NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with S

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Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

408 Players

408 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Arvydas Sabonis*19962003C7-3279December 19, 1964
Domantas Sabonis20172019F-C6-11240May 3, 1996Gonzaga University
Robert Sacre20132016C7-0270June 6, 1989Gonzaga University
Ed Sadowski19471950C6-5240July 11, 1917Seton Hall University
Kenny Sailors19471951G5-10175January 14, 1921University of Wyoming
John Salley19872000F-C6-11230May 16, 1964Georgia Institute of Technology
John Salmons20032015G6-7210December 12, 1979University of Miami
Al Salvadori19681968F6-9220May 6, 1945University of South Carolina
Kevin Salvadori19971998C7-0231December 30, 1970University of North Carolina
Soumaila Samake20012003C7-0230March 18, 1978
Cheikh Samb20082009C7-1245October 22, 1984
Brandon Sampson20192019G6-5184May 1, 1997Louisiana State University
JaKarr Sampson20152019G-F6-9214March 20, 1993St. John's University
Jamal Sampson20032007F-C6-11235May 15, 1983University of California
Ralph Sampson*19841992C-F7-4228July 7, 1960University of Virginia
Samardo Samuels20112013F6-9260January 9, 1989University of Louisville
Pepe Sánchez20012003G6-4195May 8, 1977Temple University
Al Sanders19731973F6-7240January 1, 1950Louisiana State University
Frankie Sanders19791981F-G6-6200January 23, 1957Southern University and A&M College
Jeff Sanders19901993F6-8225January 14, 1966Georgia Southern University
Larry Sanders20112017C-F6-11235November 21, 1988Virginia Commonwealth University
Melvin Sanders20062006G-F6-5210January 3, 1981Seward County Community College, Oklahoma State University
Mike Sanders19831993F-G6-6210May 7, 1960University of California, Los Angeles
Tom Sanders*19611973F6-6210November 8, 1938New York University
Ron Sanford19721972F6-9215June 11, 1946University of New Mexico
Daniel Santiago20012005C7-1256June 24, 1976University of New Mexico, Saint Vincent College
Bob Santini19561956F6-5190February 17, 1935Iona College
Wayne Sappleton19851985F6-9215November 17, 1960Loyola University of Chicago
Dario Šarić20172019F6-10223April 8, 1994
Jason Sasser19971999F6-7225January 13, 1974Texas Tech University
Jeryl Sasser20022003G6-6200February 13, 1979Southern Methodist University
Tomáš Satoranský20172019G6-7210October 30, 1991
Kenny Satterfield20022003G6-2186April 10, 1981University of Cincinnati
Pep Saul19501955G-F6-2185February 16, 1924Seton Hall University
Woody Sauldsberry19581966F-C6-7220July 11, 1934Texas Southern University
Glynn Saulters19691969G6-2175February 10, 1945University of Louisiana at Monroe
Fred Saunders19751978F6-7210June 13, 1951Syracuse University
Don Savage19521957F-G6-3205April 9, 1928LeMoyne College
Predrag Savović20032003G6-6225May 21, 1976University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Hawaii
Alan Sawyer19511951F6-5195January 1, 1928University of California, Los Angeles
Brian Scalabrine20022012F6-9241March 18, 1978University of Southern California
Alex Scales20062006G6-4185July 3, 1978University of Oregon
DeWayne Scales19811984F6-8208December 28, 1958Louisiana State University
Frank Schade19731973G6-1170January 22, 1950University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Ben Schadler19481948F6-0185March 9, 1924Northwestern University
Herm Schaefer19491950G-F6-0175December 20, 1918Indiana University
Billy Schaeffer19741976F6-5200December 11, 1951St. John's University
Bob Schafer19561957G6-3195Villanova University
Ben Scharnus19471949F6-2173December 11, 1917Seton Hall University
Marv Schatzman19501950F6-5200February 18, 1927Saint Louis University
Fred Schaus19501954F6-5205June 30, 1925West Virginia University
Danny Schayes19821999C-F6-11235May 10, 1959Syracuse University
Dolph Schayes*19501964F-C6-8220May 19, 1928New York University
Ossie Schectman19471947G6-0175March 30, 1919Long Island University
Steve Scheffler19911997C-F6-9250September 3, 1967Purdue University
