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ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Oct 18, 1974Box ScoreDenver NuggetsW1179910W 1
2Sun, Oct 20, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1019220W 2
3Wed, Oct 23, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1368230W 3
4Thu, Oct 24, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW11310340W 4
5Fri, Oct 25, 1974Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL869141L 1
6Sat, Oct 26, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersW1079551W 1
7Wed, Oct 30, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW979461W 2
8Fri, Nov 1, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1259371W 3
9Sun, Nov 3, 1974Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW1049981W 4
10Wed, Nov 6, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsW978591W 5at Lexington, KY
11Sat, Nov 9, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsW10397101W 6
12Wed, Nov 13, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsW2OT132129111W 7at Lexington, KY
13Thu, Nov 14, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursLOT100102112L 1
14Sun, Nov 17, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW116103122W 1at Lexington, KY
15Fri, Nov 22, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL103121123L 1
16Sat, Nov 23, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsLOT110111124L 2
17Tue, Nov 26, 1974Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW128106134W 1
18Thu, Nov 28, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresW10895144W 2at Hampton, VA
19Fri, Nov 29, 1974Box Score@New York NetsL98107145L 1
20Sat, Nov 30, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW109100155W 1at Bowling Green, KY
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Wed, Dec 4, 1974Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL122126156L 1
22Sat, Dec 7, 1974Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW119107166W 1
23Wed, Dec 11, 1974Box Score@Memphis SoundsL97104167L 1
24Fri, Dec 13, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersL108114168L 2
25Sat, Dec 14, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsL8998169L 3
26Tue, Dec 17, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW12198179W 1
27Wed, Dec 18, 1974Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisW11094189W 2
28Thu, Dec 19, 1974Box ScoreDenver NuggetsW125107199W 3
29Sat, Dec 21, 1974Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW11598209W 4
30Sun, Dec 22, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersW118110219W 5
31Thu, Dec 26, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersL1111222110L 1
32Sun, Dec 29, 1974Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW1251142210W 1
33Mon, Dec 30, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresW104852310W 2at Norfolk, VA
34Fri, Jan 3, 1975Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW113792410W 3
35Sat, Jan 4, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW1251112510W 4
36Sun, Jan 5, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL1061092511L 1
37Wed, Jan 8, 1975Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW113962611W 1
38Thu, Jan 9, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisW1231162711W 2
39Sat, Jan 11, 1975Box Score@Utah StarsW95892811W 3
40Tue, Jan 14, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL991182812L 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Wed, Jan 15, 1975Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1081022912W 1at Norfolk, VA
42Fri, Jan 17, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL931082913L 1
43Sun, Jan 19, 1975Box ScoreDenver NuggetsW1141013013W 1
44Wed, Jan 22, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW114913113W 2
45Thu, Jan 23, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW1131093213W 3
46Fri, Jan 24, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL1101123214L 1
47Sun, Jan 26, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsWOT1081043314W 1
48Fri, Jan 31, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW1341043414W 2
49Sun, Feb 2, 1975Box ScoreUtah StarsW96863514W 3
50Wed, Feb 5, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW118973614W 4
51Fri, Feb 7, 1975Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsW1151143714W 5
52Sat, Feb 8, 1975Box Score@Utah StarsW90873814W 6
53Sun, Feb 9, 1975Box ScoreUtah StarsW112953914W 7
54Wed, Feb 12, 1975Box Score@San Antonio SpursW1121004014W 8
55Sat, Feb 15, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL1071094015L 1
56Sun, Feb 16, 1975Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsLOT1281334016L 2
57Tue, Feb 18, 1975Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1211044116W 1at Norfolk, VA
58Wed, Feb 19, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW1141074216W 2
59Fri, Feb 21, 1975Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsL1081104217L 1
60Sat, Feb 22, 1975Box Score@San Antonio SpursL1081104218L 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Sun, Feb 23, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsL1071094219L 3
62Mon, Feb 24, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW109874319W 1
63Wed, Feb 26, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersW101994419W 2
64Sat, Mar 1, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsW95844519W 3
65Sun, Mar 2, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursL981034520L 1
66Wed, Mar 5, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersL901034521L 2
67Fri, Mar 7, 1975Box Score@Virginia SquiresW107954621W 1at Hampton, VA
68Sat, Mar 8, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsW96804721W 2
69Sun, Mar 9, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL921034722L 1
70Wed, Mar 12, 1975Box ScoreDenver NuggetsW1081034822W 1at Lexington, KY
71Fri, Mar 14, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsL1001034823L 1
72Sat, Mar 15, 1975Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsW113984923W 1
73Sun, Mar 16, 1975Box Score@Denver NuggetsLOT1251284924L 1
74Wed, Mar 19, 1975Box Score@Utah StarsL921004925L 2
75Fri, Mar 21, 1975Box Score@New York NetsL1011154926L 3
76Sun, Mar 23, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW1211105026W 1
77Mon, Mar 24, 1975Box ScoreUtah StarsW99845126W 2at Lexington, KY
78Wed, Mar 26, 1975Box Score@New York NetsW1031025226W 3
79Fri, Mar 28, 1975Box Score@Virginia SquiresW110885326W 4at Norfolk, VA
80Sat, Mar 29, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsW126955426W 5
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Sun, Mar 30, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsWOT1131095526W 6
82Mon, Mar 31, 1975Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW103885626W 7at Lexington, KY
83Wed, Apr 2, 1975Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW88815726W 8
84Thu, Apr 3, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsW103935826W 9

ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.


Playoffs Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Apr 4, 1975Box ScoreNew York NetsW1089910W 1Tiebreaker
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
2Sun, Apr 6, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW989120W 2
3Tue, Apr 8, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW11910530W 3
4Thu, Apr 10, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsW1018040W 4
5Fri, Apr 11, 1975Box Score@Memphis SoundsL9310741L 1
6Sun, Apr 13, 1975Box ScoreMemphis SoundsW1119951W 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
7Mon, Apr 21, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW11210961W 2
8Wed, Apr 23, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW10810371W 3
9Fri, Apr 25, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisL9710372L 1
10Sun, Apr 27, 1975Box Score@Spirits of St. LouisW1179882W 1
11Mon, Apr 28, 1975Box ScoreSpirits of St. LouisW12310392W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
12Tue, May 13, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersW12094102W 3
13Thu, May 15, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersW9593112W 4
14Sat, May 17, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersW109101122W 5
15Mon, May 19, 1975Box Score@Indiana PacersL8694123L 1
16Thu, May 22, 1975Box ScoreIndiana PacersW110105133W 1
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