NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with T

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Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

183 Players

183 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Žan Tabak19952001C7-0245June 15, 1970
Yuta Tabuse20052005G5-9165October 5, 1980Brigham Young University Hawaii
Chris Taft20062006F6-10260March 10, 1985University of Pittsburgh
Sid Tanenbaum19481949G6-0160October 8, 1925New York University
Dragan Tarlać20012001C6-10260May 9, 1973
Roy Tarpley19871995C-F6-11230November 28, 1964University of Michigan
Levern Tart19681971G-F6-2195June 1, 1942Bradley University
Earl Tatum19771980G-F6-5185July 26, 1953Marquette University
Jayson Tatum20182019F6-8208March 3, 1998Duke University
Edy Tavares20162017C7-3260March 22, 1992
Anthony Taylor19891989G6-4175November 30, 1965University of Oregon
Brian Taylor19731982G6-2185June 9, 1951Princeton University
Donell Taylor20062007G6-6180July 26, 1982Okaloosa-Walton Community College, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Fatty Taylor19701977G6-0175March 13, 1946La Salle University
Fred Taylor19711972G-F6-5180February 5, 1948University of Texas-Pan American
Isaiah Taylor20172018G6-3170July 11, 1994University of Texas at Austin
Jay Taylor19901990G6-3190October 3, 1967Eastern Illinois University
Jeff Taylor19831987G6-4175January 1, 1960Texas Tech University
Jeffery Taylor20132015F6-7225May 23, 1989Vanderbilt University
Jermaine Taylor20102011G6-4210December 8, 1986University of Central Florida
Johnny Taylor19982000F6-9220June 4, 1974Indian Hills Community College, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Leonard Taylor19901990F6-8220May 2, 1966University of California
Maurice Taylor19982007F6-9260October 30, 1976University of Michigan
Mike Taylor20092009G6-2165January 21, 1986Iowa State University
Oliver Taylor19711974G-F6-2194March 7, 1947University of Houston
Ronald Taylor19701972C7-1265November 21, 1947University of Southern California
Tyshawn Taylor20132014G6-3185April 12, 1990University of Kansas
Vince Taylor19831983G-F6-5180September 11, 1960Duke University
Terry Teagle19831993F-G6-5195April 10, 1960Baylor University
Jeff Teague20102019G6-2195June 10, 1988Wake Forest University
Marquis Teague20132018G6-2189February 28, 1993University of Kentucky
Mirza Teletović20132018F6-9242September 18, 1985
Sebastian Telfair20052015G6-0165June 9, 1985
Collis Temple19751975F6-8220November 8, 1952Louisiana State University
Garrett Temple20102019G6-6195May 8, 1986Louisiana State University
Miloš Teodosić20182019G6-5196March 19, 1987
Ira Terrell19771979F-C6-8200June 19, 1954Southern Methodist University
Jared Terrell20192019G6-3227February 10, 1995University of Rhode Island
Carlos Terry19811983G-F6-5210June 22, 1956Winston-Salem State University
Chuck Terry19731977F6-6215September 27, 1950California State University, Long Beach
Claude Terry19731978G-F6-4195January 12, 1950Stanford University
Emanuel Terry20192019F6-9220August 21, 1996Lincoln Memorial University
Jason Terry20002018G6-2185September 15, 1977University of Arizona
Hasheem Thabeet20102014C7-3263February 16, 1987University of Connecticut
Tom Thacker19641971G-F6-2170November 2, 1939University of Cincinnati
Floyd Theard19701970G6-1170September 5, 1944Kentucky State University
Daniel Theis20182019C6-8243April 4, 1992
Reggie Theus19791991G6-7190October 13, 1957University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Peter Thibeaux19851986F6-7210October 3, 1961Saint Mary's College of California
Bill Thieben19571958F-C6-7215March 28, 1935Hofstra University
Justus Thigpen19701974G6-1160August 13, 1947Weber State University
David Thirdkill19831987F-G6-7195April 12, 1960Bradley University
Adonis Thomas20142014F6-7200March 25, 1993University of Memphis
Billy Thomas20052008G6-4208December 23, 1975University of Kansas
Carl Thomas19921998G6-4175October 3, 1969Eastern Michigan University
Charles Thomas19921992G6-3175October 3, 1969Eastern Michigan University
Etan Thomas20022011F6-9256April 1, 1978Syracuse University
Irving Thomas19911991F6-8225January 2, 1966University of Kentucky, Florida State University
Isaiah Thomas20122019G5-9185February 7, 1989University of Washington
Isiah Thomas*19821994G6-1180April 30, 1961Indiana University
