NBA & ABA Players with Last Names Starting with B

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* Indicates member of the Hall of Fame.

447 Players

447 Players Table
Player From To Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Colleges
Chris Babb20142014G6-5225February 14, 1990Pennsylvania State University, Iowa State University
Luke Babbitt20112018F6-9225June 20, 1989University of Nevada, Reno
Milos Babic19911992C-F7-0240November 23, 1968Tennessee Technological University
Johnny Bach19491949F-G6-2180July 10, 1924Fordham University
Dwayne Bacon20182019G6-7221August 30, 1995Florida State University
Henry Bacon19731973G6-3205July 5, 1948University of Louisville
Jim Baechtold19531957F-G6-4205December 9, 1927Eastern Kentucky University
Dalibor Bagaric20012003C7-1255February 7, 1980
John Bagley19831994G6-0185April 23, 1960Boston College
Marvin Bagley20192019F6-11234March 14, 1999Duke University
Carl Bailey19821982C7-0210April 23, 1958Tuskegee University
Gus Bailey19751980G-F6-5185February 18, 1951University of Texas at El Paso
James Bailey19801988F-C6-9220May 21, 1957Rutgers University
Thurl Bailey19841999F-C6-11215April 7, 1961North Carolina State University
Toby Bailey19992000G6-6213November 19, 1975University of California, Los Angeles
Cameron Bairstow20152016F-C6-9250December 7, 1990University of New Mexico
Jimmie Baker19761976F6-9220December 25, 1953University of Hawaii
LaMark Baker19991999G6-1175November 11, 1969Ohio State University
Maurice Baker20052005G6-1175July 28, 1979Oklahoma State University
Norm Baker19471947G6-0180February 17, 1923
Ron Baker20172019G6-4220March 30, 1993Wichita State University
Vin Baker19942006F6-11232November 23, 1971University of Hartford
Wade Baldwin20172019G6-4200March 29, 1996Vanderbilt University
Renaldo Balkman20072012F6-8208July 14, 1984University of South Carolina
Cedric Ball19911991F6-8210April 16, 1968University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Lonzo Ball20182019G6-6190October 27, 1997University of California, Los Angeles
Greg Ballard19781989F6-7215January 29, 1955University of Oregon
Herschel Baltimore19471947F6-4195June 21, 1921Pennsylvania State University
Mohamed Bamba20192019C7-0221May 12, 1998University of Texas at Austin
Gene Banks19821987F-G6-7215May 15, 1959Duke University
Marcus Banks20042011G6-2200November 19, 1981University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Walker Banks19711971C6-10205August 26, 1947Western Kentucky University
Ken Bannister19851991F-C6-9235April 1, 1960Indiana State University, Saint Augustine's College
Mike Bantom19741982F-C6-9200December 3, 1951Saint Joseph's University
John Barber19571957F6-6210June 27, 1927California State University, Los Angeles
Leandro Barbosa20042017G6-3194November 28, 1982
Steve Bardo19921996G6-5190April 5, 1968University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
J.J. Barea20072019G6-0185June 26, 1984Northeastern University
Andrea Bargnani20072016F-C7-0245October 26, 1985
Cliff Barker19501952G6-2185January 15, 1921University of Kentucky
Tom Barker19771979C-F6-11225March 11, 1955University of Hawaii
Charles Barkley*19852000F6-6252February 20, 1963Auburn University
Erick Barkley20012002G6-1177February 21, 1978St. John's University
Don Barksdale*19521955F-C6-6200March 31, 1923University of California, Los Angeles
Harrison Barnes20132019F6-8225May 30, 1992University of North Carolina
Harry Barnes19691969F6-3205July 25, 1945Northeastern University
Jim Barnes19651971C-F6-8210April 13, 1941University of Texas at El Paso
Marvin Barnes19751980F-C6-8210July 27, 1952Providence College
Matt Barnes20042017F6-7226March 9, 1980University of California, Los Angeles
Dick Barnett19601974G-F6-4190October 2, 1936Tennessee State University
Jim Barnett19671977G-F6-4170July 7, 1944University of Oregon
