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January Schedule

January Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Wed, Jan 1, 20206:00pOrlando MagicWashington Wizards
Wed, Jan 1, 20207:30pPortland Trail BlazersNew York Knicks
Wed, Jan 1, 20208:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesMilwaukee Bucks
Wed, Jan 1, 202010:30pPhoenix SunsLos Angeles Lakers
Thu, Jan 2, 20207:00pCharlotte HornetsCleveland Cavaliers
Thu, Jan 2, 20207:00pDenver NuggetsIndiana Pacers
Thu, Jan 2, 20207:30pToronto RaptorsMiami Heat
Thu, Jan 2, 20208:00pUtah JazzChicago Bulls
Thu, Jan 2, 20208:00pGolden State WarriorsMinnesota Timberwolves
Thu, Jan 2, 20208:30pBrooklyn NetsDallas Mavericks
Thu, Jan 2, 20208:30pOklahoma City ThunderSan Antonio Spurs
Thu, Jan 2, 202010:00pMemphis GrizzliesSacramento Kings
Thu, Jan 2, 202010:30pDetroit PistonsLos Angeles Clippers
Fri, Jan 3, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksBoston Celtics
Fri, Jan 3, 20207:00pMiami HeatOrlando Magic
Fri, Jan 3, 20207:00pPortland Trail BlazersWashington Wizards
Fri, Jan 3, 20208:00pPhiladelphia 76ersHouston Rockets
Fri, Jan 3, 20209:00pNew York KnicksPhoenix Suns
Fri, Jan 3, 202010:30pNew Orleans PelicansLos Angeles Lakers
Sat, Jan 4, 20203:30pMemphis GrizzliesLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Jan 4, 20206:00pToronto RaptorsBrooklyn Nets
Sat, Jan 4, 20207:00pUtah JazzOrlando Magic
Sat, Jan 4, 20207:30pIndiana PacersAtlanta Hawks
Sat, Jan 4, 20207:30pOklahoma City ThunderCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Jan 4, 20208:00pBoston CelticsChicago Bulls
Sat, Jan 4, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsWashington Wizards
Sat, Jan 4, 20208:30pCharlotte HornetsDallas Mavericks
Sat, Jan 4, 20208:30pDetroit PistonsGolden State Warriors
Sat, Jan 4, 20208:30pSan Antonio SpursMilwaukee Bucks
Sat, Jan 4, 202010:00pNew Orleans PelicansSacramento Kings
Sun, Jan 5, 20203:30pNew York KnicksLos Angeles Clippers
Sun, Jan 5, 20206:00pPortland Trail BlazersMiami Heat
Sun, Jan 5, 20207:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesCleveland Cavaliers
Sun, Jan 5, 20208:00pMemphis GrizzliesPhoenix Suns
Sun, Jan 5, 202010:00pDetroit PistonsLos Angeles Lakers
Mon, Jan 6, 20207:00pIndiana PacersCharlotte Hornets
Mon, Jan 6, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsOrlando Magic
Mon, Jan 6, 20207:00pOklahoma City ThunderPhiladelphia 76ers
Mon, Jan 6, 20207:00pBoston CelticsWashington Wizards
Mon, Jan 6, 20207:30pDenver NuggetsAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Jan 6, 20208:00pUtah JazzNew Orleans Pelicans
Mon, Jan 6, 20208:30pChicago BullsDallas Mavericks
Mon, Jan 6, 20208:30pMilwaukee BucksSan Antonio Spurs
Mon, Jan 6, 202010:00pGolden State WarriorsSacramento Kings
Tue, Jan 7, 20207:00pDetroit PistonsCleveland Cavaliers
Tue, Jan 7, 20207:00pPortland Trail BlazersToronto Raptors
Tue, Jan 7, 20207:30pOklahoma City ThunderBrooklyn Nets
Tue, Jan 7, 20208:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesMemphis Grizzlies
Tue, Jan 7, 20209:00pSacramento KingsPhoenix Suns
Tue, Jan 7, 202010:30pNew York KnicksLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Jan 8, 20207:00pSan Antonio SpursBoston Celtics
Wed, Jan 8, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsCharlotte Hornets
Wed, Jan 8, 20207:00pMiami HeatIndiana Pacers
Wed, Jan 8, 20207:00pWashington WizardsOrlando Magic
Wed, Jan 8, 20207:30pHouston RocketsAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Jan 8, 20207:30pDenver NuggetsDallas Mavericks
