NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with F

Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

141 Players

141 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Joe Fabel19471947F-G6-1190September 4, 1913University of Pittsburgh
John Fairchild19661970F6-8205April 28, 1943Brigham Young University
Phil Farbman19491949F6-1185April 3, 1924City College of New York
Kenneth Faried20122019F6-8220November 19, 1989Morehead State University
Dick Farley19551959G-F6-4190April 13, 1932Indiana University
Jordan Farmar20072017G6-2180November 30, 1986University of California, Los Angeles
Desmon Farmer20072009G6-5220October 7, 1981University of Southern California
Jim Farmer19881994G6-4190September 23, 1964University of Alabama
Mike Farmer19591966F6-7210September 26, 1936University of San Francisco
Tony Farmer19982000F6-9244January 3, 1970San Jose State University, University of Nebraska
Bob Faught19471947F6-5185September 2, 1921University of Notre Dame
Vitor Faverani20142014C6-11260May 5, 1988
Derrick Favors20112019F-C6-10265July 15, 1991Georgia Institute of Technology
Nick Fazekas20082008F6-11235June 17, 1985University of Nevada, Reno
Dave Fedor19631963F6-6190December 10, 1940Florida State University
Bob Feerick19471950F-G6-3190January 2, 1920Santa Clara University
Butch Feher19771977G6-4185May 19, 1954Vanderbilt University
Jamie Feick19972001C6-9255July 3, 1974Michigan State University
Ron Feiereisel19561956G6-3185August 6, 1931DePaul University
George Feigenbaum19501953G6-1185July 2, 1929University of Kentucky
Dave Feitl19871992C6-11235June 8, 1962University of Texas at El Paso
Kay Felder20172018G5-9176March 29, 1995Oakland University
Cristiano Felicio20162019F-C6-10265July 7, 1992
Carrick Felix20142014G6-6201August 17, 1990Arizona State University
Noel Felix20062006F6-9225October 4, 1981California State University, Fresno
Ray Felix19541962C6-11220December 10, 1930Long Island University
Raymond Felton20062019G6-1205June 26, 1984University of North Carolina
Jake Fendley19521953G6-0180June 12, 1929Northwestern University
Warren Fenley19471947F6-3190February 8, 1922Manhattan College
Desmond Ferguson20042004G-F6-7203July 22, 1977University of Missouri, University of Detroit Mercy
Terrance Ferguson20182019G-F6-7190May 17, 1998
Rudy Fernandez20092012G6-6185April 4, 1985
Eric Fernsten19761984C-F6-10205November 1, 1953University of San Francisco
Al Ferrari19561963G-F6-4190July 6, 1933Michigan State University
Rolando Ferreira19891989C7-1240May 24, 1964University of Houston
Duane Ferrell19891999F-G6-7209February 28, 1965Georgia Institute of Technology
Yogi Ferrell20172019G6-0180May 9, 1993Indiana University
Arnie Ferrin19491951F-G6-2180July 29, 1925University of Utah
Bob Ferry19601969C-F6-8230May 31, 1937Saint Louis University
Danny Ferry19912003F6-10230October 17, 1966Duke University
Kyrylo Fesenko20082012C7-1288December 24, 1986
Bobby Fields19721972G6-3175October 20, 1949La Salle University
Kenny Fields19851988F-G6-5220February 9, 1962University of California, Los Angeles
Landry Fields20112015F6-7210June 27, 1988Stanford University
Ron Filipek19681968F6-5205February 5, 1944Tennessee Technological University
Greg Fillmore19711972C7-1240March 7, 1947Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Larry Finch19741975G6-2185February 16, 1951University of Memphis
Hank Finkel19671975C7-0240April 20, 1942University of Dayton
Michael Finley19962010G-F6-7215March 6, 1973University of Wisconsin
Danny Finn19531955G6-1185May 29, 1928St. John's University
Dorian Finney-Smith20172019F6-8220May 4, 1993University of Florida
Matt Fish19951997C6-11235November 18, 1969University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Derek Fisher19972014G6-1200August 9, 1974University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Richard Fisher19721972F6-5215October 27, 1948Colorado State University
Gerald Fitch20062006G6-3188August 12, 1982University of Kentucky
Bob Fitzgerald19471949F-C6-5190March 14, 1923Seton Hall University
Dick Fitzgerald19471948F6-2175November 18, 1920Fordham University
Marcus Fizer20012006F6-9262August 10, 1978Iowa State University
Jerry Fleishman19471953G-F6-2190February 14, 1922New York University
Al Fleming19781978F6-7215April 5, 1954University of Arizona
Ed Fleming19561960G-F6-3189July 25, 1933Niagara University
Vern Fleming19851996G6-5185February 4, 1962University of Georgia
Luis Flores20052005G6-2200April 11, 1981Rutgers University, Manhattan College
Bruce Flowers19831983F6-8225June 13, 1957University of Notre Dame
Sleepy Floyd19831995G6-3170March 6, 1960Georgetown University
Jonny Flynn20102012G6-0185February 6, 1989Syracuse University
Mike Flynn19761978G6-2180July 31, 1953University of Kentucky
Larry Fogle19761976G6-5205March 19, 1953Canisius College
Jack Foley19631963F6-3170April 19, 1939College of the Holy Cross
Isaac Fontaine20022002G6-4210April 16, 1975Washington State University
