NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with H

Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

330 Players

330 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Rudy Hackett19761977F6-9210May 10, 1953Syracuse University
Hamed Haddadi20092013C7-2254May 19, 1985
Jim Hadnot19681968C-F6-10235January 15, 1940Providence College
Scott Haffner19901991G6-3180February 2, 1966University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Evansville
Cliff Hagan*19571970F-G6-4210December 9, 1931University of Kentucky
Glenn Hagan19821982G6-0170June 25, 1955St. Bonaventure University
Tom Hagan19701971G6-3185January 29, 1947Vanderbilt University
Robert Hahn19501950C6-10240August 25, 1925North Carolina State University
Al Hairston19691970G6-1170December 11, 1945Bowling Green State University
Happy Hairston19651975F6-7225May 31, 1942New York University
Lindsay Hairston19761976F-C6-7180December 8, 1951Michigan State University
Malik Hairston20092010G6-6220February 23, 1987University of Oregon
P.J. Hairston20152016G-F6-6230December 24, 1992University of North Carolina
Marcus Haislip20032010F6-10230December 22, 1980University of Tennessee
Chick Halbert19471951C6-9225February 27, 1919West Texas A&M University
Swede Halbrook19611962C7-3235January 30, 1933Oregon State University
Bruce Hale19491951G-F6-1170August 30, 1918Santa Clara University
Hal Hale19681968G6-1180September 21, 1945Utah State University
Jack Haley19891998C-F6-10240January 27, 1964University of California, Los Angeles
Shaler Halimon19691973G-F6-5199March 30, 1945Utah State University
Mike Hall20072007F6-8230June 5, 1984George Washington University
Jeff Halliburton19721973G6-5193July 3, 1949Drake University
Darvin Ham19972005F6-7220July 23, 1973Texas Tech University
Steve Hamer19971997C7-0245November 13, 1973University of Tennessee
Dale Hamilton19501950G-F6-0180August 16, 1919Franklin College
Daniel Hamilton20182019G-F6-7195August 8, 1995University of Connecticut
Dennis Hamilton19681971F6-8210May 8, 1944Arizona State University
Joe Hamilton19711976G5-10160July 5, 1948University of North Texas
Jordan Hamilton20122016G-F6-7220October 6, 1990University of Texas at Austin
Justin Hamilton20142017C7-0260April 1, 1990Iowa State University, Louisiana State University
Ralph Hamilton19491949G-F6-1188June 10, 1921Indiana University
Richard Hamilton20002013G-F6-6185February 14, 1978University of Connecticut
Roy Hamilton19801981G6-2180July 20, 1957University of California, Los Angeles
Steve Hamilton19591960F-C6-6190November 30, 1934Morehead State University
Tang Hamilton20022002F6-8220May 26, 1978Mississippi State University
Thomas Hamilton19962000C7-2330April 3, 1975University of Pittsburgh
Zendon Hamilton20012006C-F6-11250April 27, 1975St. John's University
Geert Hammink19941996C7-0262July 12, 1969Louisiana State University
Julian Hammond19681972F6-5205May 27, 1943University of Tulsa
Tom Hammonds19902001F6-9215March 27, 1967Georgia Institute of Technology
A.J. Hammons20172017C7-0260August 27, 1992Purdue University
Joe Hamood19681968G6-0180September 7, 1943University of Houston
Darrin Hancock19951997G-F6-7205November 3, 1971University of Kansas
Ben Handlogten20042005C6-10240November 16, 1973Western Michigan University
Cecil Hankins19471948G6-1175January 6, 1922Oklahoma State University
Phil Hankinson19741975F6-8195July 26, 1951University of Pennsylvania
Dusty Hannahs20192019G6-3210September 2, 1993Texas Tech University, University of Arkansas
Alex Hannum*19501957F-C6-7210July 19, 1923University of Southern California
Don Hanrahan19531953F6-7200February 6, 1929Loyola University of Chicago
Rollen Hans19541955G6-2210April 13, 1931Long Island University
Ben Hansbrough20132013G6-3203December 23, 1987Mississippi State University, University of Notre Dame
Tyler Hansbrough20102016F6-9250November 3, 1985University of North Carolina