Nathaniel Barnett19761976G6-3175January 29, 1953University of Akron
John Barnhill19631972G6-1180March 20, 1938Tennessee State University
Norton Barnhill19771977G6-4205July 15, 1953Washington State University
Leo Barnhorst19501954F-G6-4190May 11, 1924University of Notre Dame
John Barr19471947F6-3205August 8, 1918Pennsylvania State University
Mike Barr19731977G6-3180October 19, 1950Duquesne University
Moe Barr19711971G6-4195June 19, 1944Duquesne University
Andre Barrett20052008G5-10172February 21, 1982Seton Hall University
Ernie Barrett19541956G-F6-3180August 27, 1929Kansas State University
Mike Barrett19701973G6-2155September 5, 1943West Virginia University Institute of Technology
Earl Barron20062015C7-0250August 14, 1981University of Memphis
Dana Barros19902004G5-11163April 13, 1967Boston College
Brent Barry19962009G6-6185December 31, 1971Oregon State University
Drew Barry19982000G6-5191February 17, 1973Georgia Institute of Technology
Jon Barry19932006G6-4195July 25, 1969University of the Pacific, Georgia Institute of Technology
Rick Barry*19661980F6-7205March 28, 1944University of Miami
Ed Bartels19501951F6-5195October 8, 1925North Carolina State University
Vic Bartolome19721972C7-0230September 29, 1948Oregon State University
Will Barton20132019G6-6190January 6, 1991University of Memphis
Eddie Basden20062006G6-5215February 15, 1983University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jerry Baskerville19761976F6-7190November 10, 1951Temple University
Brandon Bass20062017F6-8250April 30, 1985Louisiana State University
Tim Bassett19741980F-C6-8225April 1, 1951University of Georgia
Maceo Baston20032009F6-9215May 29, 1975University of Michigan
Mengke Bateer20022004C6-11290November 20, 1975
Billy Ray Bates19801983G6-4210May 31, 1956Kentucky State University
Keita Bates-Diop20192019F6-9229January 23, 1996Ohio State University
Esteban Batista20062007F-C6-10270September 2, 1983
Mike Batiste20032003F6-8225November 21, 1977Arizona State University
Tony Battie19982012C-F6-11230February 11, 1976Texas Tech University
Shane Battier20022014F6-8220September 9, 1978Duke University
John Battle19861995G6-2175November 9, 1962Rutgers University
Kenny Battle19901993F6-6210October 10, 1964Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dave Batton19831984C6-10240March 26, 1956University of Notre Dame
Lloyd Batts19751975G-F6-4185May 9, 1951University of Cincinnati
Nicolas Batum20092019F-G6-8200December 14, 1988
Johnny Baum19701974F6-5200June 17, 1946Temple University
Frankie Baumholtz19471947G5-10170October 7, 1918Ohio University
Lonny Baxter20032006F6-8260January 27, 1979University of Maryland
Jerryd Bayless20092019G6-3200August 20, 1988University of Arizona
Elgin Baylor*19591972F6-5225September 16, 1934Albertson College of Idaho, Seattle University
Howard Bayne19681968F6-6235July 28, 1942University of Tennessee
Aron Baynes20132019C6-10260December 9, 1986Washington State University
Sergei Bazarevich19951995G6-2168March 16, 1965
Kent Bazemore20132019G-F6-5201July 1, 1989Old Dominion University
Ed Beach19511951F6-3200January 25, 1929West Virginia University
Bradley Beal20132019G6-5207June 28, 1993University of Florida
Al Beard19681968C6-9200April 27, 1942Norfolk State University
Butch Beard19701979G6-3185May 4, 1947University of Louisville
Ralph Beard19501951G5-10175December 2, 1927University of Kentucky
Charles Beasley19681971G-F6-5190September 23, 1945Southern Methodist University
Jerome Beasley20042004F6-10237May 17, 1980Midland College, University of North Dakota
John Beasley19681974F-C6-9225February 5, 1944Texas A&M University
Malik Beasley20172019G6-5195November 26, 1996Florida State University
Michael Beasley20092019F6-9235January 9, 1989Kansas State University
Zelmo Beaty*19631975C6-9225October 25, 1939Prairie View A&M University
Rodrigue Beaubois20102013G6-0170February 24, 1988
