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March Schedule

March Schedule Table
Date Start (ET) Visitor/Neutral PTS Home/Neutral PTS     Attend. Notes
Sun, Mar 1, 20201:00pMilwaukee BucksCharlotte Hornets
Sun, Mar 1, 20203:30pPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles Clippers
Sun, Mar 1, 20203:30pDallas MavericksMinnesota Timberwolves
Sun, Mar 1, 20206:00pToronto RaptorsDenver Nuggets
Sun, Mar 1, 20206:00pDetroit PistonsSacramento Kings
Sun, Mar 1, 20208:00pLos Angeles LakersNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Mar 1, 20208:30pWashington WizardsGolden State Warriors
Mon, Mar 2, 20207:00pUtah JazzCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Mar 2, 20207:00pHouston RocketsNew York Knicks
Mon, Mar 2, 20207:00pPortland Trail BlazersOrlando Magic
Mon, Mar 2, 20207:30pMemphis GrizzliesAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Mar 2, 20207:30pMilwaukee BucksMiami Heat
Mon, Mar 2, 20208:00pDallas MavericksChicago Bulls
Mon, Mar 2, 20208:30pIndiana PacersSan Antonio Spurs
Tue, Mar 3, 20207:00pSan Antonio SpursCharlotte Hornets
Tue, Mar 3, 20207:30pBrooklyn NetsBoston Celtics
Tue, Mar 3, 20208:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Mar 3, 20208:00pLos Angeles ClippersOklahoma City Thunder
Tue, Mar 3, 20209:00pGolden State WarriorsDenver Nuggets
Tue, Mar 3, 20209:00pToronto RaptorsPhoenix Suns
Tue, Mar 3, 202010:00pPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles Lakers
Tue, Mar 3, 202010:00pWashington WizardsSacramento Kings
Wed, Mar 4, 20207:00pBoston CelticsCleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Mar 4, 20207:00pOklahoma City ThunderDetroit Pistons
Wed, Mar 4, 20207:00pOrlando MagicMiami Heat
Wed, Mar 4, 20207:30pMemphis GrizzliesBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Mar 4, 20207:30pUtah JazzNew York Knicks
Wed, Mar 4, 20208:00pChicago BullsMinnesota Timberwolves
Wed, Mar 4, 20208:30pNew Orleans PelicansDallas Mavericks
Wed, Mar 4, 20209:30pIndiana PacersMilwaukee Bucks
Wed, Mar 4, 202010:00pWashington WizardsPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Mar 5, 20207:00pDenver NuggetsCharlotte Hornets
Thu, Mar 5, 20208:00pLos Angeles ClippersHouston Rockets
Thu, Mar 5, 202010:00pPhiladelphia 76ersSacramento Kings
Thu, Mar 5, 202010:30pToronto RaptorsGolden State Warriors
Fri, Mar 6, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksWashington Wizards
Fri, Mar 6, 20207:30pSan Antonio SpursBrooklyn Nets
Fri, Mar 6, 20207:30pOklahoma City ThunderNew York Knicks
Fri, Mar 6, 20208:00pUtah JazzBoston Celtics
Fri, Mar 6, 20208:00pIndiana PacersChicago Bulls
Fri, Mar 6, 20208:00pOrlando MagicMinnesota Timberwolves
Fri, Mar 6, 20208:00pMiami HeatNew Orleans Pelicans
Fri, Mar 6, 20208:30pMemphis GrizzliesDallas Mavericks
Fri, Mar 6, 20209:00pPortland Trail BlazersPhoenix Suns
Fri, Mar 6, 202010:30pMilwaukee BucksLos Angeles Lakers
Sat, Mar 7, 20205:00pHouston RocketsCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Mar 7, 20207:00pUtah JazzDetroit Pistons
Sat, Mar 7, 20207:30pDenver NuggetsCleveland Cavaliers
Sat, Mar 7, 20208:00pAtlanta HawksMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Mar 7, 20208:30pPhiladelphia 76ersGolden State Warriors
Sat, Mar 7, 202010:00pSacramento KingsPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Mar 8, 20203:00pChicago BullsBrooklyn Nets
