NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with D

Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

234 Players

234 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Mike D'Antoni19741977G6-3185May 8, 1951Marshall University
Mike Dabich19681968C7-0242December 27, 1942New Mexico State University
Ed Dahler19521952F6-5190January 31, 1926Duquesne University
Quintin Dailey19831992G6-3180January 22, 1961University of San Francisco
Samuel Dalembert20022015C6-11255May 10, 1981Seton Hall University
Howie Dallmar19471949F6-4200May 24, 1922Stanford University
Erick Dampier19972012C6-11265July 14, 1975Mississippi State University
Louie Dampier*19681979G6-0170November 20, 1944University of Kentucky
Bob Dandridge19701982F-G6-6195November 15, 1947Norfolk State University
Antonio Daniels19982011G6-4195March 19, 1975Bowling Green State University
Erik Daniels20052005F6-8214April 1, 1982University of Kentucky
Lloyd Daniels19931998G6-7205September 4, 1967Mount San Antonio College
Marquis Daniels20042013G-F6-6200January 7, 1981Auburn University
Mel Daniels*19681977C6-9220July 20, 1944University of New Mexico
Troy Daniels20142019G6-4205July 15, 1991Virginia Commonwealth University
Sasha Danilović19961997G6-5200February 26, 1970
Adrian Dantley*19771991F-G6-5208February 28, 1956University of Notre Dame
Pete Darcey19531953C6-7217March 3, 1930Oklahoma State University
Jimmy Darden19501950G6-1170June 19, 1922University of Denver
Ollie Darden19681970F-C6-7235July 28, 1944University of Michigan
Yinka Dare19951998C7-0265October 10, 1972George Washington University
Jesse Dark19751975G6-5210September 2, 1951Virginia Commonwealth University
Rick Darnell19761976C-F6-10215January 1, 1953San Jose State University
Jimmy Darrow19621962G5-10170September 25, 1937Bowling Green State University
Luigi Datome20142015F6-8215November 27, 1987
Brad Daugherty19871994C7-0245October 19, 1965University of North Carolina
Mack Daughtry19711971G6-3175Albany State University
Kornél Dávid19992001F6-9235October 22, 1971
Jermareo Davidson20082009F6-10230November 15, 1984University of Alabama
Bob Davies*19491955G-F6-1175January 15, 1920Seton Hall University
Brandon Davies20142015F6-10240July 25, 1991Brigham Young University
Anthony Davis20132019F-C6-10253March 11, 1993University of Kentucky
Antonio Davis19942006F-C6-9215October 31, 1968University of Texas at El Paso
Aubrey Davis19471947G-F6-2175March 28, 1921Oklahoma Baptist University
Baron Davis20002012G6-3209April 13, 1979University of California, Los Angeles
Ben Davis19972000F6-9240December 26, 1972University of Kansas, University of Arizona
Bill Davis19471947F6-3215October 3, 1920University of Notre Dame
Bob Davis19731973F6-7215April 2, 1950Weber State University
Brad Davis19781992G6-3180December 17, 1955University of Maryland
Brian Davis19941994F-G6-7200June 21, 1970Duke University
Charles Davis19821990F6-7215October 5, 1958Vanderbilt University
Charlie Davis19721974G6-2160September 7, 1949Wake Forest University
Dale Davis19922007F-C6-11230March 25, 1969Clemson University
Deyonta Davis20172019C-F6-11237December 2, 1996Michigan State University
Dwight Davis19731977F6-8220October 28, 1949University of Houston
Ed Davis20112019F6-10225June 5, 1989University of North Carolina
Emanual Davis19972003G6-4195August 27, 1968Delaware State University
Glen Davis20082015F-C6-9289January 1, 1986Louisiana State University
Harry Davis19791980F6-7220January 27, 1956Florida State University
Hubert Davis19932004G6-5183May 17, 1970University of North Carolina
Jim Davis19681975C-F6-9225December 18, 1941University of Colorado
Johnny Davis19771986G6-2170October 21, 1955University of Dayton
Josh Davis20042012F6-8235August 10, 1980University of Wyoming
Lee Davis19691976C-F6-8235October 11, 1945North Carolina Central University
Mark Davis19891989F-G6-6195June 8, 1963Old Dominion University
Mark Davis19962000G-F6-7210April 26, 1973Howard College, Texas Tech University
Mel Davis19741977F6-6220November 9, 1950St. John's University
