NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with E

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Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

103 Players

103 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Ledell Eackles19891998G-F6-5220November 24, 1966University of New Orleans
Jim Eakins19691978C6-11215May 24, 1946Brigham Young University
Acie Earl19941997F-C6-10240June 23, 1970University of Iowa
Ed Earle19541954F6-3190April 28, 1927Loyola University of Chicago
Cleanthony Early20152016F6-8210April 17, 1991Wichita State University
Penny Early19691969G5-3114May 30, 1943
Mark Eaton19831993C7-4275January 24, 1957University of California, Los Angeles
Jerry Eaves19831987G6-4180February 8, 1959University of Louisville
Devin Ebanks20112013F6-9215October 28, 1989West Virginia University
Bill Ebben19581958G6-4190October 7, 1935University of Detroit Mercy
Al Eberhard19751978F6-6225May 10, 1952University of Missouri
Ndudi Ebi20042005F6-9200June 18, 1984
Roy Ebron19741974C6-9220August 31, 1951University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Jarell Eddie20162018G-F6-7218October 30, 1991Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Patrick Eddie19921992C6-11240December 27, 1967Arkansas State University, University of Mississippi
Dike Eddleman19501953F-G6-3189December 27, 1922University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kenton Edelin19851985F6-8205May 24, 1962University of Virginia
Charles Edge19741975F6-6210February 23, 1950LeMoyne-Owen College
Bobby Edmonds19681970F6-6220March 8, 1941Tennessee State University
Keith Edmonson19831984G6-5195September 28, 1960Purdue University
Tyus Edney19962001G5-10152February 14, 1973University of California, Los Angeles
Bill Edwards19941994F6-8215September 22, 1971Wright State University
Blue Edwards19901999G-F6-4200October 31, 1965East Carolina University
Corsley Edwards20052005F6-9275March 5, 1979Central Connecticut State University
Doug Edwards19941996F6-7220January 21, 1971Florida State University
Franklin Edwards19821988G6-1170February 2, 1959Cleveland State University
James Edwards19781996C-F7-0225November 22, 1955University of Washington
Jay Edwards19901990G6-4185January 3, 1969Indiana University
John Edwards20052006C7-0275July 31, 1981Kent State University
Kevin Edwards19892001G6-3190October 30, 1965DePaul University
Shane Edwards20142014F6-7220May 31, 1987University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Vince Edwards20192019F6-8225April 5, 1996Purdue University
Johnny Egan19621972G5-11180January 31, 1939Providence College
Lonnie Eggleston19491949G6-0170June 8, 1918Oklahoma State University
Bulbs Ehlers19481949F-G6-3198March 10, 1923Purdue University
Craig Ehlo19841997G-F6-6180August 11, 1961Washington State University
Rich Eichhorst19621962G6-3200October 21, 1933Southeast Missouri State University
Howard Eisley19952006G6-2177December 4, 1972Boston College
Obinna Ekezie20002005F-C6-9270August 22, 1975University of Maryland
Khalid El-Amin20012001G5-10200April 25, 1979University of Connecticut
Don Eliason19471947F6-2210July 24, 1918Hamline University
Mario Elie19912001G-F6-5210November 26, 1963American International College
Ray Ellefson19491951C6-8230November 18, 1922West Texas A&M University
Henry Ellenson20172019F6-11245January 13, 1997Marquette University
Wayne Ellington20102019G6-5200November 29, 1987University of North Carolina
Bob Elliott19791981C-F6-9225August 18, 1955University of Arizona
Sean Elliott19902001F6-8205February 2, 1968University of Arizona
Bo Ellis19781980F6-9197August 8, 1954Marquette University
Boo Ellis19591960F6-5185February 11, 1936Niagara University