Sun, Mar 8, 20203:30pLos Angeles LakersLos Angeles Clippers
Sun, Mar 8, 20203:30pNew Orleans PelicansMinnesota Timberwolves
Sun, Mar 8, 20206:00pOklahoma City ThunderBoston Celtics
Sun, Mar 8, 20206:00pMilwaukee BucksPhoenix Suns
Sun, Mar 8, 20207:00pIndiana PacersDallas Mavericks
Sun, Mar 8, 20207:00pOrlando MagicHouston Rockets
Sun, Mar 8, 20207:00pMiami HeatWashington Wizards
Sun, Mar 8, 20207:30pSan Antonio SpursCleveland Cavaliers
Sun, Mar 8, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsNew York Knicks
Sun, Mar 8, 20209:00pToronto RaptorsSacramento Kings
Mon, Mar 9, 20207:30pCharlotte HornetsAtlanta Hawks
Mon, Mar 9, 20209:00pMilwaukee BucksDenver Nuggets
Mon, Mar 9, 20209:00pToronto RaptorsUtah Jazz
Tue, Mar 10, 20207:00pBoston CelticsIndiana Pacers
Tue, Mar 10, 20207:00pNew York KnicksWashington Wizards
Tue, Mar 10, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersChicago Bulls
Tue, Mar 10, 20208:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesHouston Rockets
Tue, Mar 10, 20208:00pOrlando MagicMemphis Grizzlies
Tue, Mar 10, 20208:00pDallas MavericksSan Antonio Spurs
Tue, Mar 10, 202010:00pPhoenix SunsPortland Trail Blazers
Tue, Mar 10, 202010:30pLos Angeles ClippersGolden State Warriors
Tue, Mar 10, 202010:30pBrooklyn NetsLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Mar 11, 20207:30pNew York KnicksAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Mar 11, 20207:30pCharlotte HornetsMiami Heat
Wed, Mar 11, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Mar 11, 20208:00pUtah JazzOklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Mar 11, 20208:30pDenver NuggetsDallas Mavericks
Wed, Mar 11, 202010:00pNew Orleans PelicansSacramento Kings
Thu, Mar 12, 20207:00pChicago BullsOrlando Magic
Thu, Mar 12, 20208:00pBoston CelticsMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Mar 12, 202010:00pMemphis GrizzliesPortland Trail Blazers
Thu, Mar 12, 202010:30pBrooklyn NetsGolden State Warriors
Thu, Mar 12, 202010:30pHouston RocketsLos Angeles Lakers
Fri, Mar 13, 20207:00pCleveland CavaliersCharlotte Hornets
Fri, Mar 13, 20207:30pWashington WizardsBoston Celtics
Fri, Mar 13, 20208:00pNew York KnicksMiami Heat
Fri, Mar 13, 20208:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Mar 13, 20208:30pDenver NuggetsSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Mar 13, 20209:00pNew Orleans PelicansUtah Jazz
Fri, Mar 13, 202010:30pBrooklyn NetsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Mar 14, 20202:00pPhoenix SunsDallas Mavericks
Sat, Mar 14, 20207:30pCleveland CavaliersAtlanta Hawks
Sat, Mar 14, 20207:30pIndiana PacersPhiladelphia 76ers
Sat, Mar 14, 20207:30pDetroit PistonsToronto Raptors
Sat, Mar 14, 20208:00pChicago BullsMiami Heat
Sat, Mar 14, 20208:30pGolden State WarriorsMilwaukee Bucks
Sat, Mar 14, 20208:30pMinnesota TimberwolvesSan Antonio Spurs
Sat, Mar 14, 20209:00pMemphis GrizzliesUtah Jazz
Sat, Mar 14, 202010:30pNew Orleans PelicansLos Angeles Clippers
Sun, Mar 15, 20203:30pHouston RocketsPortland Trail Blazers
Sun, Mar 15, 20206:00pCharlotte HornetsOrlando Magic
Sun, Mar 15, 20206:00pOklahoma City ThunderWashington Wizards
Sun, Mar 15, 20208:00pBoston CelticsChicago Bulls
Sun, Mar 15, 20209:00pDenver NuggetsLos Angeles Lakers
Sun, Mar 15, 20209:00pBrooklyn NetsSacramento Kings