Byron Beck19681977C-F6-9225January 25, 1945University of Denver
Corey Beck19961999G6-1190May 27, 1971South Plains College, University of Arkansas
Ernie Beck19541961G-F6-4190December 11, 1931University of Pennsylvania
Arthur Becker19681973F6-7205January 12, 1942Arizona State University
Moe Becker19471947G-F6-1185February 24, 1917Duquesne University
Bob Bedell19681971F6-7205June 26, 1944Stanford University
William Bedford19871993C7-0225December 14, 1963University of Memphis
Hank Beenders19471949C-F6-6185June 2, 1916Long Island University
Ron Behagen19741980F-C6-9185January 14, 1951University of Minnesota
Elmer Behnke19521952C6-7210February 3, 1929Bradley University
Marco Belinelli20082019G-F6-5210March 25, 1986
Charlie Bell20022011G6-3200March 12, 1979Michigan State University
Dennis Bell19741976F6-5185June 2, 1951Drake University
Jordan Bell20182019F6-9224January 7, 1995University of Oregon
Raja Bell20012012G6-5204September 19, 1976Boston University, Florida International University
Troy Bell20042004G6-1180November 10, 1980Boston College
Whitey Bell19601961G6-0180September 13, 1932North Carolina State University
Walt Bellamy*19621975C6-11225July 24, 1939Indiana University
DeAndre' Bembry20172019F6-6210July 4, 1994Saint Joseph's University
Irv Bemoras19541957F-G6-3185November 18, 1930University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Leon Benbow19751976G6-4185July 23, 1950Jacksonville University
Dragan Bender20172019F7-1225November 17, 1997
Jonathan Bender20002010F6-11202January 30, 1981
Jerrelle Benimon20152015F6-8245August 1, 1991Georgetown University, Towson University
Benoit Benjamin19862000C7-0250November 22, 1964Creighton University
Corey Benjamin19992003G6-6200February 24, 1978Oregon State University
Anthony Bennett20142017F6-8245March 14, 1993University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Elmer Bennett19951997G6-0170February 13, 1970University of Notre Dame
Mario Bennett19962000F6-6235August 1, 1973Arizona State University
Mel Bennett19761982F6-7200January 4, 1955University of Pittsburgh
Spider Bennett19691969G6-3190August 4, 1943Winston-Salem State University
Tony Bennett19931995G6-0175June 1, 1969University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Winston Bennett19901992F6-7210February 9, 1965University of Kentucky
David Benoit19922001F6-8220May 9, 1968University of Alabama
Keith Benson20122012C6-11240August 13, 1988Oakland University
Kent Benson19781988C6-10235December 27, 1954Indiana University
Ben Bentil20172017F6-9235March 29, 1995Providence College
Gene Berce19501950G-F5-11175November 22, 1926Marquette University
Gary Bergen19571957C6-8210July 16, 1932University of Utah
Larry Bergh19701970F6-8210April 2, 1945Weber State University
Ricky Berry19891989F6-8205October 6, 1964Oregon State University, San Jose State University
Walter Berry19871989F6-8215May 14, 1964St. John's University
Dairis Bertans20192019G6-4200September 9, 1989
Davis Bertans20172019F6-10225November 12, 1992
Del Beshore19791980G5-11165November 29, 1956California University of Pennslyvania
Travis Best19962005G5-11182July 12, 1972Georgia Institute of Technology
Patrick Beverley20132019G6-1185July 12, 1988University of Arkansas
Sim Bhullar20152015C7-5360December 2, 1992New Mexico State University
Wesley Bialosuknia19681968G6-2185June 8, 1945University of Connecticut
Al Bianchi19571966G6-3185March 26, 1932Bowling Green State University
Hank Biasatti19471947G5-11175January 14, 1922Long Island University
Henry Bibby19731981G6-1185November 24, 1949University of California, Los Angeles
Mike Bibby19992012G6-1190May 13, 1978University of Arizona
Ed Biedenbach19691969G6-1175August 12, 1945North Carolina State University
Andris Biedrins20052014C6-11240April 2, 1986
Don Bielke19561956C6-7240Valparaiso University
Bob Bigelow19761979F-G6-7215December 26, 1953University of Pennsylvania