Wed, Jan 8, 20208:00pChicago BullsNew Orleans Pelicans
Wed, Jan 8, 20209:00pNew York KnicksUtah Jazz
Wed, Jan 8, 202010:00pMilwaukee BucksGolden State Warriors
Thu, Jan 9, 20207:00pCleveland CavaliersDetroit Pistons
Thu, Jan 9, 20207:00pBoston CelticsPhiladelphia 76ers
Thu, Jan 9, 20208:00pPortland Trail BlazersMinnesota Timberwolves
Thu, Jan 9, 20209:30pHouston RocketsOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Jan 10, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksWashington Wizards
Fri, Jan 10, 20207:30pMiami HeatBrooklyn Nets
Fri, Jan 10, 20208:00pIndiana PacersChicago Bulls
Fri, Jan 10, 20208:00pSan Antonio SpursMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Jan 10, 20208:00pNew Orleans PelicansNew York Knicks
Fri, Jan 10, 20208:30pLos Angeles LakersDallas Mavericks
Fri, Jan 10, 20209:00pOrlando MagicPhoenix Suns
Fri, Jan 10, 20209:00pCharlotte HornetsUtah Jazz
Fri, Jan 10, 202010:00pMilwaukee BucksSacramento Kings
Fri, Jan 10, 202010:30pGolden State WarriorsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Jan 11, 20205:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesHouston Rockets
Sat, Jan 11, 20207:00pNew Orleans PelicansBoston Celtics
Sat, Jan 11, 20207:00pChicago BullsDetroit Pistons
Sat, Jan 11, 20208:00pLos Angeles LakersOklahoma City Thunder
Sat, Jan 11, 20208:30pPhiladelphia 76ersDallas Mavericks
Sat, Jan 11, 20209:00pCleveland CavaliersDenver Nuggets
Sat, Jan 11, 202010:00pMilwaukee BucksPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Jan 12, 20203:30pMiami HeatNew York Knicks
Sun, Jan 12, 20203:30pUtah JazzWashington Wizards
Sun, Jan 12, 20206:00pAtlanta HawksBrooklyn Nets
Sun, Jan 12, 20206:00pGolden State WarriorsMemphis Grizzlies
Sun, Jan 12, 20206:00pSan Antonio SpursToronto Raptors
Sun, Jan 12, 20208:00pLos Angeles ClippersDenver Nuggets
Sun, Jan 12, 20208:00pCharlotte HornetsPhoenix Suns
Mon, Jan 13, 20207:00pNew Orleans PelicansDetroit Pistons
Mon, Jan 13, 20207:00pPhiladelphia 76ersIndiana Pacers
Mon, Jan 13, 20207:30pChicago BullsBoston Celtics
Mon, Jan 13, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderMinnesota Timberwolves
Mon, Jan 13, 202010:00pCharlotte HornetsPortland Trail Blazers
Mon, Jan 13, 202010:00pOrlando MagicSacramento Kings
Mon, Jan 13, 202010:30pCleveland CavaliersLos Angeles Lakers
Tue, Jan 14, 20207:30pPhoenix SunsAtlanta Hawks
Tue, Jan 14, 20207:30pUtah JazzBrooklyn Nets
Tue, Jan 14, 20208:00pHouston RocketsMemphis Grizzlies
Tue, Jan 14, 20208:00pNew York KnicksMilwaukee Bucks
Tue, Jan 14, 202010:30pDallas MavericksGolden State Warriors
Tue, Jan 14, 202010:30pCleveland CavaliersLos Angeles Clippers
Wed, Jan 15, 20207:00pDetroit PistonsBoston Celtics
Wed, Jan 15, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Jan 15, 20207:30pSan Antonio SpursMiami Heat
Wed, Jan 15, 20208:00pWashington WizardsChicago Bulls
Wed, Jan 15, 20208:00pIndiana PacersMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Jan 15, 20208:00pToronto RaptorsOklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Jan 15, 20209:00pCharlotte HornetsDenver Nuggets
Wed, Jan 15, 20209:30pPortland Trail BlazersHouston Rockets
Wed, Jan 15, 202010:00pDallas MavericksSacramento Kings
Wed, Jan 15, 202010:30pOrlando MagicLos Angeles Lakers
Thu, Jan 16, 20207:30pPhoenix SunsNew York Knicks
Thu, Jan 16, 20208:00pBoston CelticsMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Jan 16, 20208:00pUtah JazzNew Orleans Pelicans
