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ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.

Regular Season

Regular Season Table
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
1Fri, Oct 17, 1969Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW11710910W 1
2Sat, Oct 18, 1969Box Score@Carolina CougarsL9710811L 1at Greensboro, NC
3Sun, Oct 19, 1969Box Score@New York NetsW1029221W 1
4Tue, Oct 21, 1969Box ScoreDenver RocketsW12010831W 2
5Fri, Oct 24, 1969Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW11610541W 3
6Sat, Oct 25, 1969Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW11511451W 4
7Sun, Oct 26, 1969Box Score@Washington CapitolsW929161W 5
8Tue, Oct 28, 1969Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersL11111262L 1
9Wed, Oct 29, 1969Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL11712263L 2
10Fri, Oct 31, 1969Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsW12311773W 1
11Sat, Nov 1, 1969Box ScoreWashington CapitolsL9710174L 1
12Fri, Nov 7, 1969Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL9810175L 2
13Sat, Nov 8, 1969Box ScorePittsburgh PipersL12013776L 3
14Tue, Nov 11, 1969Box ScoreNLos Angeles StarsLOT11712077L 4at Washington, DC
15Wed, Nov 12, 1969Box ScoreNWashington CapitolsW12210487W 1at Los Angeles, CA
16Fri, Nov 14, 1969Box Score@Los Angeles StarsW969497W 2
17Sat, Nov 15, 1969Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersL9810198L 1
18Sun, Nov 16, 1969Box Score@Denver RocketsL878999L 2
19Fri, Nov 21, 1969Box ScoreDenver RocketsL100103910L 3
20Sun, Nov 23, 1969Box ScoreWashington CapitolsW1211171010W 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
21Mon, Nov 24, 1969Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL79811011L 1
22Fri, Nov 28, 1969Box ScoreDenver RocketsL1031091012L 2
23Tue, Dec 2, 1969Box ScoreNew York NetsW1201081112W 1
24Wed, Dec 3, 1969Box ScoreNKentucky ColonelsL1091231113L 1at Indianapolis, IN
25Thu, Dec 4, 1969Box ScoreNIndiana PacersW1121031213W 1at Louisville, KY
26Fri, Dec 5, 1969Box Score@Carolina CougarsW108971313W 2at Greensboro, NC
27Sun, Dec 7, 1969Box Score@Washington CapitolsW143921413W 3
28Tue, Dec 9, 1969Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL1171221414L 1
29Wed, Dec 10, 1969Box Score@New York NetsW1221151514W 1
30Fri, Dec 12, 1969Box Score@Carolina CougarsL951011515L 1at Raleigh, NC
31Sat, Dec 13, 1969Box Score@Indiana PacersW1061011615W 1
32Sun, Dec 14, 1969Box Score@Miami FloridiansL1151191616L 1
33Tue, Dec 16, 1969Box ScoreIndiana PacersL1041081617L 2
34Tue, Dec 23, 1969Box Score@Denver RocketsL961021618L 3
35Sat, Dec 27, 1969Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW1521251718W 1
36Sun, Dec 28, 1969Box Score@Miami FloridiansWOT1361341818W 2
37Sat, Jan 3, 1970Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsW2OT1391371918W 3
38Sun, Jan 4, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL851221919L 1
39Tue, Jan 6, 1970Box ScoreNWashington CapitolsW1381202019W 1at Fresno, CA
40Wed, Jan 7, 1970Box Score@Los Angeles StarsW1141122119W 2
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
41Fri, Jan 9, 1970Box ScoreWashington CapitolsL1241252120L 1
42Sat, Jan 10, 1970Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW1381142220W 1
43Tue, Jan 13, 1970Box Score@Washington CapitolsL1211222221L 1
44Wed, Jan 14, 1970Box ScorePittsburgh PipersW1301162321W 1
45Thu, Jan 15, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL1231262322L 1
46Sun, Jan 18, 1970Box Score@Los Angeles StarsL1241372323L 2
47Tue, Jan 20, 1970Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsW1411192423W 1
48Sun, Jan 25, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL1181272424L 1
49Fri, Jan 30, 1970Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsW1271212524W 1
50Sat, Jan 31, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsL1081132525L 1
51Tue, Feb 3, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1261222625W 1
52Fri, Feb 6, 1970Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW1321242725W 2
53Tue, Feb 10, 1970Box ScoreMiami FloridiansW1511282825W 3
54Sat, Feb 14, 1970Box ScoreNew York NetsW1121062925W 4
55Tue, Feb 17, 1970Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersW1221193025W 5
56Fri, Feb 20, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW1421383125W 6at Fort Worth, TX
57Tue, Feb 24, 1970Box Score@Washington CapitolsW1301153225W 7
58Wed, Feb 25, 1970Box Score@Los Angeles StarsW1471423325W 8
59Fri, Feb 27, 1970Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL1031103326L 1
60Sat, Feb 28, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersW1281233426W 1at California, PA
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
61Sun, Mar 1, 1970Box Score@New York NetsL1111283427L 1
62Tue, Mar 3, 1970Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1421303527W 1
63Fri, Mar 6, 1970Box ScoreCarolina CougarsL94983528L 1
64Sat, Mar 7, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsW1291243628W 1
65Sun, Mar 8, 1970Box Score@Indiana PacersL1141313629L 1
66Tue, Mar 10, 1970Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1241163729W 1at Fort Worth, TX
67Fri, Mar 13, 1970Box ScoreWashington CapitolsL2OT1581623730L 1
68Sat, Mar 14, 1970Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsL1251303731L 2
69Sun, Mar 15, 1970Box Score@Kentucky ColonelsL1251463732L 3
70Mon, Mar 16, 1970Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL951113733L 4
71Fri, Mar 20, 1970Box ScoreWashington CapitolsL1551573734L 5
72Sat, Mar 21, 1970Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW1261203834W 1at Fort Worth, TX
73Sun, Mar 22, 1970Box Score@Miami FloridiansL1551603835L 1
74Mon, Mar 23, 1970Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL1161223836L 2
75Tue, Mar 24, 1970Box Score@Pittsburgh PipersW1331053936W 1
76Sat, Mar 28, 1970Box ScoreDenver RocketsW1501264036W 2
77Tue, Mar 31, 1970Box ScoreIndiana PacersW1451194136W 3
78Fri, Apr 3, 1970Box ScoreWashington CapitolsW1491444236W 4
79Sun, Apr 5, 1970Box Score@Los Angeles StarsW1311274336W 5
80Tue, Apr 7, 1970Box ScoreKentucky ColonelsL1121184337L 1
G Date Start (ET)       Opponent     Tm Opp W L Streak Notes
81Wed, Apr 8, 1970Box Score@Denver RocketsL1131524338L 2
82Sat, Apr 11, 1970Box ScoreNew Orleans BuccaneersW1151114438W 1
83Tue, Apr 14, 1970Box ScoreLos Angeles StarsW1291134538W 2
84Wed, Apr 15, 1970Box Score@New Orleans BuccaneersL1271454539L 1

ABA box scores researched by Michael Hamel and used with permission.


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