Jamel Thomas20002001F6-6215March 25, 1973Providence College
James Thomas20052006F6-8235November 22, 1980University of Texas at Austin
Jim Thomas19841991G6-3190October 19, 1960Indiana University
Joe Thomas19711971F6-6205March 9, 1948Marquette University
John Thomas19982006F6-9265September 8, 1975University of Minnesota
Kenny Thomas20002010F6-7261July 25, 1977University of New Mexico
Khyri Thomas20192019G6-3210May 8, 1996Creighton University
Kurt Thomas19962013F6-9230October 4, 1972Texas Christian University
Lance Thomas20122019F6-8240April 24, 1988Duke University
Malcolm Thomas20122015F6-9225November 8, 1988Pepperdine University, San Diego State University
Ronald Thomas19731976F6-6215November 19, 1950University of Louisville
Terry Thomas19761976F6-8220August 20, 1953University of Detroit Mercy
Tim Thomas19982010F6-10230February 26, 1977Villanova University
Tyrus Thomas20072015F6-9215August 17, 1986Louisiana State University
Willis Thomas19681968G6-2185Tennessee State University
Trey Thompkins20122012F6-10245May 20, 1990University of Georgia
Bernard Thompson19851989F-G6-6210August 30, 1962California State University, Fresno
Billy Thompson19871992F6-7195December 1, 1963University of Louisville
Brooks Thompson19951998G6-4193July 19, 1970Texas A&M University, Oklahoma State University
Corny Thompson19831983F6-8225February 5, 1960University of Connecticut
David Thompson*19761984G-F6-4195July 13, 1954North Carolina State University
Dijon Thompson20062007G-F6-7195February 23, 1983University of California, Los Angeles
George Thompson19701975G6-2200November 29, 1947Marquette University
Hollis Thompson20142017G-F6-8206April 3, 1991Georgetown University
Jack Thompson19691969G6-1185March 26, 1946University of South Carolina
Jason Thompson20092016F-C6-11250July 21, 1986Rider University
John Thompson*19651966F6-10225September 2, 1941Providence College
Kevin Thompson19941994C-F6-11260February 7, 1971North Carolina State University
Klay Thompson20122019G-F6-7215February 8, 1990Washington State University
LaSalle Thompson19831997C-F6-10245June 23, 1961University of Texas at Austin
Mychal Thompson19791991C-F6-10226January 30, 1955University of Minnesota
Mychel Thompson20122012G6-6211June 1, 1988Pepperdine University
Paul Thompson19841986G-F6-6210May 25, 1961Tulane University
Stephen Thompson19921992G6-4185December 2, 1968Syracuse University
Tristan Thompson20122019F-C6-10238March 13, 1991University of Texas at Austin
Skip Thoren19681970C6-10230April 5, 1943University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rod Thorn*19641971G6-4195May 23, 1941West Virginia University
Al Thornton20082011F6-8220December 7, 1983Florida State University
Bob Thornton19861996F-C6-10225July 10, 1962University of California, Irvine
Dallas Thornton19691970G6-4190September 1, 1946Kentucky Wesleyan College
Marcus Thornton20102017G6-4205June 5, 1987Louisiana State University
Sindarius Thornwell20182019G6-5215November 15, 1994University of South Carolina
Otis Thorpe19852001F-C6-9225August 5, 1962Providence College
Sedale Threatt19841997G6-2175September 10, 1961West Virginia University Institute of Technology
Nate Thurmond*19641977C-F6-11225July 25, 1941Bowling Green State University
Mel Thurston19481948G6-0175January 16, 1919Canisius College
Hal Tidrick19491949F-G6-1190August 4, 1915Washington & Jefferson College
Dan Tieman19631963G6-0185November 30, 1940Thomas More College
Darren Tillis19831984C-F6-11215February 23, 1960Cleveland State University
Jack Tingle19481949F6-4205December 30, 1924University of Kentucky
George Tinsley19701972F6-5205September 19, 1946Kentucky Wesleyan College
Jamaal Tinsley20022014G6-3195February 28, 1978Iowa State University
Wayman Tisdale19861997F-C6-9240June 9, 1964University of Oklahoma
Mike Tobey20172017C7-0260October 10, 1994University of Virginia
Mike Todorovich19501951F-C6-5220June 11, 1923University of Wyoming
Ray Tolbert19821989F6-9225September 10, 1958Indiana University
Tom Tolbert19891995F-C6-7235October 16, 1965University of California, Irvine, University of Arizona
Anthony Tolliver20092019F-C6-8250June 1, 1985Creighton University
Dean Tolson19751978F6-8190November 25, 1951University of Arkansas
Rudy Tomjanovich19711981F6-8218November 24, 1948University of Michigan
