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November Schedule

November Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Fri, Nov 1, 20197:00pHouston Rockets116Brooklyn Nets123Box Score17,732
Fri, Nov 1, 20197:00pCleveland Cavaliers95Indiana Pacers102Box Score16,079
Fri, Nov 1, 20197:00pMilwaukee Bucks123Orlando Magic91Box Score15,105
Fri, Nov 1, 20197:30pNew York Knicks102Boston Celtics104Box Score18,624
Fri, Nov 1, 20198:00pDetroit Pistons106Chicago Bulls112Box Score20,671
Fri, Nov 1, 20199:30pLos Angeles Lakers119Dallas Mavericks110Box ScoreOT20,358
Fri, Nov 1, 201910:00pUtah Jazz101Sacramento Kings102Box Score16,273
Fri, Nov 1, 201910:30pSan Antonio Spurs127Golden State Warriors110Box Score18,064
Sat, Nov 2, 20195:00pNew Orleans Pelicans104Oklahoma City Thunder115Box Score18,203
Sat, Nov 2, 20197:00pBrooklyn Nets109Detroit Pistons113Box Score17,222
Sat, Nov 2, 20197:00pDenver Nuggets91Orlando Magic87Box Score17,025
Sat, Nov 2, 20198:00pPhoenix Suns114Memphis Grizzlies105Box Score14,144
Sat, Nov 2, 20198:00pToronto Raptors105Milwaukee Bucks115Box Score17,637
Sat, Nov 2, 20198:00pMinnesota Timberwolves131Washington Wizards109Box Score15,150
Sat, Nov 2, 20198:30pCharlotte Hornets93Golden State Warriors87Box Score18,064
Sat, Nov 2, 201910:00pPhiladelphia 76ers129Portland Trail Blazers128Box Score19,669
Sun, Nov 3, 20195:00pChicago Bulls95Indiana Pacers108Box Score17,073
Sun, Nov 3, 20196:00pHouston Rockets100Miami Heat129Box Score19,724
Sun, Nov 3, 20196:00pSacramento Kings113New York Knicks92Box Score19,812
Sun, Nov 3, 20197:00pLos Angeles Lakers103San Antonio Spurs96Box Score18,610
Sun, Nov 3, 20197:30pDallas Mavericks131Cleveland Cavaliers111Box Score18,078
Sun, Nov 3, 20199:00pUtah Jazz94Los Angeles Clippers105Box Score19,068
Mon, Nov 4, 20197:00pDetroit Pistons99Washington Wizards115Box Score13,052
Mon, Nov 4, 20197:30pNew Orleans Pelicans125Brooklyn Nets135Box Score17,194
Mon, Nov 4, 20198:00pHouston Rockets107Memphis Grizzlies100Box Score14,197
Mon, Nov 4, 20198:00pMilwaukee Bucks134Minnesota Timberwolves106Box Score16,271
Mon, Nov 4, 20199:00pPhiladelphia 76ers109Phoenix Suns114Box Score14,285
Mon, Nov 4, 201910:30pPortland Trail Blazers118Golden State Warriors127Box Score18,064
Tue, Nov 5, 20197:00pIndiana Pacers120Charlotte Hornets122Box ScoreOT13,341
Tue, Nov 5, 20197:00pBoston Celtics119Cleveland Cavaliers113Box Score17,709
Tue, Nov 5, 20197:30pSan Antonio Spurs100Atlanta Hawks108Box Score14,025
Tue, Nov 5, 20198:00pLos Angeles Lakers118Chicago Bulls112Box Score21,193
Tue, Nov 5, 20198:00pOrlando Magic94Oklahoma City Thunder102Box Score18,203
Tue, Nov 5, 20199:00pMiami Heat89Denver Nuggets109Box Score18,010
Wed, Nov 6, 20197:00pNew York Knicks102Detroit Pistons122Box Score15,463
Wed, Nov 6, 20197:00pWashington Wizards106Indiana Pacers121Box Score16,171
Wed, Nov 6, 20197:30pChicago Bulls113Atlanta Hawks93Box Score15,049
Wed, Nov 6, 20197:30pGolden State Warriors112Houston Rockets129Box Score18,055
Wed, Nov 6, 20197:30pSacramento Kings120Toronto Raptors124Box Score19,800
Wed, Nov 6, 20198:00pMinnesota Timberwolves121Memphis Grizzlies137Box Score13,503
Wed, Nov 6, 20198:30pOrlando Magic106Dallas Mavericks107Box Score19,487
Wed, Nov 6, 20199:00pPhiladelphia 76ers104Utah Jazz106Box Score18,306
Wed, Nov 6, 201910:00pMilwaukee Bucks129Los Angeles Clippers124Box Score19,068
Thu, Nov 7, 20198:00pBoston Celtics108Charlotte Hornets87Box Score18,487
Thu, Nov 7, 20198:30pOklahoma City Thunder112San Antonio Spurs121Box Score18,354
Thu, Nov 7, 20199:00pMiami Heat124Phoenix Suns108Box Score15,498
Thu, Nov 7, 201910:30pPortland Trail Blazers101Los Angeles Clippers107Box Score19,068
