NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with A

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Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

165 Players

165 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Alaa Abdelnaby19911995F-C6-10240June 24, 1968Duke University
Zaid Abdul-Aziz19691978C-F6-9235April 7, 1946Iowa State University
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*19701989C7-2225April 16, 1947University of California, Los Angeles
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf19912001G6-1162March 9, 1969Louisiana State University
Tariq Abdul-Wahad19982003F6-6223November 3, 1974University of Michigan, San Jose State University
Shareef Abdur-Rahim19972008F6-9225December 11, 1976University of California
Tom Abernethy19771981F6-7220May 6, 1954Indiana University
Forest Able19571957G6-3180July 27, 1932Western Kentucky University
John Abramovic19471948F6-3195February 9, 1919Salem International University
Alex Abrines20172019G-F6-6200August 1, 1993
Alex Acker20062009G6-5185January 21, 1983Pepperdine University
Don Ackerman19541954G6-0183September 4, 1930Long Island University
Mark Acres19881993F-C6-11220November 15, 1962Oral Roberts University
Bud Acton19681968F6-6210January 11, 1942Hillsdale College
Quincy Acy20132019F-C6-7240October 6, 1990Baylor University
Alvan Adams19761988C-F6-9210July 19, 1954University of Oklahoma
Don Adams19711977F6-6210November 27, 1947Northwestern University
George Adams19731975F-G6-5210May 15, 1949Gardner-Webb University
Hassan Adams20072009G6-4220June 20, 1984University of Arizona
Jaylen Adams20192019G6-2190May 4, 1996St. Bonaventure University
Jordan Adams20152016G6-5209July 8, 1994University of California, Los Angeles
Michael Adams19861996G5-10162January 19, 1963Boston College
Steven Adams20142019C7-0265July 20, 1993University of Pittsburgh
Rafael Addison19871997F-G6-7215July 22, 1964Syracuse University
Bam Adebayo20182019C-F6-10255July 18, 1997University of Kentucky
Deng Adel20192019F6-7200February 1, 1997University of Louisville
Rick Adelman19691975G6-1175June 16, 1946Loyola Marymount University
Jeff Adrien20112015F6-7245February 10, 1986University of Connecticut
Arron Afflalo20082018G-F6-5210October 15, 1985University of California, Los Angeles
Maurice Ager20072011G6-5202February 9, 1984Michigan State University
Mark Aguirre19821994F-G6-6232December 10, 1959DePaul University
Blake Ahearn20082012G6-2190May 27, 1984Missouri State University
Danny Ainge19821995G6-4175March 17, 1959Brigham Young University
Matthew Aitch19681968F6-7230September 21, 1944Michigan State University
Alexis Ajinca20092017C-F7-2248May 6, 1988
Henry Akin19671969C-F6-10225July 31, 1944Morehead State University
Josh Akognon20132013G5-11185February 10, 1986Washington State University, California State University, Fullerton
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell20192019G6-6200June 5, 1993Illinois State University
Solomon Alabi20112012C7-1251March 21, 1988Florida State University
Mark Alarie19871991F6-8217December 11, 1963Duke University
Gary Alcorn19601961C6-9225October 8, 1936California State University, Fresno
Furkan Aldemir20152015F-C6-10240August 9, 1991
Cole Aldrich20112018C6-11250October 31, 1988University of Kansas
LaMarcus Aldridge20072019F-C6-11260July 19, 1985University of Texas at Austin
Chuck Aleksinas19851985C6-11260February 26, 1959University of Kentucky, University of Connecticut
Cliff Alexander20162016F6-8245November 16, 1995University of Kansas
Cory Alexander19962005G6-1185June 22, 1973University of Virginia
Courtney Alexander20012003G6-5205April 27, 1977University of Virginia, California State University, Fresno
Gary Alexander19941994F6-7240November 1, 1969University of South Florida
Joe Alexander20092010F6-8230December 26, 1986West Virginia University
Victor Alexander19922002C-F6-9265August 31, 1969Iowa State University
Steve Alford19881991G6-2183November 23, 1964Indiana University
Rawle Alkins20192019G6-5225October 29, 1997University of Arizona