Levi Fontaine19711971G6-4190November 1, 1948University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Jeff Foote20122012C7-0265July 14, 1987Cornell University
Bryn Forbes20172019G6-3190July 23, 1993Michigan State University
Gary Forbes20112012F6-7220February 25, 1985University of Virginia, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Alphonso Ford19941995G6-1190October 31, 1971Mississippi Valley State University
Alton Ford20022004F6-9275May 29, 1981University of Houston
Bob Ford19731973F6-7228January 26, 1950Purdue University
Chris Ford19731982G-F6-5190January 11, 1949Villanova University
Don Ford19761982F6-9215December 31, 1952University of New Mexico, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jake Ford19711972G6-3180April 29, 1946University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Phil Ford19791985G6-2175February 9, 1956University of North Carolina
Sharrod Ford20062006F6-9225January 9, 1982Clemson University
Sherell Ford19961996F6-7210August 26, 1972University of Illinois at Chicago
T.J. Ford20042012G6-0165March 24, 1983University of Texas at Austin
Donnie Forman19491949G5-10175January 17, 1926New York University
Bayard Forrest19781979C6-10235July 8, 1954Grand Canyon University
Joseph Forte20022003G6-4194March 23, 1981University of North Carolina
Courtney Fortson20122012G5-11185May 23, 1988University of Arkansas
Danny Fortson19982007F6-7260March 27, 1976University of Cincinnati
Fred Foster19691977F6-5210March 18, 1946Miami University
Greg Foster19912003F-C6-11240October 3, 1968University of California, Los Angeles, University of Texas at El Paso
Jeff Foster20002012F-C6-11236January 16, 1977Texas State University
Jimmy Foster19751976G6-1175December 16, 1951University of Connecticut
Rod Foster19841986G6-1160October 10, 1960University of California, Los Angeles
Antonis Fotsis20022002F6-10219April 1, 1981
Evan Fournier20132019G-F6-7205October 29, 1992
Larry Foust19511962C-F6-9215June 24, 1928La Salle University
Calvin Fowler19701970G6-0175February 11, 1940Saint Francis University
Jerry Fowler19521952C6-8230June 20, 1927University of Missouri
Tremaine Fowlkes20022005F6-8220April 11, 1976University of California, California State University, Fresno
De'Aaron Fox20182019G6-3175December 20, 1997University of Kentucky
Harold Fox19731973G6-2175August 29, 1949Jacksonville University
Jim Fox19681977C-F6-10230April 7, 1943University of South Carolina
Rick Fox19922004F-G6-7230July 24, 1969University of North Carolina
Randy Foye20072017G6-4213September 24, 1983Villanova University
Adonal Foyle19982009C6-10250March 9, 1975Colgate University
Richie Frahm20042008G6-5210August 14, 1977Gonzaga University
Steve Francis20002008G6-3195February 21, 1977University of Maryland
Tellis Frank19881994F-C6-10225April 26, 1965Western Kentucky University
Nat Frankel19471947F-G6-0195November 3, 1913Brooklyn College
Jamaal Franklin20142015G6-5191July 21, 1991San Diego State University
William Franklin19731976F6-7220October 19, 1949Purdue University
Ronald Franz19681973F6-7205October 20, 1945University of Kansas
Melvin Frazier20192019G6-6200August 30, 1996Tulane University
Tim Frazier20152019G6-1170November 1, 1990Pennsylvania State University
Walt Frazier*19681980G6-4200March 29, 1945Southern Illinois University
Will Frazier19661969C-F6-7210August 24, 1942Grambling State University
Anthony Frederick19891992F6-7205December 7, 1964Pepperdine University
Jimmer Fredette20122019G6-2195February 25, 1989Brigham Young University
World B. Free19761988G6-2185December 9, 1953Guilford College
Joel Freeland20132015F-C6-10250February 7, 1987
Donnie Freeman19681976G6-3185July 18, 1944University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gary Freeman19711971F6-9210July 25, 1948Oregon State University
Rod Freeman19741974F6-7225November 5, 1950Vanderbilt University
Matt Freije20052007F6-10240October 2, 1981Vanderbilt University
Frido Frey19471947F6-2195October 26, 1921Long Island University
Larry Friend19581958G-F6-4185April 14, 1935University of California
Pat Frink19691969G6-4195February 18, 1945University of Colorado
Jim Fritsche19541955F-C6-8210December 10, 1931Hamline University
Channing Frye20062019C-F7-0255May 17, 1983University of Arizona
Bernie Fryer19741975G6-3185December 25, 1949Brigham Young University
Frank Fucarino19471947F6-2175July 24, 1920Long Island University
Herm Fuetsch19481948G6-0170July 6, 1918
Joe Fulks*19471954F-C6-5190October 26, 1921Murray State University
Carl Fuller19711972C6-9225January 10, 1946Bethune-Cookman College
Hiram Fuller20042004F6-9240May 15, 1981California State University, Fresno
Todd Fuller19972001C6-11255July 25, 1974North Carolina State University
Tony Fuller19811981G6-4180September 4, 1958Pepperdine University
Markelle Fultz20182019G6-4200May 29, 1998University of Washington
Lawrence Funderburke19982005F6-9230December 15, 1970Indiana University, Ohio State University
Terry Furlow19771980G-F6-4190October 18, 1954Michigan State University
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