Fri, Nov 8, 20197:00pDetroit Pistons106Indiana Pacers112Box Score15,544
Fri, Nov 8, 20197:00pMemphis Grizzlies86Orlando Magic118Box Score17,021
Fri, Nov 8, 20197:00pCleveland Cavaliers113Washington Wizards100Box Score16,946
Fri, Nov 8, 20197:30pSacramento Kings121Atlanta Hawks109Box Score16,447
Fri, Nov 8, 20198:00pGolden State Warriors119Minnesota Timberwolves125Box ScoreOT15,647
Fri, Nov 8, 20198:00pToronto Raptors122New Orleans Pelicans104Box Score16,337
Fri, Nov 8, 20198:30pNew York Knicks106Dallas Mavericks102Box Score20,257
Fri, Nov 8, 20199:00pPhiladelphia 76ers97Denver Nuggets100Box Score19,520
Fri, Nov 8, 20199:00pMilwaukee Bucks100Utah Jazz103Box Score18,306
Fri, Nov 8, 201910:00pBrooklyn Nets119Portland Trail Blazers115Box Score20,089
Fri, Nov 8, 201910:30pMiami Heat80Los Angeles Lakers95Box Score18,997
Sat, Nov 9, 20195:00pBoston Celtics135San Antonio Spurs115Box Score18,354
Sat, Nov 9, 20197:00pNew Orleans Pelicans115Charlotte Hornets110Box Score18,513
Sat, Nov 9, 20198:00pHouston Rockets117Chicago Bulls94Box Score20,482
Sat, Nov 9, 20198:00pDallas Mavericks138Memphis Grizzlies122Box Score15,753
Sat, Nov 9, 20198:00pGolden State Warriors108Oklahoma City Thunder114Box Score18,203
Sun, Nov 10, 20193:30pDenver Nuggets100Minnesota Timberwolves98Box ScoreOT13,553
Sun, Nov 10, 20196:00pIndiana Pacers109Orlando Magic102Box Score17,118
Sun, Nov 10, 20196:00pCharlotte Hornets106Philadelphia 76ers114Box Score20,311
Sun, Nov 10, 20197:00pMilwaukee Bucks121Oklahoma City Thunder119Box Score18,203
Sun, Nov 10, 20197:30pCleveland Cavaliers108New York Knicks87Box Score19,812
Sun, Nov 10, 20198:00pBrooklyn Nets112Phoenix Suns138Box Score17,290
Sun, Nov 10, 20199:00pAtlanta Hawks113Portland Trail Blazers124Box ScoreOT20,041
Sun, Nov 10, 20199:30pToronto Raptors113Los Angeles Lakers104Box Score18,997
Mon, Nov 11, 20197:00pMinnesota Timberwolves120Detroit Pistons114Box Score12,526
Mon, Nov 11, 20197:30pDallas Mavericks106Boston Celtics116Box Score18,624
Mon, Nov 11, 20197:30pMemphis Grizzlies113San Antonio Spurs109Box Score18,627
Mon, Nov 11, 20198:00pHouston Rockets122New Orleans Pelicans116Box Score16,695
Mon, Nov 11, 201910:30pUtah Jazz122Golden State Warriors108Box Score18,064
Mon, Nov 11, 201910:30pToronto Raptors88Los Angeles Clippers98Box Score19,068
Tue, Nov 12, 20197:00pOklahoma City ThunderIndiana Pacers
Tue, Nov 12, 20197:00pCleveland CavaliersPhiladelphia 76ers
Tue, Nov 12, 20197:30pDetroit PistonsMiami Heat
Tue, Nov 12, 20198:00pNew York KnicksChicago Bulls
Tue, Nov 12, 20199:00pAtlanta HawksDenver Nuggets
Tue, Nov 12, 20199:00pLos Angeles LakersPhoenix Suns
Tue, Nov 12, 20199:00pBrooklyn NetsUtah Jazz
Tue, Nov 12, 201910:00pPortland Trail BlazersSacramento Kings
Wed, Nov 13, 20197:00pMemphis GrizzliesCharlotte Hornets
Wed, Nov 13, 20197:00pPhiladelphia 76ersOrlando Magic
Wed, Nov 13, 20197:30pWashington WizardsBoston Celtics
Wed, Nov 13, 20197:30pLos Angeles ClippersHouston Rockets
Wed, Nov 13, 20198:00pSan Antonio SpursMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Nov 13, 201910:00pGolden State WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Nov 13, 201910:00pToronto RaptorsPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Nov 14, 20196:00pMiami HeatCleveland Cavaliers
Thu, Nov 14, 20198:00pChicago BullsMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Nov 14, 20198:00pLos Angeles ClippersNew Orleans Pelicans
Thu, Nov 14, 20198:00pDallas MavericksNew York Knicks
Thu, Nov 14, 20199:00pAtlanta HawksPhoenix Suns
Thu, Nov 14, 201910:30pBrooklyn NetsDenver Nuggets
Fri, Nov 15, 20197:00pDetroit PistonsCharlotte Hornets
Fri, Nov 15, 20197:00pSan Antonio SpursOrlando Magic
