NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with M

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* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

436 Players

436 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Sheldon Mac20172017G6-5200December 21, 1992University of Miami
Mike Macaluso19741974F6-5210July 20, 1951Canisius College
Ed Macauley*19501959C-F6-8185March 22, 1928Saint Louis University
Todd MacCulloch20002003C7-0280January 27, 1976University of Washington
Ronnie MacGilvray19551955G6-2185July 20, 1930St. John's University
Scott Machado20132019G6-1205June 8, 1990Iona College
Arvydas Macijauskas20062006G6-4214January 19, 1980
Ollie Mack19801982G6-3185June 6, 1957East Carolina University
Sam Mack19932002F-G6-7220May 26, 1970Iowa State University, Tyler Junior College, University of Houston
Shelvin Mack20122019G6-3203April 22, 1990Butler University
Malcolm Mackey19941994F-C6-9248July 11, 1970Georgia Institute of Technology
Rudy Macklin19821984F-G6-7205February 19, 1958Louisiana State University
Vernon Macklin20122012F6-10227September 20, 1986Georgetown University, University of Florida
Johnny Macknowski19501951G-F6-0180January 7, 1923Seton Hall University
Don MacLean19932001F6-10235January 16, 1970University of California, Los Angeles
Daryl Macon20192019G6-3185November 29, 1995University of Arkansas
Mark Macon19921999G6-5185April 14, 1969Temple University
J.P. Macura20192019G6-5205June 5, 1995Xavier University
Kyle Macy19811987G6-3175April 9, 1957Purdue University, University of Kentucky
Jack Maddox19491949F-G6-3185December 10, 1919West Texas A&M University
Tito Maddox20032003G6-4190June 7, 1981California State University, Fresno
Gerald Madkins19941998G6-4200April 18, 1969University of California, Los Angeles
Mark Madsen20012009F6-9240January 28, 1976Stanford University
Norm Mager19511951F6-5185March 23, 1926City College of New York
Josh Magette20182018G6-1160November 28, 1989Alabama - Huntsville
Corey Maggette20002013F6-6218November 12, 1979Duke University
Dave Magley19831983F6-8202November 24, 1959University of Kansas
Jamaal Magloire20012012C6-11259May 21, 1978University of Kentucky
Randolph Mahaffey19681971F6-7210September 28, 1945Clemson University
Ian Mahinmi20082019C6-11262November 5, 1986
John Mahnken19471953C6-8220June 16, 1922Georgetown University
Brian Mahoney19731973G6-3175December 17, 1948Manhattan College
Mo Mahoney19531954F6-2205November 20, 1927Brown University
Rick Mahorn19811999C-F6-10240September 21, 1958Hampton University
Dan Majerle19892002G-F6-6215September 9, 1965Central Michigan University
Renaldo Major20072007F6-7200May 7, 1982South Plains College, California State University, Fresno
Thon Maker20172019F-C7-1221February 25, 1997
Lionel Malamed19491949G5-9150November 15, 1924City College of New York
Jeff Malone19841996G6-4205June 28, 1961Mississippi State University
Karl Malone*19862004F6-9250July 24, 1963Louisiana Tech University
Moses Malone*19751995C-F6-10215March 23, 1955
Matt Maloney19972003G6-3192December 6, 1971Vanderbilt University, University of Pennsylvania
Steve Malovic19801980F6-10230July 21, 1956University of Southern California, San Diego State University
Mike Maloy19711973F6-7215May 10, 1949Davidson College
Ted Manakas19741974G6-2180February 22, 1951Princeton University
John Mandic19491950F-C6-4205October 3, 1919Oregon State University
Frank Mangiapane19471947G5-10195August 5, 1925New York University
Danny Manning19892003F-C6-10230May 17, 1966University of Kansas
Ed Manning19681976F6-7210January 2, 1944Jackson State University
Guy Manning19681969F6-6195February 4, 1944Prairie View A&M University
Rich Manning19961997C6-11253June 23, 1970Syracuse University, University of Washington
