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December Schedule

December Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Sun, Dec 1, 20193:00pMiami HeatBrooklyn Nets
Sun, Dec 1, 20193:30pMemphis GrizzliesMinnesota Timberwolves
Sun, Dec 1, 20193:30pBoston CelticsNew York Knicks
Sun, Dec 1, 20194:00pDallas MavericksLos Angeles Lakers
Sun, Dec 1, 20195:00pSan Antonio SpursDetroit Pistons
Sun, Dec 1, 20195:00pOklahoma City ThunderNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Dec 1, 20196:00pGolden State WarriorsOrlando Magic
Sun, Dec 1, 20196:00pUtah JazzToronto Raptors
Sun, Dec 1, 201910:30pWashington WizardsLos Angeles Clippers
Mon, Dec 2, 20197:00pPhoenix SunsCharlotte Hornets
Mon, Dec 2, 20197:00pUtah JazzPhiladelphia 76ers
Mon, Dec 2, 20197:30pGolden State WarriorsAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Dec 2, 20198:00pIndiana PacersMemphis Grizzlies
Mon, Dec 2, 20198:00pNew York KnicksMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Dec 2, 201910:00pChicago BullsSacramento Kings
Tue, Dec 3, 20197:00pDetroit PistonsCleveland Cavaliers
Tue, Dec 3, 20197:00pOrlando MagicWashington Wizards
Tue, Dec 3, 20197:30pDallas MavericksNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Dec 3, 20197:30pMiami HeatToronto Raptors
Tue, Dec 3, 20198:30pHouston RocketsSan Antonio Spurs
Tue, Dec 3, 20199:00pLos Angeles LakersDenver Nuggets
Tue, Dec 3, 201910:00pPortland Trail BlazersLos Angeles Clippers
Wed, Dec 4, 20197:00pGolden State WarriorsCharlotte Hornets
Wed, Dec 4, 20197:00pMilwaukee BucksDetroit Pistons
Wed, Dec 4, 20197:00pPhoenix SunsOrlando Magic
Wed, Dec 4, 20197:30pBrooklyn NetsAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Dec 4, 20197:30pMiami HeatBoston Celtics
Wed, Dec 4, 20198:00pMemphis GrizzliesChicago Bulls
Wed, Dec 4, 20198:00pIndiana PacersOklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Dec 4, 20198:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesDallas Mavericks
Wed, Dec 4, 20199:00pLos Angeles LakersUtah Jazz
Wed, Dec 4, 201910:00pSacramento KingsPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Dec 5, 20197:00pPhiladelphia 76ersWashington Wizards
Thu, Dec 5, 20197:30pDenver NuggetsNew York Knicks
Thu, Dec 5, 20197:30pHouston RocketsToronto Raptors
Thu, Dec 5, 20198:00pPhoenix SunsNew Orleans Pelicans
Fri, Dec 6, 20197:00pBrooklyn NetsCharlotte Hornets
Fri, Dec 6, 20197:00pOrlando MagicCleveland Cavaliers
Fri, Dec 6, 20197:00pIndiana PacersDetroit Pistons
Fri, Dec 6, 20198:00pDenver NuggetsBoston Celtics
Fri, Dec 6, 20198:00pGolden State WarriorsChicago Bulls
Fri, Dec 6, 20198:00pWashington WizardsMiami Heat
Fri, Dec 6, 20198:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Dec 6, 20198:30pLos Angeles ClippersMilwaukee Bucks
Fri, Dec 6, 20198:30pSacramento KingsSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Dec 6, 201910:30pLos Angeles LakersPortland Trail Blazers
Sat, Dec 7, 20192:00pNew Orleans PelicansDallas Mavericks
Sat, Dec 7, 20197:30pIndiana PacersNew York Knicks
Sat, Dec 7, 20197:30pCleveland CavaliersPhiladelphia 76ers
Sat, Dec 7, 20198:00pPhoenix SunsHouston Rockets
Sat, Dec 7, 201910:00pMemphis GrizzliesUtah Jazz
Sun, Dec 8, 20193:00pDenver NuggetsBrooklyn Nets
Sun, Dec 8, 20195:00pAtlanta HawksCharlotte Hornets
Sun, Dec 8, 20196:00pChicago BullsMiami Heat
Sun, Dec 8, 20196:00pToronto RaptorsPhiladelphia 76ers
Sun, Dec 8, 20196:00pLos Angeles ClippersWashington Wizards