Fri, Nov 15, 20198:00pIndiana PacersHouston Rockets
Fri, Nov 15, 20198:00pUtah JazzMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Nov 15, 20198:00pWashington WizardsMinnesota Timberwolves
Fri, Nov 15, 20198:00pPhiladelphia 76ersOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Nov 15, 201910:30pBoston CelticsGolden State Warriors
Fri, Nov 15, 201910:30pSacramento KingsLos Angeles Lakers
Sat, Nov 16, 20196:00pBrooklyn NetsChicago Bulls
Sat, Nov 16, 20197:00pMilwaukee BucksIndiana Pacers
Sat, Nov 16, 20197:30pCharlotte HornetsNew York Knicks
Sat, Nov 16, 20198:00pNew Orleans PelicansMiami Heat
Sat, Nov 16, 20198:00pHouston RocketsMinnesota Timberwolves
Sat, Nov 16, 20198:30pToronto RaptorsDallas Mavericks
Sat, Nov 16, 20198:30pPortland Trail BlazersSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Nov 16, 201910:30pAtlanta HawksLos Angeles Clippers
Sun, Nov 17, 20193:00pPhiladelphia 76ersCleveland Cavaliers
Sun, Nov 17, 20193:30pBoston CelticsSacramento Kings
Sun, Nov 17, 20196:00pDenver NuggetsMemphis Grizzlies
Sun, Nov 17, 20196:00pWashington WizardsOrlando Magic
Sun, Nov 17, 20197:00pGolden State WarriorsNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Nov 17, 20199:30pAtlanta HawksLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Nov 18, 20197:00pCleveland CavaliersNew York Knicks
Mon, Nov 18, 20197:30pIndiana PacersBrooklyn Nets
Mon, Nov 18, 20197:30pCharlotte HornetsToronto Raptors
Mon, Nov 18, 20198:00pMilwaukee BucksChicago Bulls
Mon, Nov 18, 20198:00pPortland Trail BlazersHouston Rockets
Mon, Nov 18, 20198:30pSan Antonio SpursDallas Mavericks
Mon, Nov 18, 20199:00pBoston CelticsPhoenix Suns
Mon, Nov 18, 20199:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesUtah Jazz
Mon, Nov 18, 201910:30pOklahoma City ThunderLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Nov 19, 20198:00pGolden State WarriorsMemphis Grizzlies
Tue, Nov 19, 20198:00pPortland Trail BlazersNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Nov 19, 201910:00pPhoenix SunsSacramento Kings
Tue, Nov 19, 201910:30pOklahoma City ThunderLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:00pNew York KnicksPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:00pSan Antonio SpursWashington Wizards
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:30pMilwaukee BucksAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:30pCharlotte HornetsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:30pGolden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:30pCleveland CavaliersMiami Heat
Wed, Nov 20, 20197:30pOrlando MagicToronto Raptors
Wed, Nov 20, 20198:00pDetroit PistonsChicago Bulls
Wed, Nov 20, 20198:00pUtah JazzMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Nov 20, 20199:00pHouston RocketsDenver Nuggets
Wed, Nov 20, 201910:00pBoston CelticsLos Angeles Clippers
Thu, Nov 21, 20198:00pPortland Trail BlazersMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Nov 21, 201910:30pNew Orleans PelicansPhoenix Suns
Fri, Nov 22, 20197:00pAtlanta HawksDetroit Pistons
Fri, Nov 22, 20197:00pCharlotte HornetsWashington Wizards
Fri, Nov 22, 20197:30pSacramento KingsBrooklyn Nets
Fri, Nov 22, 20198:00pMiami HeatChicago Bulls
Fri, Nov 22, 20198:00pLos Angeles LakersOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Nov 22, 20198:00pSan Antonio SpursPhiladelphia 76ers
Fri, Nov 22, 20198:30pCleveland CavaliersDallas Mavericks
Fri, Nov 22, 20199:00pBoston CelticsDenver Nuggets
Fri, Nov 22, 20199:00pGolden State WarriorsUtah Jazz
Fri, Nov 22, 201910:30pHouston RocketsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Nov 23, 20195:00pPhoenix SunsMinnesota Timberwolves