Mickey Davis19721977F-G6-7195June 16, 1950Duquesne University
Mike Davis19701973G6-3185July 26, 1946Virginia Union University
Mike Davis19831983F6-10230August 2, 1956University of Maryland
Monti Davis19811981F6-7205July 26, 1958Tennessee State University
Paul Davis20072010C6-11270July 21, 1984Michigan State University
Ralph Davis19611962G6-4180September 7, 1938University of Cincinnati
Red Davis19561956C6-7220April 22, 1932St. John's University
Ricky Davis19992010G6-6195September 23, 1979University of Iowa
Ron Davis19771982G-F6-6198May 1, 1954Washington State University
Terry Davis19902001F-C6-9225June 17, 1967Virginia Union University
Tyler Davis20192019C6-10266May 22, 1997Texas A&M University
Walt Davis19541958C-F6-8205January 5, 1931Texas A&M University
Walter Davis19781992G-F6-6193September 9, 1954University of North Carolina
Warren Davis19681973F-C6-6212June 30, 1943North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Willie Davis19711971C6-8234August 9, 1945University of North Texas
Andre Dawkins20152015G6-5215September 19, 1991Duke University
Darryl Dawkins19761989C6-11251January 11, 1957
Johnny Dawkins19871995G6-2165September 28, 1963Duke University
Paul Dawkins19801980F6-5190June 10, 1957Northern Illinois University
Branden Dawson20162016F6-6225February 1, 1993Michigan State University
Eric Dawson20122012F6-9250July 7, 1984Midwestern State University
Jimmy Dawson19681968G6-0175April 18, 1945University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tony Dawson19911995F6-7215August 25, 1967Florida State University
Todd Day19932001G-F6-6188January 7, 1970University of Arkansas
Austin Daye20102015F6-11220June 5, 1988Gonzaga University
Darren Daye19841988F-G6-8220November 30, 1960University of California, Los Angeles
Nando De Colo20132014G6-5200June 23, 1987
Greg Deane19801980G6-4190December 6, 1957University of Utah
Billy DeAngelis19711971G6-1180October 5, 1946Saint Joseph's University
Dave DeBusschere*19631974F-G6-6220October 16, 1940University of Detroit Mercy
Andrew DeClercq19962005F-C6-10230February 1, 1973University of Florida
Dewayne Dedmon20142019C7-0245August 12, 1989University of Southern California
Don Dee19691969F6-8210August 9, 1943Saint Mary of the Plains College
Archie Dees19591962F-C6-8205February 22, 1936Indiana University
Terry Dehere19941999G6-2190September 12, 1971Seton Hall University
Red Dehnert19471947F6-3175January 24, 1924Columbia University
Bryce Dejean-Jones20162016G6-6209August 21, 1992University of Southern California, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Iowa State University
Sam Dekker20162019F6-9230May 6, 1994University of Wisconsin
Vinny Del Negro19892002G6-4185August 9, 1966North Carolina State University
Malcolm Delaney20172018G6-3190March 11, 1989Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Bison Dele19921999F-C6-9235April 6, 1969University of Maryland, University of Arizona
Carlos Delfino20052013G6-6230August 29, 1982
Ángel Delgado20192019C6-10245November 20, 1994Seton Hall University
Tony Delk19972006G6-1189January 28, 1974University of Kentucky
Matthew Dellavedova20142019G6-4200September 8, 1990Saint Mary's College of California
Nate DeLong19521952C6-6220January 5, 1926University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Fennis Dembo19891989F6-5215January 24, 1966University of Wyoming
Larry Demic19801982F-C6-9225June 27, 1957University of Arizona
Dell Demps19941997G6-3205February 12, 1970University of the Pacific
George Dempsey19551959G6-2190July 19, 1929King's College
Luol Deng20052019F6-9237April 16, 1985Duke University
Kenny Dennard19821984F6-8220October 18, 1958Duke University
Blaine Denning19531953G6-2175September 19, 1930Lawrence Technological University
Justin Dentmon20122013G5-11185September 5, 1985University of Washington
Randy Denton19721977C6-10240February 18, 1949Duke University
Joe DePre19711973G6-3185December 19, 1947St. John's University
Rod Derline19751976G6-0175March 11, 1952Seattle University
DeMar DeRozan20102019G-F6-7220August 7, 1989University of Southern California