Tom Scheffler19851985C6-11240October 27, 1954Purdue University
Dave Schellhase19671968G6-3205October 14, 1944Purdue University
Luke Schenscher20062007C7-1255December 31, 1982Georgia Institute of Technology
Herb Scherer19511952C6-9212December 21, 1928Long Island University
Dwayne Schintzius19911999C7-1260October 14, 1968University of Florida
Dale Schlueter19691978C6-10225November 12, 1945Colorado State University
Otto Schnellbacher19491949F-G6-4185April 15, 1923University of Kansas
Dick Schnittker19511958F6-5200May 27, 1928Ohio State University
Russ Schoene19831989F-C6-10210April 16, 1960University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Dave Scholz19701970F6-8220April 12, 1948University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Milt Schoon19471950C6-7230February 25, 1922Valparaiso University
Detlef Schrempf19862001F-C6-9214January 21, 1963University of Washington
Dennis Schröder20142019G6-1172September 15, 1993
Howie Schultz19501953C-F6-6200July 3, 1922Hamline University
Dick Schulz19471950F-G6-2192January 3, 1917University of Wisconsin
Roger Schurig19681968G6-3185April 3, 1942Vanderbilt University
John Schweitz19851987G6-6210April 19, 1960University of Richmond
Luis Scola20082017F6-9240April 30, 1980
Fred Scolari19471955G5-10180March 1, 1922University of San Francisco
Alvin Scott19781985F-G6-7185September 14, 1955Oral Roberts University
Brent Scott19971997F-C6-10250June 15, 1971Rice University
Byron Scott19841997G6-3195March 28, 1961Arizona State University
Charlie Scott*19711980G-F6-5175December 15, 1948University of North Carolina
Dennis Scott19912000F6-8229September 5, 1968Georgia Institute of Technology
James Scott19971997F6-6180June 6, 1972St. John's University
Mike Scott20132019F6-8237July 16, 1988University of Virginia
Ray Scott19621972F-C6-9215July 12, 1938University of Portland
Shawnelle Scott19972002C6-10250June 16, 1972St. John's University
Willie Scott19701970F6-5210May 22, 1947Alabama State University
Paul Scranton19681968F6-5230April 30, 1944California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Carey Scurry19861988F6-7188December 4, 1962Long Island University
Bruce Seals19741978F6-8210June 18, 1953Xavier University of Louisiana
Shea Seals19981998G6-5210August 26, 1975University of Tulsa
Malik Sealy19932000G6-8190February 1, 1970St. John's University
Ed Searcy19761976F6-6210April 17, 1952St. John's University
Kenny Sears19561964F6-9198August 17, 1933Santa Clara University
Wayne See19501950G6-3190November 3, 1923Northern Arizona University
Thabo Sefolosha20072019G-F6-7220May 2, 1984
Rony Seikaly19891999C6-11230May 10, 1965Syracuse University
Glen Selbo19501950G-F6-3196March 29, 1926University of Wisconsin
Josh Selby20122013G6-2183March 27, 1991University of Kansas
Wayne Selden20172019G-F6-5230September 30, 1994University of Kansas
Brad Sellers19871993C-F7-0210December 17, 1962University of Wisconsin, Ohio State University
Phil Sellers19771977F-G6-4195November 20, 1953Rutgers University
Rollie Seltz19501950G-F5-10165January 25, 1924Hamline University
Lester Selvage19681970G6-1175March 7, 1943Truman State University
Frank Selvy19551964G-F6-3180November 9, 1932Furman University
Jim Seminoff19471950G-F6-2190September 1, 1922University of Southern California
Mouhamed Sene20072009C-F6-11230May 12, 1986
George Senesky19471954G6-2179April 4, 1922Saint Joseph's University
Kevin Séraphin20112017F6-9285December 7, 1989
Ansu Sesay20022005F6-9225July 29, 1976University of Mississippi
Ramon Sessions20082018G6-3190April 11, 1986University of Nevada, Reno
Ha Seung-Jin20052006C7-3305August 4, 1985
Tom Sewell19851985G6-5185March 11, 1962Lamar University
Collin Sexton20192019G6-2190January 4, 1999University of Alabama
Paul Seymour19481960G-F6-1180January 30, 1928University of Toledo
Nick Shaback19471947G5-11180September 10, 1918
Lynn Shackelford19701970F6-5190August 27, 1947University of California, Los Angeles
Charles Shackleford19891999F-C6-10225April 22, 1966North Carolina State University