Lionel Billingy19751975F-C6-9215August 31, 1952Duquesne University
Chauncey Billups19982014G6-3202September 25, 1976University of Colorado
Dave Bing*19671978G6-3180November 24, 1943Syracuse University
Joe Binion19871987F6-8235March 26, 1961North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Khem Birch20182019C-F6-9233September 28, 1992University of Pittsburgh, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Jabari Bird20182018G6-6198July 3, 1994University of California
Jerry Bird19591959F6-6210February 2, 1935University of Kentucky
Larry Bird*19801992F6-9220December 7, 1956Indiana State University
Otis Birdsong19781989G6-3190December 9, 1955University of Houston
Gale Bishop19491949F6-3195June 4, 1922Washington State University
Bismack Biyombo20122019C-F6-9255August 28, 1992
Nemanja Bjelica20162019F6-10234May 9, 1988
Uwe Blab19861990C7-1252March 26, 1962Indiana University
Charlie Black19491952F-C6-5200June 15, 1921University of Kansas
Norman Black19811981G6-5185November 12, 1957Saint Joseph's University
Tarik Black20152018C-F6-9250November 22, 1991University of Memphis, University of Kansas
Tom Black19711971C6-10220July 9, 1941South Dakota State University
Rolando Blackman19821994G6-6190February 26, 1959Kansas State University
Alex Blackwell19931993F6-6250June 27, 1970Monmouth University
Cory Blackwell19851985F6-6210March 27, 1963University of Wisconsin
James Blackwell19951995G6-0190February 25, 1968Dartmouth College
Nate Blackwell19881988G6-4170February 15, 1965Temple University
DeJuan Blair20102016F-C6-7270April 22, 1989University of Pittsburgh
Steve Blake20042016G6-3172February 26, 1980University of Maryland
Antonio Blakeney20182019G6-4192October 4, 1996Louisiana State University
Will Blalock20072007G6-0205September 8, 1983Iowa State University
George Blaney19621962G6-1175November 12, 1939College of the Holy Cross
Lance Blanks19911993G6-4190September 9, 1966University of Virginia, University of Texas at Austin
Ricky Blanton19931993F6-7215April 21, 1966Louisiana State University
Andray Blatche20062014F6-11235August 22, 1986
Mookie Blaylock19902002G6-0180March 20, 1967Midland College, University of Oklahoma
Eric Bledsoe20112019G6-1205December 9, 1989University of Kentucky
Leon Blevins19511951G6-2160June 25, 1926University of Arizona
John Block19671976F-C6-9207April 16, 1944University of Southern California
Mike Bloom19481949F-C6-6190January 14, 1915Temple University
Jaron Blossomgame20192019F6-7220September 16, 1993Clemson University
Corie Blount19942004F6-9240January 4, 1969University of Cincinnati
Mark Blount20012009C7-0230November 30, 1975University of Pittsburgh
Vander Blue20142018G6-4200July 17, 1992Marquette University
Ray Blume19821982G6-4185September 23, 1958Oregon State University
Nelson Bobb19501953G6-0170February 25, 1924Temple University
Tony Bobbitt20052005G6-4190October 22, 1979University of Cincinnati
Bucky Bockhorn19591965G6-4200July 8, 1933University of Dayton
Tom Boerwinkle19691978C7-0265August 23, 1945University of Tennessee
Keith Bogans20042014G-F6-5215May 12, 1980University of Kentucky
Bogdan Bogdanovic20182019G6-6205August 18, 1992
Bojan Bogdanovic20152019G-F6-8216April 18, 1989
Muggsy Bogues19882001G5-3136January 9, 1965Wake Forest University
Andrew Bogut20062019C7-0260November 28, 1984University of Utah
Etdrick Bohannon19982001F6-9220May 29, 1973University of Arizona, University of Tennessee, Auburn University at Montgomery
Manute Bol19861995C7-7200October 16, 1962University of Bridgeport
Jonah Bolden20192019F6-10220January 2, 1996University of California, Los Angeles
Bill Bolger19541954F6-5205August 21, 1931Georgetown University
Joel Bolomboy20172018F6-9235January 28, 1994Weber State University
Doug Bolstorff19581958G6-4195October 29, 1931University of Minnesota
