NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with C

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Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

289 Players

289 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Zarko Cabarkapa20042006F6-11235May 21, 1981
Barney Cable19591964F6-7175July 29, 1935Bradley University
Bruno Caboclo20152019F6-9218September 21, 1995
Jason Caffey19962003F6-8255June 12, 1973University of Alabama
Michael Cage19852000F-C6-9224January 28, 1962San Diego State University
Gerry Calabrese19511952G6-1175February 4, 1925St. John's University
Nick Calathes20142015G6-6213February 7, 1989University of Florida
Jose Calderon20062019G6-3200September 28, 1981
Adrian Caldwell19901998F-C6-8265July 4, 1966Southern Methodist University, Lamar University
Jim Caldwell19681969C6-10240January 28, 1943Georgia Institute of Technology
Joe Caldwell19651975F-G6-5195November 1, 1941Arizona State University
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope20142019G6-5205February 18, 1993University of Georgia
Bill Calhoun19491955F-G6-3180November 4, 1927City College of San Francisco
Corky Calhoun19731980F6-7210November 1, 1950University of Pennsylvania
Demetrius Calip19921992G6-1165November 18, 1969University of Michigan
Tom Callahan19471947G6-1180June 2, 1921Rockhurst University
Rick Calloway19911991F6-6180December 12, 1966Indiana University, University of Kansas
Ernie Calverley19471949G5-10145January 30, 1924University of Rhode Island
Mack Calvin19701981G6-0165July 27, 1947University of Southern California
Dexter Cambridge19931993F6-7224January 29, 1970University of Texas at Austin
Marcus Camby19972013C-F6-11220March 22, 1974University of Massachusetts Amherst
Elden Campbell19912005C6-11215July 23, 1968Clemson University
Tony Campbell19851995F-G6-7215May 7, 1962Ohio State University
Isaiah Canaan20142019G6-0201May 21, 1991Murray State University
Larry Cannon19701974G6-4195April 12, 1947La Salle University
Clint Capela20152019C6-10240May 18, 1994
Derrick Caracter20112011F6-9275May 4, 1988University of Louisville, University of Texas at El Paso
Frank Card19691973F6-7195December 28, 1944South Carolina State University
Brian Cardinal20012012F6-8245May 2, 1977Purdue University
Howie Carl19621962G5-9160June 7, 1938DePaul University
Chet Carlisle19471947F-C6-5195November 2, 1916University of California
Geno Carlisle20052005G6-3180August 13, 1976Northwestern University, University of California
Rick Carlisle19851990G6-5210October 27, 1959University of Maine, University of Virginia
Don Carlos19691969G-F6-5210March 3, 1944Otterbein College
Al Carlson19761976C6-11235September 17, 1951University of Oregon
Don Carlson19471951G-F6-0170March 22, 1919University of Minnesota
Bob Carney19551955G6-3170August 3, 1932Bradley University
Rodney Carney20072011F6-7205April 15, 1984University of Memphis
Bob Carpenter19501951F-C6-5200November 6, 1917East Texas State University
Antoine Carr19852000F-C6-9225July 23, 1961Wichita State University
Austin Carr19721981G6-4200March 10, 1948University of Notre Dame
Chris Carr19962001G6-5207March 12, 1974Southern Illinois University
Cory Carr19991999G6-3210December 5, 1975Texas Tech University
Kenny Carr19781987F6-7220August 15, 1955North Carolina State University
M.L. Carr19761985F-G6-6205January 9, 1951Guilford College
Darel Carrier19681973G6-3185October 26, 1940Western Kentucky University
Bob Carrington19781980G-F6-6195July 3, 1953Boston College
DeMarre Carroll20102019F6-8215July 27, 1986Vanderbilt University, University of Missouri
Joe Barry Carroll19811991C-F7-0225July 24, 1958Purdue University
Matt Carroll20042013G6-6212August 28, 1980University of Notre Dame
Jimmy Carruth19971997C-F6-10265November 4, 1969Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Anthony Carter20002012G6-1190June 16, 1975University of Hawaii
Butch Carter19811986G6-5180June 11, 1958Indiana University
Fred Carter19701977G-F6-3185February 14, 1945Mount St. Mary's University
George Carter19681976F-G6-4210January 10, 1944St. Bonaventure University