Carl Shaeffer19501951F-G6-3185October 25, 1924University of Alabama
Lee Shaffer19621964F6-7220February 23, 1939University of North Carolina
Mustafa Shakur20112014G6-3190August 18, 1984University of Arizona
Landry Shamet20192019G6-5188March 13, 1997Wichita State University
God Shammgod19981998G6-0169April 29, 1976Providence College
Earl Shannon19471949G-F5-11170November 23, 1921University of Rhode Island
Howie Shannon19491950G-F6-2175June 10, 1923Kansas State University
Chuck Share19521960C6-11235March 14, 1927Bowling Green State University
Bill Sharman*19511961G6-1175May 25, 1926University of Southern California
Walter Sharpe20092009F6-9245July 18, 1986Mississippi State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham
John Shasky19891991C6-11235July 31, 1964University of Minnesota
Ron Shavlik19571958F6-8200December 4, 1933North Carolina State University
Brian Shaw19892003G6-6190March 22, 1966Saint Mary's College of California, University of California, Santa Barbara
Casey Shaw19991999C6-11260July 20, 1975University of Toledo
Bob Shea19471947F6-2194September 11, 1924University of Rhode Island
Fred Sheffield19471947F6-2165November 5, 1923University of Utah
Craig Shelton19811982F6-7210May 1, 1957Georgetown University
Lonnie Shelton19771986F-C6-8240October 19, 1955Oregon State University
Tornike Shengelia20132014F6-9217October 5, 1991
Billy Shepherd19731975G5-10160November 18, 1949Butler University
Jeff Sheppard19991999G6-3190September 29, 1974University of Kentucky
Steve Sheppard19781979F6-6215March 21, 1954University of Maryland
Ed Sherod19831983G6-2170September 13, 1959Virginia Commonwealth University
Charley Shipp19501950G-F6-1200December 3, 1913Catholic University of America
Paul Shirley20032005F-C6-10230December 23, 1977Iowa State University
Gene Short19761976F6-6200August 7, 1953Jackson State University
Purvis Short19791990F-G6-7210July 2, 1957Jackson State University
Dexter Shouse19901990G6-2200March 24, 1963University of South Alabama
Dick Shrider19491949G6-2190February 7, 1923Ohio University
Gene Shue19551964G6-2170December 18, 1931University of Maryland
John Shumate19761981F-C6-9235April 6, 1952University of Notre Dame
Iman Shumpert20122019G6-5215June 26, 1990Georgia Institute of Technology
Alexey Shved20132015G6-6190December 16, 1988
Pascal Siakam20172019F6-9230April 2, 1994New Mexico State University
Jordan Sibert20192019G6-4187August 1, 1992Ohio State University, University of Dayton
Sam Sibert19731973F6-7215February 11, 1949Kentucky State University
Mark Sibley19741974G6-2175November 13, 1950Northwestern University
Jerry Sichting19811990G6-1168November 29, 1956Purdue University
Donald Sidle19691972F-C6-8215June 21, 1946University of Oklahoma
Larry Siegfried19641972F6-3190May 22, 1939Ohio State University
Ralph Siewert19471947C7-1230December 31, 1923Dakota Wesleyan University
Jack Sikma*19781991C-F6-11230November 14, 1955Illinois Wesleyan University
James Silas19731982G6-1180February 11, 1949Stephen F. Austin State University
Paul Silas19651980F-C6-7220July 12, 1943Creighton University
Xavier Silas20122018G6-5205January 22, 1988University of Colorado, Northern Illinois University
Garret Siler20112011C6-11305October 25, 1986Augusta State University
Mike Silliman19711971F6-6225May 5, 1944United States Military Academy
Wayne Simien20062007F6-9255March 9, 1983University of Kansas
Ben Simmons20182019G-F6-10230July 20, 1996Louisiana State University
Bobby Simmons20022012G-F6-7210June 2, 1980DePaul University
Cedric Simmons20072009F6-9235January 3, 1986North Carolina State University
Connie Simmons19471956C-F6-8222March 15, 1925
Grant Simmons19681969G6-3190March 7, 1943University of Nebraska
Johnny Simmons19471947G6-1184July 7, 1924New York University
Jonathon Simmons20162019G-F6-6195September 14, 1989University of Houston
Kobi Simmons20182019G6-5166July 4, 1997University of Arizona
Lionel Simmons19911997F6-7210November 14, 1968La Salle University
Miles Simon19991999G6-3202November 21, 1975University of Arizona