Sun, Dec 8, 20197:00pSacramento KingsDallas Mavericks
Sun, Dec 8, 20199:00pOklahoma City ThunderPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Dec 8, 20199:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Dec 9, 20197:00pLos Angeles ClippersIndiana Pacers
Mon, Dec 9, 20197:30pCleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics
Mon, Dec 9, 20198:00pToronto RaptorsChicago Bulls
Mon, Dec 9, 20198:00pSacramento KingsHouston Rockets
Mon, Dec 9, 20198:00pOrlando MagicMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Dec 9, 20198:00pDetroit PistonsNew Orleans Pelicans
Mon, Dec 9, 20199:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesPhoenix Suns
Mon, Dec 9, 20199:00pOklahoma City ThunderUtah Jazz
Mon, Dec 9, 201910:30pMemphis GrizzliesGolden State Warriors
Tue, Dec 10, 20197:00pWashington WizardsCharlotte Hornets
Tue, Dec 10, 20197:00pDenver NuggetsPhiladelphia 76ers
Tue, Dec 10, 20198:00pAtlanta HawksMiami Heat
Tue, Dec 10, 201910:00pNew York KnicksPortland Trail Blazers
Wed, Dec 11, 20197:00pHouston RocketsCleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Dec 11, 20197:00pBoston CelticsIndiana Pacers
Wed, Dec 11, 20197:00pLos Angeles LakersOrlando Magic
Wed, Dec 11, 20197:00pLos Angeles ClippersToronto Raptors
Wed, Dec 11, 20197:30pCharlotte HornetsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Dec 11, 20198:00pAtlanta HawksChicago Bulls
Wed, Dec 11, 20198:00pUtah JazzMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Dec 11, 20199:00pMemphis GrizzliesPhoenix Suns
Wed, Dec 11, 20199:30pNew Orleans PelicansMilwaukee Bucks
Wed, Dec 11, 201910:00pOklahoma City ThunderSacramento Kings
Wed, Dec 11, 201910:30pNew York KnicksGolden State Warriors
Thu, Dec 12, 20198:00pPhiladelphia 76ersBoston Celtics
Thu, Dec 12, 20198:30pCleveland CavaliersSan Antonio Spurs
Thu, Dec 12, 20199:00pDallas MavericksDetroit Pistonsat Mexico City, Mexico
Thu, Dec 12, 201910:30pPortland Trail BlazersDenver Nuggets
Fri, Dec 13, 20197:00pHouston RocketsOrlando Magic
Fri, Dec 13, 20197:00pNew Orleans PelicansPhiladelphia 76ers
Fri, Dec 13, 20197:30pIndiana PacersAtlanta Hawks
Fri, Dec 13, 20198:00pCharlotte HornetsChicago Bulls
Fri, Dec 13, 20198:00pMilwaukee BucksMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Dec 13, 20198:00pLos Angeles LakersMiami Heat
Fri, Dec 13, 20198:00pLos Angeles ClippersMinnesota Timberwolves
Fri, Dec 13, 201910:00pNew York KnicksSacramento Kings
Fri, Dec 13, 201910:30pGolden State WarriorsUtah Jazz
Sat, Dec 14, 20195:00pSan Antonio SpursPhoenix Sunsat Mexico City, Mexico
Sat, Dec 14, 20197:30pBrooklyn NetsToronto Raptors
Sat, Dec 14, 20198:00pLos Angeles ClippersChicago Bulls
Sat, Dec 14, 20198:00pWashington WizardsMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Dec 14, 20198:30pMiami HeatDallas Mavericks
Sat, Dec 14, 20198:30pCleveland CavaliersMilwaukee Bucks
Sat, Dec 14, 20199:00pOklahoma City ThunderDenver Nuggets
Sat, Dec 14, 20199:00pDetroit PistonsHouston Rockets
Sun, Dec 15, 20193:30pOrlando MagicNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Dec 15, 20195:00pCharlotte HornetsIndiana Pacers
Sun, Dec 15, 20196:00pLos Angeles LakersAtlanta Hawks
Sun, Dec 15, 20196:00pPhiladelphia 76ersBrooklyn Nets
Sun, Dec 15, 20198:00pNew York KnicksDenver Nuggets
Sun, Dec 15, 20198:30pSacramento KingsGolden State Warriors
Mon, Dec 16, 20197:00pWashington WizardsDetroit Pistons
Mon, Dec 16, 20197:30pCleveland CavaliersToronto Raptors
Mon, Dec 16, 20198:00pSan Antonio SpursHouston Rockets
