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February Schedule

February Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Sat, Feb 1, 20203:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Feb 1, 20207:00pNew York KnicksIndiana Pacers
Sat, Feb 1, 20207:00pMiami HeatOrlando Magic
Sat, Feb 1, 20208:00pGolden State WarriorsCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Feb 1, 20208:00pBrooklyn NetsWashington Wizards
Sat, Feb 1, 20208:30pPhiladelphia 76ersBoston Celtics
Sat, Feb 1, 20208:30pAtlanta HawksDallas Mavericks
Sat, Feb 1, 20209:00pCharlotte HornetsSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Feb 1, 202010:00pLos Angeles LakersSacramento Kings
Sat, Feb 1, 202010:30pUtah JazzPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Feb 2, 202012:30pDenver NuggetsDetroit Pistons
Sun, Feb 2, 20202:00pNew Orleans PelicansHouston Rockets
Sun, Feb 2, 20202:00pPhoenix SunsMilwaukee Bucks
Sun, Feb 2, 20203:00pChicago BullsToronto Raptors
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:00pOrlando MagicCharlotte Hornets
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:00pNew York KnicksCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:00pDallas MavericksIndiana Pacers
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:00pGolden State WarriorsWashington Wizards
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:30pBoston CelticsAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:30pPhoenix SunsBrooklyn Nets
Mon, Feb 3, 20207:30pPhiladelphia 76ersMiami Heat
Mon, Feb 3, 20208:00pDetroit PistonsMemphis Grizzlies
Mon, Feb 3, 202010:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesSacramento Kings
Mon, Feb 3, 202010:30pSan Antonio SpursLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Feb 4, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Feb 4, 20208:00pCharlotte HornetsHouston Rockets
Tue, Feb 4, 202010:00pPortland Trail BlazersDenver Nuggets
Tue, Feb 4, 202010:30pSan Antonio SpursLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Feb 5, 20207:00pPhoenix SunsDetroit Pistons
Wed, Feb 5, 20207:30pOrlando MagicBoston Celtics
Wed, Feb 5, 20207:30pGolden State WarriorsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Feb 5, 20207:30pIndiana PacersToronto Raptors
Wed, Feb 5, 20208:00pAtlanta HawksMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Feb 5, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersOklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Feb 5, 20208:30pMemphis GrizzliesDallas Mavericks
Wed, Feb 5, 202010:00pDenver NuggetsUtah Jazz
Wed, Feb 5, 202010:30pMiami HeatLos Angeles Clippers
Thu, Feb 6, 20207:30pOrlando MagicNew York Knicks
Thu, Feb 6, 20208:00pNew Orleans PelicansChicago Bulls
Thu, Feb 6, 20208:00pPhiladelphia 76ersMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Feb 6, 202010:00pSan Antonio SpursPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Feb 6, 202010:30pHouston RocketsLos Angeles Lakers
Fri, Feb 7, 20207:00pMemphis GrizzliesPhiladelphia 76ers
Fri, Feb 7, 20207:00pDallas MavericksWashington Wizards
Fri, Feb 7, 20207:30pAtlanta HawksBoston Celtics
Fri, Feb 7, 20208:00pToronto RaptorsIndiana Pacers
Fri, Feb 7, 20208:00pDetroit PistonsOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Feb 7, 20209:00pHouston RocketsPhoenix Suns
Fri, Feb 7, 202010:00pMiami HeatSacramento Kings
Fri, Feb 7, 202010:30pPortland Trail BlazersUtah Jazz
Sat, Feb 8, 20205:00pMilwaukee BucksOrlando Magic
Sat, Feb 8, 20207:00pDallas MavericksCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Feb 8, 20207:00pNew York KnicksDetroit Pistons
Sat, Feb 8, 20207:30pNew Orleans PelicansIndiana Pacers