Howard Carter19841985G6-5215October 26, 1961Louisiana State University
Jake Carter19501950F-C6-4195July 25, 1924East Texas State University
Jevon Carter20192019G6-2196September 14, 1995West Virginia University
Maurice Carter20042004G6-5210October 12, 1976Louisiana State University
Reggie Carter19811982G6-3175October 10, 1957University of Hawaii, St. John's University
Ron Carter19791980G6-5190August 31, 1956Virginia Military Institute
Vince Carter19992019G-F6-6220January 26, 1977University of North Carolina
Wendell Carter20192019C6-10255April 16, 1999Duke University
Michael Carter-Williams20142019G6-6190October 10, 1991Syracuse University
Bill Cartwright19801995C7-1245July 30, 1957University of San Francisco
Jay Carty19691969F6-8220July 4, 1941Oregon State University
Alex Caruso20182019G6-5186February 28, 1994Texas A&M University
Cornelius Cash19771977F6-8215March 3, 1952Bowling Green State University
Sam Cash19731973F6-8230November 13, 1950University of California, Riverside
Sam Cassell19942008G6-3185November 18, 1969Florida State University
Omri Casspi20102019F6-9225June 22, 1988
Harvey Catchings19751985C-F6-9218September 2, 1951Hardin-Simmons University
Terry Catledge19861993F6-8220August 22, 1963University of South Alabama
Sid Catlett19721972F6-6230April 18, 1948University of Notre Dame
Kelvin Cato19982007C6-11255August 26, 1974University of South Alabama, Iowa State University
Bobby Cattage19821986F6-9250August 17, 1958Auburn University
Willie Cauley-Stein20162019F-C7-0240August 18, 1993University of Kentucky
Troy Caupain20192019G6-4210November 29, 1995University of Cincinnati
Duane Causwell19912001C7-0240May 31, 1968Temple University
Tyler Cavanaugh20182019F6-9238February 9, 1994George Washington University
Ron Cavenall19851989C7-1230April 30, 1959Texas Southern University
Cedric Ceballos19912001F6-6190August 2, 1969California State University, Fullerton
John Celestand20002000G6-4178March 6, 1977Villanova University
Al Cervi*19501953G-F5-11170February 12, 1917
Lionel Chalmers20052005G6-0180November 10, 1980Xavier University
Mario Chalmers20092018G6-2190May 19, 1986University of Kansas
Bill Chamberlain19731974F6-6188December 16, 1949University of North Carolina
Wilt Chamberlain*19601973C7-1275August 21, 1936University of Kansas
Jerry Chambers19671974F6-5185July 18, 1943University of Utah
Tom Chambers19821998F-C6-10220June 21, 1959University of Utah
Mike Champion19891989F6-10230April 5, 1964Gonzaga University
Tyson Chandler20022019C7-1240October 2, 1982
Wilson Chandler20082019F6-9225May 10, 1987DePaul University
Don Chaney19691980G6-5210March 22, 1946University of Houston
John Chaney19501950F-C6-3185February 29, 1920Louisiana State University
Rex Chapman19892000G6-4185October 5, 1967University of Kentucky
Wayne Chapman19691972G-F6-6190June 15, 1945Western Kentucky University
Len Chappell19631972F-C6-8240January 31, 1941Wake Forest University
Ken Charles19741978G6-3180July 10, 1951Fordham University
Lorenzo Charles19861986F6-7225November 25, 1963North Carolina State University
Joe Chealey20192019G6-3190November 1, 1995College of Charleston
Calbert Cheaney19942006G-F6-7209July 17, 1971Indiana University
Maurice Cheeks*19791993G6-1180September 8, 1956West Texas A&M University
Phil Chenier19721981G6-3180October 30, 1950University of California
Will Cherry20152015G6-0185February 8, 1991University of Montana
Derrick Chievous19891991F6-7195July 3, 1967University of Missouri
Pete Chilcutt19922000F-C6-10230September 14, 1968University of North Carolina
Josh Childress20052014G-F6-8210June 20, 1983Stanford University
Randolph Childress19961997G6-2188September 21, 1972Wake Forest University
Chris Childs19952003G6-3195November 20, 1967Boise State University
Chris Chiozza20192019G6-0176November 25, 1995University of Florida
Leroy Chollet19501951F6-2190March 5, 1925Canisius College
Jim Chones19731982C-F6-11220November 30, 1949Marquette University
Marquese Chriss20172019F6-10240July 2, 1997University of Washington
Fred Christ19551955G6-4210August 6, 1930Fordham University