Pace Mannion19841989G6-7190September 22, 1960University of Utah
Nick Mantis19601963G6-3190December 7, 1935Northwestern University
Pete Maravich*19711980G6-5197June 22, 1947Louisiana State University
Press Maravich19471947G6-0185August 20, 1920Davis & Elkins College
Devyn Marble20152016G-F6-6200September 21, 1992University of Iowa
Roy Marble19901994G-F6-6190December 13, 1966University of Iowa
Stephon Marbury19972009G6-2180February 20, 1977Georgia Institute of Technology
Sarunas Marciulionis*19901997G6-5200June 13, 1964
Saul Mariaschin19481948G5-11165September 1, 1924Harvard University
Jack Marin19671977F-G6-7200October 12, 1944Duke University
Shawn Marion20002015F6-7220May 7, 1978University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Boban Marjanovic20162019C7-3290August 15, 1988
Lauri Markkanen20182019F-C7-0240May 22, 1997University of Arizona
Damir Markota20072007C6-10225December 26, 1985
Sean Marks19992011F-C6-10250August 23, 1975University of California
Harvey Marlatt19711973G6-3185August 26, 1948Eastern Michigan University
Jim Marsh19721972F6-7215April 26, 1946University of Southern California
Ricky Marsh19781978G6-3200March 10, 1954Manhattan College
Donny Marshall19962003F6-7230July 17, 1972University of Connecticut
Donyell Marshall19952009F6-9218May 18, 1973University of Connecticut
Kendall Marshall20132016G6-4200August 19, 1991University of North Carolina
Rawle Marshall20062007G-F6-9190February 20, 1982Ball State University, Oakland University
Tom Marshall19551959F-G6-4215January 6, 1931Western Kentucky University
Vester Marshall19741974F6-7200December 22, 1948University of Oklahoma
Bill Martin19861988F6-7205August 16, 1962Georgetown University
Bob Martin19941995C7-0250October 7, 1969University of Minnesota
Brian Martin19861986F6-9212August 18, 1962University of Kansas
Cartier Martin20092015F6-7220November 20, 1984Kansas State University
Cuonzo Martin19961997G-F6-5213September 23, 1971Purdue University
Darrick Martin19952008G5-11170March 6, 1971University of California, Los Angeles
Dino Martin19471948G5-8160May 25, 1920Georgetown University
Don Martin19471949C-F6-7210February 7, 1920Central Missouri State University
Fernando Martin19871987C6-9220March 25, 1962
Jarell Martin20162019F6-10239May 24, 1994Louisiana State University
Jeff Martin19901991G6-5195January 14, 1967Murray State University
Kenyon Martin20012015F6-9234December 30, 1977University of Cincinnati
Kevin Martin20052016G6-7199February 1, 1983Western Carolina University
LaRue Martin19731976C6-11208March 30, 1950Loyola University of Chicago
Maurice Martin19871988F-G6-6200July 2, 1964Saint Joseph's University
Phil Martin19551955G6-3190April 2, 1928University of Toledo
Slater Martin*19501960G5-10170October 22, 1925University of Texas at Austin
Whitey Martin19621962G6-2185April 11, 1939St. Bonaventure University
Jamal Mashburn19942004F6-8240November 29, 1972University of Kentucky
Al Masino19531954G5-10174February 5, 1928Canisius College
Anthony Mason19902003F6-7250December 14, 1966Tennessee State University
Desmond Mason20012010F6-7224October 11, 1977Oklahoma State University
Frank Mason20182019G5-11190April 3, 1994University of Kansas
Roger Mason20032014G6-5200September 10, 1980University of Virginia
Tony Massenburg19912005F6-9220July 31, 1967University of Maryland
Eddie Mast19711973F-C6-9220October 3, 1948Temple University
Yante Maten20192019F6-8240August 14, 1996University of Georgia
Mangok Mathiang20182018C-F6-10230October 8, 1992University of Louisville
Johnny Mathis19681968F6-6220July 14, 1943Savannah State University
Wes Matthews19811990G6-1170August 24, 1959University of Wisconsin
Wesley Matthews20102019G6-5220October 14, 1986Marquette University
Ariel Maughan19471951F6-4190February 23, 1923Utah State University
