NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with L

Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

187 Players

187 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Skal Labissiere20172019F6-11235March 18, 1996University of Kentucky
Reggie Lacefield19691969G-F6-5230April 10, 1945Western Michigan University
Edgar Lacey19691969F6-6190August 2, 1944University of California, Los Angeles
Sam Lacey19711983C6-10235March 28, 1948New Mexico State University
Bob Lackey19731974G-F6-5200April 4, 1949Marquette University
Fred LaCour19611963G-F6-5210February 7, 1938University of San Francisco
Wendell Ladner19711975F6-5220October 6, 1948University of Southern Mississippi
Christian Laettner19932005F-C6-11235August 17, 1969Duke University
Oliver Lafayette20102010G6-2190May 6, 1984University of Houston
Raef LaFrentz19992008F-C6-11240May 29, 1976University of Kansas
Tom LaGarde19781985C-F6-10220February 10, 1955University of North Carolina
Bill Laimbeer19811994C6-11245May 19, 1957University of Notre Dame
Pete Lalich19471947F6-2190June 23, 1920Ohio University
Bo Lamar19741977G6-1180April 7, 1951University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Doron Lamb20132014G6-4210November 6, 1991University of Kentucky
Jeremy Lamb20132019G-F6-5185May 30, 1992University of Connecticut
John Lambert19761982C-F6-10225January 14, 1953University of Southern California
Jeff Lamp19821989F-G6-6195March 9, 1959University of Virginia
Maciej Lampe20042006C6-11275February 5, 1985
Jim Lampley19871987C6-10230July 2, 1960Vanderbilt University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Sean Lampley20032004F6-7227September 3, 1979University of California
Carl Landry20082016F6-9248September 19, 1983Purdue University
Marcus Landry20102010F6-7230November 1, 1985University of Wisconsin
Mark Landsberger19781984F-C6-8215May 21, 1955University of Minnesota, Arizona State University
Jerome Lane19891993F6-6230December 4, 1966University of Pittsburgh
Andrew Lang19892000C6-11245June 28, 1966University of Arkansas
Antonio Lang19952000F-G6-8205May 15, 1972Duke University
James Lang20072007C6-10285October 17, 1983
Trajan Langdon20002002G6-3197May 13, 1976Duke University
Keith Langford20082008G6-4215September 15, 1983University of Kansas
Dan Langhi20012004F6-11220November 28, 1977Vanderbilt University
Bob Lanier*19711984C6-11250September 10, 1948St. Bonaventure University
Stu Lantz19691976G6-3175July 13, 1946University of Nebraska
Nicolas Laprovittola20172017G6-4180January 31, 1990
York Larese19621962G6-4183July 18, 1938University of North Carolina
Shane Larkin20142018G5-11175October 2, 1992University of Miami
Rusty LaRue19982004G6-2210December 10, 1973Wake Forest University
Rudy LaRusso19601969F-C6-7220November 11, 1937Dartmouth College
John Laskowski19761977G6-6185June 7, 1953Indiana University
Stephane Lasme20082008F6-8215December 17, 1982University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dave Lattin19681973F-C6-6225December 23, 1943University of Texas at El Paso
Priest Lauderdale19971998C7-4325August 31, 1973Central State University
Rich Laurel19781978G6-6190July 11, 1954Hofstra University
Harry Laurie19711971G6-1178November 2, 1944Saint Peter's College
Walt Lautenbach19501950G-F6-2185November 17, 1922University of Wisconsin
Joffrey Lauvergne20152018C-F6-11220September 30, 1991
Tony Lavelli19501951F6-3185July 11, 1926Yale University
Zach LaVine20152019G6-5200March 10, 1995University of California, Los Angeles
Bob Lavoy19511954F-C6-7185June 29, 1926Western Kentucky University
Acie Law20082011G6-3195January 25, 1985Texas A&M University
Gani Lawal20112011F6-9234November 7, 1988Georgia Institute of Technology
Edmund Lawrence19811981C7-0228December 8, 1952McNeese State University
Jason Lawson19981998C6-11240September 2, 1974Villanova University
Ty Lawson20102017G5-11195November 3, 1987University of North Carolina
Jake Layman20172019F6-9215March 7, 1994University of Maryland
Mo Layton19721978G6-1180December 24, 1948University of Southern California
T.J. Leaf20182019F6-10225April 30, 1997University of California, Los Angeles
Manny Leaks19691974C-F6-8225November 27, 1945Niagara University
Hal Lear19571957G6-0163January 31, 1935Temple University
Allen Leavell19801989G6-1170May 27, 1957Oklahoma City University
Jeff Lebo19901990G6-2180October 5, 1966University of North Carolina