Bob Hansen19841992G6-6190January 18, 1961University of Iowa
Glenn Hansen19761978G6-4205April 21, 1952Louisiana State University
Lars Hansen19791979C6-10225September 14, 1954University of Washington
Travis Hansen20042004G6-6205April 15, 1978Utah Valley State College, Brigham Young University
Reggie Hanson19981998F6-8195October 6, 1968University of Kentucky
Bill Hanzlik19811990G-F6-7185December 6, 1957University of Notre Dame
Luke Harangody20112012F6-8246January 2, 1988University of Notre Dame
Anfernee Hardaway19942008G-F6-7195July 18, 1971University of Memphis
Tim Hardaway19902003G6-0175September 1, 1966University of Texas at El Paso
Tim Hardaway20142019G6-6205March 16, 1992University of Michigan
James Harden20102019G6-5220August 26, 1989Arizona State University
Reggie Harding19641968C7-0249May 4, 1942
Charlie Hardnett19631965F-C6-8225September 13, 1938Grambling State University
Alan Hardy19811982F6-7195May 25, 1957University of Michigan
Darrell Hardy19681968F6-7220Baylor University
James Hardy19791982F-C6-8220December 1, 1956University of San Francisco
Ira Harge19681973C6-9225March 14, 1941University of New Mexico
John Hargis19501951G-F6-2180August 20, 1920University of Texas at Austin
Maurice Harkless20132019F-G6-9220May 11, 1993St. John's University
Jerry Harkness19641969G6-2175May 7, 1940Loyola University of Chicago
Skip Harlicka19691969G6-1185October 14, 1946University of South Carolina
Jerome Harmon19951995G6-4190February 6, 1969University of Louisville
Derek Harper19841999G6-4185October 13, 1961University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Justin Harper20122017F6-10225August 30, 1989University of Richmond
Mike Harper19811982C-F6-10195December 9, 1957North Park University
Ron Harper19872001G-F6-6185January 20, 1964Miami University
Matt Harpring19992009F6-7231May 31, 1976Georgia Institute of Technology
Montrezl Harrell20162019F-C6-8240January 26, 1994University of Louisville
Josh Harrellson20122014C6-10275February 12, 1989University of Kentucky
Adam Harrington20032003G6-5200July 5, 1980North Carolina State University, Auburn University
Al Harrington19992014F6-9230February 17, 1980
Junior Harrington20032007G6-4180October 2, 1980Wingate University
Othella Harrington19972008F-C6-9235January 31, 1974Georgetown University
Art Harris19691972G6-4185January 13, 1947Stanford University
Bernie Harris19751975F6-10200November 26, 1950Virginia Commonwealth University
Billy Harris19751975G6-2185November 12, 1951Northern Illinois University
Bob Harris19501954F-C6-7195March 16, 1927Oklahoma State University
Chris Harris19561956G6-3190August 11, 1933University of Dayton
Devin Harris20052019G6-3185February 27, 1983University of Wisconsin
Elias Harris20142014F6-8239July 6, 1989Gonzaga University
Gary Harris20152019G6-4210September 14, 1994Michigan State University
Joe Harris20152019G6-6218September 6, 1991University of Virginia
Lucious Harris19942005G6-5190December 18, 1970California State University, Long Beach
Manny Harris20112017G6-5185September 21, 1989University of Michigan
Mike Harris20082014F6-6240June 15, 1983Rice University
Steve Harris19861990G6-5195October 15, 1963University of Tulsa
Terrel Harris20122013G6-5190August 10, 1987Oklahoma State University
Tobias Harris20122019F6-9235July 15, 1992University of Tennessee
Tony Harris19911995G6-3190May 13, 1967Lamar University, University of New Orleans
Aaron Harrison20162018G6-6210October 28, 1994University of Kentucky
Andrew Harrison20172019G6-6213October 28, 1994University of Kentucky
Bob Harrison19501958G6-1190August 12, 1927University of Michigan
David Harrison20052008C7-0280August 15, 1982University of Colorado
Shaquille Harrison20182019G6-4190October 6, 1993University of Tulsa
Jason Hart20012010G6-3185April 29, 1978Syracuse University