Walter Simon19681974F-G6-6200December 1, 1939Benedict College
Anfernee Simons20192019G6-4185June 8, 1999
Dickey Simpkins19952002F6-9248April 6, 1972Providence College
Ralph Simpson19711980G-F6-5200August 10, 1949Michigan State University
Alvin Sims19991999G6-4235October 18, 1974University of Louisville
Bob Sims19621968G-F6-5220October 9, 1938Pepperdine University
Courtney Sims20082009C6-10245October 21, 1983University of Michigan
Doug Sims19691969F6-7195June 29, 1943Kent State University
Henry Sims20132016C6-10248March 27, 1990Georgetown University
Scott Sims19781978G6-1170April 18, 1955University of Missouri
Kyle Singler20132018F6-8228May 4, 1988Duke University
Sean Singletary20092009G6-0185September 6, 1985University of Virginia
Chris Singleton20122014F6-8230November 21, 1989Florida State University
James Singleton20062012F6-8216July 20, 1981Murray State University
McKinley Singleton19871987G6-5175October 29, 1961University of Alabama at Birmingham
Zeke Sinicola19521954G5-10165January 25, 1929Niagara University
Charlie Sitton19851985F6-8210July 3, 1962Oregon State University
Peyton Siva20142014G6-0185October 24, 1990University of Louisville
Scott Skiles19871996G6-1180March 5, 1964Michigan State University
Al Skinner19751980G6-3190June 16, 1952University of Massachusetts Amherst
Brian Skinner19992012F6-9255May 19, 1976Baylor University
Tal Skinner19751976F-G6-5195September 10, 1952University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Whitey Skoog19521957G5-11180November 2, 1926University of Minnesota
Jeff Slade19631963F6-6220March 1, 1941Kenyon College
Reggie Slater19952003F6-7215August 27, 1970University of Wyoming
Jim Slaughter19521952C6-11210May 13, 1928University of South Carolina
Jose Slaughter19831983G6-5205September 9, 1960University of Portland
Tamar Slay20032005G6-8215April 2, 1980Marshall University
Donald Sloan20122016G6-3205January 15, 1988Texas A&M University
Jerry Sloan*19661976G-F6-5195March 28, 1942University of Evansville
Uroš Slokar20072007F6-10238May 14, 1983
Tom Sluby19851985G6-4200February 18, 1962University of Notre Dame
Keith Smart19891989G6-1175September 21, 1964Indiana University
Marcus Smart20152019G6-4220March 6, 1994Oklahoma State University
Belus Smawley19471952G-F6-1195March 20, 1918Appalachian State University
Jack Smiley19491950F-G6-3190December 22, 1922University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Adrian Smith19621972G6-1180October 5, 1936University of Kentucky
Al Smith19721976G6-1185January 15, 1947Bradley University
Bill Smith19621962G-F6-5190April 26, 1939Saint Peter's College
Bingo Smith19701980F-G6-5195February 26, 1946University of Tulsa
Bobby Smith19601962G6-4190August 20, 1937West Virginia University
Charles Smith19891997F-C6-10230July 16, 1965University of Pittsburgh
Charles Smith19901996G6-1160November 29, 1967Georgetown University
Charles Smith19982006G6-4194August 22, 1975University of New Mexico
Chris Smith19931995G6-3190May 17, 1970University of Connecticut
Chris Smith20142014G6-2200October 13, 1987Manhattan College, University of Louisville
Clinton Smith19871991F6-6210January 19, 1964Ohio State University, Cleveland State University
Craig Smith20072012F6-7250November 10, 1983Boston College
Deb Smith19471947F6-3180January 7, 1920University of Utah
Dennis Smith20182019G6-3195November 25, 1997North Carolina State University
Derek Smith19831991G-F6-6205November 1, 1961University of Louisville
Don Smith19491949G-F6-2190July 27, 1920University of Minnesota
Don Smith19751975G6-0160October 10, 1951University of Dayton
Donta Smith20052006G-F6-7215November 27, 1983Southeastern Illinois College
Doug Smith19921996F6-10220September 17, 1969University of Missouri
Ed Smith19541954F6-6180July 5, 1929Harvard University
Elmore Smith19721979C7-0250May 9, 1949Kentucky State University
Garfield Smith19711973C-F6-9235November 18, 1945Eastern Kentucky University
Greg Smith19691976F6-5195January 28, 1947Western Kentucky University
