NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with K

Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

165 Players

165 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Whitey Kachan19491949G6-2175September 15, 1925DePaul University
George Kaftan19491953F6-3190February 22, 1928College of the Holy Cross
Ed Kalafat19551957C-F6-6245October 13, 1932University of Minnesota
Chris Kaman20042016C7-0265April 28, 1982Central Michigan University
Frank Kaminsky20162019F-C7-0242April 4, 1993University of Wisconsin
Enes Kanter20122019C6-11250May 20, 1992
Ralph Kaplowitz19471948G-F6-2170May 18, 1919New York University
Jason Kapono20042012F6-8213February 4, 1981University of California, Los Angeles
Tony Kappen19471947G5-10165April 13, 1919
Sergey Karasev20142016G-F6-7208October 26, 1993
Coby Karl20082010G6-5215March 6, 1983Boise State University
George Karl19741978G6-2190May 12, 1951University of North Carolina
Ed Kasid19471947G5-11185August 13, 1923
Mario Kasun20052006C7-1260April 5, 1980
Leo Katkaveck19491950G6-0185April 17, 1923North Carolina State University
Bob Kauffman19691975F-C6-8240July 13, 1946Guilford College
Sasha Kaun20162016C6-11260May 8, 1985University of Kansas
Wilbert Kautz19471947G-F6-0180September 7, 1915Loyola University of Chicago
Clarence Kea19811982F6-6218February 2, 1959Lamar University
Mike Kearns19551955G6-2178June 18, 1929Princeton University
Tommy Kearns19591959G5-11185October 6, 1936University of North Carolina
Adam Keefe19932001F6-9230February 22, 1970Stanford University
Harold Keeling19861986G6-4185September 18, 1963Santa Clara University
Bill Keller19701976G5-10177August 30, 1947Purdue University
Gary Keller19681969F-C6-9220June 13, 1944University of Florida
Ken Keller19471947G6-1180August 16, 1922St. John's University
Rich Kelley19761986C-F7-0235March 23, 1953Stanford University
Clark Kellogg19831987F6-7225July 2, 1961Ohio State University
Arvesta Kelly19681972G6-2175November 20, 1945Lincoln University of Missouri
Jerry Kelly19471948F6-2172June 14, 1918Marshall University
Ryan Kelly20142017F6-11230April 9, 1991Duke University
Tom Kelly19491949G6-0170March 5, 1924New York University
Greg Kelser19801985F6-7190September 17, 1957Michigan State University
Ben Kelso19741974G6-3195April 11, 1949Central Michigan University
Shawn Kemp19902003F-C6-10230November 26, 1969Trinity Valley Community College
Tim Kempton19871998F-C6-10245January 25, 1964University of Notre Dame
Frank Kendrick19751975F6-6198September 11, 1950Purdue University
Luke Kennard20182019G6-5206June 24, 1996Duke University
D.J. Kennedy20122012F6-6215November 5, 1989St. John's University
Goo Kennedy19721977F-C6-5205August 23, 1949Texas Christian University
Joe Kennedy19691971F6-6210January 12, 1947Duke University
Pickles Kennedy19611961G5-11180May 17, 1938Temple University
Larry Kenon19741983F6-9205December 13, 1952University of Memphis
Billy Kenville19541960G-F6-2187December 1, 1930St. Bonaventure University
Jonathan Kerner19991999C6-11245June 6, 1974Florida State University, East Carolina University
Red Kerr19551966C-F6-9230July 17, 1932University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Steve Kerr19892003G6-3175September 27, 1965University of Arizona
Jack Kerris19501953F-C6-6215January 30, 1925Loyola University of Chicago
Jerome Kersey19852001F6-7215June 26, 1962Longwood University
Tom Kerwin19681968F6-7210July 7, 1944Centenary College of Louisiana
Alec Kessler19911994F-C6-11230January 13, 1967University of Georgia
Lari Ketner20002001F-C6-9277February 1, 1977University of Massachusetts Amherst
Julius Keye19701975F-C6-10200September 5, 1946Alcorn State University
Randolph Keys19891996F-G6-7195April 19, 1966University of Southern Mississippi