Eric Leckner19891997C-F6-11265May 27, 1966University of Wyoming
Ricky Ledo20142015G6-7195September 10, 1992
Butch Lee19791980G6-0185December 5, 1956Marquette University
Clyde Lee19671976F-C6-10205March 14, 1944Vanderbilt University
Courtney Lee20092019G6-5215October 3, 1985Western Kentucky University
Damion Lee20182019G6-6210October 21, 1992Drexel University, University of Louisville
David Lee19681969F6-7225March 31, 1942University of San Francisco
David Lee20062017F6-9245April 29, 1983University of Florida
Dick Lee19681968F6-6University of Washington
Doug Lee19921995G-F6-5200October 24, 1964Texas A&M University, Purdue University
George Lee19611968F-G6-4200November 23, 1936University of Michigan
Greg Lee19751976G6-3190December 12, 1951University of California, Los Angeles
Keith Lee19861989F-C6-10215December 28, 1962University of Memphis
Kurk Lee19911991G6-3190June 3, 1967Western Kentucky University, Towson University
Malcolm Lee20122015G6-5200May 22, 1990University of California, Los Angeles
Rock Lee19821982C6-10220May 1, 1955University of California, San Diego State University
Ron Lee19771982G6-4193November 2, 1952University of Oregon
Russ Lee19731975G-F6-5185January 27, 1950Marshall University
Ed Leede19501951F-G6-3185July 17, 1927Dartmouth College
Hank Lefkowitz19471947F6-2190August 31, 1923Case Western Reserve University
Tim Legler19902000G6-4200December 26, 1966La Salle University
George Lehmann19681974G6-0180May 1, 1942Campbell University
Walt Lemon20182019G6-3180July 26, 1992Bradley University
Alex Len20142019C7-1250June 16, 1993University of Maryland
Voshon Lenard19962006G6-4205May 14, 1973University of Minnesota
Leary Lentz19681969F6-6200February 23, 1945University of Houston
Gary Leonard19901992C7-1250February 16, 1967University of Missouri
Kawhi Leonard20122019F6-7230June 29, 1991San Diego State University
Meyers Leonard20132019C-F7-1255February 27, 1992University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Slick Leonard*19571963G6-3185July 17, 1932Indiana University
Jim Les19891995G5-11165August 18, 1963Cleveland State University, Bradley University
Travis Leslie20122012G6-4205March 29, 1990University of Georgia
Ronnie Lester19811986G6-2175January 1, 1959University of Iowa
Clifford Lett19901991G6-3170December 23, 1965University of Florida
Jon Leuer20122019F6-10228May 14, 1989University of Wisconsin
Andrew Levane19491953F-G6-2190April 11, 1920St. John's University
Fat Lever19831994G6-3170August 18, 1960Arizona State University
Caris LeVert20172019G-F6-7204August 25, 1994University of Michigan
Cliff Levingston19831995F6-8210January 4, 1961Wichita State University
Bobby Lewis19681971G6-3175March 20, 1945University of North Carolina
Cedric Lewis19961996F-C6-10235September 24, 1969University of Maryland
Freddie Lewis19491950F-G6-2195January 6, 1921Eastern Kentucky University
Freddie Lewis19671977G6-0175July 1, 1943Arizona State University
Grady Lewis19471949F-C6-7215March 25, 1917University of Oklahoma
Martin Lewis19961997F6-5210April 28, 1975Butler County Community College, Seward County Community College
Mike Lewis19691974C-F6-8225March 18, 1946Duke University
Quincy Lewis20002004F6-7215June 26, 1977University of Minnesota
Ralph Lewis19881990F-G6-6200March 28, 1963La Salle University
Rashard Lewis19992014F6-10215August 8, 1979
Reggie Lewis19881993G-F6-7195November 21, 1965Northeastern University
Marcus Liberty19911994F6-8205October 27, 1968University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Todd Lichti19901994G-F6-4205January 8, 1967Stanford University
Barry Liebowitz19681968G6-2180September 10, 1945Long Island University
DeAndre Liggins20122018G6-6209March 31, 1988University of Kentucky
Bill Ligon19751975G6-4180May 29, 1952Vanderbilt University
Goose Ligon19681974F-C6-7210February 22, 1944
Damian Lillard20132019G6-3195July 15, 1990Weber State University
Jeremy Lin20112019G6-3200August 23, 1988Harvard University
Steve Lingenfelter19831984F6-9225June 10, 1958University of Minnesota, South Dakota State University
Alton Lister19821998C-F7-0240October 1, 1958Arizona State University
Samuel Little19701970G6-0180March 29, 1946Delta State University
Gene Littles19701975G6-0160June 29, 1943High Point University
Randy Livingston19972007G6-4209April 2, 1975Louisiana State University