Thu, Jan 16, 202010:30pDenver NuggetsGolden State Warriors
Thu, Jan 16, 202010:30pOrlando MagicLos Angeles Clippers
Fri, Jan 17, 20207:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesIndiana Pacers
Fri, Jan 17, 20207:00pChicago BullsPhiladelphia 76ers
Fri, Jan 17, 20207:00pWashington WizardsToronto Raptors
Fri, Jan 17, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Jan 17, 20208:00pMiami HeatOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Jan 17, 20208:30pAtlanta HawksSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Jan 17, 20209:30pPortland Trail BlazersDallas Mavericks
Sat, Jan 18, 20203:30pLos Angeles ClippersNew Orleans Pelicans
Sat, Jan 18, 20206:00pMilwaukee BucksBrooklyn Nets
Sat, Jan 18, 20207:00pPhoenix SunsBoston Celtics
Sat, Jan 18, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsAtlanta Hawks
Sat, Jan 18, 20207:30pPhiladelphia 76ersNew York Knicks
Sat, Jan 18, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersChicago Bulls
Sat, Jan 18, 20208:00pToronto RaptorsMinnesota Timberwolves
Sat, Jan 18, 20208:30pOrlando MagicGolden State Warriors
Sat, Jan 18, 20208:30pLos Angeles LakersHouston Rockets
Sat, Jan 18, 20209:00pPortland Trail BlazersOklahoma City Thunder
Sat, Jan 18, 20209:00pSacramento KingsUtah Jazz
Sun, Jan 19, 20203:00pMiami HeatSan Antonio Spurs
Sun, Jan 19, 20208:00pIndiana PacersDenver Nuggets
Mon, Jan 20, 20202:00pDetroit PistonsWashington Wizards
Mon, Jan 20, 20202:30pToronto RaptorsAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Jan 20, 20203:00pPhiladelphia 76ersBrooklyn Nets
Mon, Jan 20, 20205:00pOrlando MagicCharlotte Hornets
Mon, Jan 20, 20205:00pNew York KnicksCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Jan 20, 20205:00pOklahoma City ThunderHouston Rockets
Mon, Jan 20, 20205:00pNew Orleans PelicansMemphis Grizzlies
Mon, Jan 20, 20205:00pSacramento KingsMiami Heat
Mon, Jan 20, 20205:00pChicago BullsMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Jan 20, 20207:30pLos Angeles LakersBoston Celtics
Mon, Jan 20, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsMinnesota Timberwolves
Mon, Jan 20, 20209:00pSan Antonio SpursPhoenix Suns
Mon, Jan 20, 20209:00pIndiana PacersUtah Jazz
Mon, Jan 20, 202010:00pGolden State WarriorsPortland Trail Blazers
Tue, Jan 21, 20208:30pLos Angeles ClippersDallas Mavericks
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:00pSacramento KingsDetroit Pistons
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:00pOklahoma City ThunderOrlando Magic
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:30pLos Angeles ClippersAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:30pMemphis GrizzliesBoston Celtics
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:30pWashington WizardsMiami Heat
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:30pLos Angeles LakersNew York Knicks
Wed, Jan 22, 20207:30pPhiladelphia 76ersToronto Raptors
Wed, Jan 22, 20208:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesChicago Bulls
Wed, Jan 22, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsHouston Rockets
Wed, Jan 22, 20208:00pSan Antonio SpursNew Orleans Pelicans
Wed, Jan 22, 20209:00pIndiana PacersPhoenix Suns
Wed, Jan 22, 202010:00pUtah JazzGolden State Warriors
Thu, Jan 23, 20207:00pWashington WizardsCleveland Cavaliers
Thu, Jan 23, 20208:00pLos Angeles LakersBrooklyn Nets
Thu, Jan 23, 202010:30pDallas MavericksPortland Trail Blazers
Fri, Jan 24, 20203:00pMilwaukee BucksCharlotte Hornetsat Paris, France
