NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with G

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Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

237 Players

237 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Bill Gabor19501955G-F5-11170May 13, 1922Syracuse University
Dan Gadzuric20032012C6-11240February 2, 1978University of California, Los Angeles
Deng Gai20062006F6-9250March 22, 1982Fairfield University
Elmer Gainer19481950F-C6-6195November 22, 1918DePaul University
Bill Gaines19691969G6-4185March 10, 1946East Texas State University
Corey Gaines19891995G6-3195June 1, 1965University of California, Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University
David Gaines19681968G6-1170February 27, 1942LeMoyne-Owen College
Reece Gaines20042006G6-6205January 7, 1981University of Louisville
Sundiata Gaines20102012G6-1185April 18, 1986University of Georgia
Mike Gale19721982G6-4185July 18, 1950Elizabeth City State University
Chad Gallagher19941994C6-10255May 30, 1969Creighton University
Harry Gallatin*19491958F-C6-6210April 26, 1927Truman State University
Danilo Gallinari20092019F6-10225August 8, 1988
Langston Galloway20152019G6-2200December 9, 1991Saint Joseph's University
Dave Gambee19591970F6-6215April 16, 1937Oregon State University
Kevin Gamble19881997F-G6-5210November 13, 1965University of Iowa
Bob Gantt19471947F-C6-4205June 22, 1922Duke University
Jorge Garbajosa20072008F6-9245December 19, 1977
Ruben Garces20012001F6-9245October 17, 1973Providence College
Alex Garcia20042005G6-3220March 4, 1980
Francisco Garcia20062015F-G6-7195December 31, 1981University of Louisville
Chuck Gardner19681968F6-8205September 30, 1944University of Colorado
Earl Gardner19491949F6-3195September 18, 1923DePauw University
Kenneth Gardner19761976F6-5205September 27, 1949University of Utah
Thomas Gardner20082009G6-5225February 8, 1985University of Missouri
Vern Gardner19501952F-C6-5200May 14, 1925University of Utah
Jack Garfinkel19471949G6-0190June 13, 1918St. John's University
Patricio Garino20172017G-F6-6210May 17, 1993George Washington University
Gary Garland19801980G6-4180October 12, 1957DePaul University
Winston Garland19881995G6-2170December 19, 1964Missouri State University
Dick Garmaker19561961G-F6-3200October 29, 1932University of Minnesota
Bill Garner19681968C6-10220June 17, 1940University of Portland
Chris Garner19982001G5-10156February 2, 1975University of Memphis
Bill Garnett19831986F6-9225April 22, 1960University of Wyoming
Kevin Garnett19962016F-C6-11240May 19, 1976
Marlon Garnett19991999G6-2186July 3, 1975Santa Clara University
Billy Garrett20192019G6-6213October 16, 1994DePaul University
Calvin Garrett19811984F6-7190July 11, 1956Austin Peay State University, Oral Roberts University
Dean Garrett19972002C6-10225November 27, 1966Indiana University
Diante Garrett20132014G6-4190November 3, 1988Iowa State University
Dick Garrett19701974G6-3185January 31, 1947Southern Illinois University
Rowland Garrett19731977F6-6210July 16, 1950Florida State University
Tom Garrick19891992G6-2185July 7, 1966University of Rhode Island
John Garris19841984F6-8205June 6, 1959University of Michigan, Boston College
Kiwane Garris19982000G6-2183September 24, 1974University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pat Garrity19992008F6-9238August 23, 1976University of Notre Dame
Jim Garvin19741974F6-7200February 5, 1950Boston University
Marc Gasol20092019C7-1255January 29, 1985
Pau Gasol20022019F-C7-0250July 6, 1980
Frank Gates19501950G6-0160April 12, 1920Sam Houston State University
Chris Gatling19922002F-C6-10220September 3, 1967Old Dominion University
Kenny Gattison19871996F-C6-8225May 23, 1964Old Dominion University
Rudy Gay20072019F6-8230August 17, 1986University of Connecticut
Ed Gayda19511951G-F6-4210May 11, 1927Washington State University
Andrew Gaze19941999G6-7205July 24, 1965Seton Hall University
Michael Gbinije20172017G6-7200June 5, 1992Duke University, Syracuse University
Reggie Geary19971998G6-2187August 31, 1973University of Arizona
Alonzo Gee20102017G6-6225May 29, 1987University of Alabama
Matt Geiger19932002C7-0243September 10, 1969Auburn University, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mickael Gelabale20072013F6-7215May 22, 1983