Josh Hart20182019G6-5215March 6, 1995Villanova University
Isaiah Hartenstein20192019F7-0249May 5, 1998
Antonio Harvey19942003F-C6-11225July 6, 1970Southern Illinois University, University of Georgia, Pfeiffer University
Donnell Harvey20012005F6-8220August 26, 1980University of Florida
Scott Haskin19941994C-F6-11250September 19, 1970Oregon State University
Clem Haskins19681976G6-3195July 11, 1943Western Kentucky University
Udonis Haslem20042019F-C6-8235June 9, 1980University of Florida
Trenton Hassell20022010G6-5200March 4, 1979Austin Peay State University
Billy Hassett19501951G5-11180October 21, 1921University of Notre Dame
Joe Hassett19781983G6-5180September 11, 1955Providence College
Scott Hastings19831993F-C6-10235June 3, 1960University of Arkansas
Kirk Haston20022003F6-9242March 10, 1979Indiana University
Vern Hatton19591962G6-3195January 13, 1936University of Kentucky
John Havlicek*19631978F-G6-5203April 8, 1940Ohio State University
Spencer Hawes20082017C-F7-1245April 28, 1988University of Washington
Steve Hawes19751984C-F6-9220May 26, 1950University of Washington
Bubbles Hawkins19761979G6-4190June 30, 1954Illinois State University
Connie Hawkins*19681976F-C6-8210July 17, 1942University of Iowa
Hersey Hawkins19892001G6-3190September 29, 1966Bradley University
Juaquin Hawkins20032003G-F6-7220July 2, 1973California State University, Long Beach
Marshall Hawkins19501950F6-3205August 3, 1924University of Tennessee
Michael Hawkins19972001G6-0178October 28, 1972Xavier University
Tom Hawkins19601969F6-5210December 22, 1936University of Notre Dame
Nate Hawthorne19741976G6-4190January 15, 1950Southern Illinois University
Chuck Hayes20062016F-C6-6240June 11, 1983University of Kentucky
Elvin Hayes*19691984F-C6-9235November 17, 1945University of Houston
Jarvis Hayes20042010F6-7220August 9, 1981Western Carolina University, University of Georgia
Jim Hayes19711971G6-3200February 18, 1948Boston University
Nigel Hayes20182018F6-8254December 16, 1994University of Wisconsin
Steve Hayes19821986C7-0205August 2, 1955Idaho State University
Gordon Hayward20112019F-G6-8225March 23, 1990Butler University
Lazar Hayward20112013F6-6225November 26, 1986Marquette University
Brendan Haywood20022015C7-0268November 27, 1979University of North Carolina
Spencer Haywood*19701983F-C6-8225April 22, 1949University of Detroit Mercy
John Hazen19491949G6-2172March 2, 1927Indiana State University
Walt Hazzard19651974G6-2185April 15, 1942University of California, Los Angeles
Luther Head20062011G6-3185November 26, 1982University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Shane Heal19972004G6-0180September 6, 1970
Brian Heaney19701970G6-2180September 3, 1946Acadia University
Gar Heard19711981F6-6219May 3, 1948University of Oklahoma
Reggie Hearn20182018G6-5210August 14, 1991Northwestern University
Herm Hedderick19551955G6-5170January 10, 1930Canisius College
Alvin Heggs19961996F6-8225December 12, 1967University of Texas at Austin
Tom Heinsohn*19571965F-C6-7218August 26, 1934College of the Holy Cross
Dick Hemric19561957F6-6220August 29, 1933Wake Forest University
Alan Henderson19962007F6-9235December 2, 1972Indiana University
Cedric Henderson19871987F6-8210October 3, 1965University of Georgia
Cedric Henderson19982002F6-7215March 11, 1975University of Memphis
Dave Henderson19881988G6-5195July 21, 1964Duke University
Gerald Henderson19801992G6-2175January 16, 1956Virginia Commonwealth University
Gerald Henderson20102017G6-5215December 9, 1987Duke University
J.R. Henderson19991999F6-8226October 30, 1976University of California, Los Angeles
Jerome Henderson19861987C-F6-11230October 5, 1959University of New Mexico
Kevin Henderson19871988G6-4195March 22, 1964California State University, Fullerton
Tom Henderson19751983G6-3190January 26, 1952University of Hawaii
Mark Hendrickson19972000F6-9220June 23, 1974Washington State University