Greg Smith20122016C6-10250January 8, 1991California State University, Fresno
Ish Smith20112019G6-0175July 5, 1988Wake Forest University
J.R. Smith20052019G-F6-6225September 9, 1985
Jabari Smith20012005C6-11250February 12, 1977Louisiana State University
Jason Smith20082019F-C7-0240March 2, 1986Colorado State University
Jerry Smith20122012G6-2190September 26, 1987University of Louisville
Jim Smith19821983F6-9225April 12, 1958Ohio State University
Joe Smith19962011F6-10225July 26, 1975University of Maryland
John Smith19691970C7-0235May 24, 1944University of Southern Colorado
Josh Smith20052018F6-9225December 5, 1985
Keith Smith19871987G6-3180March 9, 1964Loyola Marymount University
Ken Smith19761976F6-7185July 12, 1953University of Tulsa
Kenny Smith19881997G6-3170March 8, 1965University of North Carolina
LaBradford Smith19921994G6-3200April 3, 1969University of Louisville
Larry Smith19811993F-C6-8215January 18, 1958Alcorn State University
Leon Smith20022004C6-10235November 2, 1980
Michael Smith19901995F6-10225May 19, 1965Brigham Young University
Michael Smith19952001F6-8230March 28, 1972Providence College
Mike Smith20012001F6-8195April 15, 1976University of Louisiana at Monroe
Nolan Smith20122013G6-2185July 25, 1988Duke University
Otis Smith19871992G-F6-5210January 30, 1964Jacksonville University
Pete Smith19731973F6-6205Valdosta State University
Phil Smith19751983G6-4185April 22, 1952University of San Francisco
Randy Smith19721983G-F6-3180December 12, 1948State University of New York College at Buffalo
Reggie Smith19931994C6-10240August 21, 1970Texas Christian University
Robert Smith19781985G5-11165March 10, 1955University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Russ Smith20152016G6-0165April 19, 1991University of Louisville
Sam Smith19681971F6-7230January 27, 1944Kentucky Wesleyan College
Sam Smith19791980G6-4200January 8, 1955University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Steve Smith19922005G6-7200March 31, 1969Michigan State University
Steven Smith20072007F6-8235April 12, 1983La Salle University
Stevin Smith19971997G6-2208January 24, 1972Arizona State University
Theron Smith20042005F6-8225October 3, 1980Ball State University
Tony Smith19912001G6-3185June 14, 1968Marquette University
William Smith19721973C7-0220February 14, 1949Syracuse University
Willie Smith19771980G6-2170October 26, 1953University of Missouri
Zhaire Smith20192019G6-4199June 4, 1999Texas Tech University
Rik Smits19892000C7-4250August 23, 1966Marist College
Mike Smrek19861992C7-0250August 31, 1962Canisius College
Joe Smyth19541954F6-3215May 22, 1929Niagara University
Tony Snell20142019G-F6-7213November 10, 1991University of New Mexico
Eric Snow19962008G6-3190April 24, 1973Michigan State University
Dick Snyder19671979G-F6-5207February 1, 1944Davidson College
Kirk Snyder20052008G6-6225June 5, 1983University of Nevada, Reno
Chips Sobek19501950G-F6-0180February 10, 1920University of Notre Dame
Ricky Sobers19761986G6-3198January 15, 1953University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ron Sobie19571960G6-3185September 21, 1934DePaul University
Mike Sojourner19751977C-F6-9225October 16, 1953University of Utah
Willie Sojourner19721975C-F6-8225September 10, 1948Weber State University
Will Solomon20022009G6-1185July 20, 1978Clemson University
Willie Somerset19661969G5-8170March 17, 1942Duquesne University
Darius Songaila20042011F6-9248February 14, 1978Wake Forest University
Dave Sorenson19711973F6-8225July 8, 1948Ohio State University
James Southerland20142014F6-8215April 28, 1990Syracuse University
Gino Sovran19471947F-G6-2175December 17, 1924University of Detroit Mercy
Pape Sow20052007F6-10250November 22, 1981California State University, Fullerton
Ken Spain19711971C6-9225October 6, 1946University of Houston
Ray Spalding20192019F6-10215March 11, 1997University of Louisville
Jim Spanarkel19801984G-F6-5190June 28, 1957Duke University
Vassilis Spanoulis20072007G6-4195August 7, 1982
Daniel Sparks19691970F6-8200April 17, 1945Weber State University