Marlon Maxey19931994F6-8250February 19, 1969University of Minnesota, University of Texas at El Paso
Jason Maxiell20062015F6-7260February 18, 1983University of Cincinnati
Cedric Maxwell19781988F6-8205November 21, 1955University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Vernon Maxwell19892001G6-4180September 12, 1965University of Florida
Don May19691975F6-4200January 3, 1946University of Dayton
Scott May19771983F6-7215March 19, 1954Indiana University
Sean May20062010F6-9266April 4, 1984University of North Carolina
Lee Mayberry19931999G6-1172June 12, 1970University of Arkansas
Clyde Mayes19761977F6-8225March 17, 1953Furman University
Tharon Mayes19921992G6-3175September 9, 1968Florida State University
Bill Mayfield19811981F6-7205October 17, 1957University of Iowa
Ken Mayfield19761976G6-2185May 11, 1948Tuskegee University
Eric Maynor20102014G6-3175June 11, 1987Virginia Commonwealth University
O.J. Mayo20092016G6-5210November 5, 1987University of Southern California
Travis Mays19911993G6-2190June 19, 1968University of Texas at Austin
Matt Mazza19501950F6-3210September 23, 1923Michigan State University
Luc Mbah a Moute20092019F6-8230September 9, 1986University of California, Los Angeles
Bob McAdoo*19731986C-F6-9210September 25, 1951University of North Carolina
James Michael McAdoo20152018F6-9230January 4, 1993University of North Carolina
Ken McBride19551955G-F6-3190University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Tahjere McCall20192019G6-5195August 17, 1994Tennessee State University
Ray McCallum20142016G6-3190June 12, 1991University of Detroit Mercy
Bob McCann19901998F6-6244April 22, 1964Upsala College, Morehead State University
Brendan McCann19581960G6-2178July 5, 1935St. Bonaventure University
Mel McCants19901990F6-8240August 19, 1967Purdue University
Rashad McCants20062009G6-4207September 25, 1984University of North Carolina
Mike McCarron19471950G5-11180March 2, 1922Seton Hall University
Andre McCarter19771981G6-3190August 25, 1953University of California, Los Angeles
Willie McCarter19701972G6-3175July 26, 1946Drake University
Johnny McCarthy19571964G6-1185April 25, 1934Canisius College
Howie McCarty19471947F-G6-2190Wayne State University
Kelly McCarty19991999G-F6-7200August 24, 1975University of Southern Mississippi
Walter McCarty19972006F6-10230February 1, 1974University of Kentucky
Amal McCaskill19972004F-C6-11235October 28, 1973Marquette University
Patrick McCaw20172019G6-7185October 25, 1995University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dwayne McClain19861986G6-6185February 7, 1963Villanova University
Ted McClain19721979G6-1180August 30, 1946Tennessee State University
Dan McClintock20012001C7-0270April 19, 1977Northern Arizona University
Jack McCloskey19531953G6-2190September 19, 1925University of Pennsylvania
George McCloud19902002G-F6-6205May 27, 1967Florida State University
CJ McCollum20142019G6-3190September 19, 1991Lehigh University
John McConathy19521952F6-5195April 9, 1930Northwestern State University
Bucky McConnell19531953G5-10170July 1, 1928Marshall University
T.J. McConnell20162019G6-2190March 25, 1992Duquesne University, University of Arizona
Keith McCord19811981G6-7210June 22, 1957University of Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Tim McCormick19851992C6-11240March 10, 1962University of Michigan
Jelani McCoy19992008C6-10245December 6, 1977University of California, Los Angeles
Paul McCracken19731977G6-4180September 11, 1950California State University, Northridge
Chris McCray20072007G6-5192May 27, 1984University of Maryland
Rodney McCray19841993F-G6-7220August 29, 1961University of Louisville
Scooter McCray19841987F-G6-9215February 8, 1960University of Louisville
Erik McCree20182018F6-8225December 20, 1993Louisiana Tech University