Bill Allen19681968C-F6-8205New Mexico State University
Bob Allen19691969F6-9205July 17, 1946Marshall University
Grayson Allen20192019G6-5198October 8, 1995Duke University
Jarrett Allen20182019C-F6-11237April 21, 1998University of Texas at Austin
Jerome Allen19961997G6-4184January 28, 1973University of Pennsylvania
Kadeem Allen20182019G6-3192January 15, 1993University of Arizona
Lavoy Allen20122017F-C6-9260February 4, 1989Temple University
Lucius Allen19701979G6-2175September 26, 1947University of California, Los Angeles
Malik Allen20022011F-C6-10255June 27, 1978Villanova University
Randy Allen19891990F6-8220January 26, 1965Florida State University
Ray Allen*19972014G6-5205July 20, 1975University of Connecticut
Tony Allen20052018G-F6-4213January 11, 1982Butler County Community College, Oklahoma State University
Willie Allen19721972F6-6230February 8, 1949University of Miami
Odis Allison19721972F6-6195October 2, 1949University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lance Allred20082008C6-11250February 2, 1981University of Utah, Weber State University
Darrell Allums19811981F6-9220September 12, 1958University of California, Los Angeles
Morris Almond20082012G6-6225February 2, 1985Rice University
Derrick Alston19951997F6-11225August 20, 1972Duquesne University
Rafer Alston20002010G6-2171July 24, 1976California State University, Fresno
Peter Aluma19991999C6-10260April 23, 1973Liberty University
John Amaechi19962003C-F6-10270November 26, 1970Vanderbilt University, Pennsylvania State University
Ashraf Amaya19961997F6-8230November 23, 1971Southern Illinois University
Al-Farouq Aminu20112019F6-9220September 21, 1990Wake Forest University
Lou Amundson20072016F-C6-9220December 7, 1982University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Bob Anderegg19601960F-G6-3200August 24, 1937Michigan State University
Chris Andersen20022017C-F6-10245July 7, 1978Blinn College
David Andersen20102011C6-11245June 23, 1980
Alan Anderson20062017G-F6-6220October 16, 1982Michigan State University
Andrew Anderson19681970G6-2184July 6, 1945Canisius College
Antonio Anderson20102010G6-6215June 5, 1985University of Memphis
Cliff Anderson19681971G-F6-2200September 7, 1944Saint Joseph's University
Dan Anderson19681969C6-10230February 15, 1943Augsburg College
Dan Anderson19751976G6-2185January 1, 1951University of Southern California
Derek Anderson19982008G6-5194July 18, 1974Ohio State University, University of Kentucky
Dwight Anderson19831983G6-3185December 28, 1960University of Kentucky, University of Southern California
Eric Anderson19931994F6-9220May 26, 1970Indiana University
Greg Anderson19881998F-C6-10230June 22, 1964University of Houston
J.J. Anderson19831985F6-8195September 23, 1960Bradley University
James Anderson20112016G-F6-6213March 25, 1989Oklahoma State University
Jerome Anderson19761977G6-5195October 9, 1953West Virginia University
Justin Anderson20162019G6-6230November 19, 1993University of Virginia
Kenny Anderson19922005G6-0168October 9, 1970Georgia Institute of Technology
Kim Anderson19791979F6-7200May 12, 1955University of Missouri
Kyle Anderson20152019F-G6-9230September 20, 1993University of California, Los Angeles
Michael Anderson19891989G5-11184March 23, 1966Drexel University
Nick Anderson19902002F-G6-6205January 20, 1968University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Richard Anderson19831990F-C6-10240November 19, 1960University of California, Santa Barbara
Ron Anderson19851994F-G6-7215October 15, 1958California State University, Fresno
Ryan Anderson20092019F6-10240May 6, 1988University of California
Shandon Anderson19972006F-G6-6208December 31, 1973University of Georgia
Willie Anderson19891997G-F6-7190January 8, 1967University of Georgia
Wally Anderzunas19701970C-F6-7220January 11, 1946Creighton University
Martynas Andriuskevicius20062006C7-2240March 12, 1986
Don Anielak19551955F6-7190November 1, 1930Missouri State University
Ike Anigbogu20182019F-C6-10250October 17, 1998University of California, Los Angeles