George Bon Salle19621962F6-8220July 1, 1935University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Phil Bond19781978G6-2175July 27, 1954University of Louisville
Walter Bond19931995G6-5200February 1, 1969University of Minnesota
Dexter Boney19971997G6-4185April 27, 1970University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Isaac Bonga20192019G6-8180November 8, 1999
Ron Bonham19651968F6-5192May 31, 1942University of Cincinnati
Anthony Bonner19911996F6-8215June 8, 1968Saint Louis University
Matt Bonner20052016F6-10235April 5, 1980University of Florida
Butch Booker19701970C6-10230July 20, 1945Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Devin Booker20162019G6-6210October 30, 1996University of Kentucky
Melvin Booker19961997G6-1185August 20, 1972University of Missouri
Trevor Booker20112018F6-8228November 25, 1987Clemson University
Josh Boone20072010F-C6-10237November 21, 1984University of Connecticut
Ron Boone19691981G-F6-2200September 6, 1946Idaho State University
Calvin Booth20002009C6-11230May 7, 1976Pennsylvania State University
Keith Booth19981999F6-6226October 9, 1974University of Maryland
Bob Boozer19611971F6-8215April 26, 1937Kansas State University
Carlos Boozer20032015F-C6-9258November 20, 1981Duke University
Curtis Borchardt20042005C7-0240September 13, 1980Stanford University
Jake Bornheimer19491950F-C6-5200June 29, 1927Muhlenberg College
Lazaro Borrell20002000F6-8220September 20, 1972
Ike Borsavage19511951C-F6-8220July 25, 1924Temple University
Vince Boryla19501954F6-5210March 11, 1927University of Denver
Chris Bosh20042016F-C6-11235March 24, 1984Georgia Institute of Technology
Jim Bostic19781978F6-7225January 28, 1953New Mexico State University
Lawrence Boston19801980F6-8225May 18, 1956University of Maryland
Tom Boswell19761984F-C6-9220October 2, 1953South Carolina State University, University of South Carolina
Chris Boucher20182019F6-10200January 11, 1993University of Oregon
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje20022004C7-0257May 20, 1978Georgetown University
Don Boven19501953F-G6-4210March 6, 1925Western Michigan University
Cal Bowdler20002002F6-10245March 31, 1977Old Dominion University
Bruce Bowen19972009F6-7185June 14, 1971California State University, Fullerton
Ryan Bowen20002010F6-7215November 20, 1975University of Iowa
Tommie Bowens19681970F-C6-8220July 7, 1940Grambling State University
Anthony Bowie19891998G-F6-6190November 9, 1963University of Oklahoma
Sam Bowie19851995C-F7-1235March 17, 1961University of Kentucky
Orbie Bowling19681968C6-10215March 21, 1939University of Tennessee
Ira Bowman20002002G6-5195June 11, 1973Providence College, University of Pennsylvania
Nate Bowman19671972C6-10230March 19, 1943Wichita State University
Donnie Boyce19961997G6-5196September 2, 1973University of Colorado
Dennis Boyd19791979G6-1175May 21, 1954University of Detroit Mercy
Freddie Boyd19731978G6-2180June 13, 1950Oregon State University
Ken Boyd19751975F6-5195March 25, 1952Boston University
Earl Boykins19992012G5-5135June 2, 1976Eastern Michigan University
Harry Boykoff19501951C6-10225July 24, 1922St. John's University
Winford Boynes19791981G-F6-6185May 17, 1957University of San Francisco
Cedric Bozeman20072007G6-6207March 7, 1983University of California, Los Angeles
Steve Bracey19731975G6-1175August 1, 1950University of Tulsa
Craig Brackins20112012F6-10230October 9, 1987Iowa State University
Gary Bradds19651971F6-8210July 26, 1942Ohio State University
Alex Bradley19821982F6-6215October 30, 1959Villanova University
Alonzo Bradley19781980F6-6190October 16, 1953Texas Southern University
Avery Bradley20112019G6-2180November 26, 1990University of Texas at Austin
Bill Bradley19681968G5-11165June 16, 1941
Bill Bradley*19681977F-G6-5205July 28, 1943Princeton University
Charles Bradley19821984G6-5215May 16, 1959University of Wyoming
Dudley Bradley19801989G-F6-6195March 19, 1957University of North Carolina