Chris McCullough20162018F6-11200February 5, 1995Syracuse University
John McCullough19821982G6-4190October 5, 1956University of Oklahoma
Clint McDaniel19961996G6-4180February 26, 1972University of Arkansas
Xavier McDaniel19861998F6-7205June 4, 1963Wichita State University
Jim McDaniels19721978C-F6-11228April 2, 1948Western Kentucky University
K.J. McDaniels20152017G-F6-6205February 9, 1993Clemson University
Doug McDermott20152019F6-8225January 3, 1992Creighton University
Ben McDonald19861989F6-8210July 20, 1962University of California, Irvine
Glenn McDonald19751977F-G6-6190March 18, 1952California State University, Long Beach
Michael McDonald19981998C6-10232February 13, 1969Utah Valley State College, University of New Orleans
Roderick McDonald19711973F6-6205April 9, 1945Whitworth
Hank McDowell19821987F-C6-9215November 13, 1959University of Memphis
Antonio McDyess19962011F-C6-9220September 7, 1974University of Alabama
Jim McElroy19761982G6-3190October 4, 1953Central Michigan University
Patrick McFarland19741976F-G6-5185December 7, 1951Saint Joseph's University
Ivan McFarlin20072007F6-8240April 26, 1982Oklahoma State University
Mel McGaha19491949G6-1190September 26, 1926University of Arkansas
Mitch McGary20152016F-C6-10255June 6, 1992University of Michigan
JaVale McGee20092019C7-0270January 19, 1988University of Nevada, Reno
Mike McGee19821990G-F6-5190July 29, 1959University of Michigan
Bill McGill19631970C-F6-9225September 16, 1939University of Utah
George McGinnis*19721982F-C6-8235August 12, 1950Indiana University
Jon McGlocklin19661976G-F6-5205June 10, 1943Indiana University
Tracy McGrady*19982012F-G6-8210May 24, 1979
Gil McGregor19721972F6-8240June 14, 1949Wake Forest University
Elton McGriff19681969C6-9225August 21, 1942Creighton University
Rodney McGruder20172019G6-4200July 29, 1991Kansas State University
Alfred McGuire*19521955G-F6-2180September 7, 1928St. John's University
Allie McGuire19741974G6-3175July 10, 1951Marquette University
Dick McGuire*19501960G6-0180January 25, 1926St. John's University
Dominic McGuire20082013F6-9220October 20, 1985University of California, California State University, Fresno
Kevin McHale*19811993F-C6-10210December 19, 1957University of Minnesota
Maurice McHartley19681970G-F6-3185August 1, 1942North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Jim McIlvaine19952001C7-1240July 30, 1972Marquette University
Jeff McInnis19972008G6-4190October 22, 1974University of North Carolina
Kenny McIntosh19721975F6-7225January 21, 1949Eastern Michigan University
Bob McIntyre19681970F6-6215January 23, 1944St. John's University
Jerry McKee19701970G6-3190August 4, 1946Ohio University
Kevin McKenna19821988G-F6-5195January 8, 1959Creighton University
Forrest McKenzie19871987F6-7200February 16, 1963Loyola Marymount University
Stan McKenzie19681974F-G6-5195October 6, 1944New York University
Derrick McKey19882002F-C6-9205October 10, 1966University of Alabama
Aaron McKie19952007G6-5209October 2, 1972Temple University
Billy McKinney19791986G6-0160June 5, 1955Northwestern University
Bones McKinney19471952F-C6-6185January 1, 1919University of North Carolina
Carlton McKinney19901992G6-4190October 21, 1964University of Tulsa, Southern Methodist University
Trey McKinney-Jones20182018G6-5214August 27, 1990University of Miami
Alfonzo McKinnie20182019F6-8215September 17, 1992University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Ben McLemore20142019G6-5201February 11, 1993University of Kansas
McCoy McLemore19651972F-C6-7230April 3, 1942Drake University
George McLeod19531953F6-5200January 3, 1931Texas Christian University
Keith McLeod20042007G6-2188November 5, 1979Bowling Green State University
Roshown McLeod19992001F6-8221November 17, 1975St. John's University, Duke University