Cal Christensen19511955F-C6-5210June 6, 1927University of Toledo
Bob Christian19701974C6-10255May 11, 1946Grambling State University
Doug Christie19932007G-F6-6200May 9, 1970Pepperdine University
Dionte Christmas20142014G6-5205September 15, 1986Temple University
Rakeem Christmas20162017F6-9250December 1, 1991Syracuse University
Semaj Christon20172017G6-3190November 1, 1992Xavier University
Patrick Christopher20152015G-F6-5209June 3, 1988University of California
Stephen Chubin19681970G6-2200February 8, 1944University of Rhode Island
Robert Churchwell19961996G-F6-6195February 20, 1972Georgetown University
Archie Clark19671976G6-2175July 15, 1941University of Minnesota
Carlos Clark19841985G6-4210August 10, 1960University of Mississippi
Earl Clark20102015F6-10225January 17, 1988University of Louisville
Gary Clark20192019F6-8225November 16, 1994University of Cincinnati
Ian Clark20142019G6-3175March 7, 1991Belmont University
Keon Clark19992004F-C6-11220April 16, 1975University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Richard Clark19681969G6-4190January 5, 1944Eastern Kentucky University
Coty Clarke20162016F6-7232July 4, 1992University of Arkansas
Jordan Clarkson20152019G6-5194June 7, 1992University of Tulsa, University of Missouri
Gian Clavell20182018G6-4185November 26, 1993Colorado State University
Victor Claver20132015F6-9224August 30, 1988
John Clawson19691969F6-4200May 15, 1944University of Michigan
Charles Claxton19961996C7-0265December 13, 1970University of Georgia
Speedy Claxton20022009G5-11166May 8, 1978Hofstra University
Jim Cleamons19721980G6-3185September 13, 1949Ohio State University
Mateen Cleaves20012006G6-2205September 7, 1977Michigan State University
Barry Clemens19661976F6-6210May 1, 1943Ohio Wesleyan University
Antonius Cleveland20182018G6-6195February 2, 1994Southeast Missouri State University
Nat Clifton*19511958C-F6-6220October 13, 1922Xavier University of Louisiana
Bill Closs19501952F-C6-5195January 8, 1922Rice University
Keith Closs19982000C7-3212April 3, 1976Central Connecticut State University
Paul Cloyd19501950G-F6-2180June 13, 1920University of Wisconsin
Bob Cluggish19471947C6-10235September 18, 1917University of Kentucky
Ben Clyde19751975F6-7198June 10, 1951Florida State University
Richard Coffey19911991F6-6212September 2, 1965University of Minnesota
Fred Cofield19861987G6-3190January 4, 1962University of Oregon, Eastern Michigan University
John Coker19962001C7-0253October 28, 1971Boise State University
Norris Cole20122017G6-2175October 13, 1988Cleveland State University
Ben Coleman19871994F6-9235November 14, 1961University of Minnesota, University of Maryland
Derrick Coleman19912005F6-10230June 21, 1967Syracuse University
E.C. Coleman19741979F6-8225September 25, 1950Houston Baptist University
Jack Coleman19501958F-C6-7195May 23, 1924University of Louisville
Norris Coleman19881988F6-8210September 27, 1961Kansas State University
Bimbo Coles19912004G6-1180April 22, 1968Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Jason Collier20012005C7-0260September 8, 1977Indiana University, Georgia Institute of Technology
Art Collins19811981G6-4185April 14, 1954St. Thomas University
Don Collins19811987F-G6-6190November 28, 1958Washington State University
Doug Collins19741981G-F6-6180July 28, 1951Illinois State University
James Collins19981998G6-4196November 5, 1973Florida State University
Jarron Collins20022011F-C6-11255December 2, 1978Stanford University
Jason Collins20022014C7-0255December 2, 1978Stanford University
Jimmy Collins19711972G6-2175November 24, 1946New Mexico State University
John Collins20182019F6-10235September 23, 1997Wake Forest University
Mardy Collins20072010G6-6220August 4, 1984Temple University
Sherron Collins20112011G5-11205March 18, 1987University of Kansas
Zach Collins20182019C-F7-0235November 19, 1997Gonzaga University
Kyle Collinsworth20182018G-F6-6210October 3, 1991Brigham Young University
Darren Collison20102019G6-0175August 23, 1987University of California, Los Angeles
Nick Collison20052018F6-10255October 26, 1980University of Kansas