Mon, Mar 16, 20207:00pWashington WizardsPhiladelphia 76ers
Mon, Mar 16, 20208:00pMiami HeatMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Mar 16, 20208:00pAtlanta HawksNew Orleans Pelicans
Mon, Mar 16, 20208:00pGolden State WarriorsToronto Raptors
Mon, Mar 16, 20208:30pMemphis GrizzliesSan Antonio Spurs
Mon, Mar 16, 20209:00pLos Angeles LakersUtah Jazz
Mon, Mar 16, 202010:30pDallas MavericksLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Mar 17, 20207:00pOrlando MagicDetroit Pistons
Tue, Mar 17, 20207:30pCharlotte HornetsNew York Knicks
Tue, Mar 17, 20208:00pCleveland CavaliersHouston Rockets
Tue, Mar 17, 20208:00pOklahoma City ThunderMemphis Grizzlies
Tue, Mar 17, 202010:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesPortland Trail Blazers
Tue, Mar 17, 202010:00pDallas MavericksSacramento Kings
Wed, Mar 18, 20207:00pToronto RaptorsPhiladelphia 76ers
Wed, Mar 18, 20207:30pOklahoma City ThunderAtlanta Hawks
Wed, Mar 18, 20207:30pNew York KnicksBoston Celtics
Wed, Mar 18, 20207:30pWashington WizardsBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Mar 18, 20207:30pGolden State WarriorsIndiana Pacers
Wed, Mar 18, 20208:00pMiami HeatChicago Bulls
Wed, Mar 18, 20208:00pSan Antonio SpursNew Orleans Pelicans
Wed, Mar 18, 20209:00pLos Angeles ClippersDenver Nuggets
Wed, Mar 18, 202010:00pUtah JazzLos Angeles Lakers
Wed, Mar 18, 202010:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesPhoenix Suns
Thu, Mar 19, 20207:00pPhiladelphia 76ersCharlotte Hornets
Thu, Mar 19, 20207:00pCleveland CavaliersOrlando Magic
Thu, Mar 19, 20208:00pSacramento KingsHouston Rockets
Thu, Mar 19, 20208:00pMemphis GrizzliesMilwaukee Bucks
Thu, Mar 19, 202010:00pDallas MavericksPortland Trail Blazers
Fri, Mar 20, 20207:00pGolden State WarriorsDetroit Pistons
Fri, Mar 20, 20207:00pMiami HeatIndiana Pacers
Fri, Mar 20, 20207:30pWashington WizardsAtlanta Hawks
Fri, Mar 20, 20207:30pBoston CelticsToronto Raptors
Fri, Mar 20, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsOklahoma City Thunder
Fri, Mar 20, 20208:30pChicago BullsSan Antonio Spurs
Fri, Mar 20, 20209:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesUtah Jazz
Fri, Mar 20, 202010:30pPhoenix SunsLos Angeles Clippers
Sat, Mar 21, 20206:00pBoston CelticsBrooklyn Nets
Sat, Mar 21, 20207:00pLos Angeles LakersCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Mar 21, 20207:00pCleveland CavaliersIndiana Pacers
Sat, Mar 21, 20207:00pSacramento KingsOrlando Magic
Sat, Mar 21, 20207:00pAtlanta HawksPhiladelphia 76ers
Sat, Mar 21, 20207:30pGolden State WarriorsNew York Knicks
Sat, Mar 21, 20208:00pChicago BullsHouston Rockets
Sat, Mar 21, 20208:00pNew Orleans PelicansMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Mar 21, 20208:00pMilwaukee BucksWashington Wizards
Sat, Mar 21, 202010:00pDallas MavericksPhoenix Suns
Sun, Mar 22, 20206:00pLos Angeles LakersDetroit Pistons
Sun, Mar 22, 20206:00pDenver NuggetsToronto Raptors
Sun, Mar 22, 20207:00pPortland Trail BlazersMinnesota Timberwolves
Sun, Mar 22, 20207:00pSacramento KingsNew Orleans Pelicans
Sun, Mar 22, 20207:00pUtah JazzSan Antonio Spurs
Mon, Mar 23, 20207:00pPhoenix SunsIndiana Pacers
Mon, Mar 23, 20207:00pLos Angeles ClippersNew York Knicks
Mon, Mar 23, 20207:00pBoston CelticsWashington Wizards
Mon, Mar 23, 20207:30pOrlando MagicBrooklyn Nets
Mon, Mar 23, 20207:30pOklahoma City ThunderMiami Heat