Viktor Khryapa20052008F6-9210August 3, 1982
Jason Kidd*19952013G6-4205March 23, 1973University of California
Warren Kidd19941994F6-9235September 9, 1970Middle Tennessee State University
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist20132019F6-7232September 26, 1993University of Kentucky
Irv Kiffin19801980F6-9225August 8, 1951Oklahoma Baptist University
Jack Kiley19521953G6-1170January 5, 1929Syracuse University
Earnie Killum19711971G6-3180June 11, 1948Stetson University
Carl Kilpatrick19801980C6-10230May 16, 1956University of Louisiana at Monroe
Sean Kilpatrick20152018G6-4210January 6, 1990University of Cincinnati
Toby Kimball19671975F-C6-6220September 7, 1942University of Connecticut
Bo Kimble19911993G6-4190April 9, 1966University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount University
Stan Kimbrough19901993G5-11153April 24, 1966University of Central Florida, Xavier University
Chad Kinch19811981G6-4190May 22, 1958University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Albert King19821992F-G6-6190December 17, 1959University of Maryland
Bernard King*19781993F6-7205December 4, 1956University of Tennessee
Chris King19941999F6-8215July 24, 1969Wake Forest University
Dan King19551955F6-6220January 7, 1931Western Kentucky University
Frankie King19961997G6-1185June 6, 1972Western Carolina University
George King19521958G6-0175August 16, 1928University of Charleston
George King20192019G-F6-6225January 15, 1994University of Colorado
Gerard King19992001F6-9230November 25, 1972Nicholls State University
Jim King19641973G6-2175February 7, 1941University of Tulsa
Jimmy King19961997G6-5210August 9, 1973University of Michigan
Loyd King19721973G6-2180May 29, 1949Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Maurice King19601963G6-2195March 12, 1935University of Kansas
Reggie King19801985F6-6225February 14, 1957University of Alabama
Rich King19921995C7-2260April 4, 1969University of Nebraska
Ron King19741974G6-4185July 11, 1951Florida State University
Stacey King19901997F-C6-11230January 29, 1967University of Oklahoma
Tom King19471947G6-0165March 9, 1924University of Michigan
Bob Kinney19491950C-F6-6215September 16, 1920Rice University
Tarence Kinsey20072009G6-6185March 21, 1984University of South Carolina
Andrei Kirilenko20022015F6-9220February 18, 1981
Alex Kirk20152015C7-0245November 14, 1991University of New Mexico
Walt Kirk19491952G-F6-3173September 3, 1924University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wilber Kirkland19701970F6-7190Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Jim Kissane19691969F6-7210August 17, 1946Boston College
Doug Kistler19621962F6-9210March 21, 1938Duke University
Curtis Kitchen19871987F6-9235January 30, 1964University of South Florida
Greg Kite19841995C6-11250August 5, 1961Brigham Young University
Kerry Kittles19972005G6-5179June 12, 1974Villanova University
Maxi Kleber20182019F6-11240January 29, 1992
Joe Kleine19862000C6-11255January 4, 1962University of Notre Dame, University of Arkansas
Linas Kleiza20062013F6-8245January 3, 1985University of Missouri
Leo Klier19491950F-G6-2170May 21, 1923University of Notre Dame
Herm Klotz19481948G5-7150October 21, 1921Villanova University
Duane Klueh19501951G6-3175January 6, 1926Indiana State University
Lonnie Kluttz19711971F6-7220September 17, 1945North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Billy Knight19751985G-F6-6195June 9, 1952University of Pittsburgh
Bob Knight19551955G-F6-2185April 30, 1929
Brandin Knight20052005G6-0180December 16, 1981University of Pittsburgh
Brandon Knight20122019G6-3195December 2, 1991University of Kentucky
Brevin Knight19982009G5-10173November 8, 1975Stanford University
Negele Knight19911999G6-1175March 6, 1967University of Dayton
