Referee data is available for the 1988-89 through 2023-24 seasons.
Some stats are relative to league average (+ ⇒ above average, − ⇒ below average).
Personal fouls include all fouls, not just fouls called by this referee.

Raw Data

Relative Data

Home vs. Visitor

* These columns take the referee's value for "Home Minus Visitor" and subtract the league average.
For example, if the home team outscored the visiting team by 3.5 points per game in games officiated by this referee and the league average was 3.0 points per game,
then the associated "Relative to Average" column would have a value of 3.5 - 3.0 = +0.5.

27 Teams

  • Statistics are per 48 minutes; includes games since 1996-97