Joe Colone19491949F6-5210January 23, 1924Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Bonzie Colson20192019F6-6224January 12, 1996University of Notre Dame
Sean Colson20012001G6-0175July 1, 1975University of Rhode Island, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Steve Colter19851995G6-3165July 24, 1962New Mexico State University
Glen Combs19691975G6-2185October 30, 1946Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Leroy Combs19841984F6-8210January 1, 1961Oklahoma State University
John Comeaux19681968F6-5193September 15, 1943Grambling State University
Dallas Comegys19881989F6-9205August 17, 1964DePaul University
Larry Comley19641964G6-5210August 17, 1939Kansas State University
Jeffrey Congdon19681972G6-1180October 17, 1943Brigham Young University
Gene Conley19531964C-F6-8225November 10, 1930Washington State University
Larry Conley19681968G6-3175January 22, 1944University of Kentucky
Mike Conley20082019G6-1175October 11, 1987Ohio State University
Ed Conlin19561962F-G6-5200September 2, 1933Fordham University
Marty Conlon19922000F-C6-10224January 19, 1968Providence College
Pat Connaughton20162019G6-4209January 6, 1993University of Notre Dame
Jimmy Conner19761976G6-4190March 20, 1953University of Kentucky
Lester Conner19831995G6-4180September 17, 1959Oregon State University
Chuck Connors19471948F-C6-5190April 10, 1921Seton Hall University
Will Conroy20072013G6-2195December 8, 1982University of Washington
Anthony Cook19911996F-C6-9205March 19, 1967University of Arizona
Bert Cook19551955G-F6-3185April 26, 1929Utah State University
Bobby Cook19501950G-F5-10155April 1, 1923University of Wisconsin
Brian Cook20042012F6-9234December 4, 1980University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Daequan Cook20082013G6-5205April 28, 1987Ohio State University
Darwin Cook19811989G6-3184August 6, 1958University of Portland
Jeff Cook19801988F-C6-10215October 21, 1956Idaho State University
Norm Cook19771978F6-8210March 21, 1955University of Kansas
Omar Cook20042005G6-1190January 28, 1982St. John's University
Quinn Cook20172019G6-2179March 23, 1993Duke University
Charles Cooke20182018G6-5196July 1, 1994University of Dayton
David Cooke19861986F6-8230September 27, 1963Saint Mary's College of California
Joe Cooke19711971G6-3175August 14, 1948Indiana University
Jack Cooley20152018F-C6-9260April 4, 1991University of Notre Dame
Chuck Cooper*19511956F6-5210September 29, 1926Duquesne University
Duane Cooper19931994G6-1185June 25, 1969University of Southern California
Joe Cooper19821985C-F6-10230September 1, 1957Howard University, University of Tulsa, University of Colorado
Michael Cooper19791990G-F6-5170April 15, 1956University of New Mexico
Wayne Cooper19791992C-F6-10220November 16, 1956University of New Orleans
Tom Copa19921992C6-10275October 30, 1964Marquette University
Chris Copeland20132016F6-9239March 17, 1984University of Colorado
Hollis Copeland19801982F6-6180December 20, 1955Rutgers University
Lanard Copeland19901992G6-6190July 16, 1965Georgia State University
Tyrone Corbin19862001G-F6-6210December 31, 1962DePaul University
Chris Corchiani19921994G6-0185March 28, 1968North Carolina State University
Ken Corley19471947C6-5210May 10, 1920Central State College
Ray Corley19501953G6-0180January 1, 1928Georgetown University
Dave Corzine19791991C6-11250April 25, 1956DePaul University
Larry Costello19551968G6-1186July 2, 1931Niagara University
Matt Costello20182018F6-9245August 5, 1993Michigan State University
Bryce Cotton20152016G6-1165August 11, 1992Providence College
Jack Cotton19501950F-C6-7200October 25, 1924University of Wyoming
James Cotton19981999G6-5220December 14, 1975California State University, Long Beach
John Coughran19801980F6-7225September 12, 1951University of California
Mel Counts19651976C-F7-0230October 16, 1941Oregon State University
Steve Courtin19651965G6-1188September 21, 1942Saint Joseph's University
Joe Courtney19931997F6-8235October 17, 1969Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi
Marcus Cousin20112011C6-11245December 18, 1986Seton Hall University, University of Houston
DeMarcus Cousins20112019C-F6-11270August 13, 1990University of Kentucky
Bob Cousy*19511970G6-1175August 9, 1928College of the Holy Cross
Robert Covington20142019F6-9225December 14, 1990Tennessee State University
Dave Cowens*19711983C-F6-9230October 25, 1948Florida State University
Chubby Cox19831983G6-2180December 29, 1955Villanova University, University of San Francisco
Johnny Cox19631963G6-4180November 1, 1936University of Kentucky
Wesley Cox19781979F6-6215January 27, 1955University of Louisville
Allen Crabbe20142019G-F6-6212April 9, 1992University of California
Torrey Craig20182019G-F6-7215December 19, 1990University of South Carolina Upstate
Chris Crawford19982004F6-9235May 13, 1975Marquette University
Freddie Crawford19671971G-F6-4189December 23, 1941St. Bonaventure University
Jamal Crawford20012019G6-5185March 20, 1980University of Michigan
Joe Crawford20092009F6-5210June 17, 1986University of Kentucky
Jordan Crawford20112018G6-4195October 23, 1988Indiana University, Xavier University
Mitch Creek20192019G6-5216April 27, 1992
Jim Creighton19761976F6-8200April 18, 1950University of Colorado
Ron Crevier19861986C7-0235April 14, 1958Boston College
Hal Crisler19471947F6-3215December 31, 1923Iowa State University
Joe Crispin20022002G6-0185July 18, 1979Pennsylvania State University
Charlie Criss19781985G5-8165November 6, 1948New Mexico State University
Russell Critchfield19691969G5-10150June 27, 1946University of California
Winston Crite19881989F6-7233June 20, 1965Texas A&M University
Javaris Crittenton20082009G6-5200December 31, 1987Georgia Institute of Technology
Dillard Crocker19491953F-G6-4205January 19, 1925Western Michigan University
Bobby Croft19711971C6-10200March 17, 1946University of Tennessee
Geoff Crompton19791984C6-11280July 4, 1955University of North Carolina
Terry Crosby19801980G6-4195January 4, 1957University of Tennessee
Austin Croshere19982009F6-9235May 1, 1975Providence College
Jeff Cross19861986F6-10240September 1, 1961University of Maine
Pete Cross19711973C-F6-9230March 28, 1948University of San Francisco
Russell Cross19841984C6-10215September 5, 1961Purdue University
Chink Crossin19481950G6-1165July 4, 1923University of Pennsylvania
John Crotty19932003G6-1185July 15, 1969University of Virginia
Bill Crow19681968G6-1180December 9, 1940Westminster College of Utah
Mark Crow19781978F6-7210October 22, 1954Duke University
Corey Crowder19921995G-F6-5214April 13, 1969Kentucky Wesleyan College
Jae Crowder20132019F6-6235July 6, 1990Marquette University
Al Cueto19701971C-F6-7230August 2, 1946University of Tulsa
Pat Cummings19801991F-C6-9230July 11, 1956University of Cincinnati
Terry Cummings19832000F6-9220March 15, 1961DePaul University
Vonteego Cummings20002002G6-3185February 29, 1976University of Pittsburgh
Billy Cunningham*19661976F-C6-6210June 3, 1943University of North Carolina
Dante Cunningham20102019F6-8230April 22, 1987Villanova University
Dick Cunningham19691975C6-10245July 11, 1946Murray State University
Jared Cunningham20132016G6-4195May 22, 1991Oregon State University
William Cunningham19981999C6-11250March 25, 1974Temple University
Radisav Curcic19931993C6-10275September 26, 1965
Armand Cure19471947F6-0198August 1, 1919University of Rhode Island
Earl Cureton19811997F-C6-9210September 3, 1957Robert Morris University (PA), University of Detroit Mercy
Bill Curley19952001F6-9220May 29, 1972Boston College
Fran Curran19491950G6-0175September 9, 1922University of Notre Dame
Dell Curry19872002G6-4190June 25, 1964Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Eddy Curry20022013C7-0295December 5, 1982
JamesOn Curry20102010G6-3190January 7, 1986Oklahoma State University
Michael Curry19942005F-G6-5210August 22, 1968Georgia Southern University
Seth Curry20142019G6-2185August 23, 1990Liberty University, Duke University
Stephen Curry20102019G6-3190March 14, 1988Davidson College
Rastko Cvetkovic19961996C7-1260June 22, 1970
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