Jack McMahon19531960G6-1185December 3, 1928St. John's University
Nate McMillan19871998G-F6-5195August 3, 1964North Carolina State University
Tom McMillen19761986F-C6-11215May 26, 1952University of Maryland
Jim McMillian19711979F6-5215March 11, 1948Columbia University
Shellie McMillon19591962F6-5205March 11, 1936Bradley University
Mal McMullen19501951F-C6-5210August 23, 1927Xavier University
Chet McNabb19481948F6-2200September 19, 1920Arizona State University
Mark McNamara19831991C-F6-11235June 8, 1959Santa Clara University, University of California
Joe McNamee19511952F-C6-6210September 24, 1926University of San Francisco
Jerel McNeal20152015G6-3200June 1, 1987Marquette University
Chris McNealy19861988F6-7210July 15, 1961San Jose State University
Bob McNeill19611962G6-1170October 22, 1938Saint Joseph's University
Larry McNeill19741979F-C6-9195January 31, 1951Marquette University
Carl McNulty19551955G6-3185February 14, 1930Purdue University
Paul McPherson20012001G6-4210July 3, 1978DePaul University
Roy McPipe19751975G6-3205May 5, 1950Montana State University, Billings
Cozell McQueen19871987F6-11235January 18, 1962North Carolina State University
Jordan McRae20162019G6-5179March 28, 1991University of Tennessee
Thales McReynolds19661966G6-3185June 8, 1943Miles College
Josh McRoberts20082018F6-10240February 28, 1987Duke University
Eric McWilliams19731973F6-8200April 18, 1950California State University, Long Beach
George Mearns19471948F6-3175April 18, 1922University of Rhode Island
Stanislav Medvedenko20012007F6-10250April 4, 1979
Darnell Mee19941995G6-5175February 11, 1971Western Kentucky University
Jodie Meeks20102019G6-4210August 21, 1987University of Kentucky
Cliff Meely19721976F-C6-8215July 10, 1947University of Colorado
Scott Meents19901991F6-10225January 4, 1964University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dick Mehen19501952F-C6-5195May 20, 1922University of Tennessee
Monk Meineke19531958F-C6-7208October 30, 1930University of Dayton
Carl Meinhold19481949G-F6-2185March 29, 1926Long Island University
Salah Mejri20162019C7-2235June 15, 1986
Gal Mekel20142015G6-3191March 4, 1988Wichita State University
Bill Melchionni19671976G6-1165October 19, 1944Villanova University
Gary Melchionni19741975G6-2185January 19, 1951Duke University
Fab Melo20132013C7-0255June 20, 1990Syracuse University
De'Anthony Melton20192019G6-4200May 28, 1998University of Southern California
Ed Melvin19471947G5-9170February 13, 1916Duquesne University
Dean Meminger19721977G6-0175May 13, 1948Marquette University
Chuck Mencel19561957G6-0168April 21, 1933University of Minnesota
John Mengelt19721981G6-2195October 16, 1949Auburn University
Ken Menke19501950G6-0168October 2, 1922University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pops Mensah-Bonsu20072011F6-9240September 7, 1983George Washington University
Dewitt Menyard19681968C6-10210May 24, 1944University of Utah
Ron Mercer19982005G-F6-7210May 18, 1976University of Kentucky
Joe Meriweather19761985C-F6-10215October 26, 1953Southern Illinois University
Porter Meriwether19631963G6-2180March 16, 1940Tennessee State University
Tom Meschery19621971F6-6215October 26, 1938Saint Mary's College of California
Chimezie Metu20192019F6-10225March 22, 1997University of Southern California
Bill Meyer19681968G6-3195August 30, 1943Hiram College
Loren Meyer19961999C6-10257December 30, 1972Iowa State University
Dave Meyers19761980F-C6-8215April 21, 1953University of California, Los Angeles
Stan Miasek19471953C-F6-5210September 19, 1923
Larry Micheaux19841985F6-9220March 24, 1960University of Houston
Jordan Mickey20162018F6-8235July 9, 1994Louisiana State University
Khris Middleton20132019F-G6-8222August 12, 1991Texas A&M University
