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PI Finds: Dirk Drops Another 30+ On the Spurs Dynasty

Posted by Neil Paine on November 19, 2009

One cool thing about our Play Index is that it allows you to search for single-game performances vs. a specific team (going back to 1986-87, that is). Using the Game Finder, you can also look for the total games in a span matching a certain criteria, and you can combine that with the opponent search to come up with a list like this:

From 1998-99 to 2009-10, against the Spurs, in the regular season, requiring Points >= 30, sorted by most games matching criteria.

Rk Player Pos From To Count
1 Kobe Bryant G 2001 2008 12
2 Allen Iverson G 1999 2009 11
3 Dirk Nowitzki F 2001 2010 10
4 Stephon Marbury G 2000 2005 7
5 LeBron James F 2004 2009 6
6 Shaquille O'Neal C 2000 2004 6
7 Tracy McGrady F 2001 2007 5
8 Paul Pierce F 2001 2008 5
9 Kevin Garnett F 2001 2003 4
10 Antawn Jamison F 2001 2005 4
11 Chris Webber F 2000 2003 4
12 Vince Carter G 2000 2006 3
13 Karl Malone F 1999 2002 3
14 Amare Stoudemire F 2005 2005 3
15 Dwyane Wade G 2006 2009 3
16 Ray Allen G 2003 2006 2
17 Carmelo Anthony F 2006 2009 2
18 Gilbert Arenas G 2006 2006 2
19 Mike Bibby G 2006 2006 2
20 Chris Bosh F 2006 2010 2

So after Dirk's 41-point performance last night, he now has dropped 30 or more on the Spurs 10 times in their dynasty era, more than anyone except Kobe and A.I.

You can put together lists just like this using our Play Index, with the Player Game Finder Tool. So give it a try and have fun making queries like this of your own, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

5 Responses to “PI Finds: Dirk Drops Another 30+ On the Spurs Dynasty”

  1. Dave Says:

    If you restrict your list further, requiring the game to be played in SA (getting rid of all those "Home Cookin" accusations) Dirk jumps to the top of the list with 6 - AI? he only has 2 such games...

  2. Matthew Says:

    Kobe also has 11 such games against the Spurs in the Playoffs. Dirk has 6, Shaq has 4. AI and LeBron have 0 of course. Marbury has 1. Mcgrady and Garnett have 0.

    #8 (#24) is the Spur killer.

  3. Jim Says:

    TRUE, and also Iverson has 4 scoring titles and Dirk....????

  4. Kyle Says:

    Wow, I wonder why Dirk hasn't won a scoring title. Perhaps he's not a ballhog who thinks he's a better shooter than he is(Iverson.)

    98-99: 22 shot attempts while shooting 41 percent. He also shot 4 from 3 even though he shot 29 percent. He also got to the line 10 times a game and shot a mediocre 75%.

    The next two seasons he took 24.8 shots and 25.5 a game, but that's just the beginning of insanity for the sharp shooter Iverson.

    01-02: Iverson took 27.8 shots a game, proving he has no conscience or brain shot while hitting shots at a 39 percent clip! The gangsta hoopa even took almost 5 3's a game even though as usual he shot 29%. Add 10 FT's as usual(78% from the line), because he'd flop and cry if he didn't get to the line.

    Dirk nstead of taking 22 shots a game, takes closer to 16 a game. Give Dirk 6 more shots(including more 3's since Iverson thinks he can shoot better than guys like Richmond, Bird, Mullin, Nash, etc...), and he'd have won some scoring titles.

    Dirk has also led the league in player efficiency rating twice(and is fourth among active players.) Iverson is the most overrated player ever, wanna know why? He's not even in the top 250 for career offensive rating.

  5. Ray Says:

    HEY THATS QUITE A RANT U HAD THERE! All I can say is nice bro! nice.... Dirk is sick with it, and I would take him over hobee cryin or king james.