Marcus Derrickson20192019F6-7249February 1, 1996Georgetown University
Dave Deutsch19671967G6-1170May 13, 1945University of Rochester
Corky Devlin19561958G6-5195December 21, 1931George Washington University
Hank DeZonie19511951C-F6-6215February 12, 1922Clark Atlanta University
Derrick Dial20002004G6-4184December 20, 1975Eastern Michigan University
Cheick Diallo20172019F6-9220September 13, 1996University of Kansas
Hamidou Diallo20192019G6-5198July 31, 1998University of Kentucky
Boris Diaw20042017F-C6-8250April 16, 1982
Yakhouba Diawara20072010G-F6-7225August 29, 1982Pepperdine University
Guillermo Díaz20082008G6-2192March 4, 1985University of Miami
Dan Dickau20032008G6-0190September 16, 1978University of Washington, Gonzaga University
Kaniel Dickens20042008F6-8215July 21, 1978Tyler Junior College, University of Idaho
Henry Dickerson19761977G6-4190November 27, 1951University of Charleston
Michael Dickerson19992003G-F6-5190June 25, 1975University of Arizona
Clyde Dickey19751975G6-3185December 14, 1951Boise State University
Derrek Dickey19741978F6-7218March 20, 1951University of Cincinnati
Dick Dickey19521952G6-1175October 26, 1926North Carolina State University
John Dickson19681968C6-10240November 18, 1945Arkansas State University
Travis Diener20062010G6-1175March 1, 1982Marquette University
Gorgui Dieng20142019C6-11252January 18, 1990University of Louisville
Connie Dierking19591971C-F6-9222October 2, 1936University of Cincinnati
Coby Dietrick19711983C-F6-10220July 23, 1948San Jose State University
Ernie DiGregorio19741978G6-0180January 15, 1951Providence College
Craig Dill19681968C6-11215December 17, 1944University of Michigan
Dwaine Dillard19761976F6-6230March 9, 1949Eastern Michigan University
Mickey Dillard19821982G6-3170October 15, 1958Florida State University
Bob Dille19471947F6-3190July 2, 1917Valparaiso University
Hook Dillon19501950F6-3180January 8, 1924University of North Carolina
Byron Dinkins19901991G6-1170June 15, 1967University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jackie Dinkins19721972F6-5210January 22, 1950Voorhees College
Harry Dinnel19681968F-G6-4200October 9, 1940Pepperdine University
Bill Dinwiddie19681972F6-7220July 15, 1943New Mexico Highlands University
Spencer Dinwiddie20152019G6-6210April 6, 1993University of Colorado
Ike Diogu20062012F6-8250September 11, 1983Arizona State University
DeSagana Diop20022013C7-0300January 30, 1982
Terry Dischinger19631973F-G6-7189November 21, 1940Purdue University
Fred Diute19551955G6-3210January 9, 1929St. Bonaventure University
Vlade Divac*19902005C7-1243February 3, 1968
Donte DiVincenzo20192019G6-4203January 31, 1997Villanova University
Juan Dixon20032009G6-3164October 9, 1978University of Maryland
Earl Dodd19501950F6-5175November 1, 1924Truman State University
Michael Doleac19992008C6-11262June 15, 1977University of Utah
Joe Dolhon19501951G6-0175July 9, 1927New York University
Bob Doll19471950F-C6-5195August 10, 1919University of Colorado
James Donaldson19811995C7-2275August 16, 1957Washington State University
Luka Dončić20192019G-F6-7218February 28, 1999
Bob Donham19511954G-F6-2190October 11, 1926Ohio State University
Billy Donovan19881988G5-11171May 30, 1965Providence College
Harry Donovan19501950G6-2180September 10, 1926Muhlenberg College
Keyon Dooling20012013G6-3196May 8, 1980University of Missouri
Jacky Dorsey19781981F6-7230December 18, 1954University of Georgia
Joey Dorsey20092015F6-8268December 16, 1983University of Memphis
Ron Dorsey19721972F6-4200October 10, 1948Tennessee State University
Tyler Dorsey20182019G6-5183February 18, 1996University of Oregon
Damyean Dotson20182019G6-6210May 6, 1994University of Oregon, University of Houston
Quincy Douby20072009G6-3175May 16, 1984Rutgers University
Bruce Douglas19871987G6-3195April 9, 1964University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
John Douglas19821983G6-2170June 12, 1956University of Kansas
Leon Douglas19771983C-F6-10230August 26, 1954University of Alabama