Sat, Feb 8, 20207:30pBrooklyn NetsToronto Raptors
Sat, Feb 8, 20208:00pLos Angeles ClippersMinnesota Timberwolves
Sat, Feb 8, 20208:30pLos Angeles LakersGolden State Warriors
Sat, Feb 8, 20209:00pDenver NuggetsPhoenix Suns
Sat, Feb 8, 202010:00pSan Antonio SpursSacramento Kings
Sun, Feb 9, 20203:30pBoston CelticsOklahoma City Thunder
Sun, Feb 9, 20206:00pNew York KnicksAtlanta Hawks
Sun, Feb 9, 20206:00pChicago BullsPhiladelphia 76ers
Sun, Feb 9, 20206:00pMemphis GrizzliesWashington Wizards
Sun, Feb 9, 20207:00pUtah JazzHouston Rockets
Sun, Feb 9, 20207:30pLos Angeles ClippersCleveland Cavaliers
Sun, Feb 9, 20209:00pMiami HeatPortland Trail Blazers
Mon, Feb 10, 20207:00pCharlotte HornetsDetroit Pistons
Mon, Feb 10, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsIndiana Pacers
Mon, Feb 10, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksOrlando Magic
Mon, Feb 10, 20207:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesToronto Raptors
Mon, Feb 10, 20208:00pSacramento KingsMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Feb 10, 20208:30pUtah JazzDallas Mavericks
Mon, Feb 10, 20209:00pSan Antonio SpursDenver Nuggets
Mon, Feb 10, 202010:30pMiami HeatGolden State Warriors
Mon, Feb 10, 202010:30pPhoenix SunsLos Angeles Lakers
Tue, Feb 11, 20207:00pLos Angeles ClippersPhiladelphia 76ers
Tue, Feb 11, 20207:00pChicago BullsWashington Wizards
Tue, Feb 11, 20208:00pPortland Trail BlazersNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Feb 11, 20208:00pSan Antonio SpursOklahoma City Thunder
Tue, Feb 11, 20209:30pBoston CelticsHouston Rockets
Wed, Feb 12, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksCleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Feb 12, 20207:00pDetroit PistonsOrlando Magic
Wed, Feb 12, 20207:30pToronto RaptorsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Feb 12, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksIndiana Pacers
Wed, Feb 12, 20207:30pWashington WizardsNew York Knicks
Wed, Feb 12, 20208:00pPortland Trail BlazersMemphis Grizzlies
Wed, Feb 12, 20208:00pCharlotte HornetsMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Feb 12, 20208:30pSacramento KingsDallas Mavericks
Wed, Feb 12, 20209:00pGolden State WarriorsPhoenix Suns
Wed, Feb 12, 20209:00pMiami HeatUtah Jazz
Wed, Feb 12, 202010:00pLos Angeles LakersDenver Nuggets
Thu, Feb 13, 20208:00pLos Angeles ClippersBoston Celtics
Thu, Feb 13, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderNew Orleans Pelicans
Thu, Feb 20, 20207:00pMilwaukee BucksDetroit Pistons
Thu, Feb 20, 20207:30pMiami HeatAtlanta Hawks
Thu, Feb 20, 20208:00pCharlotte HornetsChicago Bulls
Thu, Feb 20, 20208:00pBrooklyn NetsPhiladelphia 76ers
Thu, Feb 20, 202010:00pMemphis GrizzliesSacramento Kings
Thu, Feb 20, 202010:30pHouston RocketsGolden State Warriors
Fri, Feb 21, 20207:00pDallas MavericksOrlando Magic
Fri, Feb 21, 20207:00pCleveland CavaliersWashington Wizards
Fri, Feb 21, 20207:30pIndiana PacersNew York Knicks
Fri, Feb 21, 20207:30pPhoenix SunsToronto Raptors
Fri, Feb 21, 20208:00pBoston CelticsMinnesota Timberwolves
Fri, Feb 21, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Feb 21, 20209:00pSan Antonio SpursUtah Jazz
Fri, Feb 21, 202010:30pMemphis GrizzliesLos Angeles Lakers
Fri, Feb 21, 202010:30pNew Orleans PelicansPortland Trail Blazers
Sat, Feb 22, 20203:30pSacramento KingsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Feb 22, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Feb 22, 20207:30pDallas MavericksAtlanta Hawks
Sat, Feb 22, 20208:00pPhoenix SunsChicago Bulls
Sat, Feb 22, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersMiami Heat
