ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Oct 18, 1969Box ScoreDallas ChaparralsW1089710W 1at Greensboro, NC
2Wed, Oct 22, 1969Box ScoreWashington CapitolsW1229120W 2at Charlotte, NC
3Sat, Oct 25, 1969Box Score@Indiana PacersL11212921L 1
4Sun, Oct 26, 1969Box Score@New York NetsW11211031W 1
5Tue, Oct 28, 1969Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW11810341W 2at Greensboro, NC
6Fri, Oct 31, 1969Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersL12613642L 1
7Sat, Nov 1, 1969Box Score@Indiana PacersL10911443L 2
8Sun, Nov 2, 1969Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL10210444L 3
9Tue, Nov 4, 1969Box Score@Washington CapitolsL10711745L 4
10Wed, Nov 5, 1969Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW2OT12110955W 1at Raleigh, NC
11Fri, Nov 7, 1969Box ScoreDenver RocketsW10510465W 2at Greensboro, NC
12Wed, Nov 12, 1969Box ScoreIndiana PacersL11113066L 1at Charlotte, NC
13Fri, Nov 14, 1969Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW12411276W 1at Greensboro, NC
14Sun, Nov 16, 1969Box Score@Miami FloridiansL10713977L 1
15Fri, Nov 21, 1969Box ScoreWashington CapitolsW12211287W 1at Greensboro, NC
16Sat, Nov 22, 1969Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsLOT11712088L 1at Raleigh, NC
17Wed, Nov 26, 1969Box Score@New York NetsL9211489L 2
18Fri, Nov 28, 1969Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW1059499W 1at Charlotte, NC
19Sat, Nov 29, 1969Box ScoreNew York NetsL96100910L 1at Greensboro, NC
20Sun, Nov 30, 1969Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL115120911L 2
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Fri, Dec 5, 1969Box ScoreDallas ChaparralsL97108912L 3at Greensboro, NC
22Sun, Dec 7, 1969Box Score@Miami FloridiansW1361231012W 1
23Tue, Dec 9, 1969Box Score@Dallas ChaparralsW1221171112W 2
24Wed, Dec 10, 1969Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL871141113L 1
25Fri, Dec 12, 1969Box ScoreDallas ChaparralsW101951213W 1at Raleigh, NC
26Sat, Dec 13, 1969Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW100961313W 2at Charlotte, NC
27Tue, Dec 16, 1969Box Score@Washington CapitolsL1341351314L 1
28Wed, Dec 17, 1969Box Score@Los Angeles StarsL981051315L 2
29Fri, Dec 19, 1969Box ScoreIndiana PacersL88921316L 3at Greensboro, NC
30Sun, Dec 21, 1969Box Score@Miami FloridiansL1151221317L 4
31Tue, Dec 23, 1969Box Score@New York NetsW1251041417W 1
32Fri, Dec 26, 1969Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1051171418L 1
33Sun, Dec 28, 1969Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsL1041071419L 2at Greensboro, NC
34Tue, Dec 30, 1969Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersL89971420L 3
35Wed, Dec 31, 1969Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW1171011520W 1at Charlotte, NC
36Sat, Jan 3, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsW100911620W 2at Raleigh, NC
37Sun, Jan 4, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersL1131211621L 1at Charlotte, NC
38Fri, Jan 9, 1970Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW99881721W 1at Greensboro, NC
39Sat, Jan 10, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1071101722L 1
40Wed, Jan 14, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsW1121071822W 1at Charlotte, NC
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Thu, Jan 15, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersW100931922W 2
42Fri, Jan 16, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW101992022W 3at Greensboro, NC
43Sun, Jan 18, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL1121352023L 1
44Sun, Jan 25, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersL1011082024L 2
45Wed, Jan 28, 1970Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW95912124W 1at Greensboro, NC
46Fri, Jan 30, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW117982224W 2at Greensboro, NC
47Sat, Jan 31, 1970Box ScoreDenver RocketsL1041092225L 1at Charlotte, NC
48Sun, Feb 1, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW1091042325W 1
49Tue, Feb 3, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsW105912425W 2at Greensboro, NC
50Sat, Feb 7, 1970Box ScoreWashington CapitolsL1171182426L 1at Raleigh, NC
51Sun, Feb 8, 1970Box Score@New York NetsL88952427L 2
52Tue, Feb 10, 1970Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersL84972428L 3at Charlotte, NC
53Fri, Feb 13, 1970Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsW95912528W 1at Raleigh, NC
54Sun, Feb 15, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersL1031202529L 1
55Tue, Feb 17, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsL1031082530L 2at Greensboro, NC
56Thu, Feb 19, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh PipersWOT1061042630W 1at Charlotte, NC
57Fri, Feb 20, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersW101902730W 2at Greensboro, NC
58Sun, Feb 22, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsW101972830W 3at Charlotte, NC
59Tue, Feb 24, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW111962930W 4at Greensboro, NC
60Wed, Feb 25, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL1101202931L 1
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Fri, Feb 27, 1970Box Score@Dallas ChaparralsW1101033031W 1
62Sun, Mar 1, 1970Box Score@Miami FloridiansL991093032L 1
63Fri, Mar 6, 1970Box Score@Dallas ChaparralsW98943132W 1
64Sat, Mar 7, 1970Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersW1161023232W 2
65Sun, Mar 8, 1970Box Score@New York NetsW1071053332W 3
66Fri, Mar 13, 1970Box ScoreDenver RocketsL981033333L 1at Greensboro, NC
67Sat, Mar 14, 1970Box Score@Miami FloridiansW104853433W 1
68Sun, Mar 15, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersL1101143434L 1at Anderson, IN
69Fri, Mar 20, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW1131063534W 1at Greensboro, NC
70Sat, Mar 21, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL1051283535L 1
71Sun, Mar 22, 1970Box Score@Los Angeles StarsL921063536L 2
72Tue, Mar 24, 1970Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW1271123636W 1at Charlotte, NC
73Wed, Mar 25, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersW1211073736W 2
74Fri, Mar 27, 1970Box ScoreMiami FloridiansL1071123737L 1at Greensboro, NC
75Sat, Mar 28, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL981013738L 2at Raleigh, NC
76Mon, Mar 30, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsW86813838W 1
77Fri, Apr 3, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW107833938W 2at Raleigh, NC
78Sun, Apr 5, 1970Box Score@Miami FloridiansL1031113939L 1
79Mon, Apr 6, 1970Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL1061113940L 2
80Wed, Apr 8, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW1101064040W 1at Charlotte, NC
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Fri, Apr 10, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1161074140W 2at Charlotte, NC
82Sun, Apr 12, 1970Box Score@Los Angeles StarsL1011054141L 1
83Tue, Apr 14, 1970Box Score@Washington CapitolsW104984241W 1
84Wed, Apr 15, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersL1101324242L 1

ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.


Playoffs Table
G Date Opponent Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Sat, Apr 18, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersL10512301L 1
2Sun, Apr 19, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersL9810302L 2
3Wed, Apr 22, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersL10611503L 3
4Fri, Apr 24, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersL10611004L 4

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