Mon, Dec 16, 20198:00pMiami HeatMemphis Grizzlies
Mon, Dec 16, 20198:00pDallas MavericksMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Dec 16, 20198:00pChicago BullsOklahoma City Thunder
Mon, Dec 16, 20199:00pPortland Trail BlazersPhoenix Suns
Tue, Dec 17, 20197:00pSacramento KingsCharlotte Hornets
Tue, Dec 17, 20197:00pLos Angeles LakersIndiana Pacers
Tue, Dec 17, 20197:30pAtlanta HawksNew York Knicks
Tue, Dec 17, 20198:00pBrooklyn NetsNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Dec 17, 20199:00pOrlando MagicUtah Jazz
Tue, Dec 17, 201910:30pPhoenix SunsLos Angeles Clippers
Wed, Dec 18, 20197:00pCharlotte HornetsCleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Dec 18, 20197:00pToronto RaptorsDetroit Pistons
Wed, Dec 18, 20197:00pChicago BullsWashington Wizards
Wed, Dec 18, 20197:30pMiami HeatPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Dec 18, 20198:00pNew Orleans PelicansMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Dec 18, 20198:00pMemphis GrizzliesOklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Dec 18, 20198:30pBoston CelticsDallas Mavericks
Wed, Dec 18, 20199:00pOrlando MagicDenver Nuggets
Wed, Dec 18, 201910:00pGolden State WarriorsPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Dec 19, 20197:30pUtah JazzAtlanta Hawks
Thu, Dec 19, 20198:00pLos Angeles LakersMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Dec 19, 20198:30pBrooklyn NetsSan Antonio Spurs
Thu, Dec 19, 201910:30pHouston RocketsLos Angeles Clippers
Fri, Dec 20, 20197:00pMemphis GrizzliesCleveland Cavaliers
Fri, Dec 20, 20197:00pSacramento KingsIndiana Pacers
Fri, Dec 20, 20197:30pDetroit PistonsBoston Celtics
Fri, Dec 20, 20197:30pWashington WizardsToronto Raptors
Fri, Dec 20, 20198:00pNew York KnicksMiami Heat
Fri, Dec 20, 20198:00pPhoenix SunsOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Dec 20, 20198:00pDallas MavericksPhiladelphia 76ers
Fri, Dec 20, 20199:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesDenver Nuggets
Fri, Dec 20, 201910:00pOrlando MagicPortland Trail Blazers
Fri, Dec 20, 201910:30pNew Orleans PelicansGolden State Warriors
Sat, Dec 21, 20195:00pUtah JazzCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Dec 21, 20196:00pAtlanta HawksBrooklyn Nets
Sat, Dec 21, 20197:00pChicago BullsDetroit Pistons
Sat, Dec 21, 20197:00pWashington WizardsPhiladelphia 76ers
Sat, Dec 21, 20197:30pMilwaukee BucksNew York Knicks
Sat, Dec 21, 20198:00pSacramento KingsMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Dec 21, 20198:30pLos Angeles ClippersSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Dec 21, 20199:00pHouston RocketsPhoenix Suns
Sat, Dec 21, 201910:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Dec 22, 20193:30pDallas MavericksToronto Raptors
Sun, Dec 22, 20196:00pCharlotte HornetsBoston Celtics
Sun, Dec 22, 20197:00pIndiana PacersMilwaukee Bucks
Sun, Dec 22, 20197:00pLos Angeles ClippersOklahoma City Thunder
Sun, Dec 22, 20199:30pDenver NuggetsLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Dec 23, 20197:00pAtlanta HawksCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Dec 23, 20197:00pPhiladelphia 76ersDetroit Pistons
Mon, Dec 23, 20197:00pToronto RaptorsIndiana Pacers
Mon, Dec 23, 20197:00pWashington WizardsNew York Knicks
Mon, Dec 23, 20197:00pChicago BullsOrlando Magic
Mon, Dec 23, 20197:30pUtah JazzMiami Heat
Mon, Dec 23, 20198:00pSan Antonio SpursMemphis Grizzlies