Fri, Jan 24, 20207:00pMemphis GrizzliesDetroit Pistons
Fri, Jan 24, 20207:00pBoston CelticsOrlando Magic
Fri, Jan 24, 20207:30pToronto RaptorsNew York Knicks
Fri, Jan 24, 20208:00pSacramento KingsChicago Bulls
Fri, Jan 24, 20208:00pLos Angeles ClippersMiami Heat
Fri, Jan 24, 20208:00pHouston RocketsMinnesota Timberwolves
Fri, Jan 24, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsNew Orleans Pelicans
Fri, Jan 24, 20208:00pAtlanta HawksOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Jan 24, 20208:30pPhoenix SunsSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Jan 24, 202010:30pIndiana PacersGolden State Warriors
Sat, Jan 25, 20205:00pDallas MavericksUtah Jazz
Sat, Jan 25, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsDetroit Pistons
Sat, Jan 25, 20208:00pChicago BullsCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Jan 25, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderMinnesota Timberwolves
Sat, Jan 25, 20208:30pLos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ers
Sun, Jan 26, 20203:30pHouston RocketsDenver Nuggets
Sun, Jan 26, 20204:00pToronto RaptorsSan Antonio Spurs
Sun, Jan 26, 20206:00pWashington WizardsAtlanta Hawks
Sun, Jan 26, 20206:00pPhoenix SunsMemphis Grizzlies
Sun, Jan 26, 20206:00pBoston CelticsNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Jan 26, 20206:00pBrooklyn NetsNew York Knicks
Sun, Jan 26, 20206:00pLos Angeles ClippersOrlando Magic
Sun, Jan 26, 20209:00pIndiana PacersPortland Trail Blazers
Mon, Jan 27, 20207:00pCleveland CavaliersDetroit Pistons
Mon, Jan 27, 20207:30pOrlando MagicMiami Heat
Mon, Jan 27, 20208:00pSan Antonio SpursChicago Bulls
Mon, Jan 27, 20208:00pSacramento KingsMinnesota Timberwolves
Mon, Jan 27, 20208:00pDallas MavericksOklahoma City Thunder
Mon, Jan 27, 20209:00pHouston RocketsUtah Jazz
Tue, Jan 28, 20207:00pNew York KnicksCharlotte Hornets
Tue, Jan 28, 20207:30pNew Orleans PelicansCleveland Cavaliers
Tue, Jan 28, 20207:30pBoston CelticsMiami Heat
Tue, Jan 28, 20207:30pGolden State WarriorsPhiladelphia 76ers
Tue, Jan 28, 20207:30pAtlanta HawksToronto Raptors
Tue, Jan 28, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsMemphis Grizzlies
Tue, Jan 28, 20208:00pWashington WizardsMilwaukee Bucks
Tue, Jan 28, 20208:30pPhoenix SunsDallas Mavericks
Tue, Jan 28, 202010:00pLos Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Jan 29, 20207:00pChicago BullsIndiana Pacers
Wed, Jan 29, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Jan 29, 20207:30pMemphis GrizzliesNew York Knicks
Wed, Jan 29, 20208:30pUtah JazzSan Antonio Spurs
Wed, Jan 29, 202010:00pHouston RocketsPortland Trail Blazers
Wed, Jan 29, 202010:00pOklahoma City ThunderSacramento Kings
Thu, Jan 30, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsCleveland Cavaliers
Thu, Jan 30, 20207:00pCharlotte HornetsWashington Wizards
Thu, Jan 30, 20207:30pPhiladelphia 76ersAtlanta Hawks
Thu, Jan 30, 20208:00pGolden State WarriorsBoston Celtics
Thu, Jan 30, 202010:30pUtah JazzDenver Nuggets
Thu, Jan 30, 202010:30pSacramento KingsLos Angeles Clippers
Fri, Jan 31, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsDetroit Pistons
Fri, Jan 31, 20207:30pChicago BullsBrooklyn Nets
Fri, Jan 31, 20208:00pDallas MavericksHouston Rockets
Fri, Jan 31, 20208:00pMemphis GrizzliesNew Orleans Pelicans
Fri, Jan 31, 20209:00pDenver NuggetsMilwaukee Bucks
Fri, Jan 31, 20209:00pOklahoma City ThunderPhoenix Suns
Fri, Jan 31, 202010:30pPortland Trail BlazersLos Angeles Lakers
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