. West (7.5)
2008-09NBANew Orleans Hornets*4933.59841.4187.8-3.9108.70.4107.0-1.3Lost W. Conf. 1st Rnd.B. Scott (49-33)C. Paul (18.3)
2007-08NBANew Orleans Hornets*5626.68315.4689.9-2.5111.54.0105.7-1.8Lost W. Conf. SemisB. Scott (56-26)C. Paul (17.8)
2006-07NBANew Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets3943.4764-1.1990.2-1.7104.8-1.7106.50.0B. Scott (39-43)C. Paul (8.8)
2005-06NBANew Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets3844.4634-2.5189.0-1.5103.7-2.5106.80.6B. Scott (38-44)C. Paul (10.4)
2004-05NBANew Orleans Hornets1864.2205-6.3087.6-3.399.7-6.4107.71.6B. Scott (18-64)P. Brown (6.9)
2003-04NBANew Orleans Hornets*4141.5003-0.7289.1-1.0102.3-0.6102.4-0.5Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.T. Floyd (41-41)P. Brown (8.1)
2002-03NBANew Orleans Hornets*4735.57331.5289.4-1.6103.90.3101.6-2.0Lost E. Conf. 1st Rnd.P. Silas (47-35)P. Brown (10.2)

Pace/ORtg/DRtg estimated for seasons prior to 1973-74

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