Devean George20002010G-F6-8220August 29, 1977Augsburg College
Jack George19541961G6-2190November 13, 1928La Salle University
Paul George20112019F6-9220May 2, 1990California State University, Fresno
Tate George19911995G6-5190May 29, 1968University of Connecticut
Marcus Georges-Hunt20172018G6-5216March 28, 1994Georgia Institute of Technology
Gus Gerard19751981F-G6-8200July 27, 1953University of Virginia
Derrick Gervin19901991F6-8200March 28, 1963University of Texas at San Antonio
George Gervin*19731986G-F6-7180April 27, 1952Eastern Michigan University
Gorham Getchell19471947C6-4205August 14, 1920Temple University
John Gianelli19731980C-F6-10220June 10, 1950University of the Pacific
Dick Gibbs19721976F-G6-5210December 20, 1948University of Texas at El Paso
Daniel Gibson20072013G6-2190February 27, 1986University of Texas at Austin
Dee Gibson19501950F-G5-11175August 25, 1923Western Kentucky University
Hoot Gibson19501950F-C6-5198December 5, 1921Creighton University
Jonathan Gibson20172018G6-2185November 8, 1987New Mexico State University
Mel Gibson19641964G6-3180December 30, 1940Western Carolina University
Mike Gibson19841986F6-10205October 27, 1960University of South Carolina Upstate
Taj Gibson20102019F6-9232June 24, 1985University of Southern California
J.R. Giddens20092010G6-5215February 13, 1985University of Kansas, University of New Mexico
Trey Gilder20102010F6-9185January 24, 1985McNeese State University, Northwestern State University
Harry Giles20192019F-C6-10240April 22, 1998Duke University
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander20192019G6-6181July 12, 1998University of Kentucky
Eddie Gill20012009G6-0190August 16, 1978Weber State University
Kendall Gill19912005G6-5195May 25, 1968University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ben Gillery19891989C7-0235September 19, 1965Georgetown University
Jack Gillespie19701970F6-6215October 1, 1947Montana State University
Gene Gillette19471947F6-2205Saint Mary's College of California
Armen Gilliam19882000F-C6-9230May 28, 1964University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Herm Gilliam19701977G-F6-3190May 5, 1946Purdue University
Artis Gilmore*19721988C7-2240September 21, 1949Gardner-Webb University, Jacksonville University
Walt Gilmore19711971F6-6225February 27, 1947Fort Valley State University
Chuck Gilmur19471951F-C6-4225August 13, 1922University of Washington
Manu Ginobili20032018G6-6205July 28, 1977
Gordan Giricek20032008G-F6-6210June 20, 1977
Jack Givens19791980F-G6-5205September 21, 1956University of Kentucky
Mickell Gladness20122012C6-11220July 26, 1986Alabama A&M University
George Glamack19491949C-F6-6225June 7, 1918University of North Carolina
Gerald Glass19911996G-F6-5221November 12, 1967Delta State University, University of Mississippi
Mike Glenn19781987G6-2175September 10, 1955Southern Illinois University
Normie Glick19501950F6-7190November 10, 1927Loyola Marymount University
Georgi Glouchkov19861986F6-8235January 10, 1960
Clarence Glover19721972F6-8210November 1, 1947Western Kentucky University
Dion Glover20002005G6-5228October 22, 1978Georgia Institute of Technology
Andreas Glyniadakis20072007C7-1280August 21, 1981
Mike Gminski19811994C6-11250August 3, 1959Duke University
Rudy Gobert20142019C7-1245June 26, 1992
Dan Godfread19911992C6-10250June 14, 1967University of Evansville
Tom Gola*19561966G-F6-6205January 13, 1933La Salle University
Ben Goldfaden19471947F6-1185September 6, 1913George Washington University
Anthony Goldwire19962006G6-1182September 6, 1971University of Houston
Ryan Gomes20062014F6-7250September 1, 1982Providence College
Glen Gondrezick19781983F-G6-6218August 30, 1955University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Grant Gondrezick19871989G6-5205January 19, 1963Pepperdine University
Drew Gooden20032016F6-10250September 24, 1981University of Kansas
Gail Goodrich*19661979G6-1170April 23, 1943University of California, Los Angeles
Steve Goodrich20012002F6-10220March 18, 1976Princeton University
Archie Goodwin20142017G6-5200August 17, 1994University of Kentucky
Brandon Goodwin20192019G6-2180October 2, 1995University of Central Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University
