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NBA & ABA Year-by-Year Leaders and Records for Total Rebounds

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Active players are listed in bold.
Members of the Hall of Fame are marked with an asterisk (*).

Season Lg Player TRB Tm
2015-16 NBA Andre Drummond1198 DET
2014-15 NBA DeAndre Jordan1226 LAC
2013-14 NBA DeAndre Jordan1114 LAC
2012-13 NBA Omer Asik956 HOU
2011-12 NBA Dwight Howard785 ORL
2010-11 NBA Kevin Love1112 MIN
2009-10 NBA Dwight Howard1082 ORL
2008-09 NBA Dwight Howard1093 ORL
2007-08 NBA Dwight Howard1161 ORL
2006-07 NBA Dwight Howard1008 ORL
2005-06 NBA Dwight Howard1022 ORL
2004-05 NBA Kevin Garnett1108 MIN
2003-04 NBA Kevin Garnett1139 MIN
2002-03 NBA Ben Wallace1126 DET
2001-02 NBA Tim Duncan1042 SAS
2000-01 NBA Ben Wallace1052 DET
1999-00 NBA Dikembe Mutombo*1157 ATL
1998-99 NBA Dikembe Mutombo*610 ATL
1997-98 NBA Dennis Rodman*1201 CHI
1996-97 NBA Dikembe Mutombo*929 ATL
1995-96 NBA David Robinson*1000 SAS
1994-95 NBA Dikembe Mutombo*1029 DEN
1993-94 NBA Dennis Rodman*1367 SAS
1992-93 NBA Dennis Rodman*1132 DET
1991-92 NBA Dennis Rodman*1530 DET
1990-91 NBA David Robinson*1063 SAS
1989-90 NBA Hakeem Olajuwon*1149 HOU
1988-89 NBA Hakeem Olajuwon*1105 HOU
1987-88 NBA Charles Oakley1066 CHI
1986-87 NBA Charles Oakley1074 CHI
1985-86 NBA Bill Laimbeer1075 DET
1984-85 NBA Moses Malone*1031 PHI
1983-84 NBA Bill Laimbeer1003 DET
1982-83 NBA Moses Malone*1194 PHI
1981-82 NBA Moses Malone*1188 HOU
1980-81 NBA Moses Malone*1180 HOU
1979-80 NBA Swen Nater1216 SDC
1978-79 NBA Moses Malone*1444 HOU
1977-78 NBA Truck Robinson1288 NOJ
1976-77 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*1090 LAL
1975-76 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*1383 LAL
  ABA Artis Gilmore*1303 KEN
1974-75 NBA Bob McAdoo*1155 BUF
  ABA Artis Gilmore*1361 KEN
1973-74 NBA Elvin Hayes*1463 CAP
  ABA Artis Gilmore*1538 KEN
1972-73 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1526 LAL
  ABA Artis Gilmore*1476 KEN
1971-72 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1572 LAL
  ABA Artis Gilmore*1491 KEN
1970-71 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1493 LAL
  ABA Mel Daniels*1475 INA
1969-70 NBA Elvin Hayes*1386 SDR
  ABA Spencer Haywood*1637 DNR
1968-69 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1712 LAL
  ABA Mel Daniels*1256 INA
1967-68 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1952 PHI
  ABA Mel Daniels*1213 MNM
1966-67 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1957 PHI
1965-66 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1943 PHI
1964-65 NBA Bill Russell*1878 BOS
1963-64 NBA Bill Russell*1930 BOS
1962-63 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1946 SFW
1961-62 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*2052 PHW
1960-61 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*2149 PHW
1959-60 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*1941 PHW
1958-59 NBA Bill Russell*1612 BOS
1957-58 NBA Bill Russell*1564 BOS
1956-57 NBA Maurice Stokes*1256 ROC
1955-56 NBA Bob Pettit*1164 STL
1954-55 NBA Neil Johnston*1085 PHW
1953-54 NBA Harry Gallatin*1098 NYK
1952-53 NBA George Mikan*1007 MNL
1951-52 NBA Mel Hutchins880 MLH
    Larry Foust880 FTW
1950-51 NBA Dolph Schayes*1080 SYR