Red Mihalik19471947G6-0180September 22, 1916
Chris Mihm20012009C7-0265July 16, 1979University of Texas at Austin
Ed Mikan19491954C-F6-8230October 20, 1925DePaul University
George Mikan*19491956C6-10245June 18, 1924DePaul University
Larry Mikan19711971F6-7210April 8, 1948University of Minnesota
Vern Mikkelsen*19501959F-C6-7230October 21, 1928Hamline University
Al Miksis19501950C6-7210February 2, 1928Western Illinois University
Aaron Miles20062006G6-1175April 13, 1983University of Kansas
C.J. Miles20062019G-F6-6220March 18, 1987
Darius Miles20012009F6-9210October 9, 1981
Eddie Miles19641972G-F6-4195July 5, 1940Seattle University
Marko Milic19981999G-F6-6235May 7, 1977
Darko Milicic20042013F-C7-0250June 20, 1985
Nat Militzok19471947F6-3195May 3, 1923Cornell University
Andre Miller20002016G6-3200March 19, 1976University of Utah
Anthony Miller19952005F6-9225October 22, 1971Michigan State University
Bill Miller19491949F6-3190November 24, 1924University of North Carolina
Bob Miller19841984F6-10230July 9, 1956University of Cincinnati
Brad Miller19992012C6-11244April 12, 1976Purdue University
Darius Miller20132019F6-8225March 21, 1990University of Kentucky
Dick Miller19811981F6-6215April 26, 1958University of Toledo
Eddie Miller19531954C-F6-8225June 18, 1931Syracuse University
Harry Miller19471947C-F6-4230July 28, 1923University of North Carolina
Jay Miller19681971F6-5205July 19, 1943University of Notre Dame
Larry Miller19691975G-F6-4190April 4, 1946University of North Carolina
Malcolm Miller20182019F6-7210March 6, 1993College of the Holy Cross
Mike Miller20012017F-G6-8218February 19, 1980University of Florida
Oliver Miller19932004C6-9280April 6, 1970University of Arkansas
Quincy Miller20132015F6-9210November 18, 1992Baylor University
Reggie Miller*19882005G-F6-7185August 24, 1965University of California, Los Angeles
Walt Miller19471947F6-2190July 30, 1915Duquesne University
Chris Mills19942003F6-6215January 25, 1970University of Kentucky, University of Arizona
John Mills19471947C-F6-8203September 7, 1919Western Kentucky University
Patty Mills20102019G6-0180August 11, 1988Saint Mary's College of California
Terry Mills19912001F6-10230December 21, 1967University of Michigan
Elijah Millsap20152017G-F6-6225August 12, 1987University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Paul Millsap20072019F6-8246February 10, 1985Louisiana Tech University
Shake Milton20192019G6-6207September 26, 1996Southern Methodist University
Harold Miner19931996G6-5210May 5, 1971University of Southern California
Yao Ming*20032011C7-6310September 12, 1980
Dirk Minniefield19861988G6-3180January 17, 1961University of Kentucky
Dave Minor19521953G-F6-2185February 23, 1922University of California, Los Angeles
Greg Minor19951999G-F6-6210September 18, 1971University of Louisville
Mark Minor19731973F6-6215May 14, 1950Ohio State University
Nikola Mirotic20152019F6-10250February 11, 1991
Wat Misaka19481948G5-7150December 21, 1923University of Utah
Jason Miskiri20002000G6-2175August 19, 1975George Mason University
Donovan Mitchell20182019G6-3215September 7, 1996University of Louisville
Leland Mitchell19681968G6-4210February 22, 1941Mississippi State University
Mike Mitchell19791988F6-7215January 1, 1956Auburn University
Murray Mitchell19501950C6-6March 19, 1923Sam Houston State University
Sam Mitchell19902002F6-6210September 2, 1963Mercer University
Todd Mitchell19891989F6-7205July 26, 1966Purdue University
Tony Mitchell20142014F6-6216August 7, 1989University of Alabama
Tony Mitchell20142014F6-8235April 7, 1992University of North Texas
Naz Mitrou-Long20182019G6-4218August 3, 1993Iowa State University
Steve Mix19701983F6-7215December 30, 1947University of Toledo
Bill Mlkvy19531953F6-4190January 19, 1931Temple University