Larry Hennessy19561957G6-3185May 20, 1929Villanova University
Don Henriksen19531955F-C6-7225October 10, 1929University of California
Al Henry19711972C6-9190February 9, 1949University of Wisconsin
Bill Henry19491950C6-9215December 27, 1924Rice University
Carl Henry19861986G6-6205August 16, 1960Oklahoma City University, University of Kansas
Conner Henry19871988G6-7195July 21, 1963University of California, Santa Barbara
Myke Henry20182018F6-6210December 23, 1992DePaul University
Skeeter Henry19941994G6-7190December 8, 1967Midland College, University of Oklahoma
Xavier Henry20112015G6-6220March 15, 1991University of Kansas
John Henson20132019C-F6-11219December 28, 1990University of North Carolina
Steve Henson19911999G5-11177February 2, 1968Kansas State University
Charles Hentz19711971F6-5210September 13, 1947University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Bill Herman19501950G6-3170May 17, 1924Mount Union College
Kleggie Hermsen19471953C-F6-9225March 12, 1923University of Minnesota
Juan Hernangomez20172019F6-9230September 28, 1995
Willy Hernangomez20172019C6-11240May 27, 1994
Chris Herren20002001G6-2197September 27, 1975Boston College, California State University, Fresno
Carl Herrera19921999F6-9215December 14, 1966Jacksonville University, University of Houston
Walter Herrmann20072009F6-9225June 26, 1979
Keith Herron19791982G-F6-6195June 14, 1956Villanova University
Sonny Hertzberg19471951G5-10175July 29, 1922City College of New York
Dan Hester19711971F6-8210November 8, 1948Louisiana State University
Fred Hetzel19661971F-C6-8220July 21, 1942Davidson College
Bill Hewitt19691975F6-7210August 8, 1944University of Southern California
Jack Hewson19481948F-C6-6195September 7, 1924Temple University
Art Heyman19641970F-G6-5205June 24, 1941Duke University
Mario Hezonja20162019F-G6-8225February 25, 1995
Roy Hibbert20092017C7-2270December 11, 1986Georgetown University
Nat Hickey19481948G-F5-11180January 30, 1902
Isaiah Hicks20182019F6-9230July 24, 1994University of North Carolina
Phil Hicks19771979F6-7205January 31, 1953Tulane University
J.J. Hickson20092016F-C6-9242September 4, 1988North Carolina State University
Buddy Hield20172019G6-4214December 17, 1992University of Oklahoma
Bill Higgins19751975G6-2180December 15, 1952Ashland University
Cory Higgins20122013G6-5180June 14, 1989University of Colorado
Earle Higgins19711971F6-8195December 30, 1946Eastern Michigan University
Mike Higgins19901991F6-9220February 17, 1967University of Northern Colorado
Rod Higgins19831995F6-7200January 31, 1960California State University, Fresno
Sean Higgins19911998G-F6-9205December 30, 1968University of Michigan
Kenny Higgs19791982G6-0180January 31, 1955Louisiana State University
Johnny High19801984G6-3185April 25, 1957University of Nevada, Reno
Haywood Highsmith20192019F6-7220December 9, 1996Wheeling Jesuit University
Wayne Hightower19631972F-C6-8192January 14, 1940University of Kansas
Nene Hilario20032019F-C6-11250September 13, 1982
Armond Hill19771984G6-4190March 31, 1953Princeton University
Cleo Hill19621962G6-1185May 24, 1938Winston-Salem State University
Gary Hill19641965G6-4185October 7, 1941Oklahoma City University
George Hill20092019G6-3188May 4, 1986Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Grant Hill*19952013F-G6-8225October 5, 1972Duke University
Jordan Hill20102017C-F6-10235July 27, 1987University of Arizona
Simmie Hill19701974F6-7233November 14, 1946West Texas A&M University
Solomon Hill20142019F6-7225March 18, 1991University of Arizona
Steven Hill20092009C7-0248November 14, 1985University of Arkansas
Tyrone Hill19912004F6-9240March 19, 1968Xavier University
Art Hillhouse19471948C6-7220June 12, 1916Long Island University
Darrun Hilliard20162018G6-6205April 13, 1993Villanova University