Jim Bradley19741976F6-8215March 16, 1952Northern Illinois University
Joe Bradley19501950G6-3175September 24, 1928Oklahoma State University
Michael Bradley20022006F-C6-10245April 18, 1979University of Kentucky, Villanova University
Shawn Bradley19942005C7-6235March 22, 1972Brigham Young University
Tony Bradley20182019F-C6-10248January 8, 1998University of North Carolina
Mark Bradtke19971997C-F6-10265September 27, 1968
Marques Bragg19961996F6-8230March 24, 1970Providence College
Torraye Braggs20042005F6-8245May 15, 1976Xavier University
A.J. Bramlett20002000C6-10227January 10, 1977University of Arizona
Adrian Branch19871990F-G6-7185November 17, 1963University of Maryland
Elton Brand20002016F6-8275March 11, 1979Duke University
Terrell Brandon19922002G5-11180May 20, 1970University of Oregon
Bob Brannum19501955F-C6-5215May 28, 1925Michigan State University
Brad Branson19821983C-F6-10220September 24, 1958Southern Methodist University
Jesse Branson19661968F6-7195January 7, 1942Elon University
Jim Brasco19531953G6-1170February 3, 1931New York University
Mike Bratz19781986G6-2185October 17, 1955Stanford University
Carl Braun*19481962G-F6-5180September 25, 1927Colgate University
Tim Breaux19951998F6-7215September 19, 1970University of Wyoming
J.R. Bremer20032004G6-2185September 19, 1980St. Bonaventure University
Pete Brennan19591959F6-6205September 23, 1936University of North Carolina
Tom Brennan19551955F6-3195August 6, 1930Villanova University
Randy Breuer19841994C7-3230October 11, 1960University of Minnesota
Corey Brewer20082019F-G6-9186March 5, 1986University of Florida
Jamison Brewer20022005G6-4184November 19, 1980Auburn University
Jim Brewer19741982F-C6-9210December 3, 1951University of Minnesota
Ron Brewer19791986G6-4180September 16, 1955University of Arkansas
Ronnie Brewer20072014G-F6-7220March 20, 1985University of Arkansas
Primoz Brezec20022010C7-2252October 2, 1979
Frankie Brian19501956G6-1180May 1, 1923Louisiana State University
Frank Brickowski19851997F-C6-9240August 14, 1959Pennsylvania State University
Junior Bridgeman19761987F-G6-5210September 17, 1953University of Louisville
Bill Bridges19631975F-C6-6228April 4, 1939University of Kansas
Mikal Bridges20192019G6-7210August 30, 1996Villanova University
Miles Bridges20192019G-F6-7225March 21, 1998Michigan State University
Al Brightman19471947F6-2195September 22, 1923University of Charleston
Aud Brindley19471947F6-4175December 31, 1923Dartmouth College
Isaiah Briscoe20192019G6-3215April 13, 1996University of Kentucky
John Brisker19701975F-G6-5210June 15, 1947University of Toledo
Allan Bristow19741983F-G6-7210August 23, 1951Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Tyrone Britt19681968G6-4190April 18, 1944Johnson C. Smith University
Wayman Britt19781978G6-2185August 31, 1952University of Michigan
Mike Brittain19861987C7-0235June 21, 1963University of South Carolina
Dave Britton19811981G6-4180August 29, 1958Texas A&M University
Jon Brockman20102012F6-7255March 20, 1987University of Washington
Ryan Broekhoff20192019F6-7215August 23, 1990Valparaiso University
Jim Brogan19821983G6-4185February 24, 1958West Virginia Wesleyan College
Malcolm Brogdon20172019G6-5229December 11, 1992University of Virginia
Gary Brokaw19751978G6-4178January 11, 1954University of Notre Dame
Price Brookfield19491950F-G6-4185May 11, 1920West Texas A&M University
Clarence Brookins19711971F6-4190Temple University
Aaron Brooks20082018G6-0161January 14, 1985University of Oregon
Dillon Brooks20182019F-G6-6220January 22, 1996University of Oregon
Kevin Brooks19921994F6-6200October 12, 1969University of Louisiana at Lafayette
MarShon Brooks20122019G-F6-5200January 26, 1989Providence College
Michael Brooks19811988F6-7220August 17, 1958La Salle University
Scott Brooks19891998G5-11165July 31, 1965Texas Christian University, University of California, Irvine