Cuttino Mobley19992009G6-4190September 1, 1975University of Rhode Island
Eric Mobley19951997C6-11235February 1, 1970University of Pittsburgh
Doug Moe19681972F-G6-5215September 21, 1938University of North Carolina
Larry Moffett19781978F6-8210November 5, 1954University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Leo Mogus19471951F-C6-4190April 13, 1921Youngstown State University
Nazr Mohammed19992016C6-10221September 5, 1977University of Kentucky
Jerome Moiso20012005F-C6-10235June 15, 1978University of California, Los Angeles
Paul Mokeski19801991C-F7-0250January 3, 1957University of Kansas
Jack Molinas19541954F6-6200October 31, 1931Columbia University
Wayne Molis19671968F6-8230April 17, 1943Lewis University
Sidney Moncrief*19801991G6-3180September 21, 1957University of Arkansas
Eric Money19751980G6-0170February 6, 1955University of Arizona
Sergei Monia20062006F6-8220April 15, 1983
Malik Monk20182019G6-3200February 4, 1998University of Kentucky
Earl Monroe*19681980G6-3185November 21, 1944Winston-Salem State University
Greg Monroe20112019C-F6-11265June 4, 1990Georgetown University
Rodney Monroe19921992G6-3185April 16, 1968North Carolina State University
Luis Montero20162018G6-7185April 6, 1993Westchester CC
Howie Montgomery19631963F6-5220August 22, 1940University of Texas-Pan American
Eric Montross19952002C7-0270September 23, 1971University of North Carolina
Jamario Moon20082012F6-8205June 13, 1980Meridian Community College
Jim Mooney19531953F6-5215July 8, 1930Villanova University
Andre Moore19881988F6-9215July 2, 1964Loyola University of Chicago
Ben Moore20182018F6-8220May 13, 1995Southern Methodist University
E'Twaun Moore20122019G-F6-4191February 25, 1989Purdue University
Gene Moore19691975C-F6-9225July 29, 1945Saint Louis University
Jackie Moore19551957F6-5180September 24, 1932La Salle University
Johnny Moore19811990G6-1175March 3, 1958University of Texas at Austin
Larry Moore19681968F6-7215
Lowes Moore19811983G6-1170May 5, 1957West Virginia University
Mikki Moore19992012C-F6-11225November 4, 1975University of Nebraska
Otto Moore19691977C-F6-11205August 27, 1946University of Texas-Pan American
Richard Moore19681968G6-2190Hiram Scott College
Ron Moore19881988C7-0260January 16, 1962Salem International University, West Virginia State University
Tracy Moore19921997G-F6-4200December 28, 1965University of Tulsa
Eric Moreland20152019F-C6-10238December 24, 1991Oregon State University
Jackie Moreland19611970F-G6-7215March 11, 1938Louisiana Tech University
Guy Morgan19831983G6-8205August 23, 1960Wake Forest University
Rex Morgan19711972G6-5190October 27, 1948Jacksonville University
Elmore Morgenthaler19471949C6-9230August 3, 1922New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Darren Morningstar19941994C6-10235April 22, 1969United States Naval Academy, University of Pittsburgh
Chris Morris19891999F6-8210January 20, 1966Auburn University
Darius Morris20122015G6-4190January 3, 1991University of Michigan
Isaiah Morris19931993F6-8229April 2, 1969University of Arkansas
Jaylen Morris20182019G6-5185September 19, 1995Molloy
Marcus Morris20122019F6-9235September 2, 1989University of Kansas
Markieff Morris20122019F6-10245September 2, 1989University of Kansas
Max Morris19501950F-C6-2195March 14, 1925Northwestern University
Monte Morris20182019G6-3175June 27, 1995Iowa State University
Randolph Morris20072010C6-10266January 2, 1986University of Kentucky
Terence Morris20022006F6-9221January 11, 1979University of Maryland
Adam Morrison20072010F6-8205July 19, 1984Gonzaga University
John Morrison19681968G6-2190May 2, 1945Canisius College
Mike Morrison19901990G6-4195August 16, 1967Loyola College in Maryland
Red Morrison19551958F-C6-8220April 26, 1932University of Idaho