Mon, Mar 23, 20208:00pDenver NuggetsChicago Bulls
Mon, Mar 23, 20208:00pDetroit PistonsMilwaukee Bucks
Mon, Mar 23, 20208:30pHouston RocketsDallas Mavericks
Tue, Mar 24, 20207:00pPortland Trail BlazersCharlotte Hornets
Tue, Mar 24, 20207:00pSacramento KingsCleveland Cavaliers
Tue, Mar 24, 20207:30pLos Angeles LakersToronto Raptors
Tue, Mar 24, 20208:00pPhiladelphia 76ersMinnesota Timberwolves
Tue, Mar 24, 20208:00pMemphis GrizzliesNew Orleans Pelicans
Tue, Mar 24, 202010:00pSan Antonio SpursUtah Jazz
Wed, Mar 25, 20207:00pLos Angeles ClippersBrooklyn Nets
Wed, Mar 25, 20207:00pPortland Trail BlazersDetroit Pistons
Wed, Mar 25, 20207:00pIndiana PacersOrlando Magic
Wed, Mar 25, 20207:00pPhoenix SunsWashington Wizards
Wed, Mar 25, 20207:30pDenver NuggetsMiami Heat
Wed, Mar 25, 20207:30pToronto RaptorsNew York Knicks
Wed, Mar 25, 20208:00pBoston CelticsMemphis Grizzlies
Wed, Mar 25, 20209:30pHouston RocketsMilwaukee Bucks
Wed, Mar 25, 202010:30pAtlanta HawksGolden State Warriors
Thu, Mar 26, 20207:00pLos Angeles LakersCleveland Cavaliers
Thu, Mar 26, 20208:00pPhiladelphia 76ersChicago Bulls
Thu, Mar 26, 20208:00pSan Antonio SpursMinnesota Timberwolves
Thu, Mar 26, 20208:00pCharlotte HornetsOklahoma City Thunder
Thu, Mar 26, 20208:30pUtah JazzDallas Mavericks
Thu, Mar 26, 202010:00pAtlanta HawksSacramento Kings
Fri, Mar 27, 20207:00pLos Angeles ClippersDetroit Pistons
Fri, Mar 27, 20207:00pHouston RocketsIndiana Pacers
Fri, Mar 27, 20207:00pBrooklyn NetsOrlando Magic
Fri, Mar 27, 20207:00pPhoenix SunsPhiladelphia 76ers
Fri, Mar 27, 20207:30pPortland Trail BlazersBoston Celtics
Fri, Mar 27, 20208:00pNew York KnicksNew Orleans Pelicans
Fri, Mar 27, 20208:30pWashington WizardsMilwaukee Bucks
Fri, Mar 27, 20209:00pSan Antonio SpursDenver Nuggets
Sat, Mar 28, 20206:00pCleveland CavaliersBrooklyn Nets
Sat, Mar 28, 20207:00pLos Angeles ClippersCharlotte Hornets
Sat, Mar 28, 20208:00pNew York KnicksChicago Bulls
Sat, Mar 28, 20208:00pToronto RaptorsMemphis Grizzlies
Sat, Mar 28, 20208:00pPhoenix SunsMiami Heat
Sat, Mar 28, 20208:00pLos Angeles LakersWashington Wizards
Sat, Mar 28, 20208:30pOklahoma City ThunderGolden State Warriors
Sat, Mar 28, 20209:00pAtlanta HawksUtah Jazz
Sun, Mar 29, 20203:00pMilwaukee BucksDallas Mavericks
Sun, Mar 29, 20205:00pHouston RocketsDetroit Pistons
Sun, Mar 29, 20206:00pMinnesota TimberwolvesBoston Celtics
Sun, Mar 29, 20206:00pNew Orleans PelicansOrlando Magic
Sun, Mar 29, 20207:30pPortland Trail BlazersPhiladelphia 76ers
Sun, Mar 29, 20208:30pSan Antonio SpursGolden State Warriors
Sun, Mar 29, 20209:00pIndiana PacersSacramento Kings
Mon, Mar 30, 20207:00pMiami HeatCharlotte Hornets
Mon, Mar 30, 20207:00pPhoenix SunsCleveland Cavaliers
Mon, Mar 30, 20207:30pPortland Trail BlazersBrooklyn Nets
Mon, Mar 30, 20207:30pMemphis GrizzliesToronto Raptors
Mon, Mar 30, 20208:00pLos Angeles LakersMinnesota Timberwolves
Mon, Mar 30, 20209:00pOklahoma City ThunderDenver Nuggets
Mon, Mar 30, 20209:00pChicago BullsUtah Jazz
Mon, Mar 30, 202010:30pIndiana PacersLos Angeles Clippers
Tue, Mar 31, 20207:30pNew Orleans PelicansAtlanta Hawks
Tue, Mar 31, 20207:30pHouston RocketsPhiladelphia 76ers
Tue, Mar 31, 202010:00pDenver NuggetsGolden State Warriors
Tue, Mar 31, 202010:00pSan Antonio SpursSacramento Kings
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