Guy Sparrow19581960F6-6218November 2, 1932University of Detroit Mercy
Rory Sparrow19811992G6-2175June 12, 1958Villanova University
Odie Spears19491957G6-5205June 17, 1924Western Kentucky University
Art Spector19471950F6-4200October 17, 1920Villanova University
Marreese Speights20092018C-F6-10255August 4, 1987University of Florida
Omari Spellman20192019F6-9245July 21, 1997Villanova University
Andre Spencer19931994F6-6210July 20, 1964Northern Arizona University
Elmore Spencer19931997C7-0270December 6, 1969University of Georgia, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Felton Spencer19912002C7-0265January 15, 1968University of Louisville
Lou Spicer19471947F6-2195November 12, 1922Syracuse University
Craig Spitzer19681968C7-0225December 18, 1945Tulane University
Tiago Splitter20112017F-C6-11245January 1, 1985
Art Spoelstra19551958C6-9220September 11, 1932Western Kentucky University
Bruce Spraggins19681968F6-5188Virginia Union University
Latrell Sprewell19932005G6-5190September 8, 1970University of Alabama
Larry Spriggs19821986F6-7230September 8, 1959Howard University
Jim Springer19491949C6-9235June 17, 1926
Jim Spruill19491949G6-2225February 26, 1923Rice University
Ryan Stack19992000F6-11215July 24, 1975University of South Carolina
Jerry Stackhouse19962013G-F6-6218November 5, 1974University of North Carolina
Kevin Stacom19751982G6-3185September 4, 1951College of the Holy Cross, Providence College
Erv Staggs19701970F-G6-6195September 1, 1948Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Bud Stallworth19731977F-G6-5190January 18, 1950University of Kansas
Dave Stallworth19661975F-C6-7200December 20, 1941Wichita State University
Ed Stanczak19501951F6-1185August 15, 1921
Terence Stansbury19851987G6-5170February 27, 1961Temple University
John Starks19892002G6-3180August 10, 1965Oklahoma State University
Keith Starr19771977G-F6-6190March 14, 1954University of Pittsburgh
Nik Stauskas20152019G6-6205October 7, 1993University of Michigan
Larry Staverman19591964F6-7205October 11, 1936Thomas More College
Larry Steele19721980G-F6-5180May 5, 1949University of Kentucky
Matt Steigenga19971997F6-7225March 27, 1970Michigan State University
Vladimir Stepania19992004C7-0236May 8, 1976
D.J. Stephens20142019G-F6-5188December 19, 1990University of Memphis
Everette Stephens19891991G6-2175October 21, 1966Purdue University
Jack Stephens19561956G-F6-3185May 18, 1933University of Notre Dame
Joe Stephens19972000F6-7210January 28, 1973University of Colorado, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Lance Stephenson20112019G-F6-6230September 5, 1990University of Cincinnati
Alex Stepheson20162016F6-10270August 7, 1987University of North Carolina, University of Southern California
Brook Steppe19831989G-F6-5195November 7, 1959Georgia Institute of Technology
Barry Stevens19931993G-F6-5195January 17, 1963Iowa State University
Wayne Stevens19601960F6-3185June 19, 1936University of Cincinnati
DeShawn Stevenson20012013G6-5210April 3, 1981
Dennis Stewart19711971F6-6220April 11, 1947University of Michigan
Kebu Stewart19981998F6-8239December 19, 1973University of Nevada, Las Vegas, California State University, Bakersfield
Larry Stewart19921997F6-8220September 21, 1968Coppin State University
Michael Stewart19982005C6-10230April 25, 1975University of California
Norm Stewart19571957F6-5205January 20, 1935University of Missouri
Greg Stiemsma20122015C6-11260September 26, 1985University of Wisconsin
Steve Stipanovich19841988C6-11245November 17, 1960University of Missouri
Bryant Stith19932002G6-5208December 10, 1970University of Virginia
Sam Stith19621962G6-2185July 22, 1937St. Bonaventure University
Tom Stith19631963F6-5210January 21, 1939St. Bonaventure University
Alex Stivrins19861993F6-8220November 29, 1962Creighton University, University of Colorado
David Stockton20152018G5-11165June 24, 1991Gonzaga University
John Stockton*19852003G6-1170March 26, 1962Gonzaga University
Peja Stojaković19992011F-G6-9220June 9, 1977