Anthony Morrow20092017G6-5210September 27, 1985Georgia Institute of Technology
Dwayne Morton19951995F6-7195August 8, 1971University of Louisville
John Morton19901992G6-3180May 18, 1967Seton Hall University
Richard Morton19891989G6-3190February 2, 1966California State University, Fullerton
Glenn Mosley19781979F6-8195December 26, 1955Seton Hall University
Perry Moss19861987G6-2185November 11, 1958Northeastern University
Lawrence Moten19961998G6-5185March 25, 1972Syracuse University
Donatas Motiejunas20132019F-C7-0222September 20, 1990
Johnathan Motley20182019F6-10230May 4, 1995Baylor University
Hanno Mottola20012002C6-11247September 9, 1976University of Utah
Arnett Moultrie20132014F6-11249November 18, 1990University of Texas at El Paso, Mississippi State University
Rick Mount19711975G6-3175January 5, 1947Purdue University
Alonzo Mourning*19932008C6-10240February 8, 1970Georgetown University
Timofey Mozgov20112018C7-1275July 16, 1986
Chuck Mrazovich19511951F6-5185February 26, 1924Eastern Kentucky University
Emmanuel Mudiay20162019G6-5200March 5, 1996
Erwin Mueller19671974C-F6-8230March 12, 1944University of San Francisco
Shabazz Muhammad20142018F-G6-6223November 13, 1992University of California, Los Angeles
Joe Mullaney19501950G6-0165November 17, 1924College of the Holy Cross
Bob Mullens19471947G6-1175November 1, 1922Fordham University
Byron Mullens20102014C7-0275February 14, 1989Ohio State University
Chris Mullin*19862001F-G6-6200July 30, 1963St. John's University
Jeff Mullins19651976G-F6-4190March 18, 1942Duke University
Todd Mundt19961996C7-0250May 17, 1970University of Memphis, Delta State University
Xavier Munford20162018G6-2180June 1, 1992University of Rhode Island
Chris Munk19911991F6-9225August 5, 1967University of Southern California
George Munroe19471948G5-11170January 5, 1922Dartmouth College
Eric Murdock19922000G6-1190June 14, 1968Providence College
Gheorghe Muresan19942000C7-7303February 14, 1971
Allen Murphy19761977G6-5190July 15, 1952University of Louisville
Calvin Murphy*19711983G5-9165May 9, 1948Niagara University
Dick Murphy19471947G6-1175March 10, 1921Manhattan College
Erik Murphy20142014F6-10230October 26, 1990University of Florida
Jay Murphy19851988F6-9220June 26, 1962Boston College
John Murphy19471947F6-2175September 13, 1924
Kevin Murphy20132013G6-5185March 6, 1990Tennessee Technological University
Ronnie Murphy19881988F6-5225July 29, 1964Jacksonville University
Tod Murphy19881994C-F6-9220December 24, 1963University of California, Irvine
Troy Murphy20022013F-C6-11245May 2, 1980University of Notre Dame
Dejounte Murray20172018G6-5170September 19, 1996University of Washington
Jamal Murray20172019G6-4207February 23, 1997University of Kentucky
Ken Murray19511955G-F6-2190April 20, 1928St. Bonaventure University
Lamond Murray19952006F6-7236April 20, 1973University of California
Ronald Murray20032010G6-4190July 29, 1979Meridian Community College, Shaw University
Tracy Murray19932004F6-7225July 25, 1971University of California, Los Angeles
Willie Murrell19681970F6-6225September 13, 1941Kansas State University
Dorie Murrey19671972F-C6-8215September 7, 1943University of Detroit Mercy
Toure' Murry20142015G-F6-5195November 8, 1989Wichita State University
Dzanan Musa20192019G-F6-9208May 8, 1999
Mike Muscala20142019F-C6-11240July 1, 1991Bucknell University
Angelo Musi19471949G5-9145July 25, 1918Temple University
Jerrod Mustaf19911994F-C6-10238October 28, 1969University of Maryland
Dikembe Mutombo*19922009C7-2245June 25, 1966Georgetown University
Martin Muursepp19971998F6-9235September 26, 1974
Pete Myers19871998G-F6-6180September 15, 1963University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk20192019G-F6-8205June 10, 1997University of Kansas
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