Darnell Hillman19721980F-C6-9215August 29, 1949San Jose State University
Fred Hilton19721973G-F6-3185January 15, 1948Grambling State University
Kirk Hinrich20042016G6-4190January 2, 1981University of Kansas
Roy Hinson19841991F-C6-9210May 2, 1961Rutgers University
Mel Hirsch19471947G5-6165July 31, 1921Brooklyn College
Lew Hitch19521957F-C6-8200July 16, 1929Kansas State University
Robert Hite20072007G6-2184January 12, 1984University of Miami
Darington Hobson20122012G6-7210September 29, 1987University of New Mexico
Donald Hodge19921996C7-0230February 25, 1969Temple University
Julius Hodge20062007G6-7210November 18, 1983North Carolina State University
Craig Hodges19831992G6-2190June 27, 1960California State University, Long Beach
Charlie Hoefer19471948G5-9158September 16, 1921Queens College
Paul Hoffman19481955G-F6-2195April 12, 1925Purdue University
Bob Hogsett19671968F6-7230January 29, 1941University of Tennessee
Paul Hogue19631964C6-9240April 28, 1940University of Cincinnati
Fred Hoiberg19962005G6-4203October 15, 1972Iowa State University
Doug Holcomb19491949F6-4200February 9, 1925University of Wisconsin
Randy Holcomb20062006F6-9225August 8, 1979California State University, Fresno, San Diego State University
Aaron Holiday20192019G6-1185September 30, 1996University of California, Los Angeles
Jrue Holiday20102019G6-4205June 12, 1990University of California, Los Angeles
Justin Holiday20132019F6-6181April 5, 1989University of Washington
Brad Holland19801982G6-3180December 6, 1956University of California, Los Angeles
Joe Holland19501952F6-4185September 26, 1925University of Kentucky
John Holland20182019G-F6-5205November 6, 1988Boston University
Wilbur Holland19761979G6-0175November 8, 1951University of New Orleans
Lionel Hollins19761985G6-3185October 19, 1953Arizona State University
Ryan Hollins20072016C7-0240October 10, 1984University of California, Los Angeles
Essie Hollis19791979F6-6195May 16, 1955St. Bonaventure University
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson20162019F6-7217January 3, 1995University of Arizona
Dennis Holman19681968G6-3175October 8, 1945Southern Methodist University
Richaun Holmes20162019F-C6-10235October 15, 1993Bowling Green State University
Jim Holstein19531956F-G6-3180September 24, 1930University of Cincinnati
A.W. Holt19711971F6-7210August 26, 1946Jackson State University
Mike Holton19851990G6-4185August 4, 1961University of California, Los Angeles
Dick Holub19481948C6-6205October 29, 1921Long Island University
Joe Holup19571959F6-6215February 26, 1934George Washington University
Red Holzman*19491954G5-10175August 10, 1920City College of New York
Jerald Honeycutt19981999F-G6-9245October 20, 1974Tulane University
Tyler Honeycutt20122013F6-8188July 15, 1990University of California, Los Angeles
Derek Hood20002000F6-8222December 22, 1976University of Arkansas
Rodney Hood20152019G-F6-8206October 20, 1992Mississippi State University, Duke University
Bobby Hooper19691969G6-0180December 22, 1946University of Dayton
Carroll Hooser19681968F6-7230March 5, 1944Southern Methodist University
Tom Hoover19641969C6-9230January 23, 1941Villanova University
Bob Hopkins19571960C-F6-8205November 3, 1934Grambling State University
Dave Hoppen19881993C-F6-11235March 13, 1964University of Nebraska
Dennis Hopson19881992G-F6-5200April 22, 1965Ohio State University
Scotty Hopson20142018G6-7204August 8, 1989University of Tennessee
Johnny Horan19561956F6-8190November 24, 1932University of Dayton
Cedrick Hordges19811982F-C6-8220January 8, 1957Auburn University, University of South Carolina
Al Horford20082019C-F6-10245June 3, 1986University of Florida
Tito Horford19891994C7-1245January 19, 1966University of Miami
Ron Horn19621968F6-7220May 24, 1938Indiana University
Jeff Hornacek19872000G6-3190May 3, 1963Iowa State University
Dennis Horner20122012F6-9230February 5, 1988North Carolina State University