Ed Stokes19981998C7-0264September 3, 1971University of Arizona
Greg Stokes19861990F-C6-10220August 5, 1963University of Iowa
Jarnell Stokes20152017F-C6-9263January 7, 1994University of Tennessee
Maurice Stokes*19561958F-C6-7232June 17, 1933Saint Francis University
Art Stolkey19471947G6-1180October 23, 1920University of Detroit Mercy
Randy Stoll19681968C6-7235Washington State University
Diamond Stone20172017C6-11255February 10, 1997University of Maryland
George Stone19691972F6-7195February 9, 1946Marshall University
Julyan Stone20122018G6-6200December 7, 1988University of Texas at El Paso
Awvee Storey20052008G-F6-6222April 18, 1977University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Arizona State University
Damon Stoudamire19962008G5-10171September 3, 1973University of Arizona
Salim Stoudamire20062008G6-1179October 11, 1982University of Arizona
Amar'e Stoudemire20032016F-C6-10245November 16, 1982
Paul Stovall19731974F6-4215August 16, 1948Arizona State University
D.J. Strawberry20082008G6-5201June 15, 1985University of Maryland
Joe Strawder19661968C6-10235September 21, 1940Bradley University
Bill Stricker19711971F6-9210January 22, 1948University of the Pacific
Erick Strickland19972005G6-3210November 25, 1973University of Nebraska
Mark Strickland19952003F6-9210July 14, 1970Temple University
Rod Strickland19892005G6-3175July 11, 1966DePaul University
Roger Strickland19641964F6-5200September 4, 1940Jacksonville University
John Stroeder19881989F6-10260July 24, 1958University of Montana
Derek Strong19922001F6-8220February 9, 1968Xavier University
Lamont Strothers19921993G6-4190May 10, 1968Christopher Newport University
John Stroud19811981F6-7215October 29, 1957University of Mississippi
Red Stroud19681968G6-0160May 2, 1941Mississippi State University
Rodney Stuckey20082017G6-5210April 21, 1986Eastern Washington University
Gene Stump19481950F-G6-2185November 13, 1923DePaul University
Stan Stutz19471949G-F5-10170April 14, 1920University of Rhode Island
Gary Suiter19711971C-F6-9225January 18, 1945Midwestern State University
Jared Sullinger20132017F6-9260March 4, 1992Ohio State University
DaJuan Summers20102013F6-8230January 24, 1988Georgetown University
Edmond Sumner20182019G6-6176December 31, 1995Xavier University
Barry Sumpter19891989F-C6-11215November 11, 1965University of Louisville, Austin Peay State University
Don Sunderlage19541955G6-1180December 20, 1929University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bruno Šundov19992005C7-2220February 10, 1980
Jon Sundvold19841992G6-2170July 2, 1961University of Missouri
Bob Sura19962005G6-5200March 25, 1973Florida State University
Dick Surhoff19531954F6-4210November 16, 1929Long Island University
George Sutor19681970C6-8235September 14, 1943La Salle University
Dane Suttle19841985G6-3190August 9, 1961Pepperdine University
Greg Sutton19921996G6-2170December 3, 1967Oral Roberts University
Keith Swagerty19691970F6-7235October 30, 1945University of the Pacific
Bennie Swain19591959F6-8220December 16, 1933Texas Southern University
Caleb Swanigan20182019F6-9250April 18, 1997Purdue University
Norm Swanson19541954F6-6210October 4, 1930University of Detroit Mercy
Dan Swartz19631963F6-4215December 23, 1934Morehead State University
Mike Sweetney20042007F6-8275October 25, 1982Georgetown University
Robert Swift20052009C7-0245December 3, 1985
Skeeter Swift19701974G6-3204June 19, 1946East Tennessee State University
Stromile Swift20012009F6-9225November 21, 1979Louisiana State University
Aaron Swinson19951995F6-5230January 9, 1971Auburn University
Pape Sy20112011F6-7225April 5, 1988
Buck Sydnor19471947G5-10175September 19, 1921Western Kentucky University
Larry Sykes19961996F6-9255April 11, 1973Xavier University
Brett Szabo19971997C6-11230February 1, 1968Augustana College (SD)
Wally Szczerbiak20002009F6-7244March 5, 1977Miami University
Walt Szczerbiak19721972F6-6210August 21, 1949George Washington University
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