Pop Goodwin19471948F-C6-2203December 22, 1920
Aaron Gordon20152019F6-9220September 16, 1995University of Arizona
Ben Gordon20052015G6-3200April 4, 1983University of Connecticut
Drew Gordon20152015F6-9245July 12, 1990University of California, Los Angeles, University of New Mexico
Eric Gordon20092019G6-4215December 25, 1988Indiana University
Lancaster Gordon19851988G6-3185June 24, 1962University of Louisville
Paul Gordon19501950F6-3185April 8, 1927University of Notre Dame
Marcin Gortat20082019C-F6-11240February 17, 1984
Leo Gottlieb19471948G5-11180November 28, 1920
Andrew Goudelock20122016G6-3200December 7, 1988College of Charleston
Gerald Govan19681976F-C6-10220January 2, 1942Saint Mary of the Plains College
Bato Govedarica19541954G5-11185April 17, 1928DePaul University
Joe Graboski19491962F-C6-7195January 15, 1930
Ricky Grace19941994G6-1180August 20, 1967Midland College, University of Oklahoma
Calvin Graham19681968G6-2195June 7, 1944Gannon University
Devonte' Graham20192019G6-2185February 22, 1995University of Kansas
Greg Graham19941998G6-4174November 26, 1970Indiana University
Joey Graham20062011F6-7225June 11, 1982University of Central Florida, Oklahoma State University
Mal Graham19681969G6-1185February 23, 1945New York University
Orlando Graham19891989F6-8220May 5, 1965West Texas A&M University, Auburn University at Montgomery
Paul Graham19921994F-G6-6200November 28, 1967Ohio University
Stephen Graham20062011G6-6215June 11, 1982University of Central Florida, Oklahoma State University
Treveon Graham20172019G6-5225October 28, 1993Virginia Commonwealth University
Jim Grandholm19911991F-C7-0235October 4, 1960University of Florida, University of South Florida
Ron Grandison19891996F6-6215July 9, 1964University of California, Irvine, University of New Orleans
Danny Granger20062015F6-9222April 20, 1983Bradley University, University of New Mexico
Stewart Granger19841987G6-3190October 27, 1961Villanova University
Brian Grant19952006F6-9254March 5, 1972Xavier University
Bud Grant19501951F6-3195May 20, 1927University of Minnesota
Gary Grant19892001G6-3185April 21, 1965University of Michigan
Greg Grant19901996G5-7140August 29, 1966Trenton State University
Harvey Grant19891999F6-8195July 4, 1965Clemson University, University of Oklahoma
Horace Grant19882004F-C6-10215July 4, 1965Clemson University
Jerami Grant20152019F6-9220March 12, 1994Syracuse University
Jerian Grant20162019G6-4205October 9, 1992University of Notre Dame
Josh Grant19941994F6-9223August 7, 1967University of Utah
Paul Grant19992004C7-0245January 6, 1974Boston College, University of Wisconsin
Travis Grant19731976F6-7215January 1, 1950Kentucky State University
Donte Grantham20192019F6-8215March 19, 1995Clemson University
Don Grate19501950F-G6-2185August 27, 1923Ohio State University
Butch Graves19851985G6-3200January 5, 1962Yale University
Aaron Gray20082014C7-0270December 7, 1984University of Pittsburgh
Devin Gray19972000F6-7240May 31, 1972Clemson University
Ed Gray19981999G6-3210September 27, 1975University of Tennessee, University of California
Evric Gray19971997F6-7235December 13, 1969University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Gary Gray19681968G6-1185February 23, 1945Oklahoma City University
Josh Gray20182018G6-1180September 9, 1993Louisiana State University
Leonard Gray19751977F6-8240December 19, 1951California State University, Long Beach
Stuart Gray19851991C-F7-0235May 27, 1963University of California, Los Angeles
Sylvester Gray19891989F6-6230July 8, 1967University of Memphis
Wyndol Gray19471948G-F6-1175March 20, 1922Harvard University
Jeff Grayer19891998F-G6-5200December 17, 1965Iowa State University
Bob Greacen19701972F6-7206September 15, 1947Rutgers University
A.C. Green19862001F-C6-9220October 4, 1963Oregon State University
Danny Green20102019G-F6-6215June 22, 1987University of North Carolina
Devin Green20062006G6-7210October 25, 1982Hampton University
Draymond Green20132019F6-7230March 4, 1990Michigan State University
Erick Green20152016G6-4185May 9, 1991Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Gerald Green20062019G-F6-7205January 26, 1986