Robert Horry19932008F6-9220August 25, 1970University of Alabama
Ed Horton19901990F6-8230December 17, 1967University of Iowa
Bill Hosket19691972F-C6-8225December 20, 1946Ohio State University
Bob Houbregs*19541958C-F6-7210March 12, 1932University of Washington
Danuel House20172019G6-7220June 7, 1993Texas A&M University
Eddie House20012011G6-1180May 14, 1978Arizona State University
Allan Houston19942005G6-6200April 20, 1971University of Tennessee
Byron Houston19931996F6-5250November 22, 1969Oklahoma State University
Tom Hovasse19951995F6-8205January 31, 1967Pennsylvania State University
Brian Howard19921993F6-6204October 19, 1967North Carolina State University
Dwight Howard20052019C6-11265December 8, 1985
Greg Howard19711972F-C6-9215January 8, 1948University of New Mexico
Josh Howard20042013F-G6-7210April 28, 1980Wake Forest University
Juwan Howard19952013F6-9240February 7, 1973University of Michigan
Mo Howard19771977G6-2170August 25, 1954University of Maryland
Otis Howard19791979F6-7220November 5, 1956Austin Peay State University
Stephen Howard19931998F6-9225July 15, 1970DePaul University
Bailey Howell*19601971F6-7210January 20, 1937Mississippi State University
Bob Hubbard19481949C-F6-6215December 27, 1922Springfield College
Phil Hubbard19801989F-C6-8215December 13, 1956University of Michigan
Lester Hudson20102015G6-3190August 7, 1984University of Tennessee at Martin
Lou Hudson19671979F-G6-5210July 11, 1944University of Minnesota
Troy Hudson19982008G6-1170March 13, 1976University of Missouri, Southern Illinois University
Marcelo Huertas20162017G6-3200May 25, 1983
Kevin Huerter20192019G6-7190August 27, 1998University of Maryland
Josh Huestis20162018F6-7230December 19, 1991Stanford University
Nate Huffman20032003C7-1245April 2, 1975Central Michigan University
Alfredrick Hughes19861986F-G6-5215July 19, 1962Loyola University of Chicago
Eddie Hughes19881990G5-10165May 26, 1960Colorado State University
Kim Hughes19761981C6-11220June 4, 1952University of Wisconsin
Larry Hughes19992012G6-5184January 23, 1979Saint Louis University
Rick Hughes20002000F6-9235August 22, 1973Thomas More College
Robbie Hummel20142015F6-8215March 8, 1989Purdue University
John Hummer19711976F-C6-9230May 4, 1948Princeton University
Ryan Humphrey20032005F6-8235July 24, 1979University of Oklahoma, University of Notre Dame
Isaac Humphries20192019C7-0255January 5, 1998University of Kentucky
Jay Humphries19851995G6-3185October 17, 1962University of Colorado
Kris Humphries20052017F-C6-9235February 6, 1985University of Minnesota
Hot Rod Hundley19581963G6-4185October 26, 1934West Virginia University
Brandon Hunter20042005F6-7260November 24, 1980Ohio University
Cedric Hunter19921992G6-0180January 16, 1965University of Kansas
Chris Hunter20102010F6-11240July 7, 1984University of Michigan
Les Hunter19651973F-C6-7210August 16, 1942Loyola University of Chicago
Lindsey Hunter19942010G6-2170December 3, 1970Alcorn State University, Jackson State University
Othello Hunter20092010F6-8225May 28, 1986Ohio State University
R.J. Hunter20162019G6-5185October 24, 1993Georgia State University
Steven Hunter20022010C7-0220October 31, 1981DePaul University
Vince Hunter20182018F6-8208August 5, 1994University of Texas at El Paso
Bobby Hurley19941998G6-0165June 28, 1971Duke University
Roy Hurley19471947F-G6-2170August 12, 1922Murray State University
Geoff Huston19801987G6-2175November 8, 1957Texas Tech University
Paul Huston19481948F6-3175June 2, 1925Ohio State University
Mel Hutchins19521958F-C6-6200November 22, 1928Brigham Young University
Chandler Hutchison20192019G6-7197April 26, 1996Boise State University
Joe Hutton19511952G6-1170October 6, 1928Hamline University
Greg Hyder19711971F6-6215June 21, 1948Eastern New Mexico University
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