Los Angeles Sparks

Los Angeles Sparks (1997 to 2020) — 3 Championships and 19 Playoff Appearances

24 Seasons

  • * Indicates a playoff appearance
24 Seasons Table
Year Team W L W/L% Finish Coaches Playoffs Result
2020Los Angeles Sparks157.6823Derek FisherLost 2nd Round
2019Los Angeles Sparks*2212.6471Derek FisherLost Semis
2018Los Angeles Sparks*1915.5593Brian AglerLost 2nd Round
2017Los Angeles Sparks*268.7652Brian AglerLost Finals
2016Los Angeles Sparks*268.7652Brian AglerWon Finals
2015Los Angeles Sparks*1420.4124Brian AglerLost W. Conf. Semis
2014Los Angeles Sparks*1618.4713Carol Ross, Penny TolerLost W. Conf. Semis
2013Los Angeles Sparks*2410.7062Carol RossLost W. Conf. Semis
2012Los Angeles Sparks*2410.7062Carol RossLost W. Conf. Finals
2011Los Angeles Sparks1519.4415Jennifer Gillom, Joe Bryant
2010Los Angeles Sparks*1321.3824Jennifer GillomLost W. Conf. Semis
2009Los Angeles Sparks*1816.5293Michael CooperLost W. Conf. Finals
2008Los Angeles Sparks*2014.5883Michael CooperLost W. Conf. Finals
2007Los Angeles Sparks1024.2946Michael Cooper
2006Los Angeles Sparks*259.7351Joe BryantLost W. Conf. Finals
2005Los Angeles Sparks*1717.5004Henry Bibby, Joe BryantLost W. Conf. Semis
2004Los Angeles Sparks*259.7351Michael Cooper, Ryan Weisenberg, Karleen ThompsonLost W. Conf. Semis
2003Los Angeles Sparks*2410.7061Michael CooperLost Finals
2002Los Angeles Sparks*257.7811Michael CooperWon Finals
2001Los Angeles Sparks*284.8751Michael CooperWon Finals
2000Los Angeles Sparks*284.8751Michael CooperLost W. Conf. Finals
1999Los Angeles Sparks*2012.6252Orlando WoolridgeLost W. Conf. Finals
1998Los Angeles Sparks1218.4003Julie Rousseau, Orlando Woolridge
1997Los Angeles Sparks1414.5002Linda Sharp, Julie Rousseau