Mon, Dec 23, 20199:00pDenver NuggetsPhoenix Suns
Mon, Dec 23, 201910:00pNew Orleans PelicansPortland Trail Blazers
Mon, Dec 23, 201910:00pHouston RocketsSacramento Kings
Mon, Dec 23, 201910:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesGolden State Warriors
Wed, Dec 25, 201912:00pBoston CelticsToronto Raptors
Wed, Dec 25, 20192:30pMilwaukee BucksPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Dec 25, 20195:00pHouston RocketsGolden State Warriors
Wed, Dec 25, 20198:00pLos Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Dec 25, 201910:30pNew Orleans PelicansDenver Nuggets
Thu, Dec 26, 20197:00pWashington WizardsDetroit Pistons
Thu, Dec 26, 20198:00pNew York KnicksBrooklyn Nets
Thu, Dec 26, 20198:00pMemphis GrizzliesOklahoma City Thunder
Thu, Dec 26, 20198:30pSan Antonio SpursDallas Mavericks
Thu, Dec 26, 201910:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesSacramento Kings
Thu, Dec 26, 201910:30pPortland Trail BlazersUtah Jazz
Fri, Dec 27, 20194:00pCleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics
Fri, Dec 27, 20197:00pOklahoma City ThunderCharlotte Hornets
Fri, Dec 27, 20197:00pPhiladelphia 76ersOrlando Magic
Fri, Dec 27, 20197:30pMilwaukee BucksAtlanta Hawks
Fri, Dec 27, 20198:00pIndiana PacersMiami Heat
Fri, Dec 27, 201910:30pPhoenix SunsGolden State Warriors
Sat, Dec 28, 20195:00pMemphis GrizzliesDenver Nuggets
Sat, Dec 28, 20197:00pToronto RaptorsBoston Celtics
Sat, Dec 28, 20197:00pIndiana PacersNew Orleans Pelicans
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:00pAtlanta HawksChicago Bulls
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:00pBrooklyn NetsHouston Rockets
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:00pPhiladelphia 76ersMiami Heat
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:00pCleveland CavaliersMinnesota Timberwolves
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:00pNew York KnicksWashington Wizards
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:30pDallas MavericksGolden State Warriors
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:30pOrlando MagicMilwaukee Bucks
Sat, Dec 28, 20198:30pDetroit PistonsSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Dec 28, 20199:00pPhoenix SunsSacramento Kings
Sat, Dec 28, 201910:00pLos Angeles LakersPortland Trail Blazers
Sat, Dec 28, 201910:30pUtah JazzLos Angeles Clippers
Sun, Dec 29, 20196:00pOklahoma City ThunderToronto Raptors
Sun, Dec 29, 20198:00pSacramento KingsDenver Nuggets
Sun, Dec 29, 20198:00pCharlotte HornetsMemphis Grizzlies
Sun, Dec 29, 20198:00pHouston RocketsNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Dec 29, 20199:30pDallas MavericksLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Dec 30, 20197:00pAtlanta HawksOrlando Magic
Mon, Dec 30, 20197:00pMiami HeatWashington Wizards
Mon, Dec 30, 20198:00pMilwaukee BucksChicago Bulls
Mon, Dec 30, 20198:00pBrooklyn NetsMinnesota Timberwolves
Mon, Dec 30, 20199:00pDetroit PistonsUtah Jazz
Mon, Dec 30, 201910:00pPhoenix SunsPortland Trail Blazers
Tue, Dec 31, 20193:00pBoston CelticsCharlotte Hornets
Tue, Dec 31, 20193:00pPhiladelphia 76ersIndiana Pacers
Tue, Dec 31, 20195:00pLos Angeles ClippersSacramento Kings
Tue, Dec 31, 20197:00pDenver NuggetsHouston Rockets
Tue, Dec 31, 20197:00pGolden State WarriorsSan Antonio Spurs
Tue, Dec 31, 20197:00pCleveland CavaliersToronto Raptors
Tue, Dec 31, 20198:00pDallas MavericksOklahoma City Thunder
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