Sat, Nov 23, 20197:00pChicago BullsCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Nov 23, 20197:00pOrlando MagicIndiana Pacers
Sat, Nov 23, 20197:30pToronto RaptorsAtlanta Hawks
Sat, Nov 23, 20197:30pSan Antonio SpursNew York Knicks
Sat, Nov 23, 20197:30pMiami HeatPhiladelphia 76ers
Sat, Nov 23, 20198:00pPortland Trail BlazersCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Nov 23, 20198:00pLos Angeles LakersMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Nov 23, 20198:30pDetroit PistonsMilwaukee Bucks
Sat, Nov 23, 20199:00pNew Orleans PelicansUtah Jazz
Sun, Nov 24, 20193:30pDallas MavericksHouston Rockets
Sun, Nov 24, 20196:00pBrooklyn NetsNew York Knicks
Sun, Nov 24, 20196:00pSacramento KingsWashington Wizards
Sun, Nov 24, 20198:00pPhoenix SunsDenver Nuggets
Sun, Nov 24, 20199:00pNew Orleans PelicansLos Angeles Clippers
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:00pBrooklyn NetsCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:00pOrlando MagicDetroit Pistons
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:00pMemphis GrizzliesIndiana Pacers
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:30pSacramento KingsBoston Celtics
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:30pCharlotte HornetsMiami Heat
Mon, Nov 25, 20197:30pPhiladelphia 76ersToronto Raptors
Mon, Nov 25, 20198:00pPortland Trail BlazersChicago Bulls
Mon, Nov 25, 20198:00pUtah JazzMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Nov 25, 20198:30pLos Angeles LakersSan Antonio Spurs
Mon, Nov 25, 201910:30pOklahoma City ThunderGolden State Warriors
Tue, Nov 26, 20198:30pLos Angeles ClippersDallas Mavericks
Tue, Nov 26, 20199:00pWashington WizardsDenver Nuggets
Wed, Nov 27, 20197:00pBrooklyn NetsBoston Celtics
Wed, Nov 27, 20197:00pDetroit PistonsCharlotte Hornets
Wed, Nov 27, 20197:00pOrlando MagicCleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Nov 27, 20197:00pUtah JazzIndiana Pacers
Wed, Nov 27, 20197:00pSacramento KingsPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Nov 27, 20197:30pNew York KnicksToronto Raptors
Wed, Nov 27, 20198:00pMiami HeatHouston Rockets
Wed, Nov 27, 20198:00pLos Angeles ClippersMemphis Grizzlies
Wed, Nov 27, 20198:00pAtlanta HawksMilwaukee Bucks
Wed, Nov 27, 20198:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesSan Antonio Spurs
Wed, Nov 27, 20199:00pWashington WizardsPhoenix Suns
Wed, Nov 27, 20199:30pLos Angeles LakersNew Orleans Pelicans
Wed, Nov 27, 201910:00pOklahoma City ThunderPortland Trail Blazers
Wed, Nov 27, 201910:30pChicago BullsGolden State Warriors
Fri, Nov 29, 201912:00pBoston CelticsBrooklyn Nets
Fri, Nov 29, 20197:00pCharlotte HornetsDetroit Pistons
Fri, Nov 29, 20197:00pToronto RaptorsOrlando Magic
Fri, Nov 29, 20197:30pMilwaukee BucksCleveland Cavaliers
Fri, Nov 29, 20197:30pPhiladelphia 76ersNew York Knicks
Fri, Nov 29, 20198:00pAtlanta HawksIndiana Pacers
Fri, Nov 29, 20198:00pUtah JazzMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Nov 29, 20198:00pGolden State WarriorsMiami Heat
Fri, Nov 29, 20198:00pNew Orleans PelicansOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Nov 29, 20198:30pLos Angeles ClippersSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Nov 29, 20199:00pDallas MavericksPhoenix Suns
Fri, Nov 29, 201910:00pChicago BullsPortland Trail Blazers
Fri, Nov 29, 201910:30pWashington WizardsLos Angeles Lakers
Sat, Nov 30, 20195:00pDenver NuggetsSacramento Kings
Sat, Nov 30, 20197:00pIndiana PacersPhiladelphia 76ers
Sat, Nov 30, 20198:00pAtlanta HawksHouston Rockets
Sat, Nov 30, 20198:00pCharlotte HornetsMilwaukee Bucks
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