Andre Brown20072009F6-9245May 12, 1981DePaul University
Anthony Brown20162018F-G6-7210October 10, 1992Stanford University
Bob Brown19491950F6-4205November 12, 1923Miami University
Bobby Brown20092018G6-2175September 24, 1984California State University, Fullerton
Bruce Brown20192019G6-5202August 15, 1996University of Miami
Chucky Brown19902002F6-7214February 29, 1968North Carolina State University
Damone Brown20022005F6-9200June 28, 1979Syracuse University
Darrell Brown19491949F6-2175March 14, 1923Humboldt State University
Dee Brown19912002G6-1160November 29, 1968Jacksonville University
Dee Brown20072009G6-0185August 17, 1984University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Derrick Brown20102012F6-7225September 8, 1987Xavier University
Devin Brown20032010G6-5220December 30, 1978University of Texas at San Antonio
Ernest Brown20022002C7-0244May 17, 1979Indian Hills Community College
Fred Brown19721984G6-3182August 7, 1948University of Iowa
George Brown19581958F6-6190October 30, 1935Wayne State University
Gerald Brown19991999G6-4210July 28, 1975Pepperdine University
Harold Brown19471947G6-0155October 2, 1923University of Evansville
Jabari Brown20152015G6-4215December 18, 1992University of Oregon, University of Missouri
Jaylen Brown20172019F-G6-7220October 24, 1996University of California
John Brown19741980F6-7220December 14, 1951University of Missouri
Kedrick Brown20022005G6-7222March 18, 1981Okaloosa-Walton Community College
Kwame Brown20022013F6-11270March 10, 1982
Larry Brown*19681972G5-9160September 14, 1940University of North Carolina
Leon Brown19471947F6-3190October 12, 1919University of Wyoming
Lewis Brown19811981C6-11225February 19, 1955University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lorenzo Brown20142019G6-5189August 26, 1990North Carolina State University
Marcus Brown19972000G6-3185April 3, 1974Murray State University
Markel Brown20152018G6-3190January 29, 1992Oklahoma State University
Mike Brown19871997C-F6-9257July 19, 1963George Washington University
Myron Brown19921992G6-3180November 3, 1969Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
P.J. Brown19942008F-C6-11225October 14, 1969Louisiana Tech University
Randy Brown19922003G6-2190May 22, 1968University of Houston, New Mexico State University
Raymond Brown19901990F6-8220July 5, 1965Mississippi State University, University of Idaho
Rickey Brown19811985C-F6-10215August 20, 1958Mississippi State University
Roger Brown*19681975F-G6-5205May 22, 1942University of Dayton
Roger Brown19731980C6-11225February 23, 1950University of Kansas
Shannon Brown20072015G6-4205November 29, 1985Michigan State University
Stan Brown19481952F6-3200June 27, 1929
Sterling Brown20182019G6-6232February 10, 1995Southern Methodist University
Tierre Brown20022005G6-2189June 3, 1979McNeese State University
Tony Brown19851992F-G6-6185July 29, 1960University of Arkansas
Troy Brown20192019G-F6-7215July 28, 1999University of Oregon
Jim Browne19491950C6-10235January 1, 1930
Stanley Brundy19901990F6-6210November 13, 1967DePaul University
Brian Brunkhorst19691969F6-6208June 12, 1945Marquette University
George Bruns19731973G6-0160August 30, 1946Manhattan College
Jalen Brunson20192019G6-3190August 31, 1996Villanova University
Rick Brunson19982006G6-4190June 14, 1972Temple University
Nicolas Brussino20172018G-F6-7195March 2, 1993
Em Bryant19651972G6-1175November 4, 1938DePaul University
Joe Bryant19761983F-C6-9185October 19, 1954La Salle University
Kobe Bryant19972016G-F6-6212August 23, 1978
Mark Bryant19892003F-C6-9245April 25, 1965Seton Hall University
Thomas Bryant20182019C6-11248July 31, 1997Indiana University
Wallace Bryant19841986C7-0245July 14, 1959University of San Francisco
Torgeir Bryn19901990C6-9250August 8, 1964Texas State University
George Bucci19761976G6-3200July 9, 1953Manhattan College