Ron Knight19711972F6-7215August 4, 1947California State University, Los Angeles
Toby Knight19781982F6-9210May 3, 1955University of Notre Dame
Travis Knight19972003C7-0235September 13, 1974University of Connecticut
Lee Knorek19471950C6-7215July 15, 1921University of Detroit Mercy
Dick Knostman19541954C6-6215August 9, 1931Kansas State University
Rod Knowles19691969F-C6-9215February 27, 1946Davidson College
Kevin Knox20192019F6-9215August 11, 1999University of Kentucky
Bart Kofoed19881993G6-4210March 24, 1964Hastings College, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Don Kojis19641975F6-5215January 15, 1939Marquette University
Milo Komenich19501950F-C6-7212June 22, 1920University of Wyoming
Howard Komives19651974G6-1185May 9, 1941Bowling Green State University
Jon Koncak19861996C-F7-0250May 17, 1963Southern Methodist University
Tom Kondla19691969C6-8225November 30, 1946University of Minnesota
Bud Koper19651965G6-6210August 9, 1942Oklahoma City University
Joe Kopicki19831985F6-9240June 12, 1960University of Detroit Mercy
Furkan Korkmaz20182019G6-7190July 24, 1997
Frank Kornet19901991F6-9225January 27, 1967Vanderbilt University
Luke Kornet20182019F7-1250July 15, 1995Vanderbilt University
Yaroslav Korolev20062007F6-9203May 7, 1987
Kyle Korver20042019G-F6-7212March 17, 1981Creighton University
Tony Koski19691969F6-8215June 26, 1946Providence College
Len Kosmalski19751976C7-0245November 29, 1951University of Tennessee
Andy Kostecka19491949F6-3203February 10, 1921Georgetown University
Harold Kottman19471947C6-8220August 22, 1922Culver-Stockton College
Kosta Koufos20092019C7-0245February 24, 1989Ohio State University
Tom Kozelko19741976F6-8220July 1, 1951University of Toledo
Ronald Kozlicki19681968F6-7215December 12, 1944Northwestern University
Arvid Kramer19801980C6-9220October 2, 1956Augustana College (SD)
Barry Kramer19651970F-G6-4200November 10, 1942New York University
Joel Kramer19791983F-C6-7203November 30, 1955San Diego State University
Steven Kramer19681970G-F6-5200January 1, 1945Brigham Young University
Dan Kraus19491949G6-0195February 13, 1923Georgetown University
Herb Krautblatt19491949G6-1190November 19, 1926Rider University
Viacheslav Kravtsov20132014C7-0260August 25, 1987
Jim Krebs19581964C-F6-8230September 8, 1935Southern Methodist University
Wayne Kreklow19811981G6-4175January 4, 1957Drake University
Tommy Kron19671970G6-5200February 28, 1943University of Kentucky
Tom Kropp19761977G6-3205February 12, 1953University of Nebraska at Kearney
Nenad Krstić20052011C7-0240July 25, 1983
Larry Krystkowiak19871997F-C6-9220September 23, 1964University of Montana
Steve Kuberski19701978F-C6-8215November 6, 1947Bradley University
Leo Kubiak19501950G5-11160December 25, 1927Bowling Green State University
Bruce Kuczenski19841984F6-10230February 3, 1961University of Connecticut
Frank Kudelka19501953G-F6-2193June 25, 1925Saint Mary's College of California
John Kuester19781980G6-2180February 6, 1955University of North Carolina
Ray Kuka19481949F6-3200February 17, 1922University of Notre Dame
Toni Kukoč19942006F6-10192September 18, 1968
Kevin Kunnert19741982C-F7-0230November 11, 1951University of Iowa
Terry Kunze19681968G-F6-4210March 11, 1943University of Minnesota
Mitch Kupchak19771986F-C6-9230May 24, 1954University of North Carolina
C.J. Kupec19761978F-C6-6220January 16, 1953University of Michigan
Rodions Kurucs20192019F6-9210February 5, 1998
Rob Kurz20092009F6-9232March 5, 1985University of Notre Dame
Ibo Kutluay20052005G6-6200July 1, 1974
Kyle Kuzma20182019F6-9220July 24, 1995University of Utah
Ognjen Kuzmić20142015C7-1251May 16, 1990
Mindaugas Kuzminskas20172018F6-9215October 19, 1989
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