Michael Ansley19901992F6-7225February 8, 1967University of Alabama
Chris Anstey19982000C7-0249January 1, 1975
Giannis Antetokounmpo20142019F-G6-11242December 6, 1994
Kostas Antetokounmpo20192019F6-10200November 20, 1997University of Dayton
Thanasis Antetokounmpo20162016F6-7205July 17, 1992
Carmelo Anthony20042019F6-8240May 29, 1984Syracuse University
Greg Anthony19922002G6-0176November 15, 1967University of Portland, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Joel Anthony20082017C6-9245August 9, 1982University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Pero Antic20142015C-F6-11260July 29, 1982
OG Anunoby20182019F6-8232July 17, 1997Indiana University
Keith Appling20162016G6-1185February 13, 1992Michigan State University
Rafael Araujo20052007C6-11280August 12, 1980Brigham Young University
Stacey Arceneaux19621962F6-4210February 17, 1936Iowa State University
Robert Archibald20032004F6-11250March 29, 1980University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tiny Archibald*19711984G6-1150September 2, 1948University of Texas at El Paso
Ryan Arcidiacono20182019G6-3200March 26, 1994Villanova University
Jim Ard19711978F-C6-8215September 19, 1948University of Cincinnati
Gilbert Arenas20022012G6-3191January 6, 1982University of Arizona
Trevor Ariza20052019F6-8215June 30, 1985University of California, Los Angeles
Paul Arizin*19511962F-G6-4190April 9, 1928Villanova University
Joe Arlauckas19881988F6-9230July 20, 1965Niagara University
B.J. Armstrong19902000G6-2175September 9, 1967University of Iowa
Bob Armstrong19571957C-F6-8220June 17, 1933Michigan State University
Brandon Armstrong20022004G6-5188June 16, 1980Pepperdine University
Curly Armstrong19491951G-F5-11170November 1, 1918Indiana University
Darrell Armstrong19952008G6-0170June 22, 1968Fayetteville State University
Hilton Armstrong20072014F-C6-11235November 11, 1984University of Connecticut
Tate Armstrong19781979G6-3175October 5, 1955Duke University
Jesse Arnelle19561956F6-5220December 30, 1933Pennsylvania State University
Jay Arnette19641966G6-2175December 19, 1938University of Texas at Austin
Bob Arnzen19701974F6-5205November 3, 1947University of Notre Dame
Carlos Arroyo20022011G6-2202July 30, 1979Florida International University
Darrell Arthur20092018F6-9235March 25, 1988University of Kansas
John Arthurs19701970G6-4185August 15, 1947Tulane University
Jamel Artis20182018G-F6-7213January 12, 1993University of Pittsburgh
Omer Asik20112018C7-0255July 4, 1986
Vincent Askew19881998G-F6-6210February 28, 1966University of Memphis
Keith Askins19911999G-F6-7197December 15, 1967University of Alabama
Don Asmonga19541954G6-2185February 15, 1928Alliance College
Dick Atha19561958G6-2190September 21, 1931Indiana State University
Chucky Atkins20002010G5-11160August 14, 1974University of South Florida
Al Attles*19611971G6-0175November 7, 1936North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Chet Aubuchon19471947G5-10137May 18, 1916Michigan State University
Stacey Augmon19922006F-G6-8205August 1, 1968University of Nevada, Las Vegas
D.J. Augustin20092019G6-0183November 10, 1987University of Texas at Austin
James Augustine20072008F6-10235February 27, 1984University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Isaac Austin19922002C6-10255August 18, 1969Arizona State University
Johnny Austin19671968G6-0170August 31, 1944Boston College
Ken Austin19841984F6-9205July 15, 1961Rice University
Anthony Avent19932000F6-9235October 18, 1969Seton Hall University
Bird Averitt19741978G6-1170July 22, 1952Pepperdine University
William Avery20002002G6-2197August 8, 1979Duke University
Dennis Awtrey19711982C6-10235February 22, 1948Santa Clara University
Gustavo Ayon20122014C6-10250April 1, 1985
Jeff Ayres20102016F6-9240April 29, 1987Arizona State University
Deandre Ayton20192019C7-1250July 23, 1998University of Arizona
Kelenna Azubuike20072012G6-5220December 16, 1983University of Kentucky
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