Shaun Livingston20052019G6-7192September 11, 1985
Ron Livingstone19501951C6-10220October 9, 1925University of Wyoming
Horacio Llamas Grey19971998C6-11285July 17, 1973Grand Canyon University
Bobby Lloyd19681969G6-2184January 3, 1946Rutgers University
Chuck Lloyd19711971C-F6-8220May 22, 1947Yankton College
Earl Lloyd*19511960F-C6-5200April 3, 1928West Virginia State University
Lewis Lloyd19821990G-F6-6205February 22, 1959Drake University
Scott Lloyd19771983C-F6-10230December 19, 1952Arizona State University
Riney Lochmann19681970F6-6215May 26, 1944University of Kansas
Bob Lochmueller19531953F6-5185June 5, 1927University of Louisville
Rob Lock19891989F6-9225May 22, 1966University of Kentucky
Darrell Lockhart19841984C6-9245September 14, 1960Auburn University
Ian Lockhart19911991F6-8240June 25, 1967University of Tennessee
Kevin Loder19821984F-G6-6205March 15, 1959Kentucky State University, Alabama State University
Don Lofgran19511954F-C6-5200November 8, 1929University of San Francisco
Zach Lofton20192019G6-4180November 18, 1992Illinois State University, Texas Southern University, New Mexico State University
Henry Logan19691970G6-0180March 14, 1946Western Carolina University
John Logan19471951G6-2175January 1, 1921Indiana University
Brad Lohaus19881998F-C6-11230September 29, 1964University of Iowa
Art Long20012003F6-9250October 1, 1972University of Cincinnati
Grant Long19892003F6-8225March 12, 1966Eastern Michigan University
John Long19791997G-F6-5195August 28, 1956University of Detroit Mercy
Paul Long19681971G6-2180February 8, 1944Wake Forest University
Shawn Long20172017C-F6-9255January 29, 1993University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Willie Long19721974F-C6-8225March 1, 1950University of New Mexico
Luc Longley19922001C7-2265January 19, 1969University of New Mexico
Kevon Looney20162019F-C6-9220February 6, 1996University of California, Los Angeles
Brook Lopez20092019C7-0270April 1, 1988Stanford University
Felipe Lopez19992002G6-5199December 19, 1974St. John's University
Raul Lopez20042005G6-1170April 15, 1980
Robin Lopez20092019C7-0275April 1, 1988Stanford University
Ryan Lorthridge19951995G6-4190July 27, 1972Jackson State University
Jim Loscutoff19561964F6-5220February 4, 1930University of Oregon
Plummer Lott19681969F-G6-5210December 11, 1945Seattle University
Kevin Loughery19631973G6-3190March 28, 1940Boston College, St. John's University
Bob Love19671977F6-8215December 8, 1942Southern University and A&M College
Kevin Love20092019F6-10251September 7, 1988University of California, Los Angeles
Stan Love19721975F6-9215April 9, 1949University of Oregon
Clyde Lovellette*19541964C-F6-9234September 7, 1929University of Kansas
Sidney Lowe19841990G6-0195January 21, 1960North Carolina State University
Charlie Lowery19721972G6-3185November 12, 1949University of Puget Sound
Kyle Lowry20072019G6-1196March 25, 1986Villanova University
Jordan Loyd20192019G6-4210July 27, 1993Furman University, University of Indianapolis
Al Lucas19491949F-G6-3195July 4, 1922Fordham University
Jerry Lucas*19641974F-C6-8230March 30, 1940Ohio State University
John Lucas19771990G6-3175October 31, 1953University of Maryland
Kalin Lucas20152019G6-1195May 24, 1989Michigan State University
Maurice Lucas19751988F-C6-9215February 18, 1952Marquette University
John Lucas III20062017G5-11166November 21, 1982Baylor University, Oklahoma State University
Ted Luckenbill19621963F6-6205July 27, 1939University of Houston
Tyronn Lue19992009G6-0175May 3, 1977University of Nebraska
Jim Luisi19541954G6-2180November 2, 1928St. Francis College
Al Lujack19471947F6-3220October 5, 1920Georgetown University
Phil Lumpkin19751976G6-0165December 20, 1951Miami University
Ray Lumpp19491953G6-1178July 11, 1923New York University
Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot20172019F6-6210May 9, 1995
Tyler Lydon20182019F6-10225April 9, 1996Syracuse University
Trey Lyles20162019F6-10234November 5, 1995University of Kentucky
R.B. Lynam19681968G6-1190Oklahoma Baptist University
George Lynch19942005F6-8218September 3, 1970University of North Carolina
Kevin Lynch19921993G-F6-5195December 24, 1968University of Minnesota
Lonnie Lynn19701970F6-7215May 24, 1943Wilberforce University
Mike Lynn19701971F6-7215November 25, 1945University of California, Los Angeles
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