ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Oct 12, 1973Box ScoreDenver RocketsW11110010W 1at Lexington, KY
2Sat, Oct 13, 1973Box ScoreUtah StarsW10310120W 2
3Wed, Oct 17, 1973Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW11610630W 3
4Fri, Oct 19, 1973Box Score@Carolina CougarsW12110940W 4at Greensboro, NC
5Sat, Oct 20, 1973Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL10210541L 1
6Wed, Oct 24, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsW1009851W 1
7Fri, Oct 26, 1973Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1049961W 2at Hampton, VA
8Sat, Oct 27, 1973Box ScoreDenver RocketsW908771W 3
9Wed, Oct 31, 1973Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW14610581W 4
10Fri, Nov 2, 1973Box Score@New York NetsW12110991W 5
11Sat, Nov 3, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsW9387101W 6
12Wed, Nov 7, 1973Box ScoreMemphis TamsW11389111W 7
13Fri, Nov 9, 1973Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL110139112L 1at Cincinnati, OH
14Sat, Nov 10, 1973Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW111107122W 1
15Wed, Nov 14, 1973Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL102107123L 1
16Sat, Nov 17, 1973Box ScoreIndiana PacersW10096133W 1
17Wed, Nov 21, 1973Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW145115143W 2at Lexington, KY
18Fri, Nov 23, 1973Box Score@Indiana PacersL114118144L 1
19Sat, Nov 24, 1973Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW124121154W 1at Cincinnati, OH
20Mon, Nov 26, 1973Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL8294155L 1at Bowling Green, KY
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Wed, Nov 28, 1973Box Score@San Antonio SpursL99104156L 2
22Thu, Nov 29, 1973Box Score@Memphis TamsW10292166W 1
23Fri, Nov 30, 1973Box ScoreIndiana PacersL104107167L 1at Cincinnati, OH
24Sat, Dec 1, 1973Box Score@Carolina CougarsL113120168L 2at Charlotte, NC
25Fri, Dec 7, 1973Box Score@Indiana PacersL97105169L 3
26Sat, Dec 8, 1973Box ScoreNew York NetsL871021610L 4at Cincinnati, OH
27Wed, Dec 12, 1973Box Score@San Antonio SpursW96841710W 1
28Fri, Dec 14, 1973Box ScoreMemphis TamsW115941810W 2at Cincinnati, OH
29Sat, Dec 15, 1973Box Score@Denver RocketsW1201141910W 3
30Sun, Dec 16, 1973Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsW1061012010W 4
31Wed, Dec 19, 1973Box Score@New York NetsL82832011L 1
32Fri, Dec 21, 1973Box ScoreUtah StarsL85862012L 2
33Sat, Dec 22, 1973Box Score@Utah StarsL82862013L 3
34Sun, Dec 23, 1973Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsW1231202113W 1
35Wed, Dec 26, 1973Box ScoreIndiana PacersW106782213W 2
36Thu, Dec 27, 1973Box ScoreDenver RocketsL1001052214L 1at Cincinnati, OH
37Sat, Dec 29, 1973Box Score@Memphis TamsW1451012314W 1
38Thu, Jan 3, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresW1101092414W 2at Norfolk, VA
39Fri, Jan 4, 1974Box ScoreMemphis TamsW1251022514W 3
40Sat, Jan 5, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersL921002515L 1
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Sun, Jan 6, 1974Box Score@New York NetsL1001032516L 2
42Thu, Jan 10, 1974Box Score@Carolina CougarsW101982616W 1at Charlotte, NC
43Fri, Jan 11, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW99952716W 2
44Wed, Jan 16, 1974Box Score@Denver RocketsW1051022816W 3
45Sat, Jan 19, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursW1031012916W 4
46Sun, Jan 20, 1974Box Score@New York NetsW1061053016W 5
47Wed, Jan 23, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsL991063017L 1
48Thu, Jan 24, 1974Box Score@San Antonio SpursL84933018L 2
49Fri, Jan 25, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL941003019L 3
50Sun, Jan 27, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsW1051033119W 1
51Fri, Feb 1, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1101113120L 1at Hampton, VA
52Sat, Feb 2, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursLOT1071103121L 2at Cincinnati, OH
53Sun, Feb 3, 1974Box Score@New York NetsW123913221W 1
54Wed, Feb 6, 1974Box ScoreCarolina CougarsW1251113321W 2
55Fri, Feb 8, 1974Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1061053421W 3at Cincinnati, OH
56Sun, Feb 10, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1221163521W 4
57Wed, Feb 13, 1974Box Score@Denver RocketsW1191153621W 5
58Thu, Feb 14, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL1171213622L 1
59Fri, Feb 15, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsL1011153623L 2at Cincinnati, OH
60Sun, Feb 17, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresL1131183624L 3at Norfolk, VA
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Tue, Feb 19, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsW109973724W 1
62Wed, Feb 20, 1974Box Score@Denver RocketsL1171243725L 1
63Fri, Feb 22, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW1151013825W 1
64Sat, Feb 23, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsW108963925W 2
65Wed, Feb 27, 1974Box ScoreVirginia SquiresW104834025W 3
66Fri, Mar 1, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW108934125W 4
67Sat, Mar 2, 1974Box ScoreMemphis TamsW1231174225W 5
68Tue, Mar 5, 1974Box Score@Carolina CougarsL961124226L 1at Raleigh, NC
69Thu, Mar 7, 1974Box Score@Virginia SquiresW103894326W 1at Norfolk, VA
70Fri, Mar 8, 1974Box Score@New York NetsW1111004426W 2
71Sat, Mar 9, 1974Box ScoreIndiana PacersWOT1131084526W 3at Lexington, KY
72Sun, Mar 10, 1974Box Score@Carolina CougarsL91944527L 1at Greensboro, NC
73Tue, Mar 12, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsW88874627W 1
74Wed, Mar 13, 1974Box Score@Indiana PacersL961004628L 1
75Fri, Mar 15, 1974Box ScoreMemphis TamsW1221094728W 1at Cincinnati, OH
76Sat, Mar 16, 1974Box ScoreNew York NetsLOT1121144729L 1at Lexington, KY
77Sun, Mar 17, 1974Box ScoreUtah StarsW1121004829W 1
78Wed, Mar 20, 1974Box ScoreSan Antonio SpursW102984929W 2
79Thu, Mar 21, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsW1211035029W 3
80Sat, Mar 23, 1974Box ScoreCarolina CougarsW101975129W 4
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Sun, Mar 24, 1974Box ScoreSan Diego ConquistadorsW1221115229W 5
82Tue, Mar 26, 1974Box Score@Utah StarsL991125230L 1
83Wed, Mar 27, 1974Box Score@San Diego ConquistadorsL1081215231L 2
84Thu, Mar 28, 1974Box Score@Memphis TamsW1071055331W 1

ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.


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