Andrew Toney19811988G6-3178November 23, 1957University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Sedric Toney19861994G6-2178April 13, 1962University of Dayton
Andy Tonkovich19491949G6-1185November 1, 1922Marshall University
Andy Toolson19911996G-F6-6210January 19, 1966Brigham Young University
Jack Toomay19481950C-F6-6215August 9, 1922University of the Pacific
Bernard Toone19801980F6-9210July 14, 1956Marquette University
Irv Torgoff19471949F6-2192March 6, 1917Long Island University
Gene Tormohlen19631970C-F6-8230May 12, 1937University of Tennessee
Óscar Torres20022003F6-6210December 18, 1976
Bill Tosheff19521954G6-1175June 2, 1926Indiana University
Bob Tough19491950G-F6-0185August 28, 1920St. John's University
Axel Toupane20162017G-F6-7197July 23, 1992
Monte Towe19761977G5-7150September 27, 1953North Carolina State University
Keith Tower19941997C-F6-11250May 15, 1970University of Notre Dame
Blackie Towery19491950F-C6-4210June 20, 1920Western Kentucky University
Linton Townes19831985F-G6-7190November 30, 1959James Madison University
Karl-Anthony Towns20162019C-F7-0248November 15, 1995University of Kentucky
Raymond Townsend19791982G6-3175December 20, 1955University of California, Los Angeles
George Trapp19721977F-C6-8205July 11, 1948California State University, Long Beach
John Trapp19691973F6-7210October 2, 1945University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Robert Traylor19992005F6-8284February 1, 1977University of Michigan
Gary Trent19962004F6-8250September 22, 1974Ohio University
Gary Trent20192019G6-6205January 18, 1999Duke University
Jeff Trepagnier20022004G6-4200July 11, 1979University of Southern California
John Tresvant19651973F-C6-7215November 6, 1939Seattle University
Allonzo Trier20192019G6-5200January 17, 1996University of Arizona
Dick Triptow19491950G-F6-0170November 3, 1922DePaul University
Kelly Tripucka19821991F-G6-6220February 16, 1959University of Notre Dame
Ansley Truitt19731973C6-9215August 24, 1950University of California
Cezary Trybański20032004C7-2240September 22, 1979
Jake Tsakalidis20012007C7-2285June 10, 1979
John Tschogl19731975F6-6206April 25, 1950University of California, Santa Barbara
Lou Tsioropoulos19571959F6-5190August 31, 1930University of Kentucky
Nikoloz Tskitishvili20032006F7-0225April 14, 1983
Al Tucker19681972F6-8190February 24, 1943Oklahoma Baptist University
Alando Tucker20082010F6-6205February 11, 1984University of Wisconsin
Anthony Tucker19951995F6-8220April 4, 1969Georgetown University, Wake Forest University
Jim Tucker19551957F6-7185December 11, 1932Duquesne University
P.J. Tucker20072019F6-6245May 5, 1985University of Texas at Austin
Trent Tucker19831993G6-5193December 20, 1959University of Minnesota
Ronny Turiaf20062015F6-10249January 13, 1983Gonzaga University
Mirsad Türkcan20002000F6-9236June 7, 1976
Hedo Türkoğlu20012015F6-10220March 19, 1979
Andre Turner19871992G5-11160December 13, 1964University of Memphis
Bill Turner19681973F6-7220February 18, 1944University of Akron
Elston Turner19821989G-F6-5190June 10, 1959University of Mississippi
Evan Turner20112019G6-7220October 27, 1988Ohio State University
Gary Turner19681968F6-7200Texas Christian University
Henry Turner19901995G-F6-7200August 18, 1966California State University, Fullerton
Herschell Turner19681968G6-2195March 29, 1938University of Nebraska
Jack Turner19551955F-G6-4170June 29, 1930Western Kentucky University
Jack Turner19621962G-F6-5200June 5, 1939University of Louisville
Jeff Turner19851996F-C6-9230April 9, 1962Vanderbilt University
John Turner19921992F6-8245November 30, 1967Georgetown University, Phillips University
Myles Turner20162019C-F6-11250March 24, 1996University of Texas at Austin
Wayne Turner20002000G6-2190March 22, 1976University of Kentucky
Melvin Turpin19851990C6-11240December 28, 1960University of Kentucky
Dave Twardzik19731980G6-1175September 20, 1950Old Dominion University
Jack Twyman*19561966F-G6-6210May 11, 1934University of Cincinnati
B.J. Tyler19951995G6-1185April 30, 1971DePaul University, University of Texas at Austin
Jeremy Tyler20122014C6-10260June 21, 1991
Terry Tyler19791989F-G6-7215October 30, 1956University of Detroit Mercy
Charlie Tyra19581962C-F6-8230August 16, 1935University of Louisville
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