Sat, Feb 22, 20208:30pPhiladelphia 76ersMilwaukee Bucks
Sat, Feb 22, 20209:00pHouston RocketsUtah Jazz
Sun, Feb 23, 20203:30pBoston CelticsLos Angeles Lakers
Sun, Feb 23, 20206:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesDenver Nuggets
Sun, Feb 23, 20206:00pIndiana PacersToronto Raptors
Sun, Feb 23, 20207:00pWashington WizardsChicago Bulls
Sun, Feb 23, 20207:00pSan Antonio SpursOklahoma City Thunder
Sun, Feb 23, 20208:30pNew Orleans PelicansGolden State Warriors
Sun, Feb 23, 20209:00pDetroit PistonsPortland Trail Blazers
Mon, Feb 24, 20207:00pMiami HeatCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Feb 24, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksPhiladelphia 76ers
Mon, Feb 24, 20207:00pMilwaukee BucksWashington Wizards
Mon, Feb 24, 20207:30pOrlando MagicBrooklyn Nets
Mon, Feb 24, 20208:00pNew York KnicksHouston Rockets
Mon, Feb 24, 20208:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesDallas Mavericks
Mon, Feb 24, 20209:00pPhoenix SunsUtah Jazz
Mon, Feb 24, 202010:30pMemphis GrizzliesLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Feb 25, 20207:00pCharlotte HornetsIndiana Pacers
Tue, Feb 25, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksToronto Raptors
Tue, Feb 25, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderChicago Bulls
Tue, Feb 25, 20209:00pDetroit PistonsDenver Nuggets
Tue, Feb 25, 202010:00pNew Orleans PelicansLos Angeles Lakers
Tue, Feb 25, 202010:00pBoston CelticsPortland Trail Blazers
Tue, Feb 25, 202010:30pSacramento KingsGolden State Warriors
Wed, Feb 26, 20207:00pNew York KnicksCharlotte Hornets
Wed, Feb 26, 20207:00pPhiladelphia 76ersCleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Feb 26, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsWashington Wizards
Wed, Feb 26, 20207:30pOrlando MagicAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Feb 26, 20207:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesMiami Heat
Wed, Feb 26, 20207:30pDallas MavericksSan Antonio Spurs
Wed, Feb 26, 20208:00pMemphis GrizzliesHouston Rockets
Wed, Feb 26, 20209:00pLos Angeles ClippersPhoenix Suns
Wed, Feb 26, 202010:00pBoston CelticsUtah Jazz
Thu, Feb 27, 20207:00pNew York KnicksPhiladelphia 76ers
Thu, Feb 27, 20208:00pPortland Trail BlazersIndiana Pacers
Thu, Feb 27, 20208:00pSacramento KingsOklahoma City Thunder
Thu, Feb 27, 202010:30pLos Angeles LakersGolden State Warriors
Fri, Feb 28, 20207:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesOrlando Magic
Fri, Feb 28, 20207:30pBrooklyn NetsAtlanta Hawks
Fri, Feb 28, 20207:30pCharlotte HornetsToronto Raptors
Fri, Feb 28, 20208:00pSacramento KingsMemphis Grizzlies
Fri, Feb 28, 20208:00pDallas MavericksMiami Heat
Fri, Feb 28, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderMilwaukee Bucks
Fri, Feb 28, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersNew Orleans Pelicans
Fri, Feb 28, 20209:00pDetroit PistonsPhoenix Suns
Fri, Feb 28, 20209:00pWashington WizardsUtah Jazz
Fri, Feb 28, 202010:30pDenver NuggetsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Feb 29, 20205:00pChicago BullsNew York Knicks
Sat, Feb 29, 20207:30pPortland Trail BlazersAtlanta Hawks
Sat, Feb 29, 20207:30pBrooklyn NetsMiami Heat
Sat, Feb 29, 20208:00pIndiana PacersCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Feb 29, 20208:00pLos Angeles LakersMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Feb 29, 20208:30pHouston RocketsBoston Celtics
Sat, Feb 29, 20208:30pOrlando MagicSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Feb 29, 20209:00pGolden State WarriorsPhoenix Suns
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