JaMychal Green20152019F6-9227June 21, 1990University of Alabama
Jeff Green20082019F6-9235August 28, 1986Georgetown University
Johnny Green19601973F-C6-5200December 8, 1933Michigan State University
Ken Green19861986F6-8215September 19, 1959University of Texas-Pan American
Kenny Green19861987F6-6210October 11, 1964Wake Forest University
Lamar Green19701975F-C6-7210March 22, 1947Morehead State University
Litterial Green19931999G6-1185March 7, 1970University of Georgia
Luther Green19701973F6-7190November 13, 1946Long Island University
Mike Green19741980C-F6-10200August 6, 1951Louisiana Tech University
Rickey Green19781992G6-0170August 18, 1954University of Michigan
Sean Green19921994G-F6-5210February 2, 1970North Carolina State University, Iona College
Si Green19571966G-F6-2185August 20, 1933Duquesne University
Sidney Green19841993F-C6-9220January 4, 1961University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Steve Green19761979F6-7220October 4, 1953Indiana University
Taurean Green20082008G6-0177November 28, 1986University of Florida
Tommie Green19791979G6-2185April 8, 1956Southern University and A&M College
Willie Green20042015G6-4200July 28, 1981University of Detroit Mercy
Donte Greene20092012F6-11226February 21, 1988Syracuse University
Orien Greene20062011G6-4208February 4, 1982University of Florida, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Jerry Greenspan19641965F6-5195November 22, 1941University of Maryland
Dave Greenwood19801991F-C6-9222May 27, 1957University of California, Los Angeles
Hal Greer*19591973G-F6-2175June 26, 1936Marshall University
Lynn Greer20072007G6-2175October 23, 1979Temple University
Gary Gregor19691974F-C6-7225August 13, 1945University of South Carolina
Claude Gregory19861988F6-8205December 26, 1958University of Wisconsin
John Greig19831983F6-7215April 28, 1961University of Oregon
Norm Grekin19541954F6-5180June 22, 1930La Salle University
Kevin Grevey19761985G-F6-5210May 12, 1953University of Kentucky
Dennis Grey19691970C-F6-8215August 26, 1947California Western Uiversity
Adrian Griffin20002008G-F6-5217July 4, 1974Seton Hall University
Blake Griffin20112019F6-10250March 16, 1989University of Oklahoma
Eddie Griffin20022007F-C6-10220May 30, 1982Seton Hall University
Greg Griffin19781978F6-7190September 6, 1952Idaho State University
Paul Griffin19771983F-C6-9205January 20, 1954Western Michigan University
Taylor Griffin20102010F6-7238April 18, 1986University of Oklahoma
Darrell Griffith19811991G6-4190June 16, 1958University of Louisville
Chuck Grigsby19551955G6-5190August 15, 1928University of Dayton
Derek Grimm19981998F6-9230August 3, 1974University of Missouri
Woody Grimshaw19471947G6-1185September 24, 1919Brown University
Dick Groat19531953G5-11180November 4, 1930Duke University
Bob Gross19761983F-G6-6200August 3, 1953Seattle University, California State University, Long Beach
Mike Grosso19721972C6-9230September 7, 1947University of Louisville
Jerry Grote19651965G6-4215December 28, 1940Loyola Marymount University
Alex Groza19501951C6-7218October 7, 1926University of Kentucky
Dick Grubar19701970G6-4184July 26, 1947University of North Carolina
Anthony Grundy20062006G6-3180April 15, 1979North Carolina State University
Ernie Grunfeld19781986G-F6-6210April 24, 1955University of Tennessee
Gene Guarilia19601963F6-5220September 13, 1937George Washington University
Petur Gudmundsson19821989C7-2260October 30, 1958University of Washington
Richie Guerin*19571970G6-4195May 29, 1932Iona College
Tom Gugliotta19932005F6-10240December 19, 1969North Carolina State University
Andres Guibert19941995F-C6-10225October 28, 1968
Jay Guidinger19931994C6-10255August 18, 1969University of Minnesota Duluth
Coulby Gunther19471949F6-4190February 5, 1923Boston College
Dave Gunther19631963F6-7190July 22, 1937University of Iowa
Al Guokas19501950F-G6-5200August 7, 1925Saint Joseph's University
Matt Guokas19471947F6-3195November 11, 1915Saint Joseph's University
Matt Guokas19671976G-F6-5175February 25, 1944Saint Joseph's University
Jorge Gutierrez20142016G6-3191December 27, 1988University of California
A.J. Guyton20012003G6-1180February 12, 1978Indiana University
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