Dale Ellis19842000G-F6-7205August 6, 1960University of Tennessee
Harold Ellis19941998G6-5200October 7, 1970Morehouse College
Joe Ellis19671974F-G6-6175May 3, 1944University of San Francisco
LaPhonso Ellis19932003F6-8240May 5, 1970University of Notre Dame
LeRon Ellis19921996F-C6-9225April 28, 1969University of Kentucky, Syracuse University
Leroy Ellis19631976C-F6-10210March 10, 1940St. John's University
Monta Ellis20062017G6-3185October 26, 1985
Pervis Ellison19902001F-C6-9210April 3, 1967University of Louisville
Len Elmore19751984C-F6-9220March 28, 1952University of Maryland
Francisco Elson20042012C7-0235February 28, 1976University of California
Darrell Elston19751977G6-4190August 15, 1952University of North Carolina
Melvin Ely20032014C6-10260May 2, 1978California State University, Fresno
Joel Embiid20172019C7-0250March 16, 1994University of Kansas
Wayne Embry*19591969C-F6-8240March 26, 1937Miami University
Andre Emmett20052012F6-5230August 27, 1982Texas Tech University
Ned Endress19471947F-G6-2200March 2, 1918University of Akron
Chris Engler19831988C6-11245March 1, 1959University of Minnesota, University of Wyoming
Wayne Englestad19891989F6-8245December 6, 1966University of California, Irvine
A.J. English19911992G6-3175July 11, 1967Virginia Union University
Alex English*19771991F6-7190January 5, 1954University of South Carolina
Claude English19711971F6-4185December 26, 1946University of Rhode Island
Jo Jo English19931995G6-4195February 4, 1970University of South Carolina
Kim English20132013G6-6200September 24, 1988University of Missouri
Scott English19731975F6-6205October 20, 1950University of Texas at El Paso
Gene Englund19501950F-C6-5205October 21, 1917University of Wisconsin
James Ennis20152019F6-7210July 1, 1990California State University, Long Beach
Tyler Ennis20152018G6-3194August 24, 1994Syracuse University
Ray Epps19791979F6-6195August 20, 1956Norfolk State University
Semih Erden20112012C7-0240July 28, 1986
Bo Erias19581958F6-3220July 30, 1932Niagara University
Keith Erickson19661977F-G6-5195April 19, 1944University of California, Los Angeles
Julius Erving*19721987F-G6-7210February 22, 1950University of Massachusetts Amherst
Evan Eschmeyer20002003C6-11255May 30, 1975Northwestern University
Jack Eskridge19491949C-F6-5200January 21, 1924University of Kansas
Vincenzo Esposito19961996G6-3198March 1, 1969
Drew Eubanks20192019F6-10245February 1, 1997Oregon State University
Billy Evans19701970G6-0170March 3, 1947Boston College
Bob Evans19501950G6-2175May 31, 1925Butler University
Brian Evans19971999F6-8220September 13, 1973Indiana University
Earl Evans19801980F6-8202November 11, 1955University of Southern California, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Jacob Evans20192019G-F6-6210June 18, 1997University of Cincinnati
Jawun Evans20182019G6-0185July 26, 1996Oklahoma State University
Jeremy Evans20112018F6-9200October 24, 1987Western Kentucky University
Maurice Evans20022012G6-5220November 8, 1978Wichita State University, University of Texas at Austin
Mike Evans19801988G6-1170April 19, 1955Kansas State University
Reggie Evans20032015F6-8245May 18, 1980University of Iowa
Tyreke Evans20102019G-F6-6220September 19, 1989University of Memphis
Daniel Ewing20062007G6-3185March 26, 1983Duke University
Patrick Ewing*19862002C-F7-0240August 5, 1962Georgetown University
Patrick Ewing20112011F6-8235May 20, 1984Indiana University, Georgetown University
Dante Exum20152019G6-6190July 13, 1995
Christian Eyenga20112012F6-5210June 22, 1989
Festus Ezeli20132016C6-11255October 21, 1989Vanderbilt University
Johnny Ezersky19481950F-G6-3175March 21, 1922University of Rhode Island
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