Joe Buckhalter19621963F6-7210August 1, 1937Tennessee State University
Steve Bucknall19901990G6-6215March 17, 1966University of North Carolina
Cleveland Buckner19621963F-C6-9210August 17, 1938Jackson State University
Greg Buckner20002009G6-4210September 16, 1976Clemson University
Quinn Buckner19771986G6-3190August 20, 1954Indiana University
Dave Budd19611965F6-6205October 28, 1938Wake Forest University
Chase Budinger20102016F6-7209May 22, 1988University of Arizona
Walt Budko19491952F-C6-5220July 30, 1925Columbia University
Jud Buechler19912002F-G6-6220June 19, 1968University of Arizona
Rodney Buford20002005G-F6-5189November 2, 1977Creighton University
Matt Bullard19912002F6-10215June 5, 1967University of Colorado, University of Iowa
Reggie Bullock20142019G-F6-7205March 16, 1991University of North Carolina
Larry Bunce19681969C7-0240July 29, 1945Utah State University
Greg Bunch19791979F6-6190May 15, 1956California State University, Fullerton
Dick Bunt19531953G6-0170July 13, 1930New York University
Bill Buntin19661966C-F6-7250May 5, 1942University of Michigan
Bill Bunting19701972F-C6-8200August 26, 1947University of North Carolina
Ticky Burden19761978G6-2185February 28, 1953University of Utah
Pat Burke20032007C-F6-11250December 14, 1973Auburn University
Trey Burke20142019G6-1175November 12, 1992University of Michigan
Roger Burkman19821982G6-5175May 22, 1958University of Louisville
Alec Burks20122019G6-6214July 20, 1991University of Colorado
Antonio Burks20052006G6-1200February 25, 1980University of Memphis
Kevin Burleson20062006G6-3205April 9, 1979University of Minnesota
Tom Burleson19751981C7-2225February 24, 1952North Carolina State University
Jack Burmaster19501950G6-3190December 23, 1926University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
David Burns19821982G6-2180July 3, 1958Saint Louis University
Evers Burns19941994F6-8260August 24, 1971University of Maryland
Jim Burns19681968G6-3195September 21, 1945Northwestern University
Scott Burrell19942001G-F6-7218January 12, 1971University of Connecticut
Art Burris19511952F6-5220April 7, 1924University of Tennessee
Junior Burrough19961996F6-8242January 18, 1973University of Virginia
Bob Burrow19571958C-F6-7228June 29, 1934University of Kentucky
Deonte Burton20192019G6-5245January 31, 1994Marquette University, Iowa State University
Ed Burton19621965F6-6225August 13, 1939Michigan State University
Willie Burton19911999F-G6-8210May 26, 1968University of Minnesota
Steve Burtt19851993G6-2185November 5, 1962Iona College
Don Buse19731985G6-4190August 10, 1950University of Evansville
David Bustion19731973F6-8215August 30, 1949University of Denver
Donnie Butcher19621966G6-2200February 8, 1936Pikeville College
Al Butler19621965G6-2175July 9, 1938Niagara University
Caron Butler20032016F6-7228March 13, 1980University of Connecticut
Greg Butler19891991C6-11240March 11, 1966Stanford University
Jackie Butler20052007F-C6-10250March 10, 1985
Jimmy Butler20122019F-G6-8232September 14, 1989Marquette University
Mike Butler19691972G6-2170October 22, 1946University of Memphis
Mitchell Butler19942004G-F6-5210December 15, 1970University of California, Los Angeles
Rasual Butler20032016F-G6-7215May 23, 1979La Salle University
Dwight Buycks20142018G6-3190March 6, 1989Marquette University
Derrick Byars20122012F6-7220April 25, 1984University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University
Andrew Bynum20062014C7-0285October 27, 1987
Will Bynum20062015G6-0185January 4, 1983University of Arizona, Georgia Institute of Technology
Walter Byrd19701970F6-7205Temple University
Marty Byrnes19791983F6-7215April 30, 1956Syracuse University
Tommy Byrnes19471951F-G6-3175February 19, 1923Seton Hall University
Michael Bytzura19471947F6-1170June 18, 1922Long Island University
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