NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with O

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Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

89 Players

89 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Charles O'Bannon19981999G-F6-5209February 22, 1975UCLA
Ed O'Bannon19961997F6-8222August 14, 1972UCLA
John O'Boyle19531953G6-2185March 7, 1928Colorado State
Bob O'Brien19481949F6-4190January 26, 1927Pepperdine
J.J. O'Brien20162016F6-7228April 8, 1992San Diego State
Jim O'Brien19741975F6-7200November 7, 1951Maryland
Jimmy O'Brien19721975G6-1170April 9, 1950Boston College
Ralph O'Brien19521953G5-9160April 8, 1928Butler
Johnny O'Bryant20152018F-C6-9257June 1, 1993LSU
Patrick O'Bryant20072010C7-0260June 20, 1986Bradley
Dermie O'Connell19491950G6-0174April 13, 1928Holy Cross
Andy O'Donnell19501950G6-1180March 10, 1925Loyola College in Maryland
Buddy O'Grady19471949G5-11160January 19, 1920Georgetown
Fran O'Hanlon19711971G6-1175August 24, 1948Villanova
Dick O'Keefe19481951G-F6-2185September 29, 1923Santa Clara University
Tommy O'Keefe19511951G6-2185June 3, 1928Georgetown
Mike O'Koren19811988F-G6-7207February 7, 1958UNC
Grady O'Malley19701970F6-5205April 25, 1948Manhattan College
Jermaine O'Neal19972014F-C6-11226October 13, 1978
Shaquille O'Neal*19932011C7-1325March 6, 1972LSU
Royce O'Neale20182020F6-4226June 5, 1993Baylor
Mike O'Neill19531953F6-3210Cal
Kyle O'Quinn20132020F-C6-9250March 26, 1990Norfolk State
Kevin O'Shea19511953G6-2175July 10, 1925Notre Dame
Garland O'Shields19471947G-F6-1195May 23, 1921Tennessee
Dan O'Sullivan19911996C6-10250March 3, 1968Fordham
Charles Oakley19862004F-C6-8225December 18, 1963Virginia Union University
Fabricio Oberto20062011C-F6-10245March 21, 1975
Daniel Ochefu20172017C6-11245December 15, 1993Villanova
Greg Oden20092014C7-0250January 22, 1988Ohio State
Lamar Odom20002013F6-10220November 6, 1979Rhode Island
Bud Ogden19701971F6-6215December 29, 1946Santa Clara University
Ralph Ogden19711971F6-5205January 25, 1948Santa Clara University
Alan Ogg19911993C7-2240July 5, 1967University of Alabama at Birmingham
Don Ohl19611970G6-3190April 18, 1936Illinois
Tim Ohlbrecht20132013C6-11255August 30, 1988
Semi Ojeleye20182020F6-6235December 5, 1994SMU
Emeka Okafor20052018C-F6-10252September 28, 1982UConn
Jahlil Okafor20162020C-F6-10275December 15, 1995Duke
Elie Okobo20192020G6-3190October 23, 1997
Josh Okogie20192020G6-4212September 1, 1998Georgia Tech
KZ Okpala20202020F6-8215April 28, 1999Stanford
Mehmet Okur20032012C-F6-11249May 26, 1979
Victor Oladipo20142019G6-4210May 4, 1992Indiana
Hakeem Olajuwon*19852002C7-0255January 21, 1963Houston
Mark Olberding19761987F6-8225April 21, 1956Minnesota
Jawann Oldham19811991C7-0215July 4, 1957Seattle University
John Oldham19501951G6-3175June 22, 1923Western Kentucky
Frank Oleynick19761977G6-2185February 20, 1955Seattle University
John Olive19791980F6-7210March 1, 1955Villanova
Brian Oliver19911998G6-4210June 1, 1968Georgia Tech
Dean Oliver20022003G5-11180November 5, 1978Iowa
Jimmy Oliver19921999G-F6-5205July 12, 1969Purdue
Kevin Ollie19982010G6-4195December 27, 1972UConn
Gene Ollrich19501950G5-11160June 30, 1922Drake University
Michael Olowokandi19992007C7-0269April 3, 1975University of the Pacific
Bud Olsen19631970F-C6-8220July 25, 1940Louisville
Kelly Olynyk20142020C-F6-11240April 19, 1991Gonzaga
Miye Oni20202020G6-5206August 4, 1997Yale
Arinze Onuaku20142017C6-9255July 13, 1987Syracuse
Chinanu Onuaku20172018F-C6-10245November 1, 1996Louisville
Barry Orms19691970G6-3190May 1, 1946Saint Louis University
Johnny Orr19501950F6-3195June 10, 1927Beloit College
Louis Orr19811988F6-8175May 7, 1958Syracuse
José Ortiz19891990F6-10225October 25, 1963Oregon State
Daniel Orton20122014C-F6-10255August 6, 1990Kentucky
Chuck Osborne19621962F6-6210January 21, 1939Western Kentucky
Cedi Osman20182020F6-7215April 8, 1995
Wally Osterkorn19521955F-C6-5215July 6, 1928Illinois
Greg Ostertag19962006C7-2280March 6, 1973Kansas
Matt Othick19931993G6-2165March 16, 1969Arizona
Don Otten19501953C6-10240April 18, 1921Bowling Green
Mac Otten19501950F-C6-7220December 16, 1925Bowling Green
Kelly Oubre20162020F6-7205December 9, 1995Kansas
Bo Outlaw19942008F6-8210April 13, 1971South Plains College, Houston
Travis Outlaw20042014F6-9210September 18, 1984
Claude Overton19531953G6-2195December 16, 1927East Central University
Doug Overton19932004G6-3190August 3, 1969La Salle
Andre Owens20062008G6-4200October 31, 1980Indiana, Houston
Billy Owens19922001F-G6-8220May 1, 1969Syracuse
Chris Owens20032003F6-7245March 1, 1979Tulane, Texas
Eddie Owens19781978F6-7210December 26, 1953UNLV
Jim Owens19741975F6-5200May 1, 1950Arizona State
Keith Owens19921992F6-7225May 31, 1969UCLA
Larry Owens20112012F6-7210January 8, 1983Oral Roberts
Red Owens19501952G-F6-3185September 2, 1925Baylor
Tom Owens19721983C-F6-10215June 28, 1949South Carolina
Ray Owes19971997F6-9224December 11, 1972Arizona
Olumide Oyedeji20012003C6-10240May 11, 1981
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