Sherman Douglas19902001G6-0180September 15, 1966Syracuse University
Toney Douglas20102017G6-2195March 16, 1986Auburn University, Florida State University
Chris Douglas-Roberts20092015G6-7200January 8, 1987University of Memphis
Sonny Dove19681972F6-7198August 16, 1945St. John's University
Jerry Dover19721972G5-7155October 16, 1949LeMoyne-Owen College
Zabian Dowdell20112011G6-3191September 10, 1984Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Bill Downey19481948C6-6210November 11, 1923Marquette University
Steve Downing19741975C6-8225September 9, 1950Indiana University
Danny Doyle19631963F6-8200February 6, 1940Belmont Abbey College
Milton Doyle20182018G6-4185October 31, 1993Loyola University of Chicago
PJ Dozier20182019G6-6205October 25, 1996University of South Carolina
Terry Dozier19901990F6-9210June 29, 1966University of South Carolina
Goran Dragić20092019G6-3190May 6, 1986
Zoran Dragić20152015G-F6-5200June 22, 1989
Greg Dreiling19871997C7-1250November 7, 1962Wichita State University, University of Kansas
Bryce Drew19992004G6-2185September 21, 1974Valparaiso University
John Drew19751985F-G6-6205September 30, 1954Gardner-Webb University
Larry Drew19811991G6-1170April 2, 1958University of Missouri
Larry Drew20152018G6-2180March 5, 1990University of North Carolina, University of California, Los Angeles
Clyde Drexler*19841998G6-7210June 22, 1962University of Houston
Nate Driggers19971997G6-5215October 12, 1973University of Montevallo
Terry Driscoll19711975F6-7215August 28, 1947Boston College
Predrag Drobnjak20022005C6-11270October 27, 1975
Ralph Drollinger19811981C7-2250April 20, 1954University of California, Los Angeles
Andre Drummond20132019C6-11279August 10, 1993University of Connecticut
Dick Duckett19581958G6-1185March 25, 1933St. John's University
Kevin Duckworth19871997C7-0275April 1, 1964Eastern Illinois University
Charles Dudley19731979G6-2180March 5, 1950University of Washington
Chris Dudley19882003C6-11235February 22, 1965Yale University
Jared Dudley20082019F-G6-7237July 10, 1985Boston College
Terry Duerod19801983G6-2180July 29, 1956University of Detroit Mercy
Bob Duffy19471947F6-4175July 5, 1922Tulane University
Bob Duffy19631965G6-3185September 26, 1940Colgate University
Chris Duhon20052013G6-1185August 31, 1982Duke University
Duje Dukan20162016F6-9220December 4, 1991University of Wisconsin
Walter Dukes19561963C7-0220June 23, 1930Seton Hall University
Joe Dumars*19861999G6-3190May 24, 1963McNeese State University
Rich Dumas19691969G6-3170Northeastern State University
Richard Dumas19931996F6-7200May 19, 1969Oklahoma State University
Tony Dumas19951998G6-6190August 25, 1972University of Missouri-Kansas City
Andy Duncan19491951F-C6-6195April 17, 1922College of William & Mary
Tim Duncan19982016F-C6-11250April 25, 1976Wake Forest University
Mike Dunleavy19771990G6-3180March 21, 1954University of South Carolina
Mike Dunleavy20032017F-G6-9230September 15, 1980Duke University
Kris Dunn20172019G6-4205March 18, 1994Providence College
Pat Dunn19581958G6-2170March 17, 1931Utah State University
T.R. Dunn19781991G-F6-4192February 1, 1955University of Alabama
Ronald Dupree20042011F6-7209January 26, 1981Louisiana State University
Kevin Durant20082019F-G6-9240September 29, 1988University of Texas at Austin
John Duren19811983G6-3195October 30, 1958Georgetown University
Jarrett Durham19721972F6-5188August 22, 1949Duquesne University
Pat Durham19931995F6-7210March 10, 1967Colorado State University
Devin Durrant19851986F6-7200October 20, 1960Brigham Young University
Ken Durrett19721975F6-7190December 8, 1948La Salle University
Dennis DuVal19751976G6-3175March 31, 1952Syracuse University
Trevon Duval20192019G6-2189August 3, 1998Duke University
Jack Dwan19491949F-G6-4200May 3, 1921Loyola University of Chicago
Craig Dykema19821982F6-8190June 11, 1959California State University, Long Beach
Gene Dyker19541954F6-6225February 17, 1930DePaul University
Jerome Dyson20122012G6-3180May 1, 1987University of Connecticut
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